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Chapter 3: Together, We Ride!

It was now 9:30 A.M as Ben and company approached Mochinoki-Morimachi. Now that Tia had calmed down once more and recovered from Ben's teasing once again, the three were now waiting at a nearby bench, wondering about what to do in the meantime while the time until 11:00 came into light. Since it was going to take a measly ten minutes to reach the park itself via another train, they wondered about what do to…

Not to say though, the girls immediately found something to do right away, and it wasn't something that Ben would enjoy of course, because it was none other than…

"Hmm, I should make a joke about them being fashion fanatics, but I'll probably get strangled…again." Ben thought out loud as he followed the duo into the stores near the station. He folded his arms in discomfort as he imagined said scenario happening to him.

…It made him shiver.

'Yep… Not gonna tease Tia or Megumi.' He then nodded as he made his decision. 'Especially it's about shopping for clothes… Though it delights me to see their reactions.'

Approaching the other side of the station, there were a bunch of stores lined up for business, with customers thriving around. Ben himself looked around, and while not really interested, he was curious to find any kind of differences between the cultures of different worlds. Perhaps something was slightly different from this world, even if it didn't seem to be obvious. The Mamodo Battles certainly made sure of that luckily.

Tia and Megumi eventually chose a store by the name of Boutique Seriole, which was a bit of a surprise to Ben, as it had an English name for the headline. Nevertheless though, Ben knew that this place was a clothing shop even before they went up the steps and arrived.

"Come on, let's check out all the clothes!" Tia insisted as she tugged on Megumi's skirt.

"I know, I know." Megumi smiled, before turning around and noticing Ben standing at the entrance away from them. "Ben, what're you doing?"

"Ah, you guys can go ahead. I'm not much of a fashion person, as you can clearly tell." He shrugged in response. "You can try to pick something out for me if you want though."

"Eh, suit yourself then." Tia sighed. "Come on Megumi."

"Well, we'll try not to be long." Megumi promised as they went in. Ben merely shrugged again as he waved them off.

"…Okay, what to do now?" He then asked himself.

Looking around, there really didn't seem to be anything to be done soon for the meantime until they arrived. To alleviate the situation, Ben then decided to take a look at the Spell Book function of the Omnitrix. Opening the book up, he took another look at the blue lettering that was still undecipherable to him.

"…Why can I only read certain parts?" He ruffled his hair as he sat down on the steps. "…Perhaps it's only available when the Mamodo learns something new or awakens something new?"

He sighed, but as he was contemplating about the Book and the idea of knowing…a certain thought came to mind as an idea of inspiration.

Smiling, as he turned to the first page of the book the olive-green text lit up. He looked around for any passerby before incanting it as the spell was started.


In an instant, Ben began to shrink in size, and now his clothes changed to a white jumpsuit with a black belt. The suit collar was black, and he wore black, fingerless gloves with a green rectangle on the back. Wearing a black helmet and a light green visor as well as having padded boots and fingers, the Omnitrix appeared on his back as he landed on the ground.

"…Huh, it worked." Ben looked at himself. "I guess I turned small just like Gray Matter as well. Now how about that… Ah, my cerebral restrictions have been uplifted. Splendid results, Omnitrix. The Galvan mind is simply too powerful to be kept away by magic of all things, the blasphemy behind such a prepost… Okay, too much knowledge gain, as usual."

Grinning in delight, Ben then proceeded to take the Omnitrix off his back, as strange as it seemed to be. You'd think that if he took it off it would cancel the transformation or tear the Omnitrix off from him, but Ben still remained as he always was.

"Now let's see here…" Wiggling his fingers, he tapped certain parts of the Omnitrix dial, opening up its components. However, to his surprise, and too his annoyance…

"…There's nothing different? Grr… What's your recalibration?! Probably something deterring from the energy core complexing the originating replication process through the Spell Book's interfering confectionary responses and… Ugh. Even with all the times I've transformed into Gray Matter, I still sometimes can't understand what the heck I'm talking about…" Ben growled as he nearly slammed his temple into the ground.

"…Oh well, let me just tinker with this then!" He then did a 180 as his face brightened.

Shrugging mentally, Ben decided to randomly interact with the Omnitrix, reconfiguring with anything that might've been abnormal in his eyes.

