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Chapter 20

The sturdy soles of my boots met the pristine field of snow, disturbing it in what appeared to be the first time in a long while. They rose up to my knee as my foot sank into its cold depths.

Weird; my snow-walking spell doesn't appear to be working. I should be standing straight on top of this like an Elf from Lord of the Rings or Mexico, yet the snow is swallowing me up to my knees with each step instead.

"Watch the fuck out!"

Ah yes, there was a human with us.

"Don't just stand there staring the snow like a freak! We're being attacked!" Artyom puts himself between me and a leaping rabbit. The thick layer of snow weighing heavily on his movements. The muzzle of his enchanted airsoft gun glowed red hot as he fires compressed energy pebbles that exploded on impact. "Move!"

"I'm surveying the terrain," I explained. "There is something weird about it."

My magic eye is tingling, is what I meant.

"You think!?" He shouted, snapping his head towards me, and then he promptly blushed and turned away.

"Yiiiiiiiiii!" The rabbit's leftover parts let out a vicious hiss as they grew grotesque, fleshy tendrils, and began to connect themselves back together.

Now, that's something promising to watch.

"FUCK! You people are crazy!" He shouted, laying more explosive pebbles at the hissing pile of flesh. "Why the fuck did you deviate from the route!? I told you it would be safer!"

"And I told you I needed to see some things. Now, can you please stop shooting? You're making it harder for me to analyze the specimen." I said.

"What!?" He was so shocked that he stopped- Hm? Even the tiny bits are trying to merge back together. That's an inspiring level of regeneration right there. "You're sightseeing? This isn't a tourist spot you know!?- Don't go near it!"

"Oh, relax." I smiled, making him blush again as a result. "We're used to dealing monsters in a forest. You should see what we have back home."


Snow exploded near us, folding vertically like a great white wall before breaking apart as charred little rabbit bodies began to rain.

The thick snow was proving to be an annoying obstacle to Belinda's movements. They're providing more resistance than expected, but she had adjusted to it, and now each of her steps made them erupt. She was actively using this to blind her little opponents even before she got annoyed with their persistence and summoned her armored maid dress from a jewel on her wrist. The armor came with the added advantage of having her six rapiers connected to it, which resulted in the rapid discovery that these creatures' healing factor was vulnerable to flames.

The beautiful maid gracefully drew soft, gentle lines on the surviving rabbits with the glowing red blade of the Fiery Lover as they leaped to attack her, making them all unravel into burning jigsaw bits and fly around her form like glowing fireflies. She finished by artistically impaling the last one and, with a little more fanfare than usual, vaporized it to ash.

No grotesque, healing tendrils for those rabbits, I guess.

"Flashy. Are you showing off for your new Grandnephew-in-law?" Heh, still kinda funny.

"Hardy." Hah! She totally is. "Do you have what you need? We are losing time."

"One sec," I said, pulling up my sleeves and walking forward in the snow.

"Did you just bring down a rabbit swarm on your own!?" I heard Artyom asking behind me as I approached the regenerating bits of the last rabbit.

Well, it was less 'rabbit' and more 'grotesque abomination' now, but it had a rabbit-like head, and some patches of fluffy white fur along it's twisting flesh.

"HIIIIIII!" It hissed again and regenerated its legs enough to leap toward my face.

I grabbed it mid-air and watched its head busting open like an alien flower full of crooked fangs and coil unnaturally along my wrist, leaving red scratch marks on my Touki-cultivated skin.

I ignored the shadows pulsing angrily around me and focused on the creature, watching as the parts not contributing to the wrist assault shifted into a familiar rabbit bottom, while the parts that did turn more and more into a growing amalgamation of teeth and black flesh.

My eyes… gleamed, and continued to do so for the full minute that I let the creature try to break my flesh or my hold.

Finally, I sighed.


The creature imploded in a faint green afterglow. That made me blink; I hadn't expected such a violent reaction.

Then, for a brief moment, the area around my hand glitched before snapping back to reality.


"Ah, shit!"

I turn to see what the commotion was and saw Belinda and Artyom facing what appears to be an actual swarm this time.

"Wait, what are bees doing in a snowy forest?" I let out this dumb question out loud in a moment of surprise. Of course, there would be monstrous bees in the magical murder forest.

Note to self; Get bees for the Dantalion's forest.

Artyom retrieved two metal cylinders from his coat; he threw them at the approaching cloud, and with a dry popping noise, a purple smoke began to spill from them. Whatever the smoke was, it affected the cohesion of the swarm and stopped its approach momentarily.

"Ok, no more joking around, we have to move!" There was a weight of authority on Artyom's voice that wasn't there before. Until now, he's been dealing with us with the annoying exasperation of a fed-up tourist guide and has been dealing with the creatures with the mechanical efficiency of a veteran that knew the danger but was used to dealing with it. The bees, though, scared him enough to take charge. "You, Devil lady, jump up to the upside-down trees and cover our back! You, girl, with me! We have to lose them first before we can get to the safe route!"

G... Girl!? What is Leviathan's name he is on about!? Is he blind or something!? How could he confuse me for a girl!?

We were about to move, but then, suddenly, our problem disappeared.

And by disappeared; I meant an enormous shadow briar suddenly exploded from beneath the swarm and angrily consumed them, and part of the sea of snowy trees around, into eternal darkness.

A heavy silence descended upon us as we watched the thorny shadows slowly crawl back to their usual shape, leaving a terrain of missing forest behind.

"Shit," Belinda said as soon as the trees snapped back in place, filling the gap of the missing forest. "This is more troublesome than I thought."

"…Yeah." I agree, musing on what I managed to grasp with my magical eyes.

"Ok." Artyom let out a slow, misty breath. "What was that?" He asked, eyes not leaving the spot the shadows had surged.

"My mother,"

He looked at me with blank, wide eyes and hunched shoulders.

I'm glad his first exposure to devils is being an interesting one.


Artyom's first 'safe haven' was a cocoon of wood and snow that had somehow formed inside one of the forest's weird angles. We could slide into it from a hole in the ceiling and apparently stay out of reach from most of those creatures for the night.

