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17: The Avengers

Henry could not have asked for a cooler birthday gift. He had been to New York Comic Con last year with his ma, but that was for a day. Well, they had a pass for a day and were in New York for the weekend last year. This year he got the whole family to go and it was for the whole convention. Sure, his mom was only there for a day, but it was still something. Better still, he got them all to cosplay. Ruby would owe him a lot of money when they got back to Storybrooke. That'll teach her to bet me when I already know Mom is making the costumes. Not that he let Ruby know that he knew that.

"Ma! I'm gonna go check out that stand over there!" Henry pointed to a t-shirt booth. He wanted to make sure he got everyone a cool shirt as a souvenir. Everything was expensive, but his mothers were indulging him for his birthday and he felt like everyone should share in the joy.

"Okay. Me and your mom will be right here with your brother and sister," Emma replied, pointing behind her as best she could with Nathan in her arms. She had to be careful not to hit him with her Captain America shield.

Regina was already sitting against a wall with Odette strapped to her chest in a baby carrier. Henry could hardly contain himself, especially whenever he looked at Regina and the way she adapted the baby carrier into her costume. This whole thing was too much for words. His mom was here, at Comic Con, with the babies and being totally cool about everything while they were all in cosplay.

For a moment, Henry wondered if his mom was hot in her costume with Odette pressed against her. She had on a leather vest and gloves. Yes, the gloves were fingerless, but there was also a utility belt, which funny enough held baby supplies for Odette and Nathan. She even had the Winter Soldier mask, even though she could not wear it as Nathan and Odette cried when they saw it. But, his best thought of the day, he felt, was how well the baby carrier blended in with the Winter Soldier vest.

Regina looked like she was about to say something to Henry, but Odette swung her might hammer and Regina had to dodge getting hit with a soft toy Mjolnir, which doubled as a rattle that Odette could probably feel when she shook it. Emma chuckled and teased Odette by putting her Thor helmet on her. Odette, like most babies, did not like having something on her head, so she threw it off. Or, she could be like Emma, who refused to wear her helmet, too.

"No, Odie!" Nathan shook his little green finger at Odette, scolding her to hilarious effect.

"Get going, Henry," Emma said, waving him away. She then let loose a long breath and put Nathan down, letting him the two feet to Regina. Emma had been reluctant to put him down most of the day, thinking he would get lost in the massive crowd, even though she complained about how heavy he was. It probably did not help that she carried the baby bag, typically tucked into her shield or on her back.

Henry trotted off, careful not to slip in his good shoes, while his mothers sat down. That was how a lot of the day went. He liked it because his mothers showed trust in him while also enjoying Comic Con with him. He grabbed a couple Fables shirts and comics, thinking his grams and Ruby would enjoy them. By the time he returned to his mothers, there was a guy talking to them, giving them what he felt like was a weird smile.

"What's going on?" Henry asked, not too sure why a guy who was clearly in his twenties and dressed like a character from Attack on Titan (he was aware of anime, but did not watch, so he had no idea who the character was) was by his family.

"This kid thought it was cool we were dressed as the Avengers," Emma replied.

"I told him it was your idea," Regina added.

The guy turned to him and offered his a kind grin. "You must be Henry. I'm Antoine Triplett. Most people call me Trip." He held out his hand for Henry to shake. "Your mothers were telling me how this was all your idea. I think it's amazing." His smile reached his eyes, so they were warm and friendly.

"Thanks," Henry said. He had talked his mothers into cosplaying with him and, of course, they went all out. They were Avengers because the more he thought about it, the more he felt it suited them. There were some tweaks, but it worked.

Henry was Tony Stark, wearing his best suit, but also an Iron Man chest plate his mom made him for the occasion. Emma was dressed as Captain America with Regina playing the Winter Soldier opposite of her. Nathan was the Hulk and Odette was Thor. Henry had played with the idea of being Black Widow since almost everyone else was gender-bent, but he did not like the idea of wearing a wig the whole day. He felt he made the right decision, considering Emma's stance on her helmet, Odette's stance on her helmet, and for the few seconds his mom got to put on her mask, she complained about how hot her face was.