While he was busy doing that however, a limousine came and parked across to the curb. As it stopped, the back doors opened to reveal a beautiful young lady as the driver came out and bowed in front of her. The driver seemed to be some sort of butler of some sort, wearing a maroon suit and looking English or some other foreigner in appearance, having blonde hair as a revealing trait.

The young lady seemed to have a fairer complexion. Having the hair color of a brunette, her normally squinted eyes opened slightly to reveal a calm sky-blue coloration. She wore an elegant beige dress as she came out of the limo. She looked quite similar to Megumi if you were caught off guard.

"Oren." She turned to her friend.

"Yes, Marie-sama?" He responded as he straightened up.

"I'll have to tell you not to follow me into this store, Oren." She ordered with a calm smile.

"As you wish. But please, don't proceed to run away." Oren responded with a carefree smile of his own as Marie began to go up the steps. Ben didn't seem to notice her as she came up, with him whacking the Omnitrix and all.

"Oh? And when have I run away from you?" She asked with an oblivious, yet lying face.

"You have deserted from me exactly six hundred and ninety-nine times, Marie-sama." He retorted. "If you are trying to complete a milestone, that won't be happening, as impressive as it might sound."

"Hmm… That is true." Marie shrugged.

"So as such, I shall be waiting outside the store, waiting to capture you the moment you are finished." Oren reassured with a pledged fist. "When you are so, please give me a shout out on something that you want."

"As you please." Marie simply replied as she entered the store. "But you know you can go around town or do other things that you'd like."

"Ah, don't think I'll be falling for that old trick in the book, young lady." Oren replied as he stepped up behind her. "Now, off you go."

"Eeeh… Party pooper." She pouted, before going in.

As Marie entered the store, Oren chuckled as he went back to stand near the limousine. As he was getting comfortable against leaning against the hood of the vehicle, from afar, a bright reflection was glaring from a nearby building for a second, until it was put down by someone else.

"Tch… Missed the opportunity."

'Wow… Japan sure does have a lot of stores with good merchandise. Especially these clothing stores!' Marie looked around with a bewildered face. She encountered a row of colorful dresses as the environment itself continued to excite her. 'Now that really makes me want to shop with freedom!'

'Hm… But how shall I get away from Oren this time? This'll have to be something special, something to commemorate this 700th attempt!' She looked around for possible escape routes, but to no avail, there was only one entrance/exit; the way she came in.

It wasn't until she walked around a little bit further that the loud voice of a certain Mamodo brought her attention. Turning to the store's section of elegant wear, Tia and Megumi were seen admiring a fine lavender colored dress.

"Look Megumi, look! Doesn't this dress look wonderful?" She called her over.

"Oh! Would you take a look at that?" Turning over, her eyes widened as she too was entranced by the sheer quality of the dress. "I wonder where this was made?"

"I'd think you would rock this outfit, Megumi." Tia suggested as she lifted parts of the dress to see its design.

Megumi actually contemplated this for a moment. 'I want to wear it, but if I wear something like that… Kiyomaro-kun will probably be shocked beyond…'

'Megumi… You have a thing for Kiyo, don't ya?'

Blushing madly, the thought of Ben's teasing clouded her thoughts. Smacking her cheeks, she breathed in and out as she got her otherwise…suggestive thoughts out of her head. She still took a good look at the dress, but as the two were busy doing so…

"Ah, do you like that dress?" Marie came from behind, asking them all of a sudden.

"Eh?" Megumi was taken out of her trance. Turning around, the first thing she saw was the elegant dress that Marie was wearing.

"What do you think of my dress? It isn't so bad, is it not?" Marie smiled as she lifted her dress in a polite matter.

"Ara… It's beautiful." Megumi was amazed as she took a closer look.

"Definitely!" Tia agreed.

"Well, if you'd like, how about we exchange clothes?" Marie suddenly suggested. "I'd like to try on your type of clothes as well."

"Oh what." As soon as she said that, Tia's smile turned into a frown.

"Well, our height and sizes seem to be quite similar if I do say so myself." Marie explained to Tia as she turned back to Megumi. "What do you say? How about we exchange styles for a little while?"

Tia gave Marie a untrusting look, but otherwise left it to Megumi. The teen idol was in a bit of a thought storm, but after a little bit, she responded with a nod and smile.

