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Chapter Three

"OK so we're all here. Where's Klaus?" asked Caroline as she looked around the room. Even though she was acting like she didn't care she was worried. It was one thing for Caroline to put her life in danger it was another thing to get her mother involved. She couldn't understand why the Mikaelsons would also invite her mother, the mayor and Bonnie's father, who had only been in town for a few days, to their tea but she didn't like it.

"My brother will be here momentarily," said Elijah as he poured himself some tea. He wondered to himself if it was too early to add some bourbon to his tea, he could already feel a headache start to form from being in the room with so many children. Even worse they were children who thought that they were adults.

"Would you like some more tea ladies?"

"No thank you Elijah though I won't say no to one of those biscuits," said Jenna. She had just gotten back to town after going back to school for a few weeks to present her thesis and just found out that her ex-boyfriend was entombed for the rest of his life. Jenna's relationship with her niece and nephew had taken another hit because of all the secrets and lies. They were so worried about protecting her that she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to a man she thought she might have been in love with.

"I'm sure my brother will be here momentarily," said Elijah as he sneaked a glance at his watch. "Are you all looking forward to your senior year of high school?"

"Yes, I can't wait to start planning the decade dance," said Caroline. "Though I haven't quite decided on what decade it will be."

"I'm sure that whatever decade you choose it'll be amazing Caroline," said Liz as she sipped her tea. She was happy that her daughter was focusing on something normal. Liz hoped that her daughter's senior year would be much better than her previous high school experience. As much as she loved Elena like another daughter, Liz could never truly forget that the reason her daughter was dead was because she was Elena's friend – even though she would never say it out loud. She also wasn't sure how to feel about Damon, someone who acted like her friend but he was also someone she could tell that her daughter hated. Every time Liz asked Caroline she always claimed that it was ancient history and not at all relevant to now but then she would always remind her mother to make sure that she took vervain everyday.

"Do you have any plans for senior year Bonnie," asked her father Rudy. Being in the home of ancient vampires was making him very uncomfortable. He really did not like magic or anything to do with the supernatural. If his daughter ever decided to lock away her grimoires and never do magic again he would be very happy man.

"Just looking into college and what I want to major in. I haven't quite decided yet."

"Just make sure you don't just apply to Whitmore – you might get better a scholarship or like a program better somewhere else. You have to do some research, New York and LA have some wonderful schools," said Rudy as he talked to his daughter, but he was hoping that all the teens were listening. There was more to life then Mystic Falls. The world was a big, wonderful place and the only way to see it was to experience it yourself.

"Of course Dad," said Bonnie. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do. If she went to Whitmore with Elena and Caroline like they had planned – nothing would change. There would be another supernatural crazy who's trying to kill them and she would have to do even more magic. As much as she loved magic, she hated feeling like she was a magical 8 ball -shaken to find a solution to the problem. The constant stress was starting to get to the Bennet witch. She knew that her friends appreciated what she did, but she also knew that the Salvatores saw her as a tool to be used and if she ever said no they would probably try to kill her.

"What about you boys, what are your plans?" asked Carol Lockwood. The mayor looked like she completely comfortable at the Mikaelson mansion. As the woman who used to be the wife of the mayor and now is the mayor she was used to hiding what she was feeling.

"Just getting ready for Varsity so far Mrs Lockwood," said Matt. He still wasn't sure of why he was here. He'd always been kept away from everything because out of everyone he was the only one who was still normal. His best friend was a hybrid, his sister was a dead vampire, his ex-girlfriends were a vampire and a doppelganger and so on. He was trying to save up some money to possibly move away from supernatural central.

"Just hoping to pass all of my classes," said Jeremy as he looked around. He was doing his best to keep an eye on all the vampires in the room. Tyler was standing with all the other hybrids in the corner. Kol and Rebekah were speaking to each other in front of the bar. Elijah was entertaining the adults in the center with Finn and Sage seated together on the loveseat behind him and the Salvatores were at the corner opposite from the hybrids. Jeremy knew that if there was any sort of trouble it would be caused by one of the Salvatores', most likely Damon, starting something and escalating it. He couldn't wait for the day that his sister finally got fed up with the brothers' constantly dragging her into trouble. Their lives were normal before the Salvatore brother's selfishness ruined everything. If they hadn't come into town Klaus would most likely have never found Elena and so many innocent people would still be alive.

