Warning: This Story will be M from here on forth. If you don't have the stomach for terrible, horrible things described in the actual 40k books you may want to click away now. Things will get very Dark, Gruesome, Cruel, Sexual and Brutal in extreme detail. Every Chapter will be like this from now on. Nothing will be left to the imagination on what happened, in what way, who did what and who felt what during that time. I am not one for Vagueness.

In Short: I will paint a very Grim Dark picture that will make you puke and question your morals.

You have been warned…



Sister Mary patrolled the halls of the orphanage, looking for any children up past curfew as she peeked into each room one by one when she paused. She smiled to herself as she saw Franklin sleeping in his bunk for the first time in weeks since his little problem started. The trick with tickling his ears had kept him from ejaculating the entire day and he was once more allowed to sleep in a bed rather than the elements as punishment.

He's sleeping soundly with a little snore each time he breathes out in his slumber. The Sisters had been tickling his poor little ears all day long and it had really tired him out. It was so good to see him finally having some success in managing his problem. The nun smiled fondly as she continued on her night patrol of the orphanage to ensure no children were out of their beds.

The weather outside was frightful yet again with crashes of thunder and screaming winds lashing the windows with rain. The light kept changing, with bright flashes of lightning brilliantly illuminating everything, only to then be swallowed up by darkness. Her eyes couldn't adjust properly to this ever changing light.

The nun looked out a window at the tall perimeter walls in the distance that safeguard this high security facility. She gazed out past this wall, at the endless darkness beyond. Mary thought back to when she first arrived to this planet, fresh out the Schola and learned all there is to the Orphanage.

The closest settlement of any kind was over 200 miles away, through a dark forest full of dangerous carnivorous predators. This was by design as a security measure as the children of this orphanage were considered high risk, for they were the Heirs of the Damned. Because of the circumstances surrounding these children and the sheer number of them a new a new detachment of the Golden Light had to be form with their training rushed and Orphanage of Strict Chastisement had to be rebuilt 20 times as originally planned.

A Lesser Daemon of Tzeentch had tricked some of the more superstitious locals to form a small rebellion to attack the orphanage while it was under construction. The regional population of Macharia had been fanatically outraged to learn that the children of heretics would be on their planet, fearing that the mere presence of these unfortunate souls would spiritually corrupt them. They attacked military installations around the planet with no real plan or coordination, the locals just assaulted anyone with a Imperial uniform. Most of the Guardsmen had been in agreement of the rebellion and turned on their uncooperative comrades while still being attacked by the civilian population in suicide bombings.

Inquisitor Hoffman would have been supportive of this behavior and mentality if it didn't go against his plans. The Inquisitor called a old friend and a complete Covenant of Sororitas from the Militant Order of Our Martyred Lady had came to Macharia. They accompanied the Covenant of Order of the Golden Light to complete their purpose. Together they relocated and rebuilt the Orphanage as the Militant Sororitas crushed any resistance in the fashion they are infamously known for. Within a month the cult and its daemonic leader were put to the cross and burned at the stake.

The the new build site was surrounded on all sides by a deep moat that spans hundreds of feet across and was nearly twice as deep. The moat was part of a underground reservoir that not only supplies the Orphanage with its own source fresh water but also provides another layer of defense. Anyone who falls into the body of water is near instantly dragged into its deeps by the power of the raging currents.

A drawbridge attached directly to a guard tower spreads across this fearsome current to the sole road of the Orphanage. Despite its stone and relatively fragile like appearance the bridge along with the walls were made of Frigate Grade armor plating with both its interior and exterior "reinforced" with common masonry for visionary purposes.

The only safe road to the Keep was through a dense forest guarded by Adeptus Sororitas at regular checkpoints which are under the command of "Mother Superior" as the children knew Canoness Preceptor Tartys, Leader of all Sororitas on planet . Other than this road any intruders would have to walk through 200 miles of the oldest forests on Macharia standing nearly 300 feet tall that are infested with lethal, Rhino size carnivores that could swallow a man whole and shreds power armor like a man does to wet paper.