We lit up a fire for the human's sake, and for a bit of our own comfort; waking up covered in snow isn't a particularly pleasant experience even to devils used to the white wastes of the Dantalion's region.

Artyom dropped himself by the fire, having finish reinforcing the entrance and setting his tent. He was the only one of us with a tent.

Up till now, he'd been trying to deal with us, and the unfamiliar changes we brought. This must be the first time he interacted with creatures not only different from humans but beyond humans. We managed to traverse the forest differently than any other group he'd ever led, more casually for sure; the sheer difference in our power made it so the forest was an annoying obstacle to us rather than life-threatening one, and that must be throwing him out of the loop. He'd probably grow up with the idea that this forest was a thing of nightmares.

But the period of silence as we let him work must have helped him regain some focus. He was certainly acting much more controlled now.

"Alright, I held on for long enough. Who are you?" He looked at me.

"So bold." I smiled… Hm, looks like he is not going to blush as easy anymore, can't do shit about his unconscious bodily reaction though. "I'm Elias Dantalion. Charmed."

"Right…" He was going to continue, but then redirected his train of thought. "Dantalion, that's Ars Goetia's…" His eyes widened. "That's one of the Devils' ruling families!"

"Good to see devil lore is prevalent even in this isolated part of the human world," I commented. But it isn't; this knowledge indicates the kid has connections.

"What the hell is someone like you doing here?" He asked. Then, without letting me out of his field of vision, he turned to Belinda. "Is he your master or something?"

She searched for an answer for a second, then said. "He's my employer. Let's leave it at that."

Because I'm also her master, crush, lover, son of the woman she's in love with, close friend, pseudo-kinda of son, pupil, and a lot of other things that would mark or relationship as a complete and utter clusterfuck if we were humans. But as we are badass devils, we made it work.

"Where did you get those guns?" I asked, wanting another glimpse of the elegant enchantment in them. Too many unnecessary scripts around the core, but exquisite.

Artyom frowned, the shifting light of the fire making the shadow on his face dance. "I'm asking the questions here."

"Is this an interrogation?" I smiled. How precious.

"Those are the Bronze Specter's work," Belinda answered for him. "How did you manage to get that?"

I raised my eyebrow at my maid; she was quick to catch that and elaborated. "Bronze Specter is a Russian Archmagician. She's been around for a while. Is famous for her wanderlust and distaste for magical organizations. She is also one of the best artificers in the human world."

Artificers, she said that word in the devil language, the lowborn version of it, to not make the present human's ears bleed.

Artificers are a step above mere enchanters. They not only enchant the piece of work but build it from scratch to be a magical item in the first place.

So the enchantment I've seen on his guns is a Build in Source, a human-made one at that. Explains the lines.

Belinda turned to her nephew again, "I ask again. How did you manage to get those guns?"

Not only the guns. I recalled the nifty feather pen he used to get in the barrier.

The teenager looked grumpy for our unwillingness to play by his tune. Perhaps he intended to look dark and dangerous, and I'm sure it would work on other humans, but to us, he looked grumpy.

"She was my master."

"Bull." Belinda interrupted instantly. "That woman isn't in the condition to teach anybody. I honestly believe something is wrong with her head."

Artyom glared her. "You know her?"

"We fought together on Stalingrad."

The human blinked at the sudden historical remark, then frowned.

"Alright, I followed her around, watched as she worked, and grabbed some of the things that fell from her backpack."

That made Belinda blink. "She still carrying around that thing." She groaned, massaging her temples.

"Care to share?" I asked.

"She has that." Belinda tried to gesticulate. "Stupidly large backpack filled to the brim with the magical items she makes. Random shit is always falling from it, but she just keeps walking, abandoning the thing there like it has no value. It's… slightly unnerving, and kinda irritating." The maid stares at the distance, her eyes twitching a bit. "Each time she crosses a big city is a magical pandemonium; master grade magical items in the hands of normal people, supernatural groups waging war to get to the fallen items first, weird magical effects going off in wide populated areas," She pulls a long breath to wrestle down the beginning of a wrath urge. "She almost blew up Moscow one time she tripped and spilled almost everything she had."

"...Sounds like a character," I said after some processing, meaning every word. Why does every powerful individual in this world have some stupidly weird quirks? I mean; Leviathan and her sister stalker thing, Lucifer and his creepy nice guy act, Beelzebub with his Beelzebub-ness and… me and my motherfuckery and voyeurism tendencies and- you know what? I'll stop now.

"Right… so if a big shot like her got involved, why this case isn't solved?"

And that is the big question.

"Artyom." Belinda began after a long pause. "What happened here?"

Because as much as Marzia and her husband tried to help, they were only normal humans, Artyom, however, got involved with the magical aspect of the situation.

The kid didn't respond immediately; he sat there with an unreadable expression on his face and tended to the fire. He projected an air of teenager gloominess, and for the first time, I didn't give him shit for it, just waited until he was ready.

Eventually, he opened his mouth.

"My mom told you how Nadia was seduced by the vampire, how he made her come to the mansion where she disappeared, right?" At our nods, he continued. "There is a lot more to it than that."

"Nadia has always been obsessed with magic, she… She was just a little kid when her mother married my dad. I thought it was one of those childish fantasies. I was barely out of those myself back then."

"But she could do magic. At least was what I thought. Now, I know it was a Sacred Gear." We both perked up on that, even Belinda. She didn't know?

Artyom noticed our reaction and tapped a finger on his forehead. "She could manifest a metal disk similar to an eye in the middle of her forehead." He explained. "Trapped people in illusions usually about something horrible… she was very gung-ho about it too." He murmured the last part.

