Hello there. I've been requested to make my own taking on a crossover between two shows that I absolutely adore: Ben 10 and Zatch Bell. I watched the both of them, making sure I caught every single episode live on TV because of how much I enjoyed them. Since I've been given the opportunity to do so, this is my take on the latter. This is the first Zatch Bell and Ben 10 crossover fanfiction. Enjoy!

A few notes in the making for some of the plotlines I have for my style of writing for those who are unfamiliar:

1. My style of writing for crossovers regarding Ben 10 is for me to introduce not classic, ten year old Ben or sixteen year old Ben, but a twelve year old one, done in with a certain 'what if' scenario so I would be able to create my own version of Ben.

2. In my Ben 10 Crossovers, only Ben himself is the character that crosses over to the other franchise. Other characters might be mentioned or have plot involved with them, such as Professor Paradox, but other than him, not many other characters will be involved with the stories.

So, with that out of the way, please enjoy this first chapter! And as I always say, I own nothing related to the subject of Ben 10 or Konjiki no Gash! / Zatch Bell. Please support the official releases, and happy reading to you all!

Chapter 1: Spells Align

You never know what kinds of roles lie away for a person to discover, a destiny or path that they'll eventually lead onto. The life of a superhero for example would filled with danger, adventure, and excitement. A life of a scientist would be that of discovery, suspense, and knowledge for another case. However, a twelve-year old human named Ben Tennyson would be experiencing none of that today. In fact, he wouldn't had been able to predict the predicament he was in months, let alone any shorter amount of time!

Now, while most humans may be spending their time on the planet Earth, the situation for young Ben Tennyson takes place in a rather…complicated scenario, so to speak. Inside a void of red and black; the colors of despair seemed to float to the depths of every living thing that existed in it, echoing upon its endless chasm. This, was the Null Void: a seemingly endless alternate dimension that lied within the boundaries of space and time, separate and dislocated from any other location that seemed fathomable.

The landscape of this eerie space was mostly accompanied by floating rocks or asteroids that appeared to be unearthly in nature. But it's the denizens of this space that accompanied young Ben were the true interest in the matter. And indeed, you might be thinking; who would dare try to live in such a place? Well, the answer would be…no one obviously. But the Null Void served to a place dedicated to another purpose. In the universe where the planet Earth was, a race of technologically advance beings located in on planet far, far away called the Galvan discovered the dimension as a result of their experimentation on astrology. The dark void was perfect for a prison. A prison for the likes of other criminals and other trouble makers that existed in the universe that the Galvan inhabited along with the other denizens of the vast galaxies of their home turf.

While some are intentionally sent there for reasons that we'd wouldn't like to know, there's always a chance that a bystander or innocent individual accidentally be transported to this place. Speaking of which…

"Phillip Billings…"

"Oh… So we're resorting to full names now, Benjamin?" Phillip, shortened to "Phil", taunted back.

Phil was a tall, muscular man and his face was fairly complexioned. His hair was a mixture of both black grey due to his age, the lighter color on the side of his head. He had black eyes and wrinkles on his forehead, and had black outlines around his eyes. He seemed to be wearing a uniform of sorts, with resembling space suit of sorts.

Ben himself was seen sporting a gray shirt with black stripes, olive green cargo pants also with black stripes running down towards the bottom, and grey and black sneakers. His skin was a bit pale, and his body was slim. And to finish it off, he had shaggy brown hair, which contrasted his emerald green eyes as he gave the adult a fairly annoyed look, yet he also seemed to be somewhat neutral about it.

"What are you doing here…?" He asked with suspicion in his low tone of voice.

"You should know. I've been surviving here in the Null Void ever since you and your wretched cousin trapped me here." He responded with sarcasm. "When I saw that you battle Vilgax, I knew that you were eventually going to find a way to get out of the Null Void."

Ben gave him a small grunt in response. 'He saw the fight between me, Vilgax, and Kevin…yet didn't bother to assist. I suppose…I should've expected that?'

"So, what do you want…?" Ben questions the older man. Phil points at something behind him, something that seemed to be giving off a weird noise as surges of red energy could be seen.

"To get out of this place with that Vortex Generator that you managed to construct. But…now that I remember, since it was you and your cousin that trapped me here in the first place, let's say…I want to make a proposal of sorts."

"A proposal?" Ben took a step back as he went for a device on his left wrist.

Grinning in response, Phil equips a small firearm from a holster located on his right thigh. "I get to use that portal, and you get to live. How's that?"

"You exploited that Null Void projector, so I believe you belong here, Phil." He responded with a frown. Phil growls as he aims the pistol at his face.

"…Suit yourself then, kiddo."

As he said that, he then gave the youth a harsh glare as he fired a shot at him. The gun's firing echoed through the eerie space as Ben performed a dodge roll to quickly save himself from an instant death. He stumbles back to his feet as Phil begins to make a dash towards him, bringing out an extendable polearm. As he stood up, Ben tried to press down on the device attached to his wrist, but was forced to maneuver out of the way once more. Phil grins savagely as he leaps back.

"You can't use the Omnitrix if I don't give you a chance to do so!" He proclaims as he runs towards him again. Expecting a look of despair on his face, Phil was instead given a small smirk by Ben.

The Omnitrix, the device on Ben wrist, resembled a large wristwatch in size, sporting a black and gray color scheme. Two white lines extended from around the length of it. In the middle of the device was a black dial with four green circles, and two green buttons on each opposing side. Sporting a bright emerald green was an hourglass shape circle in the middle as it glowed.

"Who said that I have use it manually?" He replied as he was suddenly engulfed in a flash of green light.

Replacing the twelve-year old human was a creature resembling that of a mixture of a Yeti and a Sasquatch. Having white, gray, and dark blue fur, his skin color was dark grey. He had green eyes with no pupils, and possessed metallic gray circular bolts on the back of his hands and on his lower jaw. Having black horns resembling lightning bolts, he also wore a uniform consisting of a grey T-shirt with a black line going down it, black pants, and fingerless gloves. Lastly, as his form finally revealed itself from the flash, the Omnitrix's was changed to a dial located on his left torso, its previously green hourglass now changed to a calm white.

"What the heck is—BLURRAEARGGH!" Phil yelled, blubbering incoherently from being electrocuted by a sudden spike of power from the newly transformed Ben.

"…Shocking." Ben punned as Phil dropped to his knees. "Do you not recognize a Gimlinopithecus when you see one? Shocksquatch is the name…"

"Freaking…monkey!" Phil growled as he slowly stood up. "I'm going to crush you!"

"I wouldn't be so sure…" Shocksquatch stepped back as he got into a stance.

Phil rocked his pole back, before swinging it down in the alien's direction. The alien primate managed to dodge in time by leaping sideways into a roll, but the moment he landed, a loud, clanging noise was heard.

"Huh?" Shocksquatch blinked, glancing back. Immediately, he let out a small cry. "…Uh-oh."

He didn't notice that he was right behind the portal's generator, and as a result of Phil's blunt trauma onto the machine, it began to spark out of control. It was a large black and red device resembling a large rectangular box with a small terminal installed in it. The portal itself resembled an auricular gate with tubes providing the now unstable red void of energy its power.

"…Darn it all…!" Shocksquatch growls as anger begins to grow within himself, with it being aimed towards Phil. The elder man looks at the machine in slight surprise, before turning back to Ben with a smug smile. "Now I have to make a new one…"

"Well, that's all bad then, but that's also kinda sounding like music to my ears." He simply says with a shrug. The situation was now reversed, with Ben becoming aggravated.

With a small glare, Shocksquatch quickly dashed in front of the elder man with quick timing. Unable to react in time, the Omnitrix dial flashed, covering Ben in another green light.