"Hm… All right, sure. Sounds like fun." She decided.

"Girl, please." Tia looked at Megumi.

"Oh, really? That helps me out a lot!" Marie smiled. "Don't worry little one, it'll only be for a little bit. Come now, let's change!"

'…Maybe I should've dragged Ben in after all…' Tia grumbled as the two young ladies began to change clothes.

"That witch! She's gone!"

"What?!" Megumi barged out from her changing closet. She was now wearing Marie's dress, but as soon as Tia roared out in anger, the two looked out and zoomed to the next one over, only to see no one inside.

"Where did she go?!" Tia growled as she looked in, only to gasp in horror. "OH GOD NO!"

"What Tia, what?!" Megumi turned to her.

"You're bag's missing as well!" Tia pointed out.

"WHAT?! I have my wallet and the Spell Book inside there!" The brunette cried out.

"Huh?! Then we have to find her, NOW!" The Mamodo ordered. "Wait, maybe Ben might've seen her!"

Rushing out from the store, the jingle of the bells were heard as Ben turned around, still transformed into his Gray Matter-esque form. Oren was right there as well when the two girls began to look for him, only for Tia to notice the tiny human-turned Mamodo, and Oren Megumi in Marie's dress.

"BEN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Tia barked as she swapped him into her grasp.

"Marie-sama?! Oh no you don't!" The butler's eyes nearly opened as Megumi rushed down the steps.

"W-Wait, what? Tia? Wait, is that Megumi then?!" Ben looked back and forth as Oren lunged out to catch the brunette. "Then who was the one wearing Megumi's—"

"—Wait right there, young madam!" Oren growled as he caught her. Sliding on the ground for a little bit, Megumi attempted to struggle out of Oren's grasp as Tia released Ben, who shortly reverted back to normal.

"W-What are you doing?! Let go of me!" Megumi cried out in anger.

"I'm not letting you for the 700th time, Marie-sama!" Oren retorted with great stubbornness. "This time it's really dangerous, I can't let you go this ti—OOOHGAAAWWHH!"


"Oh no…" Ben facepalmed as he caught up with the starting mayhem.

"Wa-wait a second…! That voice doesn't sound like—GAH!"

"Let go of her first, you damn perverted old man!" Tia continued to strangle him. Ben quickly intervened as he pulled her away, allowing Oren to let go.

"…O-Oh my lord… W-Wait, that hair?! That appearance?! You're not Marie-sama!" Oren immediately pointed at Megumi as she got up, recognizing the difference in appearance.

"Well no duh, she switched clothes with Marie!" Tia explained.

"What? Marie? Dress? I'm…confused here…" Ben rose an eyebrow as Oren gasped.

"Wh-what did you just say? You exchanged clothes with Marie-sama?! Then the person who came out of the store before you all was Marie-sama?!" Oren summarized the problem.

"That would seem to be the case I guess." Ben also was got up to speed.

"H-How can this be! This is bad, really bad!" Oren said with a panicking tone.

"Bad?! It's bad for us, you old fart!" Tia growled.

"What do you mean?! Did you three know that Marie-sama is the princess of the Calnoa Kingdom?!" Oren cried out as he pointed at the trio with guilty intention in mind.

"Wait, she's a princess?" Megumi repeated.

"Well, I don't think normal people typically wear fancy dresses like that in public. Didn't you think about that when you first encountered her?" Ben suggested.

"Well why didn't you notice Marie coming out?!" Tia was about to strangle Ben, but the Omnitrix wielder kept her at arm's length as he grabbed her collar.

"W-Well I noticed her… But I didn't notice you. So I figured that Megumi was going to the bathroom or doing something else, so I wanted to wait for you to come out." Ben explained as he stuttered.

"Whatever. Anyways, what do I care if she's a princess?" Tia turned her attention back to Oren while Ben was still holding her up. "We're the ones that got robbed of our stuff!"

"Wait, your stuff as well? Meaning the…aw man." Ben sighed as he realized the depths of this problem.

Oren continued to cry out. He even started to sit in a seiza pose and bow down in desperation. "Please, find the princess! Find Marie-sama!"

"What?! How about you apologize to us first?!" Tia growled. She began to shake herself off from Ben's grasp as Oren wept.

