It was rare that anything had happened on the outskirts of Earth. Most days it was just emptiness and nothingness; pure silence and not a sign of life in sight. However, that trend was suddenly broken by a loud bang followed by a large and ominous ship appearing out of nowhere in a colorful vortex.

At the helm of the ship was an equally ominous individual who overlooked the planet as a lot of activity took place around him. He had told all his workers that this was the day for him and for everyone and the tone of "no screw-ups allowed" were as clear as ever. "It`s weird seeing this place again. Can`t believe that once upon a time I was well known here. Oh, how times have changed.", the Boss told himself gazing at the planet, malicious intent brewing in his gaze. As he stared at the green and blue, repressed memories of scorn, humiliation and defeat pulsed through his mind. Times did change for him all right. Once he felt like he was part of the populace, but now… "Boss! Is it time to deploy the troops?", a voice suddenly called snapping the boss from his train of thought. Glancing bitterly at the source of the sound, the Boss saw someone wearing a lot of light armor approach him eagerly.

Biting his lip under his face mask as tight as he could, the boss waited for the moment when the other person reached him. "We have everything ready to go? Do you want to say the big order or should I? I mean, I am pretty important…"

"Mal." The Boss said which immediately made his second in command be quiet. "Yes?" "What did I tell you about bothering me before the invasion?" "That you wanted to do some thinking in peace?", Mal replied to his boss as if it were so obvious. "Yes. To think in peace. I have been waiting years for this plan of revenge to come into play. And do you know why Mal?" Mal glanced at the Earth. "Taking over the world is a tricky task. Perhaps we can just seize…" The Boss suddenly cut off Mal with a loud interruption.

"This plan isn`t just about taking down Earth! We have`nt been spending all that time in exile for a cliché plan we`ve seen fail millions of times on the big and small screen. If we took over the Earth, some part of it will always live on, like another dimension. Get what I`m saying Mal? The meeting last night when I programed the data for all the armies?"

Mal`s eyes suddenly lit up as he recalled the details. "Oh, now I got it. We won`t be taking over the planet. We will invade every single existing dimension from within." "Right. If my desire is to wipe out the existence of every being in every dimension, then I will be right where I belong on that world. Nobody will be greater than me ever again." The Boss stated before he moved over to the control panel with Mal following him eagerly. Pressing a set of buttons, the Boss and Mal watched as the ship opened up many compartments on the sides of the ship. Many drone like robots floated out quickly towards Earth, only to vanish in a bunch of flashes right away.

As Mal walked over to the window to watch the invading forces eagerly, the Boss walked over to a nearby intercom and spoke into the speaker.

"Alpha Drone. Beta Destroyer. Come in. Do you copy?" After a pair of robotic voices replied "Yes.", the Boss then said, "Good. Good. Listen up, the first dimension will come up in three minutes. Once all our robotic soldiers on deck and in the field start to neutralize the targets and keep tabs on the places we will wipe out. Alpha Drone, open the holding bay. Beta Destroyer, boost all the carrier drones devices online at a countdown."

The Boss then glanced at the Earth one last time before saying, "Show no mercy." , as the last order.