Replacing him with red humanoid creature that sported four arms and eyes, his height being roughly 12 feet tall. He wore Ben's grey and black shirt, black pants, and four fingerless gloves. The Omnitrix dial was displayed on his left shoulder as his four eyes looked down at Phil.

"Aw, crapbask—"


Phil gets slapped away by one of Four Arms' giant red hands and quickly rolls down. Grunting a little as he was seen getting up and firing his pistol, Four Arms initially rolled forward to avoid a headshot, but quickly stood in front of him as he fired some more rounds into his superior body.

"Grr…!" Phil growls once again.

He opens fire again, but Four Arms knocks his weapon away and begins pounding on him with some powerful punches before knocking him to the floor, holding onto his right leg with one hand then raising his other in a fist.

"Wait wait wait—!"

Ignoring his plea however, Four Arms gives him a small dose of his anger as he strikes him really, really hard in the groin, then kicks him across the space, right into the wall of the asteroid the two were standing on. As he struggles to get up, he attempts to charge him in a last desperate attempt.

As he goes to tackle him though Four Arms punches him to the ground and then grabs him by the leg. Phil attempted a wild swing to his face before he fully dropped to the ground but again the red alien dodges. He then swings him around twice and flings him off the edge of the asteroid.

"…Fore!" The alien punned again, though this time it came without a doubt that the screams of Phil flooded the void until he dropped to who knows where.


"And good ridden to that—wait…shoot. I forgot about the Vortex Gen—"

The celebration was cut short as his attention was drawn back to the portal, which had become more unstable through the duration of the fight. The instability of the core was now causing the energy to suck up any surrounding space into its void.

"Uuurrgh…" Four Arms grunted as he began to skid slowly. Flashing once more, he transformed into another alien. Replacing him was a yellowed eyed pill bug like creature with stubby arms and legs. It had yellow armored plating on its shoulders, back, sides of its hips, and the back of its arms. Its upper body was mostly black and had a black stripe on its chest while the rest of it was white. The Omnitrix dial was displayed on its forehead.

"Come on, Cannonbolt…!" He grunted. The pill bug creature quickly turned around as he rolled up into a sphere. The yellow plating began to completely encapsulate him as he literally began to become a motorized wheel as he began his attempt to escape…however.

'The subatomic energy!' He yelled inwardly. 'It's too late to stabilize it…!

Though his attempts to escape were admirable, the force of the vortex generator was too great. As Cannonbolt pleaded to himself as he tried to speed up, the energy was deemed too powerful, and began to pull him in. Cannonbolt fails to achieve a stable momentum, and is driven out into the portal. An intense white light engulfed his vision as he entered, effectively blinding him as he covered his eyes.

Moments as he entered the portal, the device that Ben manufactured began to collapse. After mere moments…there was nothing left as everything was sucked into the unnatural vacuum that was the portal. No portal, no Ben Tennyson, nothing. The Null Void, now devoid of one of its many prisoners to travel to a new location, but to who knows where?


In the country of Japan, a teenager uttered this phrase as he and a young child next to him were against another pair of similarly paired fighters. He was fairly tall and appeared to have brown eyes and untidy brownish-black hair. In his hands was a strange object; a red book filled with what seemed to be undecipherable blue and red letters. As he opened it and uttered the phrase he just said, part of the red script inside the first pages glowed.

The child next to him then shot sporadic bolt of lightning from his mouth as his large, light-orange eyes blanked out to show only his white pupils. He was a young boy of small stature with short lighting blonde hair, and distinctive thin black lines underneath his eyes. He wore a white t-shirt and shorts with a blue and black cloak that had a white bow and yellow jewel in the middle of the bow. His shoes are blue and black as well.

The thunder attack the blond child latched out with blasted the opponent he held off, grasping and trapping in place by his arms. He appeared to be an older child with long, blonde, curly hair and red eyes. His now damaged outfit consisted of a purple vest with a buckle on it and a white shirt with a blue tie. He also wore brown shorts, with white long socks with black pirate shoes as he yelled in misery and pain.

"G-Gaaaah…!" He growled as the attack ended. "Why you little—"

"This is checkmate Spell, Maruss!" The teen yelled.

"Do it, Kiyo!" The blond child yelled, not bothering to look back as he opened his mouth once more.

"Here we go, Zatch!" Kiyo, or rather his full name Kiyomaro, yelled as the red book in his hands glowed once more.

"Zakeru!" He yelled the spell once more. Once again, Zatch's eyes went blank as he violated Maruss with another lightning blast, this time making the older opponent scream out in pain once more.

"Oh…Oh my goodness!" A girl behind the red book duo cheered. She and a teenage girl standing beside her smiled with a shocked looks. She had pink hair and red eyes, and wore a pale-pink dress with a red shirt over it. Above it was a decorative orange and white tie with a small red gem tying over. Her partner seemed to have been wearing a performing dress, despite her and the pink haired girl being injured all over the place.

"…Way to go, Zatch." Kiyo smiled as he closed his book. As the last spell ended, Maruss' shirt was now in shred as he fell to the ground. The man behind him wearing a white suit began to sweat worriedly as he held onto his own spell book, which was dark-grey in color.

"That's incredible… He actually defeated Maruss." The pink haired girl clenched her fists as she looked onto the downed Maruss. 'Is… Is that really Zatch? The little weakling I grew up with is now…so strong.'

"Ha… Ha… It's over no—"

"I DON'T THINK SO!"Maruss suddenly yelled hysterically as Zatch began to relax. "I WON'T ALLOW MYSELF TO BE DEFEATED BY OUTCAST WEAKLINGS LIKE YOU!"

'W-What?! He's still able to stand up?!' The girl gasped.


'This guy…!' Tia growled as he stood up fully.

"REMBRANT! Attack them again at once!" He ordered to his partner. The man quickly opened his book, the familiar glow appearing once more.

"Garon!" He casted. As he said it, out from Maruss' palm a small blue flash appeared. A moment later, a giant spiked metal pillar blasted out. Unfortunately for him though, both Zatch and Tia managed to dodge by jumping aside. Unable to drag his attack, he watched as Zatch jumped and landed right in front of him.

"D-Drat!" The enemy blond muttered.

"…You dare to call those two weaklings?"

"Huh?!" Maruss blinked as Kiyo uttered something as Garon vanished away.

"Those two are quite the opposite!" He yelled louder. "You see?! That's what you get for saying that you're better than anyone else! The very ones that you belittle…will be the ones that will result in your DEMISE!"

"N-No! You little pieces of crap won't be—"

"Zakeru!" Kiyo yelled once more. Blasting him with the strongest flash of lightning he had left, Zatch blew him away. As he flew back, Tia and everyone else watched as the remnants of Zatch's spell sparked flames onto the book that Rembrant held. As the man attempted to cover his eyes, he wasn't able to see that the book was now starting to catch on fire with purple flames.

"A-Agh…!" As he continued to burn from Zatch's attack, the dark-grey spell book landed next to him, now fully on fire. As he slowly sat up, his eyes widened to as wide as plates as his pupils contracted.


It didn't take long for the fire to devour the book, but as it did so, Maruss' body began to sparkle, as though the book's condition was directly connected to him. As it burnt out completely, so did Maruss. The last embers of the book finally faded away, causing him to vanish as his last squirming moments of agony followed through as an eerie echo.

"…Ha… Ha… It's finally over…" Zatch and Kiyo panted as they watched the ashes of Maruss' book fly away into the air.

Tia gave the blond in front of her a warm smile, before turning back to Kiyo. '…You also met a good partner too, didn't you Zatch? I think I understand how you got so strong now.'

"So, what do you want to do now?" The teen next to Tia grinned as Rembrant began to back away. "Fight the combination of Megumi and Kiyomaro-kun?"

The slight intimidation was all that was needed to scare him off. As the four watched him run off from the parking lot they were in, everyone smiled. However, as Tia began to look at the back of Zatch once more, that smile dimmed.