I've memorized seven different Sacred Gear catalogs, including a few not available to the public, so with those characteristics, it was easy to simmer down the list until…

"Dagon's Trickery. Able to lock a target in an illusion of what they fear the most or a pre-crafted illusion of the choice of the wielder for a bigger magical input." I said. And damn…

Dagon's Trickery is one of the Sacred Gears of the Dagon's 'set', together with the Dagon's Resolve and Dagon's Desire, they are not quite at Longinus level but they are easily up the highest tier of Sacred Gears, to find one there is…

"Is that what it's called?" Artyom shook his head. "Anyway, she used that thing on people that bullied her, or just on people that she didn't like, always taking only enough care to not be caught. Thinking back, I believe she wanted to draw attention to herself, maybe to meet someone in our city who was like her, or someone how could teach her what she wanted."

"And she did," Belinda concluded; she looked… agitated by this knowledge.

"Yeah." The fire reflected Artyom's dark look. "He was disguised as a British tourist, which by itself was suspicious as hell given there is nothing in our village worth the attention of a tourist. He walked around like he owned the place, always at night or on cloudy days, always with one or two different girls on his arms. In the span of a week, he had charmed the entire population of the village, so everyone was gushing over him."

"And so did Nadia." Belinda guessed, but Artyom shook his head.

"The charm didn't work on her. I don't know if it was because of something she did or if he left her out on purpose. But he didn't need too." He drew a breath, his hands tightening into a fist. "The first time I saw them walking together into this forest was when I left school early to stalk the vampire; he was a hero to my little charmed mind then, I wanted him to be my big brother, hell, I wanted him to be my dad!" He practically growled that admission out. "I was confused when I saw him and little Nadia walking into the forest hand in hand, and jealous as hell. I went in to follow them only to exit the forest in the same place soon after."

He had to take a moment to compose himself; looks like the memory hit several nerves.

"Nadia came out alone when night came, I was freezing my balls off when I confronted her. I don't remember what I said, but it was enough for her to trap me in an illusion where several crows ate my intestine." Belinda let out a shocked 'what' at that. I just raised my eyebrow. "Yeah, quite the experience for a kid, really builds up character. But more importantly; it shocked me enough to knock the charm out of my mind, then I realize something was wrong about that guy."

His mouth thinned into a line. "The following years, nothing happened in my end." At our continuos stares, he explained. "I was fucking useless, alright! Nadia kept meeting the vampire. I kept trying to stop her and fail miserably each time. Every time I tried bringing an adult in on the manner, they just commented about Nadia was a wicked girl, and how they hoped good, honest Mr. Kullen would be a good influence on her!" He spat on the side. "Guy could have sucked the city's mayor dry in the middle of a crowded street and get away with it back then."

Yeahhh, normal humans don't fare well against most supernatural creatures. A human village in the middle of nowhere with no magical protection? Even a thrash tier vampire would be king.

"Then what?" Belinda insisted firmly, making the kid frown in response.

"Look, if you want me to tell you how the forest became like that, or what happened to Nadia I can't do that, I can only tell you what I know." He waved her off and continued with a slightly peeved look on his face. "Leading up to the day it happened, I remember Nadia going into the forest and not coming back; it was actually the first time that happened. I remember having panicking pretty hard over it."

"Panicking because she didn't come back. No, even before, you trying to stop her going in…" I commented.

"Yeah, I just said that. What it's your point?"

"She bullied you, didn't she, with her illusions?" The kid had a good poker face, but I had good eyes. "Why go that far for her?"

"You're kidding, right? She is my goddamn little sister!" The kid heaved; he even seems to be struggling to not jump on my throat. "I don't know how you fucking devils do things, but family matters around here."

"You've misunderstood me." I gave him a sweet smile; it threw him off balance like does to so many others. "I wasn't about to belittle your effort, in fact, I was-"

"Elias, please." Belinda interrupted. "Can you… not, just this once. Let's keep things on track."


I didn't know what to say…

"Err, right, sorry…" My maid lowered her head in a silent apology, then turn to her nephew.

"Artyom, please continue."

He gave us a look.

"Whatever. Anyway, I panicked and tried to get my mother to listen to me, was pretty close, too. If it wasn't for the illusions…"

"Charm." I corrected, but he shook his head.

"Thought so too, but later I found out she was never under the Vampire's charm, she was under Nadia-"

"What!?" Belinda cut in, her loud tone reverberating across the still air of the safe haven. "Nadia used her Sacred Gear on Marzian!? She would never-"

"She would, and she did!" Artyom growled. "Please spare me for that 'she would never' bullshit. I got enough of that over the years."

I saw Belinda tremble, struggling against something, but in the end, she sat back.

The brief silence stretched into a minute, broken only by the flickering of the fire.

"Nadia kept mom on an illusion the whole time, a simple one where she didn't notice the vampire's presence." He explained without any interruptions this time. "I think it was because mom was immune to the charm like she was. I guess we'll never know for sure until we ask her."

He leaned in toward the warmth of the flames, "Three days later and I managed to enter the forest for the first time in years, and because I was a little kid that didn't know any better, I immediately made a beeline to the mansion that I suddenly remembered it was there. But the area around the mansion, well…" He gestured to the forest outside.

I rubbed my chin. "Only the area around the mansion?"

"It expanded since then. Took a while for the guys frigid bitch-granny called to find a way to contain it.

I took over. "And I imagine you stayed close to the magical proceedings, shadowing every distinct magician or representative of famous magical organizations as they worked, offering to guide them through this twisted forest you have seen grown, staying close, observing, learning…"

He shrugged but didn't deny anything.

"The mansion, had you ever been inside?" Belinda asked. Artyom frowned and shook his head. "Had anyone?"

"Almost everyone. I can get you there." He insisted. "… Some never get out, some do, those that do never comment anything to me. They usually report back to bitch-granny and drop off the case or follow up on whatever they find there and drop off later."

Thus, ended Artyom's riveting tale.

"Well." I gently lay my hand on Belinda's back. Her muscles were like industrial steel cables. "Let's get some sleep for now. Tomorrow we will get to the mansion."

"Sorry to burst your bubble kid, but that's a week travel if we don't get derailed like we did today…" He trails off as I looked at him. My crystalline crimson burying into his stormy blue.