If one were to bypass this road and thick forest with their limbs attached the invaders would still have to cross the 3 miles of flat open terrain that consists of nothing but perfectly leveled foundation in all directions of the orphanage. This foundation was built to act as a deterrent for the planet's wildlife as they would be disinterested in territory devoid of prey and the prey wouldn't survive in this area without the forest thick plant life to sustain them. This area acts as the perfect field of fire for the Sororitas that undergone marksman training to make use of this "Flat Land" in the orphanages stone watchtowers.

She doubted that anything short of a Astartes could survive such a journey.

To get anywhere near this Orphanage, anyone unwelcome to be here would have to brave first the deadly forests, sneak past the Flat Land, cross, get past the elite squads of Sororitas, scale the hundreds of foot high stone walls, then get unseen past the nuns and the platoons of Sororitas who patrolled the corridors at all hours of the day and night. This added another reminder why inflation of the Orphanage was not difficult for mere men to attempt and succeed.

It was just impossible.

Mary was deeply glad of this fact, she hated the thought of anyone breaking in here to kill the children. Though the only thing the Sister had to look out for on these patrols was children out of bed, armed only with just a blessed wooden cane and a keen eye.

The thunder rumbled again and the Sister felt sorry for the squads of Sororitas that had to be out patrolling the walls and checkpoints in this appalling weather. Mary shook her head softly and continued on her patrol of the orphanage.

The young nun couldn't help but to admire the craftsmanship of the Orphanage's interior once more as she done countless times in the past decades.

The Orphanage of Strict Chastisement was built like the stone keeps of the second millennium she read about as an apprentice but hundreds of times larger as to house the thousands of heretical children to be shaped into loyal servants of the Imperium in His name. Their heretical heritage being the reason none where taken by the Schola Progenium as it was considered a high honor to be raised by its instructors.

Picts and paintings of Imperial Heros from all corners of the Imperium decorated the halls and corridors. Portraits of Saints and Heroes of the Imperium such as General Borgen Crassus and General Sturnn of the Astra Militarum, Inquisitor De Haan of the Ordo Hereticus, Rogar the Savage of the Eversor Officio Assassinorum and hundreds of others perfectly and equally cover every inch of the walls.

The thunder was crashing loudly outside tonight as the flashes of lighting increases in frequency. If the nun didn't know any better she could have sworn that it an been a war raging outside. The lightning was striking close tonight, it was a very little surprise that it sounded like explosives going off just outside as it had been for every storm that the Orphanage had weathered out since it's foundation.

Mary put the tempestuous local weather out of her mind and continued on with her patrol as this weather might wake up some of the children and make them more likely to get out of bed. She had to keep her eyes peeled for the little scamps.

The thunder roared louder than ever outside and the Sister flinched from the racket it made. She went to a window overlooking the courtyard. The rain was so heavy that she couldn't see a thing in the darkness. She peered squinting into the dark, trying to see anything at all.

Lightning flashed bright overhead for an instant and just for a moment she thought she saw a colossal figure standing in the courtyard. Mary startled with shock but the sky went dark again and she couldn't see the thing anymore. She continued gazing at the spot she had thought she saw the figure when the lightning flashed again.

No one was there.

I must be seeing things.

The Sister shook her head and moved away from the window. She was just getting jumpy for no reason. For some minutes she walked through lonely dark corridors trying to tune out the sounds of the terrible weather. She could hear the sounds of roaring wind and clashing rain ahead, she walked to find the main courtyard doors wide open. She gazed out into the driving storm that filled the courtyard, wondering if someone had just gone out there. She couldn't see anyone so she closed the doors and made a note for her report.

Perhaps one of the children had gotten up and opened it?

She turned around and looked down and then stumbled back in shock. There was a trail of water on the floor and it was enormous. Something was inside the orphanage. Mary's heart was pounding, one of the predators must have gotten in and was within the orphanage. It'll take nothing sort of a bolter to put any of the wildlife from the forest down. The Sister fled, she had to find a Militant or a vox to hunt down this beast. She fled through the corridors, seeing huge wet trails everywhere.

There must have been a pack of them.

Mary ran with all her might and turned a corner to see another nun standing with her back to her.

"Sister! Oh thank the Emperor. We must hurry, something is in the Orphanage!" Mary called out to the nun but she didn't move.