'…But that strength will eventually be used against us. When all of the fighting is over, and everything's taken cared of…only one of us will remain.' She gulped as she tucked on Megumi's dress.

"…?" Megumi blinked. As she turned to look down at Tia, she gave the girl a strange look in response to her determined one. "..Tia? Wait, you don't…"

Realizing what that look in her eyes was for, she gasped as she quickly turned to Zatch and Kiyo. 'T-Tia, you don't think…'

'They were telling the truth… They really did want to help us. But now…there's nothing stopping them from fighting us now. Even Zatch wants to become King just like the others. Eventually…we'll have to fight them…!' Tia explained to herself. As the other duo turned around as began to draw themselves close to them, as Kiyo's arm began to reach out to Megumi, she was about to punch Zatch when—

"—Hey, you've still got that concert to do! You better get back in there, all of your fans are waiting for you!"

"What the what?!" The pink haired girl nearly tipped over as Kiyo patted Megumi's shoulder.

"Yeah! And this time, I'm gonna watch from the seats as well! You better hurry!" Zatch added with an excited smile.

"…Uuuwwaah?" She gave the two a blank look of shock and utter confusion. Megumi seemed to be reacting similarly as Kiyo tapped her shoulder a few more times.

"Megumi-san! You feeling okay?" He asked with a cheerful look. "Zatch and I are going to go back to our seats. We're looking forward to a great show!"

"U-Uhmm… Y-Yeah! T-Thanks." Megumi blinked. "For everything…"

"Yeah! Thanks, Tia! You really helped me out with that shield you casted earlier!" Zatch nodded as he grabbed Tia's hands and shook them. "You're a great friend and fighter!"

"U-Uh… Gee, thanks…!" She couldn't help but nod in response.

"Well, see ya!" Both Zatch and Kiyo then said as they began to walk pass them. The two were left in a daze for a second, but Tia finally managed to slap her cheeks and turn back around before they entered back in a destroyed patch in a brick wall of the building behind them.

'N..No. There's no way. This isn't how it's supposed to be…no matter how much I want to believe so. There…aren't such things as "friends" in this battle…even if we used to.' She continued to deny her thinking as she opened her mouth. 'Even if they haven't changed from back then as well...'

"Hold it right there!"

"Huh?" The red book duo stopped in response, glancing back at Tia. She gives them a harsh look as she pointed a finger at them.

"Y-You should've been watching us! We could've attacked you while your backs were turned against us!" She yelled. "We'll have to fight eventually, so why not right now?!"

"…What? No, Tia. We're not going to fight you." Zatch quickly responded. "It's because you're a good person, as well as a friend of mine."

"W-Wha…?! Friend?!" Tia stepped back, blushing a little before gesturing to herself. "We're not here to make friends! We're here to fight! We're here to determine a King!"

"…Yes. A King. A benevolent King that cares for others; one who's nice to begin with to everyone!" Zatch replied, turning to directly face her.

"…Um, yes. I would suppose so… But a Kind ruler of all things?" She questioned, not expecting such an answer from him. She then noticed the tearful look he had in his eyes, the clouds in the sky forming over the area around them as his eyes were shadowed.

"…Recently, I met a Mamodo by the name of Kolulu. She didn't want to fight, she loathed violence. But…she was forced to fight, thanks to the spells in her book. Do you know what she told me?" Zatch began.

"What…?" Tia asked with a now curious expression as Zatch looked straight at her with tears streaming down his face.

"If the King of the Mamodo World was a kind and benevolent one, then maybe the Mamodo wouldn't have to suffer through battling against each other in the first place in this sad little battle!"

"…That's why I'm here. That's why I'm fighting. To become a kind King!" He revealed. Tia's eyes widened a little as he began to walk in front of her. "If I succeed…then I'll put an end to all of this meaningless violence between the Mamodo!"

"W-What are you trying to say?" Tia gulped.

"If I lose this fight…then I know I have someone who has the same heart and thoughts like myself. You might be able to become a kind ruler instead of me!" He grabbed her shoulders, declaring his words to her.

"S…S-Stop showing off, you big dummy…!" The pink haired girl began to blush immensely as she covered her face. Hearing his courageous words began to make her cry, but she quickly wanted to hide her face as she looked straight up, laughing gallantly.

"Ha… HAHAH! Y-You're just a weakling though, Zatch! A-A kind ruler? You're so dumb!" She avoided looking at him, but Kiyo and Megumi smiled otherwise as she held an arm out to Zatch. "There's…there's no way a drop-out like you could become one."

"Tia." Zatch blinked.

"That's why… I-I'll also aim to become a kind King as well! When it's just us two, then it won't matter who'll win then!" She declared as she finally looked at him.

"Yes, of course!" Zatch immediately smiled as he replied to the gesture. "Here's to being a kind King!"

"Yep!" Tia grinned.

'Finally… There's someone else besides Megumi that I can trust now… Even in this battle.' She thought to herself. As the sun started to set, the two let go of their hands.

'This is starting to turn so good!'

Later that same day…

"…a." Megumi's voice ran through Tia's sleepy ears. "…Tia!"

"W-Wha… What, I'm awake? What's up?" The pink haired girl yawned and quickly rubbed her eyes. She blinked a few times as she turned to her book owner. "Wait, we're still on the train though."

"Yeah, but I figured that instead of going home, I'd spend a little time while relaxing at a local Onsen. You enjoy those, right?" The brunette smiled. Megumi was now dressed in casual wear, but wore a pair of sunglasses to hide her features.

"O-OHHH! Yes! Please!" Tia's eyes fully awakened the moment she heard the word. "Where are we at? Which one?!"

"Hehe. The Minakami Onsen is at the next after this one. It'll take us a short while." The teenager replied. Tia's eyes sparkled as she sat up, looking out from the train windows.

"Onsen, onsen~! Yay!" She hummed.

After several more minutes of traveling via train, the duo finally arrived at the station to divert from, and could see hints of the onsen off in the distance through a clearing in some trees, behind a few buildings as they arrived in the Gunma Prefecture's mountainous areas. Thankfully the station was a rather tall building; probably the tallest in the city. By the end of their walk, Tia was pretty much skipping in delight, even twirling a little.

'Finally... I was beginning to think I'd never see the place until midnight!' Tia thought.

Megumi smiled as she pointed through to their destination in the distance. "Minakami Onsen is just up ahead! Reward time, here we come!"

"HELL YEAH!" Tia roared as she sped off from Megumi. The brunette could only chuckle as she took her time into entering the facility.

The two took little time to pay their fees and dress for the occasion. The tatami served to relief Megumi of her slight soreness as Tia urged her partner. After the performance she had hours ago, and the battle with Maruss and meeting with Zatch and Kiyo, she really wanted to take this opportunity to relax.

'…It's a good thing that summer break is in a few days as well.' The idol sighed in peace as she unpacked her and Tio's belongings.

With the pulling of her hand by Tia, the two arrived into the changing room. Tia was the first to get undressed, beginning to remove hes clothes before they'd even gotten into the room. Megumi nearly did a spit take as she slid the door shut and locked it, sighing a little at Tia's happy humming.

'She really is ridiculously excited about hot springs... Normally she's grumpy when we get out of a battle…' Megumi didn't bother wondering about the change in Tia's usual mood because she already knew it. She had more pressing matters to tend to...like getting undressed without creaking too much or getting stuck. And attracting paparazzi to her location.

"Come on, Megumi! You're taking too long!" Tia was already wearing only one of the towels supplied for them. She was about to say more but her mouth dropped open and coherent thought fled her as she turned to see Tia grinning in a fashion almost like Zatch. She had seen the young girl topless before, but that was either on the very rare occasions when she used to bathe together, though those moments were from a while ago.

"I'm coming, Tia!" She smiled as the young girl open the door leading to the paradise known as the hot springs.