"PLEASE! I'll even pay you three a hefty reward for the favor!" Oren was even going as far as to attempt the three with a buttload of cash, literally hard, cold cash.

"BEN! LET ME GO! HE AIN'T EVEN LISTENING TO US!" Tia demanded. Kicking Ben in the face, she latched off from him and proceeded to strangle the poor butler once more.

"T-Tia… I think there's a reason for his concern of the princess…" Ben rubbed his face as he got up.

"And what's that?!" Tia growled.

"T-THE PR-PRINCESS'S LIFE IS I-IN DANGER!" Oren answered as he attempted to talk out of his strangled esophagus.

"Huh?" Tia flinched as she let him go. "Her life? In danger?"

"What do you mean?" Megumi and Ben asked him, now having serious expressions as Ben proceeded to open his book.

"Agh… Well, just a little while ago, we got a message from our homeland. There are those who are after the Princess's life here in Japan. You could call them hitmen if you preferred." Oren explained as he got up, rubbing his throat in pain.

"Why's that?" Ben asked.

"It's because Marie-sama had recently taken over the throne, though there are those that were opposed to her taking such a position." The butler answered.

"So those who oppose have ordered others to target her…" Megumi's face darkened.

"…Bounty Hunters." Ben's face turned to an unpleasant expression, one that neither of the girls saw before. "We need to go. Now."

"Fine…" Tia sighed. "Let's go, Megumi!"

"Thank you! I shall drive around in an attempt to fine Marie-sama from the streets! Best of luck to you!" Oren bowed as he quickly ran into his limousine.

They watched as the butler hurriedly drove off into the streets. Looking at each other, they all nodded, though some reluctantly as they faired off to another end of the street. Time was of an essence for this scenario…

"Ugh, why're we looking for this damn princess?! We're going to be late for our meet-up, Megumi!" Tia and company were currently looking all over for Marie and were taking a moment to look in a park.

"10:25. Huh, time flies when you're looking for something." Ben noticed as he looked up on the park's clock.

"Yeah, I know… But I don't why. I just can't seem to be upset with someone like her." Megumi cupped her chin as she admitted her thoughts. "Something was bothering me."

'I guess you mean the fact that she was pretty much locked in place by her occupation as the next ruler of her country? What did they call it; a bird in a cage?' Ben bemused.

"Wait… Speaking of bothering… Megumi, you realize how you look, right?" Tia pointed at her with a sudden sense of realization.

"What do you mean?" Megumi cocked her head.

"Well, the reason the princess chose to switch clothes with you is because you two look alike, isn't that the whole idea?" Ben answered.

"AAAAAAHHH! Your're right!" Megumi screamed as the two realized even more problems catching onto their tails.

"Poaruku!" Ben suddenly heard coming from some nearby bushes. Dashing in front of Megumi and Tia, he casted the first spell and began to transform.

This time, Ben took on the form of a humanoid-canine. His body changed and grew in size so that he could run on all fours, yet it seemed that he could use his arms like a gorilla of sorts. Sporting a full-bodied jumpsuit that was orange and black and covered his entire body, his forearms and legs were slightly turned bigger and were given a pair of razor-sharp claws. His helmet covered his face, yet was given a pair of fangs and gill like nostrils on his neck as his head turned more beast like. The Omnitrix morphed itself into a brace that conformed around his left shoulder.

"There you are Prin—WHAT THE HELL?!" A man with a scoped pistol suddenly appeared out from the bush, but he was stunned by the fact that Ben suddenly appeared in his transformed state.

"Dog?" Megumi wondered. "Woah!"

"He's got no eyes, ears, or nose, but… Woah!" Tia and Megumi yelped as Ben grabbed them with his enhanced jaws and placed them on his back.

Dashing out on all fours, everyone and everything that Ben encountered was scared to the point of almost fainting as he rushed and passed them. The hitman himself found it impossible to find them as Ben eventually escaped to an alleyway and released the girls back onto the ground.

"That was…thrilling." Megumi admitted as she breathed in.

"That was fun!" Tia gleamed as Ben pressed the Omnitrix dial and reverted back.

"That felt…different. Normally when I take on that form, I literally think like an animal, yet I still felt full sentient thoughts." Ben grasped his arms in curiosity.

