So, I've decided to write a Twilight fanfic. It will be based on the movie version of Twilight. I had considered making Saphira a dragon shape shifter, but that might be for another story. For now, I hope you will enjoy. I shall write the English translations of the Italian words I write in the story at the end of each chapter.

Saphira had been in Italy for a few weeks now, travelling the country side and seeing all there is to see with her friend Avery. She had taken the opportunity to visit Italy out of interest for the food they made here, and she loved every minute of it. Avery was not quite the foodie Saphira was, but he did enjoy visiting the many restaurants and wineries with Saphira. Now they were back in Venice, ready to head home. They lived in America, but they both did not live in the same towns as each other anymore. That was why they went to Italy as they don't spend much time together anymore. Saphira lived in Forks as an admin manager at the hospital and Avery worked as a bank manager in Washington D.C, so they couldn't see each other very often. With a few hours to spare, Saphira decided to take a walk through the local markets in Venice to see what other flavours were available before she left. Avery would meet her at the airport to head to America. Wearing a black dress with red lace on her sleeves and black flat shoes, Saphira walked through the street looking at the different ingredients, feeling a bit hungry. Her green eyes also scoured the different restaurants she was passing, she did consider purchasing something to eat before heading to airport. But she was not too sure. Saphira was lucky she had learned Italian before leaving as she wanted to be able to talk. Avery didn't take the time to even learn the language so she ended up being the translator for him, which did annoy Saphira but there was not much she could do.

It was busy though. Saphira had to keep excusing herself through the crowd of people but she didn't mind. Checking her phone, she had at least three hours before she could go to the airport. She glanced around and decided she wanted to cross the street. Looking for a crossing, Saphira soon spotted one and glanced either way to see if a car was coming. It seemed on her left the drivers slowed down to give way to her, which was nice. She smiled at them and began walking across, but on her right a black limousine was driving towards the crossing and did not seem to slow down until she was half way across, and she didn't notice until she heard the skid of the brakes. She jumped back and her eyes went wide as the limousine was able to stop just in front of her.

She glared at the window and kicked the bumper of the car. "Guarda dove stai andando!" She yelled at the driver before continuing walking to the other side. "Culo stupido!"

She shook her head, wondering what the hell the driver was doing. Surely, he should have seen her. Limousine or not, no rich person was going to hit her in the street. But she did not have any idea that the beings in the car became very interested in her. Saphira would not notice it, but she might soon and as she walked down the street, trying to shake the sudden experience from her mind. The limousine drove near her and she noticed. The window rolled down and Saphira saw three men, all men with very fine, pale skin and red eyes.

"Sorry about our driver, signora, we want to extend our apologies to you," The first man who spoke had long, black hair. He seemed to be roughly in his either late thirties or early forties and quite attractive.

Saphira was surprised he spoke English. "Uh, I didn't know you spoke English," She said softly before clearing her throat and stopping, which made the driver stop the limousine. "You might want to get your driver's eyesight checked, that is for sure."

The man smirked, flashing perfect white teeth at her. "I shall have him get his eyes checked soon enough," He said softly. "Forgive me, I am Aro. These are my brothers Marcus and Caius. We want to extend our apology to you. Perhaps lunch?"

Lunch? Oh boy! Saphira wasn't so sure. She just met them. She noticed the other two. She wasn't sure who was who, but the younger man with shoulder, length, blonde hair appeared to be roughly in his twenties and the other man beside him appeared older. Probably a bit older than Aro and he had shoulder length, black hair.

"Um, well, I don't know you," Saphira said softly. "I appreciate you wanting to make up for almost hitting me, but…sorry."

"It would be our pleasure to ensure that you are not upset about your experience in Italy," Aro said gently. "I know it must seem very forward, but it would make us feel humble if you would allow us to make you happy, bellissimo."

"Bellissimo?" Saphira said, raising an eyebrow. "Thanks for the compliment, but I should be getting to the airport."

Saphira suddenly didn't feel safe. These men might mean what they say, but now being called beautiful kind of made her uncertain.

"Forgive my brother," The blonde man said kindly. "He was a bit forward. È un po 'stupido." Aro frowned a little, making Saphira smirk slightly. "If you are in a rush to get to the airport, we can take you there now."

"I think a cab will suffice thank you," Saphira said, with a slight bow. "Thanks for the offer, gentiluomini, but I really must keep going."

