This is my latest attempt at writing for The Reviews Corner [August Event] Pumpkin Pastie Eating Contest

Twirl Me Around

Harry stumbled out of the floo at one in the morning. It had been a tedious trip out to the Highlands of Scotland just to find out that the dark magic reported was nothing more than a lovers spat. Useless. The reports alone will take up hours in the morning. He hoped everyone was in bed. His bad mood could be contagious.

He set his bag near the bottom of the stairs and did a quick walk through the downstairs. All was quiet as far as he could see. Picking up the bag again, he started the journey up. That is, until he heard a faint rustle coming from his office. He set the bag down once more and quietly withdrew his wand.

He tip-toed down the hall, staying close to the wall. Ready to drop to the floor at the slightest sign of movement.

Click-click-click, and a metallic tune started to play. The wand lowered. A tiny high-pitched giggle caused the wand to be tucked back into its holster.

Harry looked through the crack of the partially opened door and there was his three-year-old little girl, trying to dance to the musical box.

On one of her rotations, she saw her daddy. She reached out her arms. "Twirl me around, Daddy, Twirl me!"

He swept her into her arms and spun around gently. "Everyday, my little Lily Lu. Everyday."

The wasted trip, the multitude of reports, the shear exhaustion, all were forgotten while dancing with his girl.