The steam from the hot water immediately began to alleviate Megumi. Tia wanted to jump in immediately, but she made sure that they both washed off before entering the spring itself. It was a bit of a struggle for a minute or two, but it was then that Megumi let the young girl loose, watching her tip her feet in, before moaning in warmth as she submerged herself up to her neck. The brunette giggled a little as she stepped in herself, sighing a little herself.

"I'm in heaven…" Tia mumbled as the heat began to make her face a little red. "Onsens are so nice…"

"Yep. They're big, and you also get the greatest views at night time." Megumi added as she looked up.

"The stars are shining really brightly tonight." Tia smiled as she joined Megumi.

The two went silent for quite a while, enjoying the warmth of the spring and the sight of the sky. The glow of the moon shined greatly as they continued to relax, but as much as they continued to enjoy the scenery, before the two closed their eyes to blink, from the corner of Tia's view…some sort of strange 'star' made its way into her eyes.

"…Megumi?" Tia blinked as she narrowed her eyes as she pointed to it. "What's that? In the sky?"

"…I don't know, it looks like a—HOLY CRAP!" The teen's eyes widened immediately afterwards.

Turning her head to face the predicament that attracted their eyes, she finally realized that it wasn't merely a light, but rather a portal of matters. Immediately, she stood up because the portal was right above the vicinity of the Onsen. And the very thing that came out of it…was some sort of strange sphere in their eyes. A black and orange one at that.

"W-We need to get out!" Tia yelped as she began to climb out from the stony pool of water. "Megumi, come on!"

"Wait, Tia!" Megumi gave the object a strange look. "At this rate, it's going to smash right into this place and destroy everything! We have to stop it!"

"Stop it? Do you have our book nearby?" Tia quickly turned back around as Megumi quickly got out, the two of them placing their towels on as the brunette quickly ran to grab Tia's book from her bag.

"I got it! Get ready, Tia!" Megumi rushed back in as she opened the vermillion book. Tia's spells were coded as orange letters as compared to Zatch's.

"Here it comes!" The pink haired girl yelled.

The duo watched as the speeding sphere began to near towards the facility. Clenching her book, Megumi pointed straight at the object as Tia held her arms out. As it drew to room distance, Tia's book began to glow as Megumi recited a spell.

"Ma Seshirudo!"

With a flash of light, the spell created a pink and yellow floating disk-like shield that had a gem and two angelic wings spinning in the middle. Coming into contact with the foreign object, Tia's arms flexed up as a result of the sudden momentum that it had, being directed into her spell with little to no warning. It didn't seem to crack upon impact, but the force the spherical object was something that neither of the two expected.

"It's…heavy!" Tia growled. "Megumi!"

"Giving you a little more of a boost!" Megumi responded with a yell as she clenched the book slightly harder. With a brighter glow, Ma Seshirudo grew slightly in size and began to glow. Seeing the object beginning to waver and slow down after several more seconds, Megumi eyed the hot water next to them.

"Tia, wring it into the water!" She ordered. "It'll lessen the impact it'll have when it lands!"

"I'll give it a try…! URAH!" She groaned loudly as she swung her arms to her side, and in turn, Ma Seshirudo. Leaning the shield-like projection in the direction of the hot spring, Megumi then closed Tia's book, canceling the spell.

With the shield no longer keeping it in place, but with its acceleration reduced by a modest percentage, Tia fell to her rear as the object slammed straight first into the water, creating a massive splash. Nearly turning all of the water into hot rain, Megumi and Tia were seen panting a little as they both waiting for the water to obscure their vision.

Eyes narrowing down, they looked to see what appeared to be a yellow and black sphere of some sort, now fully in sight as it was halfway submerged into the water. They look at the spherical object in question, giving it some weird expressions in interest.

"…Is this an egg?" Tia wondered out loud as she gave the thing a few pats.

"T-Tia! You don't know what it is! Don't do something so reckless!" Megumi quickly grabbed her back. "It might…explode or something."

"Well, we don't know what it is, neither of us do. How else are we supposed to find out?" The pink haired girl pouted.

Glancing down at her, Megumi sighed a little. Giving the object another good look, she walks up to it and taps it a few times. To her surprise, the object didn't feel hollow.

"…This isn't an egg, that's for sure. But it's definitely sturdy… Maybe we should use a spell on it?" She wondered.

"Now look who's being risky." Tia rolled her eyes. "Well, I can't say that I disagree. Let's go ahead and try!"

"Alright then…" Megumi mumbled in response as she opened the book once more. "Anytime."

"Go for it." Tia called her out as she moved her arms back.

"Saisu!" She recited. As Tia's book glowed, she threw an orange crescent shaped energy wave that collided with the object. But instead of damaging it…the sphere began to glow with the energy as it shook.

"Uh… Did we do something?" Tia blinked in confusion.

Beginning to spark, a bright green light began to spin and mix with the Saisu that Tia launched. Megumi and her partner took several steps back as modestly loud beeping sounds began to originate from the shape. Closing their eyes, none of them noticed when Tia's spell book glowed in response, shooting out a ray of energy at the sphere and causing it to be engulfed in a brownish green glow.

After a few more seconds, as the light started to die down, Megumi and Tia slowly opened their eyes and looked back at where the sphere should've been located, but in its place was none other than Ben…though something different was about his appearance.

His clothes were the same, but like Zatch's face, a pair of thin lines were seen going down from his eyes, though they only went a slight distance downwards, more or less ending at his nose. Also, the Omnitrix seemed to have taken on a new appearance. Now resembling a slim black and white gauntlet with a slightly bulging feature on the top, the white lines that were previously on it were now as two cuffs on the front and end. The Omnitrix dial was replaced with the indentation on top, but the symbol was now a mixture of the green hourglass, and the front and end emblems present on the books of the Mamodos.

"I-It's a boy!" Tia blushed a little as she stood in front of him. "Is this guy a Mamodo?"

"…No, I don't think so. At least, he used to be something else." Megumi analyzed. "Something happened to him as a result of using Saisu on that other form he was in. I think he was unconscious during the entire thing."

"Well… I think we should take him out. If he floats in that hot spring water with all the clothes he's wearing, he might catch a cold." Tia suggested. Nodding to each other, the two carefully began to drag the unconscious Ben out from the onsen and towards the exit.

'…I hope he understands that we're going to have to strip him though.' Megumi thought to herself as she gave the sleeping young man a guilty smile in response, though she was obviously sorry about going to do so.

"…Ugh, my head…" Ben muttered to himself as a sharp pain hammered itself onto his cranium.

"He's awake!" Tia said happily as she sat on her knees beside him. As the young Omnitrix wielder's eyes began to twitch, he slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times to garner an understanding of the environment around him.

"Tia, give him some space." Megumi scolded the girl before turning to Ben. They were both returned from the springs, donning simple light blue bath robes. "…Are you okay?"

"Uurgh…" He groaned as he began to sit up. Grasping his head a little, Megumi gasped as she supported him.

"Easy there. Believe it or not…we found you coming out from sort of…portal." Megumi explained herself. "What's your name?"

"It's… Ben. Ben… Tennyson." He slowly introduced himself, before opening his eyes wide. "Wait…you said I came out from a portal?"

"Yeah. It had a pretty glow, but you suddenly came out as this giant ball-like thing!" Tia explained, stretching her arms wide to emphasize the previous situation.

'…Oh, that means I survived pummeling into whatever I landed into when I came through that malfunctioning vortex. Good riddance for Cannonbolt.' He realized. Letting his arms go, he then looked down, only to blink a few times in confusion.

"…Is this a bed? An actual bed?" He suddenly asked.

"Uh… Well, this is a futon, but more or less yes. Tennyson though…that sounds like a foreigner's last name. Like from America." Megumi cupped her chin.