"What was that form?! A dog? A mole?" Tia tugged on his sleeve with curiosity written all over her face.

"Heh. That was Wildmutt, a Vulpimancer from the planet Vulpin." Ben answered with a slightly boastful tone. "Let's just say this. They have the senses of a dog, the strength of gorillas, and have sensors instead of eyes."

"…I didn't get all of that, but that was still cool!" Tia nevertheless still was in awe.

"Alright you two. While Wildmutt was fun and all, I think it's better for you guys to go and look for the princess on your own without me." Megumi brought the two back to the topic at hand. "I'll be the bait."

"But, that's dangerous!" Tia argued.

"Yeah, that's why I'm counting on you two! Please!" Before Ben and Tia could respond, Megumi began to run off, leaving the two by themselves.

"W-Wait, Megumi!" Tia called out to her. Before she could run off, Ben placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Let's trust her and go our own way." He insisted. "And besides, that hitman seems a little…noobish, let's say that."

"Well, even though she said to look for her, it's not like we'll be able to find her easily…" Tia grumbled. "How are we supposed to find her in this giant town?"

"…Simple." Ben smiled. "I lead us straight to where she—Ah, there she is." Ben pointed to a nearby alley. Out came Marie, dressed in Megumi's clothes and carrying several bags of clothes and the like.

"Wha…?" Tia gazed at Ben. "How?"

"Remember?" Ben winked as he pointed to his nose. "Super smell."

"Ah… I'm so satisfied with my life right now…" Marie sighed in delight. "It's so wonderful to be able to shop freely… Hm? Oh…"

Sensing the instant maleficent aura radiating from Tia, Marie turned to flinch at the sight of the Mamodo's hair nearly crawling up to her as Ben slowly stepped back from strangle range.

"OI! There you are, you racoon!" Tia growled. "And you even spend Megumi's money on random junk?! I oughta strangle your piece of dead—Hey, let me go, Ben!"

"I'm sorry… Vulgar language is what she usually does when she's agitated. However, I'd appreciate it if you were to refund all of those bags of clothes you just bought, princess." Ben asked politely as he grabbed Tia up in a full nelson.

"Ah, relax little one." Marie giggled. "I'll be sure to make Oren pay you back all the money I spent. I'll also return the clothes as well, so let me just—"

"—Buuuuut… I can't you let do that any further, Princess Marie. After all, because of your inappropriate actions, Megumi's life is now in danger. A hitman is currently chasing her with a gun." Ben then interrupted her with the coldest smile that anyone ever saw before. It even made Tia shut up and scared the wits out of her.

"…What did you say?" Marie's expression also changed the moment he said that; not out of fear, but out of concern and sudden rage. "You're sure?"

"Positive." Ben answered as he placed Tia back down. "We must go. I have the scent of the hitman still on track."

Opening the Spell Book again, Ben dragged the two girls into the alleyway as he transformed into his Wildmutt form. As the two girls grabbed onto him, with Marie not even with a remote sense of hesitation surprisingly, Ben took off and quickly cut through the city.

Eventually, after a few minutes worth of running and galloping to a quiet neighborhood, right as they passed over an old looking apartment suite, Marie's eyes opened to reveal their sky-blue color of seriousness.

"Halt. The car is there." She ordered as she and Tia got off Ben. The transformed Mamodo-hybrid growled as he stood up, not even having to respond as he reverted back.

Approaching to the building's parking lot, they hid behind a row of rusty barrels. As Ben and Marie looked over, their eyes widened as the hitman was seen interrogating Megumi with a gun to the back of her head as he held her arm in a straining position. Oren was seen tied up in the corner of the lot as he growled.

"Now tell me… Where's the princess?!" He yelled. "Answer me!"

"I told you, I don't know!" Megumi cried out.

"…How can this be?" Marie looked over with a face of disbelief. Tia grunted as she went for the bag on the princess's shoulder, taking it off and beginning to search for her Spell Book.

"Now do you understand?" She reminded her. "…Alright, here it is."

"Should I intervene first?" Ben asked. "I don't know if I can make it in time before he shoots her, but I might have enough speed to—"

"No. Not yet." Tia quickly blocked him out. "I'll give my book to Megumi, and we'll take on that guy together. He's got a gun you know."