"Tomorrow… we will get to the mansion." I repeated, and then turned to my maid, looking away from the now wheezing kid with a comically hard blush and another comically hard part. "Just get some sleep, ok. We will work this out." I said softly as I pulled her closer and kissed the crown of Belinda's golden locks, uncaring about what the human might think.

She gave me a short nod; it was the best I was going to get from her right now.


A melodic humming filled my ears. It was sweet and soft, with peaceful connotations that calms the heart, only the slightest hints of mischievousness broke the air of mature serenity that it would otherwise have.

I know that hum.

Mmm… I know that marshmallow sensation.

It came from warm flesh. With my eyes closed, they felt like the world itself. As colossal as they were soft, with a supple texture that clung to my skin as it moved up and down and to the sides. Locking me inside of a prison that was becoming more and more slippery as the beats of sweat accumulated and the warmth increased.

I let out a long hum as something different than sweat dripped down the unshaped center of heat and unintentionally molded the shape of the mushroom head of my cock. Only then I opened my eyes to the tangle of snow and wood that formed the ceiling of the safe haven and lowered it down to watch the naughty pink tongue painting her drool over my dick.

It was a beautiful thing to behold, especially when the drool mixed with my pre-cum and oozed down to the vast, milky lands that were sandwiching my cock.

Mother made sure we were locking eyes before she plucked her lips in the most alluring kissy-face ever made and brought that cushion of love and happiness down over the crown of my dick in a perfect motherly kiss.

"Morning, sweetie." She whispered and pressed on. Soft lips spreading forward as they descended over my head, playful tongue teasing the slit on the tip, getting her daily fill of pre-cum right from the source.

"Great morning." I groaned out a response, gripping a handful of her silky white hair and bringing her down impatiently. She began applying that vacuum that I loved, like the well-trained pet she was. "Finally got a handle of your new power, I see."

Her answer was a pleasant, vibrating moan. Her eyes fluttered passionately as her head goes up and down with cheeks caving in her suction. Her lips dragged along my length revealing and engulfing the glistening skin as she savored what she could it with her tongue. It was the face of aslut rather than a mother's.

My beautiful slut-mother.

Finally, deciding that the Nadia situation was important enough to cut our son/mother's morning bonding time short, I forcefully pulled her down to the base and released the accumulated shot through my morning wood and into her hungry mouth. Not as much as I usually let out but enough for her to let out a delighted gurgle before setting to loudly gulp it down.

She pulled herself up as the release ended, greedily searching for leftovers with the tip of her tongue before pulling the lips out of my already cleaned and shiny cock with a wet pop that I love to hear.

"Oh, Ely." She sighed dreamingly, pressing forward a bit to pin my dick under her massive breasts and lay a kiss on the sensitive skin right beneath the mushroom head. "Mommy loves her mornings' milkshakes, hehehe." My dick throbbed at that, how could it not?

I smiled, laying my head back down and staring at the ceiling again.

"You should cover yourself, Artyom's gonna catch a look."

She let out a little giggle that was soft and feminine.

"Why, sweetie? Didn't you say that you like to flaunt what belonged to you?"

"Hm… Nah, I don't like him enough to let him have a look."

I felt her moving until the pristine white of her head appeared in my vision. Unable to resist, I lowered my eyes to her full glory.

She was still wearing what we grabbed on our way to the mad chase towards Belinda. A very thin sundress that flowed down to her mid-thighs. This was one of her 'easy access' clothes, something simple and functional and comfy that could be easily removed by, say; a strong breeze or a horny son. On this particular case, the puffy rings of fabric that acted as her sleeves were already out of her arms, and the twin elastic bands that were supposed to be holding her breasts were clinging right under them, letting the mammoth globes hang free and gloriously, as perky as gravity would allow something of that size to be. The area between them was drenched with sweat and pre-cum.

"Ne ne, Ely." Her naked legs curled to the side, and heat radiated from my nether regions again. She gingerly holds up the hem of the dress to show her fat, moist fold gliding along my length. "I know we are short on time, but mommy ready needs it." She bit her lips. "Can't we do it just once? Just to clear my head a little?"

Hmm, this makes sense; we had been interrupted before we could finish… two days ago? It's impressive how much she could hold off.

"I suppose the rest can wait a few minutes." I breathed.

"Oh, Ely." She moaned as she raised herself, using her fingers to line my rod to her drooling entrance. "Ely… Ely… Elyyy~."

She sang her mantra while she descended. Her walls so moistened by the contact that they yield easily to their favorite invader. When our hips met in an incestuous slap, her body tensed in a small orgasm.

"Muu Mu Ohhh!" She still held the hem of her skirt right, allowing me to see our connection and the juice she gushed over my crotch. "Ohh Sweetie~ you can reach so deep now~ ~."

"Do you think…" I sighed. "Do you think this is an essence thing?"

"A-Ah, ah, hah." I don't think she heard me by the way she tilted her head and started to slowly sway her large motherly hips, manipulating my length to hit her deepest parts.

"This pleasure… this insane, intoxicating pleasure that makes me feels like heaven and hell whenever I fuck you." I bucked my hips up, making her strangle out a gasp.

"Hell, if that's how you make me feel with only a bootlegged version of the Binder Essence, then I can't imagine how my dick must feel to you." A few more bucks, a few more gasps, and she started to get the message that our sleeping company wasn't so important anymore. Her walls clenched around me the way they do when I stoked her heavy exhibitionist streak. "Kinda make sense how I managed to rock your world even with my kiddy dick that time you took my virginity."

"Ohhhhh~" She gushed through her hands; there was drool leaking out from between her fingers. "They're gonna see, they're gonna see~ this horny bitch of a mother getting plowed by her sonnn~" Her balance wavered as I got more forceful. Mother, despite her appearance and mannerisms, was actually pretty good in taking and keeping the lead during sex. She only sucked when it was against me.

"That insane, unexplainable, inexplicable pleasure…" I brought her hips down hard… and stopped.

"…That even my own mind fails to reproduce."


