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This is intended as a work of fiction.

The pyramid of life.

Chapter 1. Origins:

I woke up in a different world ,I woke up in a different world...sighs you won't understand what it feels like to know that everything you have is gone and I mean everything that nice girl,those sweet games,the awesome food,those wonderful friends,the adorable pets,the slightly racist grandma,

your life its all gone.

How did it happen?

I actually wasn't walking home I was free running hell yeah pakour for the win,it should be mentioned that I wasn't a pro tho I actually was an armature.

What motivated me? One of them was the one the only BATMAN, I know sometimes he is overestimated and raised up to pseudo human levels but one thing everyone agrees on is his willpower and persistence.

The other is SAITAMA damn straight one punch man.

I'm sure by now you can see the pattern,humans who have overcome their limits by pure willpower and unadulterated persistence really get me high,don't get me wrong I like the man of steel but I just have a soft spot for humans and what we can become when we push the limits or enhance pur bodies. so I'd take spiderman on any day because although he got empowered by the spiderbite he put in effort to get to where he is.

And don't get me started on tony stark the IRONMAN.

Anyways back to my untimely demise,

I couldn't be batman cause I wasn't wealthy I was smart tho but I knew that money makes the world go round.

So I did the next best thing keep my body at peak condition, transhumanism was one of my interests.

Now I wasn't a radical transhumanist I'm realistic I'm not going to put machines that my body would reject down the line or mods that served little purpose but I knew what I wanted

After reading the "singularity is near"by ray kuizwell I got a better picture of the things I wanted so I took up meditation sometimes under the influence of bineural beats,chess,exercises things that would keep my mind and body active. That was when I had a self realization it was beautiful it was scary it was otherworldly I understood self yes self my self my being my existence my spirit.

Why am I telling you all of this well its ties up to how I woke up in another world.

So there I was free running home jumping from roof to roof feeling the wind as the goes against my face inhaling the fresh night air when I saw the strangest cloud I have ever seen it was red with a mixture of purple and yellow and and orange?lightening " what?!" When it struck me quite literally the orange piece of shit lightening stuck me.

I knew I died when I couldn't feel my body but rather saw a somewhat charred corpse that I assumed was mine.

I was looking down at it when I realised that I was outside my own body looking down at it certain of my impending doom my helplessness at the situation.

The first thing to go through my mind was my grandparents they raised me and I promised to make them live like royalty but look at me now where's the immortality I was so after this is !y demise!? NO! I held my spirit together encompassing my soul suddenly I was in this woovy wonky wormhole a bit of my spirit dispersed and I knew I forgot relatives important to me,that was not good so I tried to Reexperience the self realization the feeling of existence and from there I was in a state of flux when l saw the tiniest ball of warm light I felt it would suffice as nutrient for my tired soul and so I approached it and shrouded it with my spirit slowly starting to assimilate it on instinct it wasnt easy it wasnt fun it was tedious but for every piece of it i devoured I found peace the lightening must have had an effect on my soul. I'm not gonna lie I knew I had taken a life because that's what it felt like although I was sorry i had no regrets I had to survive it was a battle and I won it was you or me.

For that little period of time I found peace. Time has no meaning here there's just a period of sleep and consciousness.

Then I was born I couldn't make out clearly the bombardment of light shapes and sounds was all blurry and I screamed I heard vague noises and voices I felt myself being passed around and then I felt them the welcoming aura around them the radiating love from the people I came to call my parents.

And that kids is how I came to a different world.

*minor corrections and rewrites*