She grabbed the nun by the shoulder and spun her around. The nuns moment of relief was turn to horror as she seen the fate of her fellow nun. Her belly was slit open, her own intestines were tied around her neck and stretched into the darkness of the ceiling. Her back was mangled as the bones were broken and reshaped into a twisted parody of the Sororitas symbol. Her jaw was dangling from strings of flesh as blood blankets the woman's neck. Once Mary gazed upon the bloodied, lifeless eyes of this Sororitas she recognized who had met their end.

It was Sister Martha.

Mary screamed for help in terror. She stops when she sees a blood trail leading to something written on the wall.

Franklin Sevenson Your Family Has Come

The Sister fainted from shock and terror with one thought on her mind.

The Night Lords were here…

Franklin Sevenson woke up to the sounds of commotion. He was disappointed to find that he had had another wet dream during the night. The commotion continued and the children all sat up in bed. This might be an emergency. Groups of hastily dressed nuns ran past the sleeping bunks, running towards the sounds of the screaming.

Only for them to be screaming as well.

The boys made a judgement call and got out of bed running to give aid to their beloved nuns. They could be punished later, they were not going to let their nuns be hurt.

Franklin and the other boys ran in perfect ranks towards the commotion of the nuns, ready to die if need be to protect them. They found the nuns standing in a huddle looking at a scene out of a nightmare. Franklin was filled with holy rage at the thought some monster had murdered one of the nuns. The boy enraged by the sight made a decision.

"Form up! There is something in the shadows out for our blood but we will leave it wanting. For the Emperor!" Franklin barked at the boys.

"FOR THE EMPEROR!" They roared virgerly as they set out to collect as many lanterns and sources of light as possible, going into nearby rooms and down the hallways within a reasonable distance of each other.

The boys gathered a small array of radiant and directional lanterns with packets of blessed oils that can burn the daemons with the Emperor Light. Armed with Holy lanterns and improvised blunt weapons, the boys formed a protective circle around the surviving nuns. If a murderer was at large then he would have to get past them first. Franklin collected Sister Martha's Aquila before they turn to move to the Sororitas barracks.

It was only when he collected the necklace from the fallen Franklin saw the writing on the wall...

Franklin Sevenson Your Family Has Come

Franklin staggered as though struck so horrified by these terrible words that it temporarily faltered even his perfect discipline. He could not believe what his eyes were seeing, almost believed it to be another heretical action of his body rebelling against him but he knew the truth.

All Merciful Emperor help me the Night Lords are here…

Something had ignited within Franklin, something that drained him of his strength and nearly fell to his knees but he forced it down, stood firm and soldiered on.

He had a duty to protect these nuns and would die before he let those monsters defile his real family. The boys moved closer around the nuns trying to provide them with a human shield. They pulled the nuns back from this nightmare scenery.

"Boys! You shouldn't be out, what are you doing?" Sister Mary frantically exclaimed. Tears strolling down her face at the scene.

"We're getting everyone to safety of the Militant Barracks, they would know what to do." He explained calmly.

More of the nuns were running towards the commotion now. As more came to investigate the screaming the boys opened ranks briefly and absorbed these new nuns into the protective huddle in their center. The nuns in the huddle informed the new arrivals of what happened. The new arrivals too screamed in horror.

The boys moved straight for the nun quarters, methodically collecting every nun in the block into their protective ring. The weeping nuns informed their newest arrivals of the situation as they clung to each other for safety and let the boys lead them through the darkened corridors of the castle.

Eventually the group encountered a Sororitas in full battle gear at the end of the hall but something was… wrong about her that Franklin couldn't quite figure out. She lacked the disciplined yet prideful stride that was typically associated with the holy order of the Sororitas instead she was just standing there shaking and swaying back then forth. Sister Mary called out when she seen her fellow militant sister in the darkened hallway.

"Sister! The Night Lords are here, we have to raise the alarms." The nun cried out frantically.

The silhouette of the power suited Sororitas jerked as if stuck then she started limping towards the group slowly at first but increased in speed until she nearly jogging to them, a swishing sound echoed within the hall with every step she took as she approached.

Then as she entered the light she collapse face first onto the floor, unconscious. The boys rushed to the fallen sister and with great effort flipped her on her back to tend to her injuries.

The group reeled back in shock.