"Torquasm-Vo, Kel-Vut path: Tranquility."

The safe-haven melted away. The waking forms of my companions melted away. The confused vision of my mother melted away.

I lay naked in the darkness.

Not the shadow type of darkness, with its crawling humming and its warm embrace that were as familiar to me as the arms of my mother. No, this was another darkness of another type; a cold, empty one; a deep fall toward the oblivion created by the endless tricks of the mind.

The emptiness was hungry. It quickly encroaches my form, never resting as I pulled my body to a sitting position, bringing my hands over the height of my chest and opening my fingers in signs unknown to all but me.

The emptiness lunged as my arms slowly moved into stances:


The slapping sounds were loud and very obscene. The strained yelps were like a grand orchestra to my ears. I rolled the pristine shadow glass rose in my fingers to make its exquisite edges reflect the blue light of the cold torches on the walls. A straggled, shrill cry of shame and agony reverberated throughout the dirty, dark dungeon, making sweet, sweet love with my ears again.

With a smile, I laid a loving kiss on the thornless rose.

On the darkest, coldest pit of the dudgeon, the limbless form of Grayfia Lucifuge was being gang-raped by tireless clones of Gerhardt Lehndorff. She squealed and cried like a pig as she was violated by the wretched thing that had violated my mother time and time again. Her eyes were blank and empty, devoid of hope and strength.

Hm… Broken in the first year of her sentence. What a disappointment.

I stood from my chair, leaving the disgustingly weak woman to the rest of her five hundred and ninety nine years in Gerhardt's tender care.


I could feel her against me, of course, but the sight on the mirror was just as majestic as feeling her sweaty mess of a body writhing against my skin. I had tied Mother to my torso in a careful, yet lovingly tight formation with a velvet fabric, which let me hold her up and fuck her in a standing full nelson without fear of dropping her.

I used her body as a toy, my burly dick jackhammering her tight little ass away. The hole spread thin around my width, its reddened state hinting at hours of no-stop abuse, where a combination of lube, spit, and semen helped me drive myself deeper.

Mother wiggled and writhed and cried in pain and pleasure, She was reaching heights I rarely took her to, and I knew there was much more to come. Part of me wanted to stop and check when I noticed traces of blood, but I knew she wouldn't like that; I had promised I'd utterly wrecked her ass when this time came, and that was a promise I planned to fulfill.

Her sopping pussy burst into a powerful squirt that was accompanied by a loud wail. I pay no mind to that as I fucked her through it. Her squirting breaking into short bursts that followed the rhythm of my thrust, her giant breasts violently bouncing up and down with rivulets of milk pouring down their curve and thin streams shooting wildly from the engorged nipples. Her head lolled weightlessly, and face was locked in an expression of pure ecstasy, with eyes of someone who long since stopped bothering to think.

And the heavily pregnant belly bounced on the center of it all, amazingly that was the most attention-grabbing thing about her currently.

As I pushed myself deeper inside to apply another layer of cream to her pie, she suddenly jerked around with a throaty moan. Her pussy quivered in powerful currents.


I smiled, gathering strength in my legs to turn and get onto the bed.

We'd decided that our daughter would be born amidst the peak of ecstasy and love, and I strive to make good on that decision.


"I smell victory ahead!"

"Ah, I see, you have become a dog, clearly what you were always meant to be."

"HAH! I see your tongue's still sharp as ever! Good to see this silly little war wasn't deprived you of your sense of humor, my dear minion!"

We stood on the precipice of the enormous crater that used to be the mountainous valley that separated the Devil side and the Fallen side of the underworld. Before us, rows and rows of fallen, angels, devils, yokais, gods, and hundred other races sprawled around the horizon, covering it as a whole. All power in the world united in a single mighty force.

Behind us, the chosen few we had managed to gather.

"There is no war in the world that is going to make me give you less snark, bird boy."

"What is this! Are you two flirting again!?"

"HAHAHA Magnificent! A moment of levity between brothers in arms before a great battle is fine indeed!"

"Knowing these two, it's probably less levity and more like delusion of grandeur and annoyed resignation."


I sighed, stepping on the very edge of the precipice, watching as the distant form of the Satans took to the sky to rally their nigh-infinite troops.

There were steps beside me.

I looked to the right, and saw Rias Gremory with the power of destruction wrapped around her shapely body like a flowing dress, and her aquamarine eyes shone with the secrets of the final unraveling. At her side was Sairaorg Bael, who brimmed in the twelve lights of enlightenment that Jade Heaven itself tried to keep it from him, he looked ready to teach the warriors on the other side what being a warrior truly meant. I looked to the left and saw the primordial flames and fury that would eat the world and give birth to it time and time again crudely contained in the shape of Riser Phenex. At his side Sona Sitri stood suspiciously still in her neat Kuoh Academy uniform while the layers of reality liquefied around her.

I stared ahead, at the crowded horizon, and smiled.

They were at a disadvantage.


Devil's pussy tasted different than human pussy. Or perhaps the pussy of a woman affected by the breeder essence tasted different. There isn't a way for me to know as my dating pool consisted only of two women who were exactly like that.

But hey, I'm thirteen. I'm sure there'll be opportunities to test these theories in the future.

For now, though, I will enjoy the pussy that I was devouring.

Female juices and arousal dripped freely down my tilted chin, an easy position to do so, considering the pussy was right above and I had coiled my shadows around the long, shapely legs and partially manifested my head to latch on this delicious womanhood, which, after a full-body shiver and an almost undetectable hiccup, was quickly deteriorating into a sopping fountain for me to enjoy.

The woman, however, stubbornly refused to show any signs of the pleasure I was giving her. In fact, she occasionally moved around in her only slightly wobbly legs, stop to accentuate something in her instruction, and start moving again. It was only when she sat down the teacher-like desk that she allowed her hips to buck against my tongue and her legs to quiver, but even then, her voice stayed annoyingly even.

With my efforts hidden under the curtain of her long maid skirt, Belinda continued to teach a class of bright-eyed young maids-to-be, with little Reika at the front row, no doubt.

