Hey everyone, I`m just giving an update on the current status of my story. I`ve went through a lot of stuff in June, and long story short I was unable to do much writing (life got in the way, ect. ect.).

I`m still working on the story and don`t intend to leave it unfinished. While I keep doing some work, here is an outline of what`s to come:

Tales From the Mystery World (Vol. 3):

The first segment covers everyone still at the mystery building (a.k.a Richard Buckets old place of occupation (sorta)), showing what they`re doing before calling it a day:

-Onslow and Daisy going to sleep in the back of the Crabshacks kitchen, with the couple discussing some philosophy in regards to their situation.

-Randy and Crabman going to bed together atop a pool table while having a chat that seems similar to the end of an episode on "My Name is Earl". The device Crabman is working on and the debate about how Earl, Joy and Catalina are doing are discussed, as well as the status of Dodge and Earl Jr.

-Rose talking to Emmet as he keeps guard at the front door for any other surprise attacks, trying to get him to come to a "sleepover" in the same room Randy and Crabman came out of earlier. Emmet declines and talks a bit with her before being interrupted by Hyacinth and Blaire (with the former looking uneasy next to the latter), leaving him by himself at the end after Blaire also chats a bit with him. Emmet struggles to stay awake while the other three women go to sleep in the closet.

The second segment covers the other half of the MNIE group alongside the Night in the Woods crew (sans whoever wasn`t freed in the Seinfeld arc) and the Seinfeld characters. Basically, Mae is the main character, and she stars in a 2-D sidescroller minigame, getting a vision that makes her draw an arrow in the sand outside before telling everyone else it`s the way they need to go (towards the building in fact). Feeling there`s no better option, the team ultimately does so, having "settled down" on some rivalries.

The next intermission covers Mal fixing the broken pieces of Bea/Greggs mind control device while the Boss ponders over his plan and actually debates if it was worth it in the first place, as Boneclaw Mothers speech towards him really got to him. A new accomplice is also introduced in the next intermission.