As Elena nibbled on her biscuit she couldn't help but hope that Klaus would show up soon. Everyone was restless and wondering what was going to happen next and she could see the Salvatore brothers out of the corner of her eye. She could tell that Damon was becoming more and more annoyed by the moment and was thinking about leaving and would probably try and take her with him.

As Damon moved out of his corner to the center of the room to say something that would no doubt insult at least half of the people in the room the double doors opened and Klaus walked followed by someone carrying paperwork that did not look even remotely human.

The Mystic Falls' natives could only stare at the being who was quite short, had long finger almost like claws, had long pointed ears and a sneer on his face wearing a three-piece suit with an axe strapped to his back.

"What the hell is that," said Damon as he turned to face the door.

"He is a goblin," said Elijah. He could not abide such rudeness and the elder Salvatore was the very definition of rude.

"Really Damon you're over a hundred and fifty years old and you've never seen a goblin before?" said Rebekah as she picked up her drink utterly incredulous. After all these years did these children even attempt to find out anything about the world they were part of. It's pathetic.

"This is my associate Sharpfang. He'll be dealing with all the legality of the situation I called all of you for."

"Why did you call us here Klaus," asked Elena. She decided to ignore the fact that there was a goblin in the room. It just reminded her of the fact that there was so much about the supernatural that she did not know. So much that the Salvatores' did not know and they were the only reference that she had. She couldn't help but wonder what else was out there.

"I propose a truce that will last as long as someone is in the area -most likely until September. I have no desire to get him involved in any of your schemes to attempt to kill me"

"A truce," said many in the room. Everyone was shocked – Klaus Mikaelson was not the sort that cared about the safety of someone else. His entire family was immortal so everyone, especially his siblings, wonder about who this person was.

"Why would you ask for a truce," asked Stefan speaking for the first time today. Other than the Originals Stefan knew Klaus the best as his ex-friend and nothing in his memories spoke to the idea that Klaus cared about someone who wasn't family. But who was this family member that his siblings didn't know?

"Because it's summer vacation and my son will be joining me for the summer before he goes back to England for school," said Klaus with a smirk. He'd been looking forward to everyone's reaction for weeks. If only because by focusing on something entertaining he could ignore the paranoia of having people he doesn't trust know about his one vulnerability.

"Son?" asked Caroline as she choked on her cookie. That was one word she never expected to hear from Klaus' mouth. His siblings were in shock, they never expected their brother to ever adopt another child after what had happened to Marcellus. The adults in the room were just as shocked as the teens but they began to understand what this meeting was all about. There was very little a parent would not do to protect their child

"You can't have son – vampires can't have children," said Damon in shock. That was the first thing on his mind after Klaus revealed the reason they were called to the manor.

"It's called adoption Damon – it happens everyday," said Klaus as he rolled his eyes. Klaus was no longer surprised at the elder Salvatore's stupidity – after all this is someone who spent 150 years devoted to Katerina.

"Wait you said he's coming over?" said Bonnie as her brain finally rebooted. The adopted son of the Original Hybrid – words could not describe her curiosity. What was his life like, where had he been all this time. Klaus said implied that he was coming here for summer vacation so how old was he? Was he a teenager or younger, so many questions with only one person knowing the answer.

"How old is he?" asked Elena before Klaus could answer. The man who had killed her was a parent. Elena couldn't believe it. What kind of parent is the Original Hybrid? Did he try to keep the violence of his life from his son or is his son just as violent as his adoptive parent.

"Hadrian will be turning eleven this year," said Klaus. "And before he gets here from England I would like this agreement to be completed. There will be no actions against me and my siblings or attempts to harm my son while he is here. After he returns to England you can go back to your ridiculous scheming but while he is in this country you will behave yourself."

"And if we don't," asked Damon already planning on how to use the child to get leverage on his father.

"Then you won't leave this room alive."

After Klaus spoke everyone was reminded of how dangerous he was. This was the Original Hybrid who didn't let anyone get in his way, not even his own siblings were completely protected from his wrath.

His siblings were the only people who hadn't said anything yet. They were shocked at their brother's announcement but that was not scene on their faces. Not even Finn let their confusion be known in a room full of their enemies – pathetic thought they may be. Though after they left each sibling was planning on interrogate their brother. So many questions went through their head – why didn't their brother say anything earlier? They had all been undaggered for months now.