"America? Wait…is this the planet Earth? What year is it? What country is this?" Ben turned to her, his eyes half-serious and half-confused. "…Am I really back home?"

"Well, you're in the Gunma Prefecture, in Minakami. You're in a part of Japan." Megumi answered. She was quick shake off her initial shock, albeit not entirely, and proceeded to answer Ben's question.

"Japan…" He murmurs. The two were currently residing back in Megumi and Tia's room. He noticed the walls, the flooring, even the clothes he was wearing. But most of all, as he folded his arms, he immediately noticed the newly transformed Omnitrix. "…What the?"

"Do…you not know what that is?" Momo asks as she takes off a towel that was wrapped around her head, letting her hair flow down freely. "You're speaking the language quite well."

"No, I know that it is a country, I was just surprised. Earth looks…different from what I remember. And…my watch." He mumbled that last part as he gripped it.

"That thing was the only thing we could've have gotten off of you. I thought you were a Mamodo, judging from the symbol on it and the lines on your face." Tia poked his arm.

"…Mamodo? Wait…lines on my face?" Ben frowned. Placing his hands on his face, his brows furrowed a little as he looked down at the Omnitrix, and back at Tia and Megumi.

"Uhm… You guys didn't happen to do something to me when I came by, did you?" He asked with a slight suspicion. Both of the girls flinched a little, with Tia whistling in ignorance while Megumi rubbed the back of her neck.

"…I guess we need to explain ourselves. Right, Tia?" She pinched Tia's ear, causing the girl to yelp a little as she turned back.

"Y-Yeah, Megumi. Ow…" She mumbled as she rubbed her ear.

"So… You came from a place called the Null Void, in which you were trapped in there for roughly two years, forging through whatever means to stay alive?" Megumi started with a look of shock and slight disbelief on her face.

"And that thing on your arm allowed you to transform into that giant ball thing? What else can you turn into?" Tia's reaction was more…exciting compared to her partner.

"Yes. You guys…are actually taking this surprisingly well." Ben admitted as he scratched his head. "Normally, people would've blown this kind of stuff out as make-believe."

"Well, we've encountered some crazy stuff ourselves." Megumi giggled.

After introducing themselves, Ben decided to explain himself. Where he came from, his journey through life after his obtaining of the Omnitrix. The parts of the aliens and the Null Void intrigued Tia to no end, while Megumi could only speculate that such a thing could occur in this world too. His explanation lasted longer than the duo expected, as they learned that surviving for two years as a ten year-old child inside a horrific alternate dimensional prison was something that not many could fathom. The lack of proper cultural items proved to be taxing as time passed. In regard to that, Megumi decided to add Ben to their roster for their room, even ordering food for him as the three continued to chat on about things on his end.

"So, my appearance now…it had something to do with you guys I'm assuming?" Ben switched their roles around as he sighed in content after drinking a cup of warm cocoa.

"Well, a little… Actually, quite a lot." Tia chuckled sheepishly.

"Yeah. You see, we did something that people would call… Spell Casting. It has to do with Tia, and this book that belongs to her." The brunette began to explain as she brought up the familiar vermillion piece of culture.

"You see, there's a certain event that takes place, and it such happens to be around this timeframe." Tia began to explain as Megumi handed her book to her.

"What's that?" Ben then asked. He looked down at the Omnitrix, noticing the familiar symbol that was on Tia's book, now on the device where the dial was also at.

"The Battle to Determine King of the Mamodo World."

"King of the Mamodo World… So, because of what you guys did…I suppose that tinkered with the Omnitrix and somehow transformed me into a Mamodo myself. The DNA sample must've came from Tia then…" Ben repeated the words, mumbling the last part to himself.

"To shorten it down, it's simply called the Mamodo Battle. It's a worldwide battle between 100 Mamodo to decide the future Mamodo King. This tournament takes place every one thousand years, and during the fight, Mamodo fight with humans who use their spell books to fight with spells they remember from the Mamodo World." Tia began to explain.

"The spell books are items that act as a catalyst for the Mamodo, using energy from their partner to enable them to use their abilities." Megumi gestured to herself. "If your will is strong, then the more powerful the spell becomes."

"A battle to determine the ruler of another world… Do all Mamodo look like children, or do they vary in size?" Ben wondered.

"Most Mamodo take on a humanoid appearance, like me." Tia mentioned. "But there are some that vary. There are different tribes of Mamodo, ranging from Humanoids, the Beast kind, etc. Some can blend into society more easily than others."

"Magic spell books, children from another world that can use special abilities… This is quite intriguing." Ben smiled. Blinking a few times though, he turned back to the Omnitrix. "Wait a minute…"

"Hm?" Megumi hummed. "What's wrong?"

"…I was having a thought." Ben replied as he went for two buttons on the Omnitrix, one on each side. "If Tia accidentally transformed me into a Mamodo, then that might mean that…"

"…Oh." Tia's eyes widened. "Oh no…"

Pressing the two buttons, the top section of the Omnitrix turned ninety degrees, before opening into two parts. Everyone shuddered a little as the top part began to undoubtedly resemble two parts of a book, as if it were open.

"…That means that…" Megumi chuckled a little.

"…The Omnitrix turned itself into a spell book…"

Ben grumbled as the infamous text began to reveal itself. The top section of the Omnitrix was now literally his own spell book, just attached to his wrist and being able to collapse into a smaller form. Looking at it, he sighed a little as he opened the wrist-book up.

Tia explained about the characteristics of the spell book. A Mamodo's spell book had a box at the top of the cover, which had various symbols of straight and slanted lines with tiny lines underneath, while in the center of the box is a sun-like symbol with a spiral in the middle. In the middle of the book on the front and back cover is the symbol of Mamodo World: Five circles with lines interconnecting them; the very symbol now on the Omnitrix. The spine of the book had a large black dash at the top, while underneath is a box with dots at the top and bottom and a star in the center. The spell books came in varying colors, each one differing for each Mamodo.

The pages of the spell book were filled, from top to bottom, in a light blue text unreadable to humans and, because of its ancient origin, to the Mamodo who wields it as well as others. Only when a portion of text became the same color as the spell book itself did it become readable, but only to the human who owned the book. And for this case…

"Tia…" Ben called to her.

"…Y-Yes?" She squeaked.

"You said that a Mamodo needs a partner for them to read their spell book, right?" He asked, before pointing to the first page of his own book. A third of the pale blue coloration of the first page was replaced with an olive green color, and was glowing all the while.

"…I can read it." He revealed with a deadpan look, surprising the two. "That…shouldn't be possible, right?"

"Yes, that shouldn't be possible!" Tia frowned as she grabbed his arm. "But…maybe because your watch was affected by my spell, it somehow caused some sort of anomaly to happen."

"That should be the case…" Megumi agreed. "Don't read it though, at least not here. Most of the first spells for Mamodo are offensive ones that can cause quite the amount of destruction."

"But it's so mysterious if you think about it!" Tia's eyes twinkled in response. "Let's go test it out!"

"You sure?" Megumi asked Ben as she turned to him.

"I'm sure." Ben clarified, looking at Tia with a confident smirk as he patted her head. "If Tia wants to see a brand new Mamodo cast a spell, I'll show her one. Perhaps she might like it."

"Alright! You got yourself a deal! Let's do it!" Tia shouted eagerly as she stood up. Dragging Ben up to his feet, she grabbed his hand and began to pull him to outside the inn.

"Can't we ever just have a normal day around here?" Megumi sighed while smiling. She stretched a little, grabbing Tia's book as she began to follow them.

A few minutes later, and the trio piled outside. They formed into the area of a nearby park, in which it would serve as a safe location to test out Ben's spell. Nevertheless, Megumi and Tia stayed a fair distance away from the center from which Ben stood from, as per his insistence. With that sorted, Ben pressed and activated the newly dubbed 'Spellomatrix', as thought of by Tia.