"…Alright then. Princess, please stay here while we—"

"—Move back, Ben, Tia. Do you want to put me, Marie Calnoa, to shame?" Marie suddenly walked in between them with her absolute expression on her face.

"Wait, what're you—Oh for Celestialsapien's sake…" Ben sighed as the princess stepped forward. Standing in front of the duo, she declared her appearance with a new, righteous tone of voice.

"You, who is after my life! Unhand that woman!"

"What?!" The hitman growled as he turned away from Megumi, only for his eyes to widen.

"Marie Calnoa is here! Release that person, she has nothing to do with this, you filthy cow hog." She ordered.

"What the hell is she doing, Ben?!" Tia looked at her friend with a worried expression. "She should be hiding! Let's go!"

"Wait, Tia… Oh forget it." Ben let out a long sigh as the two came out from their hiding spot.

"What're doing?! Get out of here!" Tia called out to Marie as the two approached her.

"Tia, Ben. I told you two to step aside." She glared at them. "I didn't take over the throne of my country with mixed feelings for stupid reasons. If someone that has nothing to do with me is here and I use her as a shield, my family will become a laughing stock for generations to come!"

"Well if you're going to use a shield at least use—" Ben tried to suggest her an idea as he went for the Omnitrix, but…

"Now if you're going to shoot me, then do it already you pathetic swine."

"Why you arrogant stuck up…!" The hitman popped a vein as he pushed Megumi aside and aimed the barrel of his pistol at Marie's face.

The pistol didn't even phase Marie though as she continued to trample on the hitman's sense of duty. "The blood of my pride won't be tarnished by the likes of your sorry hide. Come on, do it. That's what you're here for, aren't you?"

"Y…You…!" The hitman couldn't help but be consumed by the glaring that Marie was giving off. Everyone could see his arm shaking in fear in response to her continued taunts.

"Or are you too scared to try and take a Queen's life…?"

"F-FINE THEN! GO TO HELL, YOU BLASTED BITCH!" That finally ticked the gunman off. As he finally prepped his pistol and began to aim, Ben and Tia dashed forward into action.

"Poaruku!" Casting the first spell, he zipped in front of Marie in an instant and began to glow as Tia tossed Megumi her Spell Book.

"Megumi!" The Mamodo called out.

"I got it!" Catching the book, Ben's transformation finished right as the hitman fired his gun. As three bullets flew through the sky, the light from Ben faded away as his Diamondhead form blocked all of the force generated by the projectiles.

"Oomph…" He growled. "That stung… Megumi, Tia!"

"Huh?" Marie's serious expression fell as she stared at the transformed Ben.

"Tia!" Megumi pointed at the hitman as Tia prepped her arms back. "Saisu!"

Before the gunman and Marie had time to react, Tia growled loudly as she launched Saisu at the assailant, blasting him back hard enough to smash into the limousine. Even as weak as the Spell appeared to be against Mamodos, Saisu was still able to at least injure humans to a good degree.

As Ben turned around, Tia fell to her knees as she let out a long sigh of relief. Marie and Oren were surprised to say the least as the Omnitrix wielder reverted back to normal, looking around like nothing even happened.

"You… What are you children?" Marie asked.

Ben and company glanced at each other, with the two girls sighing with smiles as Ben shrugged.

"You're probably better off not knowing. You wouldn't believe it anyways."

"I'm so sorry for all the trouble…" Marie bowed in apology. "I never would've thought that something like this would actually happen."

After getting everyone back together, the situation finally came to a close. Megumi and Oren were safe, and Marie finally switched clothes with the teen idol once more. The gang was now outside of the limousine as Oren dropped them off nearby where they were at first, the park more or less.

"It's alright." Megumi waved it off. "At least no one else was hurt."

"Speak for yourself. You're not the one that blocked the bullets for her…" Ben grumbled.

"Speaking of blocking and fighting, why were you trying to fight that guy all on your own at first? That was reckless!" Tia scolded the elder princess as she folded her arms. "I can't just blow that off, it wasn't safe!"

"Hehe… And for that, I'm sorry Tia." Marie giggled.

"Well, I can explain the reasons for that, Tia-sama." Oren chuckled. "You see, Marie-sama has been fighting on her own for quite a while to protect the seat of throne. She hasn't taken the time to rely on people close to her due to her mother and father passing away from illness."