It would be so scandalous if the head maid of the proud Dantalion family demonstrated anything less than perfect control. Can you imagine what would happen if she falls right now, her skirt blowing upward by a mysterious gust of wind to reveal her tight little quim as it continued to squirt? Her face contorted in an agony of pleasure while she amazed and horrified and allured her young students. Oh, the drama! The indecency! No wonder she was trying to hold herself back so much.

I smiled around her clit, my devious nibbling finally provoking a quiet little groan.

Challenge accepted.


I snapped my eyes open, finally terminating that dreadful nightmare about a man in another world waking up from a long coma.

This is why I don't sleep.

"Mou, Elyhhh…" There are arms around me, and whatever distance created between my Mother's and my naked bodies while we slept was filled again. I didn't even try to move my head out of the soft prison to breathe; I didn't need that shit right now. Right now, I only needed a warm breast cocoon.

I'm still here, in my beautiful mother's arms, with my sexy maid snoring protectively close by, lying in a warm, soft bed with my head fully between even warmer and softer breasts.

…The future still uncertain, there are powerful enemies that would spot the smallest of our failures, and I'm still not strong enough.

But for now I'm in bed with my mother, so everything is alright.

She let out a dreamy little giggle when I started to use her nipple as a pacifier. I was 79% sure she was awake at the time.

"Torquasm-Vo, Bar-Tho path: Focus."

I was floating in the void again, this time the darkness around me no longer felt endless, or even oppressive. This time it felt like the dark behind your eyelids when you take a moment to reflect and create little place where your mind could rest; it was the only darkness in the world that wasn't feared by anyone.

It didn't approach, only stayed where it was, on the surface of the perfect bubble, accepting the sovereignty of my consciousness and its own inferiority towards my will.

I moved my arms one last time, one last sign, one last stance.

"Torquasm-Vo, Ra-El path: Transcendence."


I awoke just as my body was taking its last step out of the safe area.

From what I could see, it was pandemonium outside.

The forest was whistling, groaning and creaking as the strong winds shook the snow out of its trees. Some parts were on fire, but the fire never lasted for too long, and the tallest and widest flames seemed to inexplicably separate into smaller flames in entirely new directions before being swallowed by the dark.

All around the trees, around the snow and the shadows, monsters roared and advanced. Waves of it, specimens of all kinds trying to converge around a fast-moving form, from the tiniest of rabbits to the largest of bears. Many were damaged enough to reveal the horrific abominations of black flesh and grotesque tendrils they truly are. All of them, without exception, were trying to overwhelm the fast-moving light, which shone like a sun in the contrasting darkness.

Belinda was a whirlwind of flames, her maid armor gleamed on the flickering light and reflected the forms of her attackers as they advanced, and to each, she showed no fear. On her hand, the Fiery Lover cauterized any damage she gave out, robbing the beasts of their regeneration and forcing them to retreat, on another, the Fair Lady danced in a primarily defensive role, the control over wind it provided used to feed the Fiery Lover's flames and help control the hard-to-tame power. The combination has allowed the maid to create six scepters of fire that burned away any approaching opponent in a rapidly moving circumference, and presumably let her create horizontal flame tornados to blast her opponents with.

However that was all she was doing- Don't get me wrong, it was more than enough to mow down waves after waves of the corrupted animals and burn what was left of them so they wouldn't rise back up, however, with those two rapiers in hand, she was a like a Phenex. I knew she was watching footage of the Phenex's rating game matches for inspiration, so I know for a fact she could do a lot more than that. So why…

Oh, so that's why she's holding back.

A shadow, as if: a thing that it was hard to see rather than the lack of light, was dashing around the trees and dodging its way through the wavy animals.

Whenever Belinda tried to direct a long scale attack, the shadow would get in the way, forcing her to change to a weaker one in the last second, and the times the shadow got close were also the only time where she retreated. As if she was trying to keep it out of the reach of her automatic flaming murder barrier.

I followed the shadows disruptive actions for a few seconds, my eyes occasionally slipping from its form, propelled by a force that was quickly analyzed by my magic eyes and added on my mental list of 'useful spells' as a fairly badass notice-me-not charm.

It was then that Belinda happened to look in my direction and catch me standing on the edge of the battle. Her eyes widened in recognition, realization, and deep, unrestrained terror in a single moment. The shock was so great it made her stumble, prompting the bigass horror bear behind me to swing his claws at her unprotected back.

The eldritch polar bear was blown across the forest by the strength of my push. I could hear Belinda's armor straining as she suddenly tried to match my speed in a twist.

There was a grim determination in her eyes as she pushed a supersonic piercer into my afterimage.

Then, a meaty slap on her ass from under her skirt broke the dark look into a surprising yelp.

"I'm not mind-controlled. Calm down." I said, as my shadow exploded behind me to take out the income horde from behind.

The maid was back of her feet in the next second, the wolves that had jumped on her previously stunned form weren't. "Did you need to make a show of it?!"

"Wasn't trying to, I was just born for drama." With a gesture, I moved my shadow under us in a circle, making the edges partially projected from the ground in the form of a wall of blades, then set it to automatic, forming an improvised murder barrier around us where we could talk.

"What's the situation?"

"Ambush, The safe haven wasn't as safe as we thought." She answered without hesitation.

"And the human?"

Belinda snapped her eyes to the left just as I raised the barrier higher in that direction. There was a flash of light, no impact or energy expelled, just a simple flash of light. And we noticed that several of the nearby roars and growling suddenly paused, and the new statues of the attacking beasts fell to the snow together with a thin petrified part of the surface of my shadow.

I was slightly put off by that last part.

"Mind-controlled." The maid deadpanned, her eyes trying to track the shadowy form's movements. Her version of the Archmage essence was weaker than mine and fairly new to her, so she was mostly unsuccessful. "I think is-"

"Dream-based, I can confirm it. I ever have an idea of what was caused it." I frowned, feeling Artyom... "He multiplied! How the hell…"

"The Bronze Scepter's artifacts are highly annoying to deal with." Belinda groaned. it was a groan full of annoyance and experience.