The Sororitas had her pelvic armor torn open. White bodily fluid mixed with blood covered her blessed armored form with most of it originating through the massive, near cyclal tear in her groin plating and a similar hole in her helmet. Her arm, and leg plates had enormous handprints indented into them as well as her torso piece as if some massive being had merely closed their hands to cause the in bents. A pink handle of some sort was protruding out of her private area covered in the same white substance with traces of blood. A similar handle was sticking out her helmet. Her arms were bent so that one was in front of her while the other was behind her, the armor of which looked as if was the only thing holding her likely shattered limbs together.

The group was frozen in disbelief at the state of the mighty Sororitas that it took the poor woman to start convulsing to shake every out of their shock.

Franklin was the first to snap out of his trance and proceeded to remove the object from the Sororitas mouth. He took the handle and slowly pulled the tube like object from her windpipe. This had the added effect of waking the Sororitas as she started to resist though for some strange reason her arms wouldn't move.

"Sister!" Franklin called out to the horrified nun. She looked at the boy dumbly, unsure how she could help as she had absolutely no medical training outside of treating cuts and whip marks.

"Soothe her, get her to calm down. Maybe the sight of a fellow Sororitas will settle her." Franklin barked out. This stirred the nun into action and soon the struggling Sororitas calmed down enough to allow the boy to remove the foreign object from her body. The boy grew more and more horrified as nearly a foot of the pink tube had been pulled out before the end was freed from the Sororitas but by the time Franklin removed the obstruction of her airways she fallen unconscious again. To the group's collective horror that the pink object was in fact shape as a male member.

The Sororitas began to convulsed even more before she began puking up whatever was in her stomach the moment the offending object was removed. Soon the unconscious sister of battle was choking on her own vomit consisting of MREs, blood and mostly sperm.

"Lay her on the side!" Franklin commanded the boys as they struggled to lift the power armored woman. Most of the boys had to break formation around the nuns to help raise her up in a sitting position, only a few had not help to stand guard pointing the blessed lanterns down the halls for any signs of the monsters in the dark.

"On three. One, Two, ThREEE!" Franklin commanded.

At once the boys struggled to lift the choking Sororitas up into a sitting position before accidentally dropping her on the brick wall and cracking several stones.

Regardless of property damage this had the desired effect of sitting the unconscious woman upright as she subconsciously empties her airways of all foreign fluides onto her armored chest. Some of the vomit it stuck between the hole in her helmet and her face, Franklin looks to Sister Mary.

"I must confess the Sin I'm about to commit though I have no known name for it." Franklin admittedly said to the nun, much to her confusion.

"What do you mean Franklin?" Sister Mary said more than a little scared of all the implications of the boy's words.

"I don't know what to call this but I feel dirty and sinful to do it…" At this Franklin reached down and started pulling the rubber genital from between the Sororitas legs.

Franklin had the rubber contraption halfway out when the Sororitas was awaken again. She began to screamed in a unusual way as her legs started twitching and the resistance on the contraption had increased. Franklin had to grunt with effort to finally pull the thing out of her as bodily fluids of all kinds started to flood out of her. The Sororitas is breathing heavily as she takes lungful of air while coughing out the foul liquid as she continues to twitch uncontrollably.

What in the hell is this?

Franklin feels that the rubber genital in his hand is buzzing as the shakes back and forth. Once the boy looks at it he realizes this isn't a simple replica of a piece of human anatomy. The genitalia had rubber components to it as well. Downward facing scales that looks like the hooks to some tape parasites on the planet used to increase resistance if the host pulls it out, large cones that point outwards from the rubber replica base all along its length, the top of the replica was enlarged just below the tip in a large ball that was connected to a rubber bar to what resembled a crescent and the tip itself was a circle with another circle cut out of it.


Mary screamed his name, causing the boy to jump and dropped the rubber genitalia. The nun rushed forward and kicked the rubber contraption forward into the darkness of the hall as she herself had shoved him away from it to create as much distance as possible between it and him. All of the boys were standing guard for any possible threats and jumped back from the Nuns sudden cry.

"That thing is a mark of great evil. It represents what your biological parents worship. It could corrupt you by simply looking at it." The nun horrifically explained. The boys looked at the shadows where the mark disappeared into than fearfully to the barely conscious Sororitas.