"But to think… That people from this little country would be on my side of all things." Marie gave Ben and Tia a warm smile as she patted their heads. "Thanks, you two."

"W-Well, as long as you're safe…" Tia turned away as her blushing face started to appear due to embarrassment. Ben simply chuckled as he shrugged.

"It's all that matters." He replied toward her comment.

Megumi observed Tia's behavior…and that's when it struck her. The feeling she was having in her during this shenanigan was the relation of Marie to Tia. Memories of how Tia used to be when she first met her; untrusting, stubborn, overly cautious, a tendency and wanting to fight alone…but concern for others.

'But now… She's the one lecturing over others.' She then smiled. 'Well, as long as she control herself when doing so, otherwise it's Ben's job to calm her.'

As Marie stood up, Ben took a look at the park's clock. His eyes widened slightly as he poked the girls. "Guys, it's five pass 11. It's time to go."

"Oh no!" Tia squeaked as she began to pull Megumi and Ben with her towards the station, but not before turning back to Marie.

"Marie-san, I know something like this unfortunately happened, but are you going to be okay on your own from now on?" Still concerned for the princess, she wanted to get her final confirmations before moving on.

"Ah… Please relax little one." Marie smiled as she gestured towards the limo. Inside was the hitman, unconscious, beat up, and tied. "If the world learns of this, I'm pretty sure that there'll be people who will take my side of the argument. I won't be doing this all on my own anymore, as I've learned not to do so today."

"Good to hear!" Tia grinned as she gave her a wink. "See you then! Come on guys, it's time to hustle!"

Marie and Oren watched with smiles on their faces as the three waved them goodbye. As they began to run off, the princess looked at the backs of the two younger individuals, smirking a little. She seemed to be interested about the background of those two.

"She's a good girl, isn't she Oren?" She thought out loud.

"I would agree. She was just like how you were when you were younger, Marie-sama." Oren admitted. "And the boy seems to resemble your father during his earlier years even."

"Oh? Then those two might become rulers then." Marie then suggested.

"Very well indeed!" Oren responded with a heartful laugh. "But I do wonder what they actually are though… Especially that young man. He seemed…otherworldly.


Tia was getting anxious. The first minute or so of the ride was mostly spent in silence with the Mamodo refusing to calm down until they were closer to their destination. The sun had had gotten even brighter as time went on, and the rays of light had begun to kick in. Ben was now back to his usual motion-sick state, which Megumi was less than pleased about when Tia wasn't the one constantly being the one to react over it. Ben was currently leaning over the side of his seat as he groaned. Tia seemed to be growing more and more nervous as the trip progressed, but at least they were only minutes away.

As the moments drifted by, Megumi was thinking to herself about one thing, Ben's placing in the Mamodo Battle. At this point, she was curious to know what the results were going to be like when another one was suddenly added. It kept her mind busy while the ride continued on. Well, that, and Tia's constant jittering.

"Come on Tia. Nothing's going to happen with you being all annoyed." She persisted in trying to convince Tia to calm down.

"But don't you understand?!" Tia barked, loud enough for everyone else on the train to cock their heads and look over.

"T-Tia, everyone's looking…" She whispered.

"We're twenty minutes late already!" Tia continued as Megumi placed a pair of sunglasses on to mask her face. "If Kiyomaro gets angry at us and doesn't ride the Jet Coaster with me, what'll I do!"

"But it's just a—"

"The Jet Coaster, Megumi! With Kiyomaro!" Tia whined as she slapped her palms against the train's windows. "Can't this thing go any faster?!"

'You know, technically we cooould… But I'm too sick to try it out…' Ben thought as he placed a hand over his mouth to prevent himself from throwing up. "Oh God…"

It wasn't a little while later that the trio finally arrived in the amusement park. Ben quickly paid for their tickets while Megumi and Tia rushed in, but it wasn't long until he noticed that the girls stopped to look at something the moment they entered. Ben followed their gazes to a rising pile of smoke and noticed exactly what they were looking and hearing from. It appeared to had been coming from a fairly deeper part of the amusement park.

"What's that smoke? And that noise?" Megumi wondered.

"Fireworks maybe?" Tia guessed.

"Or maybe the attraction of some hero-like attraction perhaps." The teen idol said otherwise.