"I write a blog about cosplay and I was hoping you guys would let me write about you. There's so much awesomeness going on right now. First off, a family of cosplayers and everyone looks good, like on a professional level." Trip chuckled and focused on Nathan for a moment. "I'm definitely scared of baby Hulk. The fact that you've got two moms and you guys are obviously a regular family is always a plus to knock it to idiots who think it's not normal. And last but not least, I very much like the statement you're making with your moms as Cap and Bucky."

Henry chuckled. "You'd never guess it also fits their personalities, along with their looks. I actually think my ma ships it."

Emma shrugged. "I'm not saying they're a couple, but I wouldn't be surprised if they kissed or did even more in the realm of their PG-13 reality." She was not a fun person to watch Captain America: Civil War with as it was nothing but theories and evidence of Captain America being in love with Bucky. Personally, Henry preferred Cap with Agent Carter, mostly because he loved Agent Carter having no powers, but still being incredible and a badass. And, the funniest thing out of all of it, his mom hated any romance story that showed up in a Marvel movie. She was banned from watching Avengers 2 with them because she ranted and raved over the Hulk and Black Widow storyline and how it added nothing to movie, making it pointless.

"So, I was hoping I could just talk to you guys for my blog. I'm not sure how comfortable you'd be with pictures," Trip said.

"Not very," Regina replied.

"Mom doesn't want any of us on the internet," Henry said. He could not even put pictures on social media without her approval. He was certain it was just his mom being overprotective and not wanting any of her children on the internet before they were old enough to make that decision on their own. She certainly did not have a problem with photographic evidence that she was Bucky, as she had taken dozens of pictures with Emma in the hotel room. Not to mention, dozens more with the children, and as a whole family.

"Okay, just a little chat then. How did you all get these costumes?" Trip asked, giving them another once-over.

"Mom made them." Henry motioned to Regina.

"Mom!" Nathan waved at Regina, who smiled and waved back.

"Give Mom kisses," Emma whispered to Nathan, who almost leaped out of Emma's grip to make it happen. He placed sloppy kisses to Regina's cheek and then to the top of Odette's head. Odette let out a deep giggle that made everyone smile.

"Henry, since you're behind the costumes, deciding who would be who, care to explain the thinking behind it. I find it a little funny that the toddlers are the Hulk and Thor," Trip said.

Henry nodded. "Thought went into everyone's costume to fit them to the popular Avenger they are dressed as. Odie is blond and powerful when it comes to getting her point across."

"Don't call her Odie," Regina said.

Henry grinned. It drove his mom crazy whenever one of them called Odette "Odie." She let it go a little now. Emma liked to say they wore her down, but it really came from Nathan being able to say Odie, even though they were certain he was trying to say Odette.

"I'm not sure which I'm more impressed with, Regina, your work with leather or your work with the metallic look of Henry's chest plate or your arm," Trip said.

"The leather is easier than the metallic look, but he had to tell me months in advance who he wanted us to be for everything to be finished on time and look as close to the movies as I could get them," Regina replied.

"Right, back to the question, Henry. How did you decide on everyone?" Trip asked.

"Nathan is smart and you wouldn't like him when he's angry. He can wail with the best of them and sometimes he flips over stuff. Ma has turned into a very Captain America-like sheriff in our small town. She's just virtuous and righteous and ready to be a hero all the time. She's all about justice and doing the right thing, even though she doesn't have a problem with swearing. Mom is someone who went from hero to villain to hero again." Henry paused, stopping himself from going into the fact his mom was also tortured by past deeds just like Bucky. "And I'm Tony Stark because I'm the one who brought the team together."

His mothers laughed, but he felt like it was true. Trip asked a bit about their outfits and how Regina managed to make everything so well. She put in the time and work without using magic and explained it all in detail to Trip, who never stopped looking intrigued as he took notes. Henry never appreciated the little mom things his mom did until he saw his Iron Man chest plate. The woman was a domestic goddess, which he heard Emma say, but she was always talking about food.

