3rd POV

Finland and sweden were walking in the woods when they heard him. A small ruslle in the bushes. A blonde head of a young boy popped up. He had blue eyes and his blonde hair was refusing to lay flat. His eyes. Swedens eyes. His hair. Denmarks hair.

The boy slowly made his way to them before looking up. HebshrunH away from swedSw out of fear. Finland couldn't blame him. He at first was afraid of him. The boy clung to the Finns leg.

"H' n'ds a n'm'." Said Sweden.

" Selkor maybe. Or Bard. Or Hrapp. No! Perhaps Alfred?" Finland rambled before Sweden cut him off.

"Alf'd." He said.

"Alfred it is then." Finland exclaimed before picking alfred up.

Hey guys! Was this good or shit? My first hetalia fanfic sobyeas. Tell me what happens next. You keep me going .