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Trolls and Interrogations

Time had flown for Hermione, she enjoyed most of her lessons. Except dada, she could only see the cloud of darkness surrounding him, but apart from that it was great.

Today she was so looking forward to charms, they were finally after weeks of theory, that really didn't seem to apply to her, allowed to make things fly, not just hover, fly!

This was going to be great! She walked into the class room and took her usual seat. On the desk sat a white feather, well at least its light though Hermione. When all the class filed in, professor Flitwick reminded them of the incantation and wand work for this spell. And then he let them loose. Hermione closed her eyes as before, the teachers had stopped her doing too much magic in case she exhausted herself, so any magic outside classes was off the table, but she still did little bits in her room. However this was the first time she tried this. She wanted it really bad, so when she opened her eyes she just groaned. Not only was her feather and every other feather in the room floating, but every single inanimate object was as well, and then to top it off she saw professor Flitwick float past as well. Just great, she only wanted her feather. Professor Flitwick asked her to not try again in class and asked her to stay behind as well. Just great, the rest of the class started sniggering and resumed their attempted, but to Hermione's amusement the only exciting thing that happened was when one Gryffindor boy managed to set his on fire.

By the end of the lesson the class looked at her with envy. She didn't mind though she still managed to get it right, she only had to work on limiting her power. She was also in a good mood because of Halloween. Every year she used to wander round town, knock on doors, pretends to be Annie from the film and then be showered with sweets. It was a lovely night; she hoped the Halloween feast here would be equally fun. She had cooked a wide array of sweet treats, the cupboards she learned provided her with any ingredients she needed as long as she asked. She simply had to walk up and say, please may I have the ingredients to make apple pie. Then when she opened it everything she needed already prepared was there. It was if Hogwarts couldn't give her the food directly but tried it's upmost to help her.

She was walking behind the boy who lived and the red headed menace, when she heard them talking. They were by the sound of it discussing the lesson previously.

"I still can't believe that no one managed to get their float" Ron said to the group.

"Well apart from Hermione" Harry said rolling his eyes.

"Hermione certainly doesn't count, she has no friends, a slimy slithering and even the teachers don't like her, how many hints do you think she needs before she gets it, she doesn't belong. She's a freak in this world, she should go back to live with the muggles"

The group erupted in laughter and general choruses of where she belongs, and exactly.

Hermione only hear "she's a freak" echoing round and round her head, memories came flashing past of all the times her parents called her one and she just had to get away. She ran past them not caring when she knocked into Harry on her way past.

She ran to the nearest bathroom, she'd had enough of all these people she knew they were only jealous of her, but part of her believed they were right. She knew she wouldn't belong but how she craved it anyway, she also saw how Flitwick looked at her as she floated him of, a look of exasperation and tiredness. She knew all her teachers didn't like how she did magic. It was different, something they didn't understand.

She locked herself in a stall and collapsed to the ground, tears streaming from her eyes. She couldn't take it anymore did anyone out there not think she was a freak. She cried and cried until she had no more tears. Hours must have passed; she didn't even care about missing so many lessons. She wouldn't be wanted anyway.

She looked at her watch, the feast had begun. She had been so excited for that but now it only held dread. She opened the stall door and looked in the mirror she looked like death. A foul stench then filled the air, like rotting flesh, she turned around slowly dreading what she was going to find. A mountain troll she mused, why not? It held a thick club it its arms, it at this point had only just noticed her. Hermione pondered what was she going to do; it was in between her and the door. It took the first swing at her and she jumped artfully out the way, she was so angry, why did it have to come here of all days. Her anger bubbled and burned as she reached into her magic core, and wished it would just stop. There was an audible snapping and breaking of bone as Hermione looked up, the trolls neck had snapped cleanly and hung limply at an angle. Hermione gasped, the troll fell to the floor in front of her with a crash.

It was at that moment the teachers decided to join her. Professor Snape, McGonagall and Quirrell all came rushing in to find Hermione stood by the troll's body. Quirrell gasped, it was however McGonagall who spoke first. "What on earth happened here, Miss Granger? Was it you who let the troll in?"

Hermione was outraged how dare they accuse her letting a bloody mountain troll in.

"Of course not, why would I do that" she snapped frustrated.

"We'll have to see about that, you will accompany me to the headmaster. Is it knocked out?"

"No professor, its dead" Hermione replied ice filling her voice, did they not care about her.

"Why on earth did you know that?"

"Well professor, I killed it!"

"What do you mean you killed it? Killed it... why on earth would you kill it" Quirrell stammered

Hermione was exasperated, did they care at all for her wellbeing.

"You see professor if you would have preferred, I could have let the troll bludgeon me to death with the club it was trying to swing at me, and then you could question the troll on why it thought killing me was a good idea, as you seem so caught up in the trolls welfare and haven't even asked if I'm ok. Which for your information I am just severely magically depleted. It is nice to know that teachers look out for murderous beasts over their student" Hermione near spat at her.