"That was in her…" One of the boys said hauntedly, his face ashened by the realization of what could come. The boys and the nuns slowly stepped back away from the fallen Militant. One of the lower ranking nuns had stepped forward to speak.

"Maybe we should continue on without-"

"We are not leaving her…"

A deep, almost angelic voice that did not belong to a 12 year old boy spoke with untold authority. The group looked at Franklin in stunned silence as he then lifts up the dazed, armored Sororitas to her feet with one hand.

He proceeded to rip the ridges and pull the plates on certain areas of her power armor that were made from the indents that came too close together, causing the dazed Sororitas to breathe deeply as if she never had a gulp of fresh air. Her rigged arms suddenly fell to her side like a puppet with its strings cut from it's master as he tore out scrap metal that jammed the sevo joints under her paldron, allowing her to move her arms freely once more.

A faint golden aura was emitting around him as she fell to her knees and looked the boy in his now golden eyes as he had his hands on either side of her helmeted head. Her wounds were healing, her strength returning and the clarity of her violation fading like a memory of decades past as this child spoke out loud and in their minds. The being spoke not only this of ragtag group of nuns and young boys but to all on the planet loyal to the Throne.

"You and your Fellows are forgiven for your self perceived Sins, My Faithful Sons and Daughters of Macharia. Steadfast My Servants, the trials ahead will test your Faith like never before. The forces of Chaos will attempt to corrupt you at every turn. I will be watching over You all." The being said through Franklin as a flash of golden burst forth from the child, engulfing all who were near.

All around the shrine world monuments dedicated to the Heroes of the Imperium and the Emperor himself were emitting a golden aura. Imperial Aquilas glowed hot as they burned themselves into the surface they were mounted on, blessing the area in which each one resides. Some citizens of the planet had fallen to their knees, screaming in pain as their skin started to burn of from their bodies until the creatures of the warp had been expelled from their unknowing host.

In the medicae centers the sick, crippled, and dying were brought back from the clutches of Nurgle as his "gifts" were purged by the holy light. Those with missing limbs had their prosthetics remade for complete symbiotic unity of flesh and metal or had regrown said missing limbs entirely if none were present.

In the underhives chaotic born mutations were reverted from the faithful as the heretical mutants of Tzeentch fell dead. Those who considered abominations by their fellows for their bad genes had taken on characteristics of the heroes of the Imperium. Look alikes of Cadian General Creed, Saint Celestine, Commissar Yarrick and many other famous heros emerged from their dwellings and gone to the nearest church and sing their praises to the Emperor.

The bloodlust in rival gangs engaged in a vicious but pointless battle over negligent territory had ceased to exist as a moment of clarity and revelation washed over them. Though hiver gangsters they might be they still pray to the Master of Mankind and realizing their folly, rushed to the cathedrals, recruitment center or the nearest means of receiving the Emperor's Peace.

The golden aura faded from his eyes and slumped forward onto the distressed Militant. The boy was caught by the armored Sororitas as he fainted, the awestruck Militant looks at the nuns that made up the non-militant Sororitas on the planet. Pain filled roars was heard uncomfortably close by and shook the Militant out of her awe as her training kicks in.

"We must hurry, we have warn the others." The Sororitas said as she carried the unconscious boy in her arms. With renewed strength augmented by her battered power armor she effortlessly lifted Franklin off of her and carried him with her. The boys reformed the protective circle with the Militant leading the way but before they started moving the Militant turns to Sister Mary.

"Sister, I request some coverings before we move on. I'd rather not leave my self bear for all to see." the Sororitas requested with a hint of shame in her voice. At this Sister Mary and two of the other nuns took off a piece of their veils to cover her private parts.

The group headed for the courtyard into the pelting rain. The sounds of battle rang out against the raging storm as the Sororitas opened fire on the Night Lords that were stalking from the shadows. They wethered and twitched in agony so great that the Dark Prince itself could not find enjoyment in their suffering.

Soon alarms started blaring as spotlight light up the storming sky and the near flooded courtyard. The Sororitas were able to cut down dozens of Night Lords with bolters, Chain Swords and Frak grenades before they could recover from their plight. All of the Night Lords that were stalking a Militant waiting for the signal to strike were slain to a man but many more that were traversing in the shadows of the castle were spared their wraith by simple proximity. There were no Sisters nearby to slain the weaken Astartes before they recovered and hid back into shadows.

