As soon as those books were wheeled out they didn't reach for their own like the others around the table. No, they took each other's needing to know what awaited the woman they loved should Rumpelstiltskin succeed. The only thing keeping them grounded in the fact that these worlds were not their own was the comforting weight of the other's hand resting in their own on the tabletop between them while they read.

Alice's eyes welled with more tears with each new heart ach her love faced. Every failer in the few pages she'd forced herself to read only hardened her love more and more against the world. Instead of letting go of the mean girl persona from her youth this Robin seemed to be filled by it and with no Zelena, Regina or herself to keep her grounded meant that this Robin was quickly consumed with the darkness.

Beside her Robin was reading over the words of how the Alice in the book slowly lost any hope when her father was cursed away from her with no troll to save her this time and what was worse no Robin to love her once she had somehow found a way to leave the tower a task that just turned this Alice into a vengeful rage on the world taking up her father's path of seeking revenge on the woman who'd locked her up only to become far worse that Gothel could ever be once her hunt was over and Gothel was destroyed.

Both could hear the others around the table gasping and cursing as they read over what could become their stories if 'the Dark One' got his wish and even a few books being thrown across the room as their owners fell into the arms of the ones they loved for comfort.

Both Kilian and Zelena looked over when one of their daughters was the next to join the book throwing club but it wasn't the one they'd thought to cave so easily.

"Sshhh just listen to me babe." Alice whispered her arms wrapped in a vice around Robin's shaking form. "We're going to win this thing. None of us will have to deal with any of these horrible endings" Alice vowed her own tears falling freely now as she held Robin's eyes. "And do you know why we're going to win love?" she goaded with a shaky smile sending a teasing wink in Zelena's direction as Robin shook her head confused.

"Yes, you do." Alice purred breaking the melancholy tension around the table with her playful laughter while pressing a kiss against Robin's hairline "How are we going to kick 'Dark One' butt baby?" she asked ruffling Robin's hair as she nodded over toward Zelena.

"Cause wicked always wins." The archer answered her voice shaky but determined cracking the first real smile since opening that cursed book.

"You bet it does." Alice agreed throwing a sly wink toward her Papa making him grin back at her with a small node.

"Then let's get to it." Snow decided thinking it was better to break up now before everyone could return to dwelling too much on what they'd read on what could be their lives.