McGonagall looked taken aback, Quirrell looked scared of her and Snape looked slightly amused at her outburst.

"Well, Miss Granger I will escort you to the headmaster now" McGonagall said

Hermione and the head of Gryffindor walked to the office in silence, Hermione was musing why the woman hadn't apologised for liking a troll over her, but Hermione hadn't apologised from the memory modification. Maybe forgiveness starts when one rises above the other.

"Professor McGonagall, I am truly sorry for modifying your memories, I was scared and didn't understand and I did the only thing I knew to try and get myself out of the situation. I apologise"

The professor stopped walking, and just stared at the eleven years old, as if realising what a horrible person she had been.

"I also owe you an apology, for both trying to drag you away without your permission and for just now. I was shocked and..."

"Thought because I was a Slytherin it must have been my fault" Hermione ended

The woman's face became stern again; we have reached the headmasters office

There in front of them stood a gryphon. How typical a gryphon door.

"Lemon sherbets" spoke McGonagall.

The gryphon twisted and a step appeared Hermione and McGonagall both stood, her professor on the top one and she on the third one down when the stairs started to make upwards in a spiral pattern.

When they reached the top, they both entered to find the headmaster sat behind a giant desk. "Ah Miss Granger I would like to have a little chat about a certain troll. I will ask nicely but only once."

Did you let the troll in?

As this was being said she felt a cold and careless poke at her head. She expelled him with so much force that he had sweat flowing down his head.

She glared at him, and clearly and confidently said, "No."

Dumbledore looked at her, "You see Miss Granger I have no proof of this and I certainly don't take your word for it"

"I wish to use veritiserem, a few drops and I can know for certain"

Hermione was glad she had scoured over all of the wizarding law books.

"I'm afraid you seem to be forgetting a few things professor, as I am underage it's illegal to use veriterseum on a minor"

"Ah you see, Hermione I can, and I am a member of the wizzagmort, or wizarding government and under extreme circumstances can use it when it is needed. I also believe that a mountain troll qualifies."

"So I have no choice?" Hermione asked annoyed.

The headmaster shook his head.

"Fine just get on with it." Knowing she couldn't lie.

The headmaster got a small vial out of his desk draw, and walked over. She knew she was only meant to receive 3 drops, so when more than double that hit her tongue, she was shocked. Was he trying to poison her?

"Is your name Hermione Granger?"

She felt awful, her own magic had been turned against her forcing her to answer the questions truthfully. She had virtually no control, she felt beyond helpless, a feeling so strange for her.


Dumbledore looked smug, not the winning smug the power crazy type.

"Did you let the troll in?"

"No" at this response Dumbledore looked angry.

"Did you aid in letting the troll in."


He grew angrier.

"Did you kill the troll?"

"Yes" his eyes getting brighter.

"Did you kill the troll with dark magic?"

"No" how dare he thought Hermione, he was pushing at boundaries.

"Have you ever practiced dark magic?"

"No" Hermione was getting madder now, he had no right

The headmaster looked deviated that she had not been guilty of anything he could charge. He waved her away and she walked down the stairs.

When she reached the bottom she saw professor Snape who pounced on her

"What the hell did you do?" Hermione looked awful, her skin was ashen, bags under her eyes which were blood shot. Her posture slumped in exhaustion.

Still in a monotone voice

"I killed a troll." Snape looked confuses, then realisation dawned on him and he started to curse

"Did he use veritiserem on you?"

"Of course he did" Hermione replied still being compelled to tell the truth but allowing her to sound more like herself

"He was trying to find a way to expel me" she continued

Snape looked confuses what do you mean expel you

"He asked me, if I let the troll in, if I helped let the troll in, whether I used dark magic to kill it and if I've ever used dark magic in general."

Snape looked down at the girl in front of him; she had just been interrogated by Albus Dumbledore and survived. How did that happen?

He was also struggling in understanding why she faced the troll.

"Why were you in the bathroom?"

The girl looked embarrassed and looked as if she was trying to fight the compulsion.

"I was crying" she wheezed.

Snape looked down at her in surprise

"Crying?" he questioned "Why?" wanting to get to the bottom of this

She was full on fighting it now, sweat breaking across her forehead.

"I'm a freak" she replied tears budding in her eyes.

"A freak?" he asked confused, not understanding the connection.

"Instead of levitating just my feather in charms, every inanimate object in the room and professor Flitwick started floating about, after the lesson the Gryffindor's in the class called me the freak of this world and said I should go back to living with muggles."

"You're not a freak" Snape said back sternly.

"Oh, but you see I am, and that why it hurt so much more" she said sadly as she walked away from the shocked potions master.

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