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Father of the Son

James sat on a plush red couch in his house in Godrics Hollow. His wife Lily was snuggled up against him, currently absorbed in her favorite muggle romance novel. Their baby, Harry, was sleeping quietly in his crib, life was pretty good considering the circumstances. Voldemort was after them for some reason, but Lily and James trusted Peter with their lives, considering that was exactly what they were doing.

James started to rub Lily's back as she snuggled with him some more, but then a few words that quack Trelawny had told him floated into his mind, she had gone into this weird trance and stared at him with unseeing eyes, "Beware the rat, it shall betray you." Was what she told him. His eyes snapped open, the strange prophecy finally made sense.

"The rat." He muttered.

Lily looked at him, "What is it darling?"

"Lily, get Harry, we have to leave for Hogwarts right now!" He sprang to his feet, and Lily followed.

"Why?" She asked him worridly.

"The rat will betray us to a great evil, Peter's going to tell Voldemort where we are." He yelled, "Now get Harry!" Lily ran wide eyed from the room.

"Wand and invisibility cloak, here they are." He muttered. Then a high pitched laugh rang throughout the Potter house. "Fuck, he's here, Isilwen, come on girl, you to Finduilas." A cat and an owl came in to the room, James quickly tied the cloak to Isilwen, and pulled out a small golden key that he placed in a little leather bag around Finduilas' neck. "Finduilas, go to Sirius, and Isilwen, you take that cloak to Albus, now go fast!" He urged the two animals out the window, Finduilas sped off towards the river, while Isilwen flew westward to Hogwarts. "Fly far and fast friends." James said sadly, but his thoughts were interrupted by the cold laughter again, Voldemort had penetrated the numerous charms on their doors.

"Lily," he yelled, "Get out, I'll hold him off!" He could hear her rush around Harry's nursery, "Forget cloths, get to Sirius' house!"

The icy laughter penetrated his ears again, he knew Voldemort had an excellent chance of killing him, but there was one thing that could save his lafe, and hopefully Lily's too. One chance would be all he would get, if he failed, then. he didn't know.

The door burst open, and a tall figure, clothed in long black robes, stood menacingly in the doorway. Surrounded by Death Eaters, he advanced upon James. When he was about five feet away from James, he gestured to the Death Eaters, they retreated to the entrance. Praying that his plan would work, James pulled out his wand. Voldemort laughed again, it was a horrible screeching noise, Voldemort whipped out his wand.

James held up his wand, "Expe-" he started, but Voldemort was faster.

"Avada Kedavra." The green light came speeding towards James. He threw his arm up as if to protect himself.

"Foolish boy," Voldemort said, "You are just another one to think that you could defeat me. There is only power, and those to weak to see it." But unbeknownst to Voldemort, James had created an invisible shield around himself. When the curse hit him, he flew backwards in to the wall, his shield was gone now, but it had served it's purpose, which was to absorb the curse. The last thing James heard before he blacked out, was Lily screaming for mercy and then silence.


James woke up a few minutes later, Voldemort had left, and his son was crying mummy, over and over again. He quickly rose to his feet, hugged his son, then quietly disappeared into the night, not to be heard from for several years.

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