Saphira began to walk away. For some reason, she felt sadness in her heart but she was not sad. It seemed quite odd to her. She kept walking, deciding to look for a cab but noticed the limousine following her. She became extra worried now.

"Signora, please don't run," Aro said gently, with a hint of urgency in his voice. "We don't mean to frighten you. Perhaps we could start again?"

Saphira was actually surprised. These men sound like they have already been out on a date and have hurt her, but she knew it was not the case. She honestly wanted to run.

"Perhaps…if we give you our number, you can text us with what you'd like us to do for you," Aro suggests, making Saphira stop.

She considered the suggestion, but decided to pretend to accept the offer. She shrugged and pulled out her phone, turning it on and going to her contacts to the add the fake contact.

"I guess so," Saphira said softly. "What is your number?"

The men seemed pleased and they told her their number. Saphira put in the numbers, but hit cancel when finished and smiled at them. She could see the genuine joy on their faces, still not very sure about them.

"Thank you gentiluomini, now I really need to get going," She said softly. She noticed a cab driving down the street and quickly flagged it down. "Addio."

When the cab stopped in front of her, she quickly got into the cab and told the driver to go to the airport. Sighing with relief, she noticed the limousine did not follow. In fact, it turned off a different direction which made her smile.

Fools! Why would they think anyone would simply accept their offers on the first meeting? Creepy idiots!

Saphira had so much to tell Avery now. She certainly hoped it would be the last time she would see the men, but little did she know, that would not be the case.

With the Volturi

"Do you think she really put out number in her phone?" Marcus asked softly, seemingly worried about their mate. "She doesn't trust us."

"Would you?" Caius said with a growl. "We almost hit…no, Felix! If you ever hurt our mate again, I will rip your head from your shoulders myself."

"I'm sorry my kings," Felix said, his voice not hiding any fear and shame of what he had done. "I will keep my eyes on the road."

"You'd better," Marcus said coldly before speaking to Aro. "Do you think she has felt the bond?"

"Yes, but only a small amount," Aro said as he glanced out the window. "We forgot to ask her where she lives." He grabbed his phone. "I am going to ask Demetri to track and follow her. It is best we knew where she lives first before we do anything more."

"She's also afraid of us, we need to be…gentle," Marcus continued as Aro made the call. "Something we lack in our nature."

Aro nods in agreement. "Hello Demetri," He said with a smile. "I have an important assignment for you. My brothers and I have found our mate, she is leaving the Venice airport today. You must follow her." There was a pause and he frowned. "No, you are not babysitting her! We need to know where she lives so we can begin the process of courting her. I believe she is American thanks to her accent." Another pause and Aro smiled. "Thank you for understanding, and remember she is your queen. And if I learn she is harmed in anyway, you will face the consequences."

Aro finished the conversation and sighed deeply. "What now?" Caius asked with a frown of worry. "The pull I feel for her…"

"I know, it is painful for us to watch her go," Marcus said gently. "I can see the bond we have with her. But she is human."

"A gorgeous human," Aro states sweetly.

Marcus chuckled. "Yes, but we have not been human for many years and have forgotten what it is like," He explained. "We all felt her emotions. I actually doubt she even put our number in her phone."

"Why do you say that?" Caius said with a frown.

"If you were not paying attention to her feelings, then you missed it," Marcus states, annoyed at his brothers' ignorance. "I did not feel excitement from her, only annoyance and the yearn to get away. I do not think she genuinely put our number in that phone."

Aro seemed a little angry and upset, but he couldn't be angry at her. "All we can do now is wait for our chance brothers," He said slowly. "We shall return to Volterra."

Caius smiled suddenly. "Wouldn't it be so fascinating if she lived near the Cullens?" He said. "If so, they can help us."

"True, but I don't want our mate near them," Aro said sternly. "She might be harmed. Especially with Bella."

"I agree," Marcus nods, understanding Aro's words. "But we have little choice Aro. I wish we knew her name. Her eyes are like emeralds, I would imagine her name to be something similar to a gemstone."

The vampires agree. For now, they will wait for their mate. Saphira had no idea what kind of adventure she would be in for now.


Guarda dove stai andando: Look where you're going!

Culo stupido: Stupid ass

Signora: Ma'am/Lady

Bellissimo: Very beautiful

È un po 'stupido: He's a bit stupid

Gentiluomini: Gentlemen

Addio: Farewell/Goodbye