Although Ben was reluctant at first, he had to admit, he was a bit excited for this. He hadn't done any real testing in a long time. After getting trapped in the Null Void, all he could do was run, hunt, forage, and scavenge. It might be fun to have a good, friendly session with people watching, and as a session for some real testing that wouldn't have any consequences. And besides, he may have been reluctant at first, but having the Omnitrix meant that these types of scenarios would happen countlessly.

As the sci-fi spell book opened up, Ben turned to the first page. According to what Megumi told him, the books are like special instruction manuals for battle in that they require the power of the human heart to read them; in other words, strong emotions such as love, determination, anger, or hatred, must be felt in order to activate the spells. This power of heart is known as "Strength from Within", or "Heart Energy" as she like to call it, and was displayed through the book radiating with light and energy when a spell was read or while storing energy. In addition, higher amounts of strength from within are needed to cast more powerful spells; however, she explained that there was a limit to the strength from within that a person can unleash, and therefore, how many spells they can use at a time. In some cases though, the humans can produce seemingly limitless amounts of strength from within and cast spells for a greater duration of time.

"Alright, here we go…" Ben breathed in. A moment later, after a brief moment of concentration, the olive green text on the first page began to glow as he opened his mouth to speak.


With the recital of the spell, Tia and Megumi began to witness Ben's first spell. Glowing with a green aura, Ben could feel his body beginning to change, the feeling being very familiar to how he felt when he transformed normally with the Omnitrix.

First, Ben's body was wrapped in crimson red stones, starting from his left arm and making its way to the rest of its body. As it completely covered him, lines of energy glowed within the cracks of the material as his body began to transform. His forearms grew a bit larger, and his feet started to change to a different shape. Growing slightly taller, the stone-like material began to crack and dissipate as his transformation neared.

Once that happened, a green flash blinded Megumi and Tia. After the resulting green flash, the girls gaped at what they saw. It was a, fiery humanoid figure, and although Ben retained his humanoid appearance, the rocks that spawned as a result of the spell seemed to now resemble an armor of sorts, covering his whole body. With his hair now flaming orange, he wore a transparent yellow visor as flames began to disperse around his head. What Tia and Megumi noticed at the end was that the Omnitrix dial was now located on his chest, with the Mamodo symbol and hourglass fused into a unique shape.

"Whoa…" Tia gaped. "That's so cool! It's like he's a totally different person!"

"A transformation spell…" Megumi noted. "Ben, how do you feel?"

"…I feel strange. A part of me is familiar with this form, but I feel like I'm placing on a suit, or a temporary transformation based on the alien it's based on." He explained. "This form is based off of Heatblast."

"So…it took the forms he had previously before I used Saisu on him, and the spell book turned them into spells?" Tia tried to understand what was going on.

"I suppose so." Megumi scratched her head. "Why don't you try to use it?"

"Should I?" Ben turned to them, giving them a worried look.

"Hey! You there, the one on fire!"

"Huh?" Ben blinked everyone turned to the voice of the figure that called out to him. Before anyone could react however, the glow of a spell book began to show itself to them, and moments later, out from the woods blasted out a moderately large fireball.

"Gadyuusen!" A voice called right as the spell activated.

In order to avoid the incoming ball of fire, Ben jumped high into the air, flipped, and landed next to Megumi and Tia as the girls prepared themselves for battle. The resulting fire ball ended up exploding a distance away, but luckily nothing caught on fire as it drifted off.

"Nice reflexes." A young man's voice called out as two figures came out from the sea of trees.

"…Another Mamado. And the color of his book… That's geranium." Ben surmised.

The Mamodo in question was one that looked around seven to ten years old in age. Having orange hair resembling a flame, he wore a yellow, red, and orange robe-like outfit, along with two orange gauntlets on his forearms that had disks on the front. His partner appeared to be an adult English man with blond hair and yellow eyes. He wore a white dress and frilled shirt, a pale yellow scarf, and dark blue dress pants.

"I sensed a powerful presence in this area all of a sudden and came to investigate. So…it appears that two Mamodo are in this town. Are you two allying together? Where's your partner?" The orange haired Mamodo asked, looking for answer at Ben for his second question.

"…He's not here right now." He lied. The young Mamodo gave him a weird look, before folding his arms.

"…Whatever." He merely responded. "That form of yours seems to be quite the interesting powerhouse."

"Come now, Fango." His partner insisted. "You even told me yourself; if you encounter an enemy Mamodo, save the talking for later."

"I suppose." Fango sighed, before taking a combat stance. "Sorry, but I'm going to fight you now if you two don't mind! Adler, proceed!"

"Wait a minute, can't we settle this without—" Megumi tried to reason with the enemy Mamodo team, but alas…

"Gadyuusen!" Adler casted once more as Fango's book glowed.

Fango jumped up and reared back his flaming fist, and slammed it into the disks that came off from his forearms. The projectile quickly aimed and fired itself at Ben, forcing him to take the blunt blow of the spell. Upon contact, Fango's attack erupted into a conflagration of fire and smoke, making it impossible for anyone, himself included, to see the result. The fire Mamado landed on the ground, and leapt back and out of the smoke, waiting for it to clear so he could see his handiwork.

After a few moments, the smoke cleared…but everyone was shocked by what they saw. Not only was Ben still standing, but he looked almost completely unaffected his attack as he simply crossed his arms in defense. The transformed Ben's arms were merely turned slightly from the impact, with a bit of soot on his hands. The now-turned Mamodo simply turned his gaze to Fango, and lowered his arms.

"…Interesting. It seems that most of Heatblast's abilities were transferred to me, yet I've retained a humanoid appearance…" He mumbled to himself. "I wonder…"

"Barely even a mark…" Fango grumbled a little, clearly angered by that remark, yet…strangely complimented by the result. "Hey, what's your na—"

Before he could answer, with that, Ben crouched low, preparing an attack of his own. "Now it's my turn..."

He suddenly leapt forward, and before Fango could react, the transformed Ben shoulder-checked the Mamodo, knocking the latter back several feet. Fango was sent flying across the park, but managed to catch himself and land in a crouching position. A second later, the orange haired Mamodo rubbed his chest in slight pain, much to everyone's surprise.

This form that Ben had turned into was undeniably full of mystery, but it had the strength to back it up as well, if it was able to injure Fango enough for him to actually look pained. That said, the fire user wasn't anywhere near done yet. Fango quickly picked himself up, and began to breathe in to calm himself.

"Alright, you seem to take on fire pretty well…so how about this?!" He grunted as the disks on his arms floated in front of him.

"Rondo Gadyu!" Adler recited. Two disks connected horizontally onto Fango's hand and released a fire whip, zipping at Ben.

Narrowing his eyes, Ben quickly leaped back to avoid the fiery snap from his spell. Clenching his hands, he then brought them up and opened his palms. Concentrating on the idea of an attack, he blasted two streams of flames from the palms of his hands, engaging with Fango's spell and making the projected weapon bounce back.

"Wowza! Flame-resistant and flame-offensive!" Tia observed. "You see that, Megumi?"

"Yeah… It's extraordinary to see a first spell being able to counteract more advance leveled spells. Normally, it'd be only powerful enough to face off against two spells at the most, even if it were a transformation or strengthening spell." Megumi nodded, surprised at what she was seeing.

"Grr…!" Fango growled as Rondo Gadyu faded away. As he regrouped with Adler, the two gave each other a look of confirmation as Adler turned a few pages in his book. "I seem to have underestimated you. It pains me to say this…but I'll have to go with a tactical retreat at this point…"

Fango then began to puff out his cheeks before exhaling, a much more serious look appearing on his face as his spell book glowed greatly, even more so than beforehand. That could only mean one thing…

"…Wait, oh crap!" Ben's eyes widened as he realized at who he was aiming for. "Megumi, Tia! Incoming!"