"These are your copies of the contract – please read them in their entirety and then return them. If you have any questions say something," said the goblin in a gravely voice and giving everyone the impression that he thought everyone in the room was a waste of space – especially Damon. His sneer when he handed the vampire the contract was even more apparent than anyone else.

"Why the contract Klaus," asked Caroline as she read through the contract. She didn't understand everything but she was able to get the basic idea.

"Because all of you have proven that your word means nothing so if I have to make sure everything is spelled out then I will. I will not put a child of mine in danger if it can be helped," said Klaus as he sipped his drink. His blue eyes glaring at his group of enemies. That was something that he could not comprehend, as bad as the Original was when he made a deal he kept it. He may not keep it in the way expected but he did keep his word. It was something he hated about the modern world, how someone's word means nothing.

"Well a summer of peace sounds like a good idea to me," said Matt as he finished reading the contract. The less involved he had to be with the Salvatores and the insanity that's around them the better off he is. It seemed to Matt that he and all the other normal people end up as collateral damage due to those situations and he had no intention of dying – magical ring to bring him back or not.

"Agreed," said Jeremy, he only hoped that the Salvatores would actually honor the contract, but he wouldn't hold his breath. Most of the times when the deals his sister made were broken it was always because the brothers though that they knew best.

"I think it's a good idea to make sure that there's no confusion," said Rudy as he finished reading the contract. He hoped that Elena wouldn't get his daughter into more trouble. As a father he could understand Klaus' reasons for wanting to do everything in his power to protect his child. It was one thing to put his own life on the line, another thing to risk his son's and Rudy could respect the Original for that.

"I think that the contract in general is a good idea," said Carol as she read her own copy. "Is there an option to negotiate another contract for after summer ends?"

"Possibly, we'll see how things go," said Klaus. He was surprised that the mother of his first hybrid asked such a question. "It all depends on if you lot can actually abide by the terms and conditions of the contract. Though I hope you are aware that if you attempt to break this deal the way that you have broken others the consequences will be more severe," he said with a glare.

Niklaus Mikaelson was many things but he was not stupid, he very much expected the Scooby gang to attempt to break or find loop holes in the contract. He just wanted everything spelled out in writing before his son came over from England, because then when they did something stupid they couldn't complain about the consequences even though the Original had no doubt that the immature children he and his siblings had been forced to deal with would find something to complain about. But also, as a lesson to his son, no one could say that Klaus Mikaelson wasn't the type of parent to make sure that his child was prepared for the future and as both the son of the Original Hybrid and the 'Saviour of the Wizarding World' his son would have to get used to people going back on their word and trying to use him. As much as Klaus did not want to teach him that lesson the Original believed that it would be an important thing to learn before Hadrian went to Hogwarts and Mystic Falls was a relatively safe place for Hadrian with all his siblings nearby and both of his parents very much dead.

"Though if one person does break their contract it will not affect anyone else, that's why you each have your own."

"That was nice of you," said Stefan as he looked up at his ex-best friend.

"I may be somewhat evil, but I am fair," said Klaus as he smirked. "To a point."

"We will not break the contract," said Elena as she put down her copy of the contract. As she looked around the room she could hear the other Originals talking to each other not even bothering to try and lower their voices.

"I'll believe that when I see it," said Rebekah as she watched with her brothers. She had no faith in the doppleganger's ability to either keep her word or control the Salvatore brothers. In Rebekah's eyes Elena was as duplicitous as all the doppelgangers that came before them and twice as selfish.

"Should be entertaining to watch them try and fail miserably," said Kol as he took another sip of his whiskey. He agreed with his sister, those children would most certainly break their word yet again, the only uncertain thing was when.

"Perhaps they can keep their word," said Elijah as he watched a roomful of people reading the contract his brother gave to them. He was shocked that his brother had a son he didn't know about and planned on interrogating the younger Original as soon as everyone left. It didn't show on any of the Originals' faces that they had no knowledge of Hadrian. They did not want to reveal a weakness to their enemies and lack of knowledge about something this important would be a weakness.

"I doubt it," said Finn. The eldest Mikaelson brother sat with his lady love Sage on a loveseat near his siblings but apart. He would never forgive them for letting him be daggered for 900 years, but they were family and he did love them. Finn just couldn't bring himself to be truly close to any family member ever since he found out that his mother practically sold his older sister Freya to dear aunt Dahilia so that she could have children.

