Clay walked into the class and was happy to see that all of his new friends were in his class. His teacher, Merlok, was a kind man with a blue wizard hat, blue robe, and a long white beard. Merlok was one of those remarkable people who appreciates every single child for he or she is. He may be a wizard and should be teaching future wizards but he decided to teach future knights.

Even Ava and Robin were in his class. Merlok noticed that Ava and Robin were sad about their destroyed project. "Ava, Robin, I know you two worked hard on your projects but don't fret. I have a copy of your plans to help the future knights of Knighton. I will protect them." Merlok told them. Ava and Robin smiled at their teacher. "Thanks, Merlok."

Merlok nodded at the two as they took their seats. Merlok then noticed a new student with Macy. 'He looks familiar. But where have I seen him?' Merlok thought to himself. He shook it off since he had to start class. "Alright everyone, we have a new student with us today. This is Clay Wormwood. I'd like you to sit over here with Macy, Axl, Aaron, and Lance." He said while pointing to an empty seat next to Macy. Merlok went to the front of the class as Clay took his seat. "Now, you all remember how scary the first day of school is. So, please be nice to Clay. Make sure he feels welcome. Aaron, please get Clay a manual and workbook."

"All right, Merlok," Aaron said as he went to the shelf where the extra books are.

Merlok was not only a wonderful teacher but a great wizard too. He took Jestro in when he found him on the streets begging for food. But his and Jestro's life is not as simple as it seems. Merlok has a dark secret. He has only told part of it to Jestro but does not want to scare him with the full story. Although Merlok is still saddened by this dark secret, he does not let it interfere with his school life.

Merlok looked at Clay and smiled but noticed something odd about Clay. 'Odd, he kind of looks like...' Merlok took those thoughts out of his head. He knew that what he is thinking isn't true. "Clay, you've arrived at such a good time. We're going to review what we've learned. It is alright if you do not understand any of it, as this is only your first day, but don't be afraid to raise your hand if you do understand." Merlok stood up, grabbed his wand, and looked at his class. "We've been working on our two times tables, would anyone like to demonstrate for Clay?" The whole class raised their hands in excitement. Merlok smiled proudly. "Alright then. Two times four is?"


Merlok nodded. "Two times six is?"


"Two times nine is?"


"Excellent, you've been practicing, pretty soon you shall be able to do any multiplication, whether it's two times seven..."


Merlok smiled as he nodded. "Very good, or 13 times 379." All of the children laughed, except for one. Clay was already calculating the answer in his head. "4927..." He quieted down as soon as he realized that the rest of the class didn't have the answer. The entire class looked at him confused.

"Excuse me?" Merlok said also confused. "I think that's the answer... 13 times 379... 4927..." None of the students questioned him instead they looked at Merlok for the answer. Merlok proceeded to grab a nearby journal and pencil and started to write the equation down to solve it. This took him a few minutes but he came up with the same answer. He set the journal down and look at Clay in shock. "It is..."

"Whoa..." Macy, Aaron, Axl, Lance, and Jestro looked at their new friend in awe. "Clay, you know how to multiply big numbers?" Merlok asked impressed that such a child ended up in his class. Not too many adults could multiply in their hands.

"I read this book on Mathematics last year at the library."

"You like to read?" Merlok asked as this child kept intriguing him more and more.

"Oh, yes. I love to read."

"What do you like to read?"

"Everything. But I love stories about knights and wizards. I could read books about them every day."

Merlok smiled. "As could I." Merlok looked at the class as an idea formed in his mind. "Alright class, get out your workbooks and when I get back we'll go outside and work on your forms." The class got out their workbooks and Merlok smiled as Clay was finishing his pages at an incredible speed. /p
p data-p-id="18978f45e1a2e14e6f74cda1ff9e1ecb"Merlok was walking to the office of the Headmaster, Monstrox. Merlok was also thinking to himself as he was walking to the office. 'Why does Clay look so familiar?' Merlok thought to himself. Then he remembered Clay's bracelet. 'His bracelet looks like Wanda's bracelet. No, that's impossible. Wanda never took off her bracelet.'

As Merlok approached the office of the headmaster he grew nervous, he took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Come in, come in, whoever you are." Merlok opened the door and gasped a dark magical dagger barely missed his head then the dagger disappeared but the indention was still there. Funny thing about magic, while everyone can see a wizard cast magic, only wizards can see the aura of each wizard when they cast each spell. "Almost got you that time."

Merlok felt the blood drain from him as the door closed to reveal a bunch of children's pictures on the back of the door on a dart board, including Jestro, Aaron, Axl, and Lance. 'Hopefully, Macy isn't there.' "It's good to see you, Merlok. Time for a little heart to heart?" Monstrox asked as he pretended to cast another dark spell at Merlok. He chuckled at Merlok's fear.

Merlok took a deep breath. "Actually, this is about the new boy in my class, Clay Wormwood."

Monstrox didn't show it but he recalled the name, Clay. 'Clay was the exact name that Wanda wanted to name her child if she had a son but that's impossible. Wanda disappeared years ago.'

"Yes, his father said he's a real wart." Merlok was now confused. "A what?" Clay was so kind and very intelligent. Surely, he must have misheard.

A carbuncle, a blister, a festering pustule of malignant ooze," Monstrox said as he used his magic to pour himself a glass of water.

Merlok frowned. "No, no, Clay Wormwood is a very sweet boy, very kind, and very bright." Merlok smiled as he remembered how Clay did a complex equation in his head.

"A bright child?" Monstrox said unpressed. "Yes, he can multiply large sums in his head," Merlok told him. "So can a calculator," Monstrox said still unimpressed.

Merlok was to get the point through Monstrox more than anything. "Well... I think he might be happier in an older, more advanced class but stay in our class to learn how to be a knight."

"Ah! I knew it! You can't handle the little viper, so you're trying to foist him off on one of the other teachers!"

"No, no, no, of course not, it's just that..."

"Yes, typical slothful, cowardice, and a betrayer," Merlok was stunned. Monstrox only called him those names and they were never for a good reason. "Listen to me, Merlok." Monstrox grabbed his wand and waved it to show him a small hologram of a monster. "If you can't handle that little brat, not only will I lock him the Chokey, but I will also send monsters to scare him to death." The monster hologram jumped at Merlok. "Get it?"

"Yes, sir."

"One day, Merlok, you'll see that dark magic is what we truly need and everything I do as the head wizard is for your own good." He then pushed Merlok towards the door. "And for the good of those little brats!" Monstrox then slammed the door and used his dark magic to throw more dark magic daggers at the photos of the children.

Merlok sighed as he walked back to his classroom, 'I want to help Clay get more advanced in studies. Maybe I can get some books from the other teachers while Clay still looks at beginner knighthood.' Merlok smiled at his idea and got the other teachers to get him some of the advanced books for Clay to look at. When Merlok returned, Clay, Jestro, Lance, Axl, Macy, and Aaron had already finished their workbook pages and all of them were working together on their knight skills. But the one thing that was bothering Merlok was how familiar Clay looked. Although he kept putting it off as him possibly having an older sibling, but every time he thought that, something told him it wasn't true.

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