"Right." I decided. "I can take him down without trouble. You can focus on eradicating his zoo." She grinned wildly at that; I can see she was frustrated about not being able to go crazy on them. "After that, I'll get us out of this fucking illusion."


I shook my head.

"Later, just go."

She remained still for two seconds with her eyes were widening in sudden realization, but after it she followed my order, jumping over the edges of the shadow wall and into the beasts behind it, her two rapiers swinging in her favorite combination.

The wall grew behind me as the enormous explosion happened, and I ignored it and spread my senses across the area.

Mother sleeping in a thorny cocoon inside the shadows was so adorable that I almost stopped to watch, but the early mind control attempt was the last drop and I just wanted to be done with this place.

My shadow shot forward in a circle engulfing the entire forest ground with it. At my command, it spread further and further no matter how the forest tried to overlap.

With a pulling gesture, my shadow burst off the ground and restrained eleven different hard-to-see blurs and brought them all to me, positioning one right in front of me. I made sure the blurs could barely move before I searched about their form for what it was causing it.

"Oh, clever reference; Hades and the Helm of Darkness thingy. Doubt it's the original though; the Greek deities are infamously possessive about their shinnies." I reach out to yank the helm keeping Artyom invisible- the fuck.

It was… a cap, a rainbow-colored cap with a little helicopter rotor on top.

… I… The last time I saw this thing was in a cartoon on my old life, I wasn't even sure they existed.

Now it was one of the most badass magical artifacts I'd ever seen.

I shook my head and looked at the sleeping form of Artyom. I scanned him out with my eyes and noticed they tingled a lot more on some areas of the boy's body.

One of them was the spell that was controlling his body, the caster severed the connection as I searched, but it wouldn't help them for very long...

With time on my side, I started to pull random magical things from Artyom. All of them were master grade and followed the same ridiculous theme as the cap. It was easy to see that as Brozen Scepter's quirks.

A feather pen that affects magical formulas without damaging them… somehow, a D20 dice that predicted the weather, an analog camera that petrified everything caught in its flash, a laser pointer that summon a horde of cats to your position, a monocle that could show what a person did a day before from her perspective, an airsoft that turned its ammunition into explosives… There were a lot of them, a lot with nice useful spells and other with useless ones, I looked over all of them, analyzed and catalogued what I could for later…

I don't know about her personality, but this Brozen Scepter is clearly a genius. It wasn't just the effects and the variety of effects she'd managed to put in so many different and seemly random items, but the way she integrated them, the care that went in their crafting, it was so great that I can fully believe a small child that has no idea that magic even existed can pick up one of these items and use it… and that's probably one of the reasons she causes so much chaos now that I think about it.

I raised one of the last items, a plastic inhaler like one it could be found in any drugstore, flicked the things setting with a slight exertion of my will, changing the blue color for a red one. Then I jacked it into Artyom's mouth and pushed the button.

He took an involuntary breath of the thing, as he did all the blurry figures restrained by the rest of the shadows got pulled back and slammed on him in a not so gentle fusion. The sudden sensation woke the boy.

"What-What the fuck is-" I dropped him down and processed to more important things.

The forest was now burning, or at least the part immediately around us was, too much flames to dose fast enough it seemed, the forest's previous tactics weren't working.

I tried spreading my senses them again, they told me about the animals, about Belinda, and a shocked Artyom behind me, then I reached with my shadows…


I lowered myself to the snowy ground, sinking my perception a bit deeper, and tried to feel again with my mind partially out of my body.

… My eyes snapped open.


I swung my arm and a greenish wave washed over the trees immediately in front of me. They twisted, wailed, and gave up into empty space free of flames and snow, the world contorted in on itself after the pulse of the nullifying wave, part of it was torn out, ripped, or canceled into nothingness. Then everything snapped back into place.

Not enough, hm? Either I'm not good enough with Worthless yet, or this cover was a lot more badass than I thought.

"You're back." I heard Belinda say behind me.

"And you're burning the forest!? What the fuck happened!?"

"Bitch to explain, just shut up and follow. Hey, Elias…"

I didn't have much experience with illusions. I made protections against it; I read about it and memorized some basic spells, but fighting an illusionist is the only real thing that would test me, and I've never done it. I've never faced this kind of thing before, and I admit this one is above the spells I know.

Luckily though, I had something that is an enemy of all illusion by its very nature.

"Elias? Elias, what are you doing!?

The Great Revealer, the Flawless Inspirer, the Bringer of the Truth. All components of its nature. It could be used for illusions, but it wasn't built for it. For it was truth, and illusions were lies.

"Holy crap what the hell-"


Holy light broke through the skin of my arm, coating my limb with an endless stream of purifying energy. The pain resulted from this was oddly pleasant.


"Keep away," I told the distressed Belinda, turning to look at her. "I'll be very peeved if you got burned coming close to me."

"Hell of a time to pull off bullshit Elias!" She screamed, panicking a bit.

"Relax, I know what I'm doing." For some reason, that didn't reassure her. "Look, its only a little bit of pain, okay? I can handle it."

"The fact that there is pain at all is not ok!"

Urh, she is as fussy as Mother sometimes. It's not like it's the first time she saw me doing this.

Oh right, her old mind leash must have erased those memories.

Silly worry-wart maids and mind fuckery aside, I finally had the thing I needed, so I pointed in the direction my other senses indicated.

Light bore down, ripping through the cover of illusion to reveal the world underneath. It didn't end the illusion though, like Worthless, it seems to only have a limited effect. Still, unlike Worthless it showed what was hidden underneath, so I just had to keep up like that and- yep, giant cone of reality piercing the illusion from my hand.

Bad news, the forest was really on fire. Made sense because Belinda's attacks weren't illusions. The good news, though; the forest made some damn sense again. Had a sky and everything.

And on the far end of the edge of the light, far from perception of human eyes but clear as day for mine, someone was sprinting away.