"Does anyone have a pen" asked Elena as she looked around the room. All Elena wanted was peace, even if it was for just a summer and if that meant making a deal with devil she gladly would. The past few years have been nothing, but pain and death and the doppelganger was tired. Tired of feeling like the weight of the world is on her shoulder, tired of not being able to protect the people that she cared about, tired of the innocent blood on her hands thanks to both her doppelganger status and the Salvatore brothers. Just because she didn't actually kill someone didn't mean that she didn't feel the guilt that was caused when Damon and Stefan killed people to either protect her or because they lost control. Elena was well aware that if she didn't look like Katherine they would never have gotten involved in her life. Even after all this time she still didn't know if they truly cared about her or her face. It was the reason why at times Elena was more comfortable around Klaus than Stefan and Damon, at least he was honest in why he wanted her.

"Sharpfang," said Klaus as he stared at the doppelganger. He was not surprised that Elena was the first person to sign. He knew that her family was her biggest weakness – the contract was the best way possible to protect them.

The goblin handed a white feathered quill out to Elena.

"Where's the ink," asked Elena as she stared at it for a moment, she had never seen a quill outside of founder's party reenactments.

"You won't need it," said the goblin.

She grabbed the quill and signed her name on the dotted line. As she did so she could feel a pain on her left hand. She looked down at it and saw that her name was carved on the back of her hand.

"Oh my god Elena," shouted Caroline as she grabbed Elena's hand.

"What did you do to her," asked Bonnie as she started shaking the things around the room.

"Nothing she didn't agree to when she signed the contract little witch. It's not my fault you don't know anything about goblin forged contracts. Any idiot with a basic understanding of the magical community knows that all goblin contracts are signed in blood so that they will be magically binding," said Klaus with a sneer. He wasn't responsible for educating these idiotic children about the world they were part of.

"If you want to blame someone, blame your family for not educating you on the magical community. Do you actually think that there's just vampires, werewolves and witches out there? There's an entire hidden world that you know nothing about because everyone around you was decided it was better for you to live a 'normal life' instead of being prepared. So, don't blame me for taking advantage of your ignorance, anyone would have," said Klaus. He knew that the Bennet witches were well aware of the magical communities around the world. If Bonnie Bennet didn't know anything about them she only had to blame her family for keeping the reality of her life from her.

"Klaus is right Bonnie," said Rudy as he interrupted his daughter's magical tantrum. "Even I know the basics about the magical community and one of them is that goblin contracts are signed in blood and are binding."

"Are you serious," said Bonnie as she stared incredulously at her father. Her father who always wanted nothing to do with magic actually knew what Klaus was talking about.

"When I married your mother she basically gave me a magical society 101 class. I had no idea that you didn't know anything about it. I suppose your grandmother though that she would have more time to tell you everything you need to know."

"Now if we are through discussing your ignorance and stupidity can you all sign your contracts and leave my home. I have a lot of preparations to complete and I don't have all day to waste," said Klaus. He wanted the group out of his home as soon as possible. He knew that he wouldn't be able to even start on his preparations until he explained himself to his siblings and he wanted to get it over with.

"And what if we decide not to sign the contract?" asked Damon. He was already thinking up a plan to use the kid as leverage over his father. He didn't believe the whole magically binding contract thing. Like always Damon chose to ignore things that contradicted his world view and in doing so would no doubt be the spark that reignited the violence in the town.

"Then I kill you now and we just move on with our lives," said Klaus. He actually hoped that Damon would try something. He would know doubt provide hours of amusement from his stupidity. If was laughable to think that a baby vampire who didn't know anything about the world he was a part of because he spent his life obsessed with a doppelganger who didn't give a damn about him actually had a chance against the Original Hybrid. At the most he was a persistent annoyance but to Klaus and the other Originals Damon was less than a worm.

"We'll sign," said Stefan as he reached for the quill.

"Stefan…" said Damon as he looked back at his brother. He couldn't believe that Stefan was going to give up getting revenge on the Originals, after everything that had happened he couldn't believe it.

"No Damon, it's one thing to fight against adults but I'm not going to get a child involved. Besides it's just for the summer, we can go back to killing each other afterward," said Stefan as he signed his contract in blood. He knew Klaus well enough to assume that the contract would be unbreakable – Klaus was not one to deal well with people who broke a deal with him. If it hadn't been for the fact that his family distracted the Original Hybrid Stefan had no doubt that he would have been tortured to death for his betrayal and theft of their coffins.