Trip also took a moment to feel Emma's shield, surprised by how light it was, even though it seemed like an exact replica of Captain America's shield. He held their helmets and Regina's mask, marveling over them and the detail. He even touched the tattered clothes Nathan had on to mimic what the Hulk did to his outfit when he turned into the Hulk. He laughed over the shades to dark green on Nathan's green unitard to make it seem like he had muscles. Henry laughed when he first saw it, too, so he could understand the reaction.

"Come on, we gotta go see the comics before my panel starts," Henry said. "Nice to meet you, Trip."

"Can I get his blog information first? I mean, I might like to see us in writing," Emma remarked.

Henry pretended to pout, but his ma quickly got what she wanted and they were off. One thing he loved about Comic Con was all of the different booths with comic books. He tried to talk his mom into getting him his own credit card after grabbing well over two hundred dollars worth of graphic novels at the Midtown Comics spread. It did not work out well on the credit front, but he got all of his comics.

"This is the best birthday gift ever," Henry grinned, bouncing on his heels. He felt unable to contain himself.

"Good." Emma took him into a one-armed hug. He turned the tables on her, grabbing her up and trying to hurry her. The panel he wanted to see started soon.

"Can you slow down? Some of us have passengers." Regina motioned to Odette, who gawked at everyone passing them by. Of course, Emma had a passenger, too, holding Nathan in her arms.

"Sorry, Mom. But, come on! I know Odie will like this one, too!" Henry turned around to walk by her side. She shook her head while Emma fell into line with them. It did not stop Henry from rushing them to get to his panel.


"Are you sure you don't want to come with us for day two of Comic Con?" Emma asked as Regina readied their babies for the brisk New York autumn.

"No, I want to see the other sights. I want to experience the city," Regina replied. It was nice to share a day of Comic Con with Henry, knowing how much he loved it, but she refused to do all four days. There was too much to see in the city and they did not have nearly enough time to see it all.

"I'm sorry our first family trip to New York is like this. There's not enough time for everything I'd like to do with you," Emma said.

They were in New York for a five day week, having arrived Wednesday evening. Henry had school and they already let him miss these days for Comic Con. They would leave late Sunday night and Henry promised he would be up for school on Monday.

"There's always next break. You owe me a Broadway show for this," Regina reminded her wife. She agreed to Comic Con in exchange for a Broadway show sometime in the future. She was not sure what she wanted to see, but no Disney and no Wicked.

Emma smiled. "I would give you anything."

"Yes, but we're not here for me. We're here for Henry, so go play with him or whatever you two do at Comic Con when we're around. Nathan and Odette have a date with the MoMA. Meet up at dinner?" Regina asked.

"Of course." Emma moved over to the bed to pick up both babies now that they were dressed. Henry was out and about, exploring the hotel room and probably getting compliments about his Iron Man suit. "Look at my little goobers! Mama wants to hang out with you, even if you are spending the day in an art museum. You're going to be so much more cultured than I am when you're both five or something." She kissed both of their cheeks, earning giggles from the pair.

Regina felt like even though the thing with Faust was over nine months ago, Emma still had doubts in herself. There were days when she had to hold Nathan and Odette, she had to do things with them, and no one could come between them, not even Regina. She had to prove to herself she loved them the same as Henry. Regina continued to give her time. Things were good between them and these moments of doubt Emma had lessened as time went on. Regina believed eventually Emma would be fine.

"You gonna be okay with these two?" Emma asked.

"Yes, I'm fine with them. Nathan is better behaved than you are," Regina replied.

"Good!" Nathan declared and puffed out his chest, showing off his dinosaur shirt as Emma was still very insistent on him being a dinosaur kid. He was slowly, but surely talking. Emma worried because his vocabulary was so limited and he mostly parrotted words they said, but Regina assured her it was fine. Henry did not start putting together small, choppy sentences until he was two.

"You jay-walk one time across Park Ave and now all of a sudden you're reckless." Emma waved her arms around. "It's New York, babe. Everybody jay-walks."

"Not across Park Avenue, Emma." Leave it to Emma to pick a busy street with multiple intersections to almost die in while they were on vacation.