Quickly skidding in front of the two, Megumi didn't have time to open her book as Adler uttered Fango's most powerful spell that he had at the moment. Growling a little as the book in his hands shined, Fango crossed his arms into an X-shape as his disks floated in front of him, spinning around in a circle as they glowed.

"Rioru Gadyuuga!" Blasting two enormous concentrated beams of fire through Fango's disks, Ben grunted loudly as he caught the blasts within his hands.

"Why you…" Ben growled as the yellow inner parts of his armor began to glow. What everyone then began to notice was that the attack spell began to siphon itself into his body, slowly draining away the energy of the spell until there was nothing left. As the spell faded, everyone could see that the glowing Mamodo symbol on his chest began to glow, almost similarly to that of a spell book.

"…Uh-oh." Fango backed up. "Adler, get back!"

"Tia, get ready!" Megumi quickly roared as she opened her book. "We're casting a spell!"

"R-Right!" Tia blurted as she held her arms up.

"Seoshi!" Megumi casted right as Ben gathered his arms together. Before he could fire off his next attack, a bubble-like, transparent dome-shaped force field appeared around Tia and Megumi.

"Poakeru!" Ben yelled out loud as a giant fireball generated within the grasps of his palms, before firing off at a rapid speed. As it drew towards Fango and Adler, Fango quickly brought his arms up as Adler uttered one last spell.

"Gadyushirudo!" Upon casting, Fango quickly slammed his palms onto the floor, generating a circular shield similar to Ma Seshirudo, though it came out from the ground and spouted flames. As Poakeru collided into the shield, the resulting spells fought against each other for a bit, before resulting in an explosion that consumed the duo.

"He learned his second spell already?!" Megumi noted as Seoshi blocked out the massive smokescreen that came as a result.

After several seconds of Ben and the other Mamodo being completely engulfed in smoke, the collision finally died down. When the pink-headed Mamodo looked to see, Tia and Megumi were shocked to see a giant patch of burnt grass, and a modestly size crater in front of Ben. Adler and Fango didn't seem to be anywhere in sight, so most likely that the duo escaped during the aftermath explosion.

After a few more moments, the smoke finally cleared out completely, and Ben dropped to a crouched position, panting a little as the Omnitrix dial began to glow. As the light died off, he began to morph back into his human form, with the Omnitrix's glow of his spell book finally dimming down and collapsing itself to its normal form.

"Well…that just happened." Tia blinked in utter shock as Seoshi vanished. A glow in her eyes and a huge grin a second later said otherwise though. "But that was totally wicked!"

"Certainly a sight for the eyes." Megumi admitted as she closed her book. "Ben, are you okay?"

"I feel…sleepy? Must be because I used…too much energy…*snore*." He answered, before falling onto his back with the sound of slumber reaching the girls. Megumi and Tia quickly ran to him, with the young Mamodo patting his face in an attempt to wake him up.

"Ben! Come on, wake up!" She ordered.

"Come on Tia, he's had a rough day. I guess a Mamodo being able to read his own spells means that the Heart Energy comes from him directly. From using energy, and even casting the spell himself, it must've taken a lot out of him." Megumi explained as she smiled a little, adjusting his hair a little. "Let's bring him back inside. He needs to rest."

"Alright… But I wonder where those two went?" Tia wondered about Fango and Adler as Megumi began to pick him up piggyback style.

"I'm wondering about that too, but… I'm sure we'll meet them in the future. In one way or another." The brunette looked back at the explosion affected area. As the three began to depart, the moonlight glowed mysteriously as the Omnitrix's hourglass glowed.

"…Ben. Beeeen… Hey!" Tia lightly slapped the Omnitrix's sleeping face. "We're here, sleepyhead!"

"Ow… No need to be so loud…" Ben groaned slightly as his eyes opened up. "Are we at the station?"

"Yep. Get ready to move out." Megumi smiled.

The trio had decided that having Ooumi Megumi the pop idol was too risky to travel to the nearest train station beyond the town they were staying, and chose to call for a taxi to drive them to the nearest location. Of course, that didn't stop the taxi-driver himself from going completely bonkers upon seeing her. Fortunately, he didn't manage to attract that much attention to the group as he began to drive off.

After walking a short ways through the bustling town, they had reached the train station. Along the way, Ben had noticed that the town wasn't anywhere near as natural as the cities that he was used to seeing in his own universe. Be it a different country or simply another part of the land, there didn't appear to be any signs of bustling new tech reigning about, though it didn't seem to be a problem at least.

Eventually, they had reached the station at the center of town. It was a very large building, silver and blue, brick arches and green-tiled roofing, as well as two tower-like structures on either side of it. The railway extended from inside the building to either direction outside, and off into the distance both ways.

Once they had gotten inside, the client, who had been notified by one of his coworkers that…Megumi was seen, he was waiting for them, money in hand and ring of marriage ready. After denying his repeated requests to go out with the train worker, the three then went to one of the many benches that were lined up along the edge of the train tracks. Ben took a good look around, and it was certainly an impressive building.

"Can you believe it?!" Tia pouted. "The local authorities thought the battle that took place yesterday was some sort of local tourist attraction or something. That doesn't even make any sense!"

"Is that something that happens often or something?" Ben wondered, bewildered. "With all of the Mamodo here in this world, I figure many of the pairs battle in random places."

Megumi slouched her head and shoulders, and mumbled, "You have no idea..."

"Good thing we weren't in the town when they came out. At least they didn't cause that much harm to the area, thanks to Ben." Tia pointed out. "Otherwise, we might've destroyed the town."

"Yeah…" Megumi chuckled a little, before standing up. ""Anyway, I'm gonna go pay for our train tickets. Be right back!"

With that, Megumi walked off happily toward the ticket booth, which was against the wall behind the group. As she did that, Ben noticed Tia twiddling her thumbs slump in her seat on the bench, humming a little and looking happier than ever.

"Something on your mind?" Ben asked. Tia blinked, before smiling again.

"You could say that. Recently, nice things have been happening to me." She admitted. "Even if meeting a crashing sphere that transformed into a boy seemed otherwise."

"Well, not my fault…" Ben scratched his cheek, before getting back on topic. "So, what's been making you so happy then? Did you meet someone from back home or something?"

"Actually…yes!" Tia nodded, sighing in content as she began to remember. "Though…my friend has lost his memories from his time in the Mamodo world. That didn't stop him from retaining his goofy and wonderful personality though…"

Ben's eyes widened slightly from that bit of information. A boy from the Mamodo world that suddenly lost his memories of that place? That was certainly odd for a case of amnesia.

"Amnesia?" Ben repeated. "How bad are we talking? He doesn't remember anything?"

"Absolutely nothing except for his name." Tia answered. Ben cupped his chin in wonder. Before he could say anything in response, the sound of a piercing sound rang throughout the station, and a moment later, the train had arrived. Once Megumi had rejoined her friends, all three of them boarded the train.

They spent a moment looking for a compartment, but it didn't take long to find one. Once they did, they piled into it, with Ben and Tia sitting on one side, and Megumi on the other. People were still boarding, so the train hadn't started moving just yet. Nevertheless, Ben still looked curious as he looked over in his corner of the compartment.

Ben turned to the pink haired girl next to him. "So, you guys said you met an ally recently? Tia told me that he lost his memories of the time he had in the Mamodo world. What's there names?"

"Oh, yeah." Megumi smiled. "During a little while ago when I was performing for a concert, another Mamodo pair came and attacked us…" She began to explain with a dim expression, before smiling. "But then it happened."

"Kiyo and Zatch came along!" Tia continued.

"Zatch and Kiyo, huh? …You have a crush on Zatch then, Tia?" Ben suddenly gave the young Mamodo a lazy, but sly smile, making the pink haired girl blow up into a red cloud of blush, flailing her arms at him in denial. "Ha ha… Just kidding."

