"Ha! Ha!" a young petite man is running as fast as he could across the forest.

"There he is!" a blonde man with bushy eyebrows shouted.

"Damn it!" the petite man cursed while running as fast as he could.

A gunshot was fired in the forest signalling the petite man location as others who are finding the petite man run towards the location.

The petite man continues to run while looking for a route to escape those men.

Suddenly, a hard blow was dealt at the back of his head. He suddenly felt a loss of consciousness. He cursed while peeking at the person who hit him before he becomes unconscious. All he saw was a scarf.

Yao woke up in a dark cell, he was lying on a bed and is free of movement. He sits up as he tried to recall what is going on. However, as he sits up, a sharp pain was felt at the back of his head, causing him to lie back on to the bed.

Back at the camp of the people who are finding Yao, Arthur slammed the table while cursing.

"Damn it! Where the heck did Yao run to!"

"Seriously, you were the one who found him and yet you let him escape under your sight!" Francis replied with sarcasm.

"You should know this is Arthur who is very unreliable," Alfred replied.

"Shut up!" Arthur snapped.

"Kiku! Do you know where did your brother exactly go?" Ludwig asked the Japanese man who is thinking of something.

"Nope, I rarely come to this forest when I was living with him." Kiku sighed.

"And he's not my brother," Kiku added.

"Guys! I found something." Elizaveta suddenly comes in and said.

"What is it Elizaveta?" Feliciano asked.

"Look," Elizaveta said as she took out a piece of cloth.

"This is red silk and the place which I found it was not searched by any of us yet," Elizaveta replied.

"Great job Elizaveta! Now we just need to search that area and find him." Arthur said.

"Has anyone see Lovino and Ivan?" Roderich said.

"My brother has returned home since that is an important issue in my place that needs one of our attention," Feliciano replied.

"What about Ivan?" Roderich said.

"Forget about him. He probably went to the toilet." Arthur replied as he leaves the camp with Hungary.

"You have to wait for the hero!" Alfred exclaimed.

"I'll stay here to guard the camp," Ludwig said.

"Then I stay here with you as well Ludwig," Feliciano said.

"I'll go with them to find Yao," Kiku said as he, Francis and Roderich leave the camp.

In the dark passageway that is lit dimly by candles, two shadows were seen.

"How is he?" Ivan asked Tolys.

"Not good, he still feels pain at his back of the head and refuses to talk to us," Tolys replied.

"I see. Take care of him then." Ivan said as he leaves.

"Don't you want to see him?" Tolys asked.

"Nope, because if I don't return soon, they'll get suspicious about me," Ivan replied while walking away.

Tolys sighed as he walked the other direction towards the cell which kept Yao.

"Mr Wang are you alright?" Tolys asked as he greeted Yao.

Suddenly he was shocked as Yao was nowhere to be seen in the cell.

He quickly opens the cell and enters, trying to find Yao. However, a force was pushed from his back and he was quickly immobilised.

"I thank you for opening the cell for me westerner," Yao said as he walked out of the cell.

"Wait! It's really not safe for you up there and there is no telling what they'll do if you are captured by them!" Tolys shouted towards Yao.

Yao looked at Tolys and laughed.

"At least I have a better chance of running away from them rather than being kept in this cell," Yao said while walking away.

"Oh god! Ivan is going to kill me for this." Tolys muttered as he tried his best to get up, but no avail.

"Let see. Since he comes from this direction, there is a chance that the exit is that way." Yao muttered as he walked towards the exit.

"Kiku does not know that forest well not to mention all those westerners." Yao grinned as he quickly runs quietly.

The passageway is rather simple, and Yao quickly gets out of it. Guess it was created quite recently and there is not enough time for them complicate it.

Yao looked around and widened his eyes when he saw a lake.

"Wait a minute! I'm so close to the border I have with Russia! This is bad." Yao muttered as he runs towards the opposite direction of the lake.

"Hello, I'm back." Ivan greeted as he enters the camp.

"Welcome back, but the rest has left to find Yao," Feliciano replied.

"I see," Ivan replied with a smile.

"Ludwig! Quick! Help Arthur!" Francis shouted as he carries a wounded Arthur towards the camp.

"What happen?" Ludwig said in shock.

"The Chinese rebellions. They saw us and attack us. We're totally unprepared for it and Arthur was wounded badly." Francis replied.

"Did you catch them?" Ludwig asked as he is treating Arthur.

"Nope, they run away quickly." Francis sighed.

In the hideout of the Chinese rebellions, Yao sighed as he is treating his wound.

"Sigh, when will this end?" Yao murmured to himself. On his way towards here, he was suddenly attacked by the Chinese rebellions, but the Chinese rebellions cease the attack once they realise Yao was one of them.

"Mr Wang do you know where is those westerner whereabout?" a Chinese rebellion head asked.

"Nope, but they're not near here as I cannot sense them," Yao said as he stood up.

"Anyway, I'm leaving here. I've to go back to the capital to talk some sense towards my brother." Yao sighed.

"It's impossible to talk some sense to that bastard. All he care was his power and nothing else." The Chinese rebellion head replied in anger.

"I wonder what causes him to become like this. He was so caring to his people in the past." Yao sighed.

"Anyway, I've to leave here as it would be bad if other nations sense me and find this hideout," Yao said while going out.

"I see. Be careful." The Chinese rebellion head replied.

"I will. Be careful as well." Yao replied before leaving.

"If I recall correctly, the route to the capital is here," Yao muttered as he turned towards a direction and run quietly.

AUTHOR NOTE: Exactly 1,100 words for the story! Anyway, this is about the eight nations alliance and the Boxer rebellion in China during 1899-1901. Not historically accurate, I basically made this up because of the two events. If you want to know more about the two events research yourself.

Anyway, you should guess who exactly are the eight nations already, don't said there are nine nations in here as Austria-Hungary empire still exists at that time!

I own nothing besides the plot.