Emma grinned and gave her a kiss. This was their happy family out on vacation. Even though they probably would not be able to do what Regina wanted to do together, she was still quite happy with this. She wanted more time like this, where they went on trips as a family and did things they all liked. She could not wait for Nathan and Odette to get older, develop their personalities and tastes, so they could do things the babies liked. It would be nothing short of amazing.


The Swan-Mills family returned home. Henry made it to school while his mothers made it to work. Regina was full time mayor again, but she was not working the same hours. Kathryn remained deputy mayor and helped out. Emma was still doing her thing as full time sheriff. She seemed to enjoy her work more now since Hook tried to take it away from her.

Hook had been tried not too long ago. Twelve citizens of Storybrooke found him guilty of magical kidnapping, false imprisonment, and a slew of other charges. He was the sole inmate of a new prison erected in case other people had criminal inclinations. He would be there for a good long time and should he ever escape, Emma had his heart and could call him right back. There were a few correction officers hired for the new prison, but Regina left that to Kathryn, who got input from Emma. The correction officers had orders to give Hook the bare minimum of everything. They did not question those orders.

Several people noticed Hook experienced fits throughout the day, which Regina smiled about whenever she heard. Doctors all thought he was healthy for someone with his lifestyle and could not figure out what was wrong with him. They thought he might be having seizures, even though he did not have a history of it until now. The fits seemed to get worse and worse with each passing day. Regina hoped it lasted a few good years. She had already bought the perfect bottle of wine to open for when Hook finally did them all a favor and died.

The town was back to normal for the most part. They had even forgotten about Robin trying to prove Nathan was not his. Even though the DNA pointed to Robin, everyone still considered Nathan to be Emma's son, which he proved more and more each day. Robin still did not know how to act, but most people ignored him. If he tried to step out of line, the nearest townie let him know what it was. It helped that everyone knew Emma and Regina were married… because Snow could not keep a secret ever in the history of the world, several worlds actually. It was all right, as they had a proper wedding planned soon enough.

At home, Regina and Emma worked on family things. They helped Henry with his homework. They roared whenever Nathan took steps, even though he had been walking since he was ten months. They discovered what solid foods Odette would and would not eat. They worried over what they would do with Odette's deafness. Regina already watched videos to learn sign language, ordered books, and found several out of town specialists to help Odette learn to communicate. Their daughter would not be left behind in a town where some people might hold onto outdated notions of deaf people being useless.

"You know, I never thought my life would be like this," Emma said. The kids were asleep, so it was what Henry jokingly referred to as "Mom time." All they did was snuggle on the couch, let the TV watch them, and talk.

"That makes two of us, but I had dreams like this."

"With Daniel."

Regina had her arm wrapped around Emma's and moved to link their hands. "Well, yes, but with you once I accepted my feelings for you. When I was younger, having a family was all I wanted."

Emma kissed the top of her head. "Me too, so thanks for giving me this. But, you know, you gave me more than just a good family. I've got a good life, one that fits me. I've finally come into my job and it's a career more than a job. We've got three amazing kids. This beautiful house. I've got a wife who's going to make me fat eventually." Her eyes strayed to the empty plate that once held two slices of pecan pie. Emma ate one and a half of those slices.

"I won't let you get fat. The second I think you're in danger of not being able to run down a bad guy, I'm switching us to vegans."

Emma gave a fake gasp. "Dear God, woman, you really are evil. What in the world would I do without your sliders or those damn macaroni and cheese balls?"

Regina laughed. "I've got to do something to keep the romance alive here. We don't want to end up in… what was that thing you called it?" She rubbed Emma's stomach, as if that would help her remember.

"Lesbian deathbed. I get the feeling we're not going to have that problem because you are damn sexy." Emma pulled Regina practically on top of her and kissed her long and hard. Her hand went to Regina's breast, as they had become very good friends since Regina was no longer sore.

Regina put her hand on Emma's cheek. "I think that's you."

Emma smiled. "I love you." She gave Regina's breast a squeeze.

"Was that to me or my nipple?" Regina asked as the aforementioned body part was pinched.