"Well, I know Tia told me that they used to be friends back in the Mamodo World, so there's at least that to her dishonesty." Megumi giggled. Zipping her face back and forth, Tia growled at Ben as she comically began to strangle his neck.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" She barked as Ben's face started to turn purple.

After Megumi helped to calm Tia down, a moment of silence passed in the train compartment. Ben took another look at the young girl, who was still just as happy as ever as she rocked her feet back and forth. Despite how crazy it was that this little girl contained powers unbelievable to humanity, Ben couldn't help but feel sympathy for her. Having to fight a battle against 99 other people of your kind for the title of King must be traumatizing, especially at a young age. And it sounded like she's pretty desperate to win too, despite her claims. Even so, had Megumi not just explained all this to him, he'd have likely noticed simply by interacting with her after a period of time. Back in the park, she seemed to be full of energy and life, though the reflection in her eyes brought about a need to win, a need to succeed at all costs.

The rest of the train ride was rather uneventful, but it did allow them enough time for Ben to get a grasp on the other details that appeared on his new Omnitrix. Megumi stated that he passed out after using Poakeru to defeat Fango and Adler, but because he seemed to be an anomaly that used his own energy to cast spells, caution was an important thing to remember. To Ben, it sounded like a great thing that he could still use the Omnitrix, though he did feel a tad bit worried about what it might do to him in the future. The Omnitrix was bonded to his DNA after all.

While Ben didn't know just how powerful these Mamodos were, judging from their reactions, he apparently had a lot more variety than most, even from the first spell he casted. In the Mamodo Word, there were dozens of different types of magic that they could use, but even so, Mamodos typically only inherited one or so elements or features, though they could learn a few spells here and there that were outside of their specialties.

This just proved to be more taxing on Ben's mind, despite how curious he was.

A couple of hours passed, but at the end of the day, the trio had finally found the place that they had been looking for. It was a quiet one-story apartment, plus a basement, that resided in a quiet yet comfortable neighborhood that overlooked the mountainside viewable by the populace. It resembled a small labyrinth of sorts to Ben, as Japanese houses seemed like that to him. It was colored white and had dark green roofing and shutters. At the back of the house, was a nice porch space that provided a small opening for a small backyard.

When the three initially arrived, Ben was a bit hesitant in freeloading inside a house that only had two girls. It took a bit of convincing to do, with Megumi and Tia listing off the many reasons why he should stay with them:

One: He didn't have a place to go back to anyways at the moment.

Two: He didn't carry any money with him. Or extra clothes, or anything else besides his own belongings.

Three: Tia was persistent in having an older brother like figure, as she revealed that in the Mamodo World, she was an only child. While Maruss seemed to had filled that role of a friend/brotherly person, his true nature…set her feelings to another direction. This last reason was the one that convinced Ben to stay along, though he insisted to Megumi that he would work off his weight in staying with them.

With everything set in place, the trio had set out for the shopping establishments across town to acquire food, furniture, clothes, and other essentials for Ben. The trip had taken all day and Ben now had a lot of stuff to take back. Thankfully, Megumi was kind enough to lend her services as an idol, convincing people to conveniently pack all of his stuff in. When they got to Ben's house, Ben changed into a new outfit, before settling in with the help of the girls.

Later, Ben was standing in the living room with a befuddled and flustered expression as Tia and Megumi rummaged through the clothing that he bought. As an idol, fashion was a thing she had to keep in track, so naturally she was observant to what he decided was nice to wear.

In the living room was a black couch, a coffee table in between them, a bookshelf to the bottom right corner of the room, and a of pictures next to the couch. On the opposite end of the living room from the front door was a sliding door that lead to the backyard outside.

To the right of the living room was the kitchen that came with a stove/oven, refrigerator, a variety of appliances, a pantry, and a counter with three bar stools. There were a few windows that allowed a generous amount of sunlight to appear through.

To the left of the living room was a hallway with a door to the basement, a door to the room that Tia slept in, and stairs leading to Megumi's room. The doors on the left side of the corridor consisted of a small guest room on the end, a guest bathroom in the middle, and a door to the basement below—which was relatively full of clothes from Megumi's agency, as well as other materials for vocal learning and the like. On the right side of the corridor was a laundry room that had a washing machine and dryer.

"I must say, Ben…" Megumi said with an intrigued look. "You have quite the thing for t-shirts and cargo pants."

It was true. Most of Ben's clothes consisted of black or white t-shirts, differently colored cargo pants and jeans, and other casual wear; however, she did find a few nice hoodies, shorts, and jackets in the bags he brought in. Unbeknownst to her, Ben had only gotten them just in case he needed to wear something that didn't look too casual or too formal.

Ben groaned lazily as he slumped down onto the couch. "It's my style…! Just like, skirts, dresses and other flashy clothes are like for you, Megumi. And why are you going through my clothes anyway?"

Suddenly, Tia pulled out a pair of gray boxers and held them in front of her, looking at them in an intrigued manner. Ben yelped and felt his cheeks redden in embarrassment.

"Boxers." Tia said with a hearty blush. "Zatch didn't wear this kind of underwear back in the Mamodo World."

Responding with a spit-take, Ben ran over and snatched the underwear from her. He closed his eyes and nudged her on the head in an annoyed manner. "Why are you comparing me to a six year old for…?"

"Ow…!" Tia muttered a little as she rubbed the top of her head. "So…now what Megumi? You're on summer vacation basically, right?"

"Yeah. Actually, I was just about to tell you guys about our next plan of action." Megumi smiled as she took out a small notepad. "Take a look at my schedule."

Handing the small object to Ben, he and Tia gave the text written on it a brief skim. Ben frowned a little, but Tia's eyes widened a little in surprise in comparison. The two gave their respective looks to Megumi who shrugged in response.

"Yep, you've guessed it. My agency contacted me recently. Since the summer weather is a prime time for photography and the like, they've requested that I go over to the United Kingdom; more specifically, London! What do you say, you guys up for a road trip?" She gave them a wink as she showed them a pamphlet for tourists.

"Oh, that's sounds wonderful! I've always wanted to see Big Ben!" Tia said.

"Big Ben, huh? Reminds me of that I almost crashed into the Statue of Liberty…" Ben muttered to himself. "So, when are we leaving then?"

"Tomorrow, if it's alright with you guys." Megumi answered. "That being said…since this is a special occasion for Ben coming in to live with us, why don't we go out to eat? It's my treat!"

"I'm peckish. I could eat." Tia rubbed her stomach as it growled a little. "What about you, Ben?"

"Yeah, I could go for some grub." The brunet replied as his own stomach growled as well. Though he frowned at the same time though as the image of a certain fish showed up in his mind.

"Though… Why do I have a sudden craving for yellow tail?"


Now this took a while to write and think up, but it was all worth it. I had so much fun doing this. Now, for a few author's notes.

1. The idea for Ben being turned into a Mamodo was something that I originally thought of for another story, in which No Watch Ben from Omniverse would have a significant role in the terms of aliens and their abilities. I altered that idea for the use of this story.

2. For those who are unfamiliar, this Ben is one who has diverged off from the canon ending of Ben 10 Season 2's finale. Meaning he had the Master Control, but in the case of him turning into a Mamodo, that efficiently locked it up with the recalibration of the Omnitrix.

3. Regarding the spells and forms he can take, like in my other stories, Ben will be able to transform into the sentient species introduced in ALL of the series.

And that's all I wanted to say. I hope you guys look forward to future chapters. As always, please R&R, and leave a suggestion if you want. I'm always up for ideas about differences in canon, pairings or not. Speaking of which, how fast should I make the Kiyo x Megumi and Zatch and Tia ships go? Should I make Zatch a little less dense? Ho ho ho.