"Fine but I'm doing this under protest," said Damon as he signed the quill and passed it along to Jeremy. "Besides I can't imagine the Original Dick as a competent parent." No matter what Damon could not keep himself from opening his mouth and spewing out nonsense. After all, only a self-absorbed asshole would insult someone who could kill him with ease's parenting abilities.

"No matter what you lot think of me believe me when I say I know how to be a good parent."

"And how would you know how to do that," asked Caroline snarkily as she signed the contract. Thank god that she was a vampire or that would sting forever until it healed over completely. One of her favorite parts about being a vampire was the enhanced healing.

"Well you've all met my parents haven't you. All I have to do while parenting is ask myself what they would do in that situation and do the exact opposite."

Everyone in the room from the hybrids in the corner to his siblings on the couches stared at Klaus for a moment. No one could deny that he was right. His entire life had been defined by bad parenting – hell the entire reason why vampires exist is because two people had letting go issues combined with anger issue and didn't deal with their grief in a remotely healthy way.

The remaining parental figures of the Mystic Falls gang signed their own contracts along with Jeremy, Matt and Bonnie. They had always been afraid of Klaus because of how violent the Original Hybrid was and how much danger their children were in because of his actions but now the felt some respect for him as a parent. After all, to go to all this effort to make a truce with people he doesn't care about, all for the safety of his child is definitely something to be respected for. It reminded them that there is always more to the story than a bad guy who wanted something and was willing to do anything to get it.

"So why was the kid in England instead of with you? After all aren't parents supposed to supervise their children," said Damon as his contract was collected by the goblin. He really didn't care much about the kid but the more information he had about Klaus' new weakness the better.

"He was at boarding school because I am not stupid enough to bring a child to the same country where my parents could be. I had no intention of bringing him to the states if my father was still alive. Now that he and my mother are permanently dead it's safe for him to be around me."

"Wait was the entire reason you were so crazy about having an army of hybrids because you wanted to protect your son?" asked Elena incredulously. Was the entire reason the Original Hybrid spent the last few months practically stalking her until both of his parents were dead all so that he could have an army to protect his son? That was actually an understandable reason to want an army of loyal minions. The Mikaelson parents were psychotic – a lot worse than their children. They didn't care about the collateral damage of their choices at all.

"Well I certainly didn't need an army to protect myself or my siblings. After a thousand years we are well versed in protecting ourselves from anyone stupid enough to come after us and we are immortal. My son on the other hand is not and I knew if either of my parents found out about him they would not hesitate to kill him in the most painful manner possible just to cause me pain."

When Klaus said that all Elena could think was that was a horrible thing to believe about your own parents, and that he was right. Both Esther and Mikael would have gladly hurt an innocent little boy just for being adopted by Klaus, they hated their son so much that any ounce of happiness was something they wanted to take away. Maybe once upon a time they were somewhat decent parents, but they certainly hadn't been when they finally died.

Sharpfang collected all the contracts and stamped them with the official seal of Gringotts to make it official and binding. The contracts automatically duplicated themselves thrice, one copy to given to each signer and the last to filed at the bank.

"These are your copies of the contract – do not lose them. It will cost 21 galleons for another copy. Now if there isn't any other business Lord Mikaelson I will take my leave," said Sharpfang as he handed out the contracts to everyone. The goblin didn't care about anyone in the room, time was money and he was getting paid very well for his services.

"Yes, you can leave Sharpfang. Your fee will be deposited as previously arranged," said Klaus as he took his copies of the contract. Goblins were the greediest creatures he had ever met and after a thousand years Klaus had met many creatures. But as long as you had their respect they wouldn't try and cheat you and there was nothing they respected more than a deadly warrior.

"Now that that's settled I'm sure all of you know your way to the exit," said Klaus as he got up out of his seat to head to the bar for another drink.

Damon opened his mouth to say something snarky, but his brother grabbed him and pulled him out of the room towards the front door. Everyone else followed along still in shock over what they found out.

Matt was the last person to leave the house. As he was closing the door behind him he looked back over his shoulder and he could see that the other Mikaelsons had left their corner and moved to the center of the room surrounding Klaus. He guessed that they were going to have their own discussion regarding all the information they'd found out today.


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