Emma slid her hand under Regina's shirt. "Can't it be both?" Her fingertips gently caressed the plump flesh she adored. She leaned in, kissing Regina's neglected breast.

"You can love my breasts in the privacy of our bedroom, but not so much on the couch when Henry could wander down at any moment." Regina leaned back a little, so Emma's mouth lost contact.

Emma pouted. "Well, that sucks and then we have two babies, so there's always going to be someone who might wander down. I'm never gonna get to do you on the couch, huh?"

Regina arched an eyebrow. "These are your goals in life? 'Doing' me on the couch?"

Emma smiled at her. "I love you and I say these things because I love you and I want to be with you and I love this family and everything." And just like that she was out of trouble.

"I know you do." Regina kissed the end of Emma's nose. "I love you, too. I wouldn't have this without you, sweetheart."

"I wouldn't have this without you. This is why we make such good partners. We're pretty good halves, but then you put us together to make a whole, we're fucking awesome." Emma hugged her close and kissed her several times.

Regina sighed and settled against Emma, one hand on her neck and the other on her thigh. Emma's hand was still in her shirt, casually flicking her nipple. She did not say anything, as Emma liked to revel in being able to touch her breasts without causing her pain now. "Crude but accurate, which I've come to expect from you. I love this life with you, Emma. I would do everything within my power to keep us together."

"I know. I would do the same. But, we've got to do a little better. We've got kids now. Two of who aren't involved in the madness." Emma meant it was time for them to stop jumping in front of bullets for each other.

"Until Nathan shows us he has magic." Regina was very suspicious of their baby boy.

"I wouldn't put it past him. I still have no idea how he got those cookies off the table."

Nathan was full of surprises that Regina and Emma were not happy with and him walking did not help. He put everything in his mouth, always knew where they put food when they put it down, and always figured out how to get the food if it was left unattended for ten seconds or more. It was even worse with sugary snacks, as Regina did not want him to eat those things, yet somehow he ended up with Emma's donuts and such if she did not shove them in her mouth immediately without ever putting them down. If they were lucky, Odette would not follow right behind her big brother.

"We have a wonderful thing, Emma. I thank you for this," Regina said.

"I thank you for this and for believing in me and for believing I could be trusted with kids. We're a family and it's more than I could've ever imagined," Emma said. "You, me, and our adorable children. Although if Henry keeps trying to grow in that mustache, we're disowning him." She snickered at her own remark.

Regina laughed. "I can agree to that."

This was more than either of them could ask for. Sometimes, it was more than either of them felt they deserved, but it was theirs. And they loved it. So, they would keep on fighting for each other, fighting for this, and doing what they could. They would always be there for each other.

"Can we move this to the bedroom? We need to avoid that lesbian deathbed thing you were just talking about," Emma said.

Regina nodded and Emma stood up, holding Regina up as she weighed nothing. She put her hands around Emma's neck and held herself up on Emma using her thighs. Emma used her free hand to hold Regina around her ass, but her other hand never left Regina's shirt. Regina could not wait for the worship she knew was coming when they hit the bedroom. This was quite possibly the best life ever, even with the stress and villains.


Epilogue: The Ultimate Guide

Emma called Regina over, something about a blog. Regina had forgotten all about talking to the young man at Comic Con a couple of weeks ago. Henry rushed over to the couch, holding Odette. Nathan, not wanting to be left out, charged from the play area, tripping into Emma's legs. Regina shook her head.

"There are so many injuries in this boy's future," Regina said as she grabbed him up. Now, they were all in front of Emma's laptop, staring at the screen.

"Momma!" Nathan reached for Emma.

Regina gasped. "The ungratefulness."

"Yeah, if he was really a mini-me, he'd never abandon you," Emma said as she settled Nathan in her lap. They smiled at each other and Regina patted Emma's thigh.

"You're being gross again," Henry grumbled.

Regina rolled her eyes and Emma gave her a kiss to further gross Henry out. He let out a dramatic groan and shielded Odette's eyes. Odette was not a fan of being blinded and slapped Henry's hand away. He quickly pulled away and kissed the top of her head.