After asking a pair of low ranking Militants that were executing a squad of Night Lords with bolters and flamers, the group headed towards the drawbridge where Mother Superior was patrolling before the alarms were raised. The leader of the Militant Covenant was beheading a cursing Night Lord when the group arrived. The Cannoness Preceptor looked to the newest arrivals with shock and anger as she addressed them.

"Sister Rachel I expect there must be a very good reason for the Peccatoris and their caretakers to be accompanying you at a time like this, let alone the near heretical state of your battle gear." Mother Superior demanded, the bolter in her hand at ready to be drawn and fired in a moments notice. Mary stepped up and pointed to the unconscious Franklin in Rachel's arms.

"The boy is a Living Saint Cannoness. The Emperor spoke through him, healed Sister Rachel's wounds after her desecration, minorly repair her armor and decreed all of us resolved of our Sins as he warned us of the trials ahead." The Nun explained with no small amount fanatical awe and worship as she looked at the boy. The Cannoness could not help but look at the boy in the same way as she too heard the Emperor's Speech and the effect it had on the planet.

"He is also why the Night Lords are here. They are after him." Mary explains as she turns back to Mother Superior.

The Cannoness took a long stare at the boy before making a decision.

"Sister Purity." Mother Superior called out to one of her subordinates. A nearby militant was kneeling to try to get a vox to work to turn her head, walked to the Cannoness and gave a salute.

"Yes Cannoness?" She asked.

"What's the status on communications?" Mother Superior asked her comms specialist.

"Long range is non-existent my Lady, the Traitors have it blocked off and masking it as the storm. Short range is still functional with minor interface." Purity explained.

"Very well, continue with your efforts. Try to break through if you can. Dismissed."

Mother Superior then proceeded to draw what was essentially a metal tube with a pistol grip attached to it. She open the tube and loaded a large bolter round into it. The elder Sororitas proceeded to aim the bolter up to the storming clouds and fired, the round soars up to the raging heavens as the Cannoness loaded another one and fired again. Again the bolter flew to the skies as the first one exploded into a large red light that was as bright as a star for a dozen seconds before diminishing just as the second bolter detonated. The second bolter was different as it was a bright blue explosion that was nearly twice the size. Mother Superior turns back to her Sororitas as she turned on her vox.

"Sisters! We have been routed by the pawns of the Ruinous Powers. We are to evacuate all Prectors to the Guard's fortress in the capital hive to deny the bastard son of Conrad their prize. Steadfast Sisters for our lord watches us this night. By Her legacy, For The Emperor!" The Cannoness spoke through the vox.

"FOR THE EMPEROR!" The Militants all around the castle roared to the heavens as they prepared to carried out their orders with renewed vigor. The Emperor himself was watching and they will not fail in His service. All personnel and equipment were loaded in record time of a few hors with such discipline and efficiency that it would make an even an Astartes pause. Several firefight broken out between the Sororitas and the weaken Night Lords in that time as the traitors tried to recover from the spiritual exterminatus that was aimed at their very souls. Nearly four scores of Sisters lost to the Night Lords as rushed sacrifices to Slaanesh in hopes of regaining their strength and minds.

At the Orphanages Gate a hidden set of blast doors had revealed themselves underneath the main bridge. A second bridge started to span across the moat to connect to the main road hundreds of feet across. Before the bridge was a third of the way finished the first vehicle had made its way onto the moving the moving road. Followed by another not 10 feet behind, and another.

Just a second after the bridge connected to the other side the first Repressor filled with Sororitas had crossed the moat. Followed by 3 Crassus's housing nearly double its intended carrying limit in heretical children before another Repressor follows suit, repeating the pattern until the massive vehicle bay below the Orphanage was empty of all things mechanical and organic.

All 21,000 children of the Orphanage were evacuated to the vehicle bay along with the surviving Militants and Hospitallers rolled out of the Keep to the Flat Lands in a single line of armored death to the capital. Large green spheres lights up the sky hundreds of miles away and scores more apart from each other, signaling the immediate doom for the traitors as the full wrath of Macaharia bares her teeth.