Belinda blurred as she passed by me. I smiled; she didn't even need orders.

I approached the struggling forms, my improvised flashlight cutting a path of reality through the growing confusion. Looks like the forest, or the spell over the forest, or whoever was casting it was feeling the disruption I'm making in the middle and was trying to compensate. On the edges of the light, trees began to grow, snow started to fall, and new angles started to appear. I ignored all that and walked forward. Growing closer to the incoherent screaming.


The figure beneath Belinda was writhing like a feral animal, screaming several lines that fluctuated between coherent and not, and actually producing a few animal sounds. Belinda, who was already on edge, began to hit it in the face, which interrupted the screams for a gurgling second but only made it worse in the end.

The creature was a girl. Human-like - no, human. Appearance-wise she… Well, she looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings; dirty rags barely holding on, frail skeletal body, wispy patches of brown and grey hair over a very spread thin face, and barely any teeth in that way-too-wide mouth. Oh, and she only has one arm, in fact, the area on the left side of her face descending to where her arm was supposed to be was… Wait a second.

"Belinda, stop that." I said, prompting the maid to stop the hitting the already bloody face of the girl, didn't do shit to stop her screaming. "Turn her over, I wanna see something."

She grunted but did what I asked, pinning the girl down and tumbled her flailing body to the side, placing a knee over the bony hips to keep it in that position. The curses and wails were coming in muffled down due to the fact Belinda was pressing her face into the snow.

I inspected the gap on her rags that showed the entire left side of her body. It was a… scar, but it was a very peculiar scar, for starters it didn't look like a burn or a cut, or even a good old ripping damage; the skin seems undamaged yet they hung loosely from the body in a series of inch-long 'tips', like someone had reached down and scooped that part of her body. Suddenly I had a flashback about a creepy commercial of an ice cream man eating his own head from a lifetime ago.

And there were also some traces of magic, too faint and weird for me to make sense of it...

"You caught the hag!" Shouted Artyom as he finally caught up to us.

Both me and Belinda sent him looks.

"Excuse me?" I raised my eyebrow.

Hag? She doesn't look like a Hag… well, she does, but Hags are always drenched in mud, had hunches the size of a camel's humps, and can use voodoo magic. This one just seems to be a very malnourished human. I'm 98% sure of that…

"The hag she… holy crap, you really caught her." Artyom was looking at our captive with wide eyes.

"She's your friend or something!?" Growled Belinda, her patience still in the low ends of 'barely there'.

"What? No!" The human began. "This bitch is a nightmare! She can take control of you if you sleep! Used to rip out whole squads of mages if they let their guard down; nobody ever managed to catch her when she ran into the trees… Holy crap, you just did." He breathes out.

The explanation made Belinda let out a sound, not unlike a feral growl. The look she gave the boy could set him on fire. Seriously, I saw she do that once.

"You KNEW She could mind-control people!? And you didn't tell us WHY!?"

Artyom flinched back so hard he almost fell. "Ah-I- I didn't tell because you wouldn't sleep otherwise, and you needed rest! She never appeared this far from the mansion before-Fuck I thought we wouldn't have to deal with her for at least some days!"

"Oh, that explains everything! You were planning to tell us about the mind-controller eventually! SHUT UP!" She shouted and punched the hag girl who was trying to out scream the conversation back down. The thing finally went limp. When she glared back at Artyom the smile was gone. "Do you have any idea how close we were to being fucked back them!?"

Artyom drew a breath, this time baring teeth. "Shut up! It's your fault! You are the idiots provoking the damn forest and making it go all weird! Everything would've been under control if you had followed my orders!"

Belinda threw what she was holding off the limp hag girl to the side and rose to her full height. "I should teach you so manners, brat!"

"Oh yeah, come on, then you devil bitch!" And the airsoft guns were in his hands.

In the meanwhile, using the hand that wasn't projecting the holy flashlight, I picked up the stylized smoke lantern that has fallen right beside the hag girl. The Sacred Gear began dissolving into bright particles as soon as it felt the unauthorized touch of a different soul.

The Folly of Sandman, a mid-tier Sacred Gear that locks a target in an illusionary dream of what their heart wishes the most while giving the wielder control of their bodies, utterly useless in direct combat but pretty tricky if used right.

Hm… Nadia's Dagon's Trickery, this girl's Folly Of Sandman, and this weird illusion covering the whole forest. What the hell that vampire wants with so many illusions, and how the hell does this relate to the one we're living right now.

"Enough!" I threw my arm back and formed a shadow wall between the two as the human began to shoot. "Time and fucking place!"

Belinda buffed, and then turned to me, ignoring her would-be opponent. "Elias, that Gear she have is-"

"I know," I said, appreciating the fact that she didn't stop thinking even while tittering at the edge of an outburst.

She nodded, her armor melting away to her winter cloak.

Artyom still eyed the shadow wall wearily while it descended. He frowned when Belinda came into view, and bodily turned towards me.

"Alright, enough with that mysterious bullshit, if we want to reach the mansion, we got to pull our shit together. If you think that light trick will help-"

"We're going?" Belinda interrupted, earning a glare.

"Yeah." It was my only answer.

"See, that's the shit I'm talking about! The next wave is coming we have to-"

"Look, kid-." Belinda sighed. "Artyom, I'm sorry, alright. I know you trying to help, and we can see that you can hold your own, but right here, right now. Our way is just better."

"The hell you're on about?" He asked.

Belinda met his eyes. "I'm making good on what I told you before entering this forest."

"What!?" His time, he snarled. "What are you…" The sentence trails off, and surprisingly, he pulls a breath. "Right…" He let out. "Right, damn it, what do you have in mind?"

"We cut through this Harry Houdini bullshit and make a beeline right towards the mansion," I said. Because frankly, I've seen enough of this place.

I have questions, and I don't like where they're going.


Torquasm-Vo is kryptonian 'mental' martial arts that lets Superman fight against mental and soul based attacks, It is a Martial Art so the Warlord Essence made Elias a master of it.