"Let's just read," Regina said and they turned their attention to the screen again.

Day One of Comic Con gave me more to report on than I expected, but I want to open with one of the coolest, sweetest, and most all around adorable things I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. I ran into a normal, small-town American family and they were beyond special. Two married, professional parents with three cute kids, even though Henry probably won't be happy I called him cute, as he was at least thirteen years old. It's hard not think a kid is cute when he's dressed as Tony Stark, though. And, this is where things get adorable.

Henry was at Comic Con for the whole event, as a birthday gift with his parents and siblings. They were all dressed as the Avengers, at Henry's request and desire. Henry was Tony Stark with a brilliant suit with cool shades and one of the most realistic Iron Man chest plates I have ever seen. It was made by his mother, Regina, who he had dubbed the Winter Soldier for the day. The detail she put on her arm was so amazing, I asked to touch it because I thought it might be an actual vibranium arm. Alas, it was not. I still can't believe she made it rather than bought it, but she could have a future in designing cosplay if she ever gives up what Henry described as "government job." She had to modify her Bucky vest a little, as she had the tiniest, most darling Thor you could ever see attached to her chest.

Baby Odette, a precious seven month old, looked like she could take over being the Thunder God for a day. She even had a plushie Mjolnir with a rattle in it. Regina even made that. When I say the woman might be some kind of god of her own, I'm not exaggerating. Toddler Nathan was the Hulk, complete with green skin, although most of it was a green body stocking, but he had the perfect ripped shirt and pants to go with it. The detail to make it look like he had muscles was truly incredible, dark shades of green and padding in all the right places. I was convinced he could rip me in half if his mother ever put him down.

Last, but not least, Regina saved her best work for her wife, Emma. That's right, her wife. Emma was Captain America and she looked like she could give the First Avenger a run for his money. She had the Cap costume from the Winter Soldier movie and she filled it out well. I don't mean that in a sexist way, but her guns were on full display even with the costume. She probably could rip me in half, even with Hulk-Nathan in her arms.

She let me hold her shield, which looked real, but was light as hell. She had it attached to her arm because she was in charge of carrying the Hulk and a baby bag, which was tucked into the shield at the time. This was another thing that blew my mind with Regina's designs. She added things in for their lifestyle with the kids. Regina had baby items in her Bucky belt and Emma's shield had the baby bag, which could attach and detach from the shield. It's really sad to me that Regina doesn't design costumes for a living. I want one. I'm sure parents who want to cosplay with their kids would love it as much as this family.

The greatest thing about this is that Emma ships Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Henry didn't say if this was part of his reasoning for dressing his mothers as the pair, but it is a pretty good match. They were a powerful, striking pair with their children. They were a family the Avengers might even envy.

The most disappointing thing about this was that I didn't get a picture. And I know you guys like to say "pics or it didn't happen," so Emma or Regina, if you happen to read this, if you could find the kindness in your hearts to send me a picture with your faces blurred out since you don't want your kids on the internet, I would greatly appreciate it.

"Regina, we gotta send him the pic on the fridge," Emma insisted.

"Yeah, it's the best one of all of us. I can blur out our faces and we can email him," Henry said with a grin.

"It's because your mom isn't doing a duck face in that one," Emma said, winking at Regina.

Regina frowned. "I do not do duck faces all the time."

Emma laughed. "Yeah, only in pictures when it's me and you or when you're doing a selfie. You are the duck face Queen. It's okay. I like ducks. I mean, my Duckling is awesome, especially in that picture."

"Yeah, which is why we should send it," Henry said.

"Yeah!" Nathan chimed in, more than likely just echoing. Odette smiled, probably just taking in the rest of the family's expressions.

Regina sighed. "Oh, all right." Why not? Their family was damn cute, even in cosplay.


The end.

My only regret, I wish I had a picture of the Swan-Mills in cosplay to show you guys.

Thanks for reading. Please, let me know what you think of the story and of this particular version of the Swan-Mills family. If you like my work, please, go check out my books on Amazon under the name of S. L. Kassidy. Back to my padded cell with me. Thanks again.