"A high-level stunt action performance maybe." Ben took his own guess.

"Well there's no time for that! As I thought, I can't find Kiyomaro anywhere…!" Tia said with a sad voice as she tried to look around for the teen.

"Late by thirty minutes, go figure." Ben said as he took out a map he got at the entrance. "They probably already went further into the place."

"What?! That's no good! I had plans to ride the Jet Coaster with Kiyomaro!"

"Well maybe we can—"



"Explosions?" Megumi suddenly looked back in the same direction that they were looking at before.

"And… Lightning?" Tia added. "Wait, up in the sky, that's…!"

"Zatch's Zakeru!" They both then said. Ben looked back on his map, determining the location of the Mamodo Pair.

"There's no way that's just a coincidence then." Ben stated plainly. "I bet they chose an isolated location to battle an opponent. In this park, the pool area is closed for this season, so it's completely empty.

The young Mamodo growled, but nonetheless decided to keep her calm for the time being. "Let's go then. I'm gonna strangle the ones responsible for keeping those two away from our date!"

"Well then…" Ben smirked. "What are we waiting for? Let's move!"

At said location a few minutes ago, massively loud noises and sparks of electricity ran wild as Zatch and Kiyo scattered about. Once again, they were in a battle, but this time not with just one pair of a Mamodo and Human, but…

"For crying out loud… I didn't think two opponents at once would be this much more difficult…" Kiyo gasped for air as he sat on the ground. "Zatch, you all right?"

With Zatch next to him, the two were full of scratches, and Zatch seemed to had been sprayed with some sort of green solution. Around them was the decimated grounds that were the pools, crumbled and damaged due to the battle the two were currently a part of.

"Yeah… I seem to be fine at the moment." Zatch replied as he attempted to dry off the liquid with the bow of his cloak.

'Another solution… Will it show its effects later on, like last time?' Kiyo thought to himself as he looked down at Zatch's feet. He currently wasn't wearing his shoes, and there seemed to be some sort of purple-like substance around the part of his leg which should've been on of where his shoes were worn.

Cursing to himself, the duo looked forward as a recently made dust cloud faded away, revealing two pairs of humans and Mamodos. Of the Mamodo, one resembled a green lizard that was either bipedal or all-fours; this was Zoboron. The other one was humanoid and took on the appearance of a child prince with dark blond hair, that was Purio.

For the humans, one was a dark-skinned woman named Lupa, who was in a long black dress and had a notable large nose and large black afro. She held the humanoid child's dark-turquoise Spell Book. The other one, Hige, was a large man wearing clothing that took a resembling to a Greek or Roman robe. He held onto a rope in his right hand that tied around his lizard partner, with a brown-grey Spell Book in his other.

'I don't want to admit it, but these guys are strong when they pair up together.' Kiyo analyzed the situation. These two pairs were teaming up against other teams it seemed. 'The lizard's powerful but slow attacks are supported by the other one's inhibiting saliva Spells. Their teamwork is… Wait a minute…'

Blinking, Kiyo suddenly got an idea as the enemy team took a moment to boast over their advantages. 'Team up? That's it!'

Grinning in return, he then pointed his middle and index fingers into the air, the signature stance that Zatch and Kiyo developed for their strategies. "Zatch! Look above you! Towards the sky!"

"Right!" Complying without hesitation, Zatch looked upwards as Kiyo casted a Spell.

"Zakeru!" As the blond Mamodo blasted a lightning bolt into the sky, the other two pairs stopped their foolish gestures to look back.

"What? Towards the sky?" Purio questioned.

"What, did you lose your senses from all the pressure we're putting on you?" Hige boasted as Zakeru's effect faded. "In that case, I'll finish you off quickly!"

As Zoboron's Spell Book glowed, he opened his mouth as a magenta sphere began to form. "Oru Dogurakeru!"

As the sphere grew out from Zoboron's mouth, he then fired it at Kiyo and Zatch. It turned into a large, magenta colored sphere of energy with fin-like protrusions on four sides and a yellow gem in its center, which moved slowly towards the duo. However, despite the low amount of speed, Kiyo and Zatch still seemed to be wary of it.

"Kiyo?! It's faster than the last one!" Zatch noted as the two prepared to jump out of the way. Running off, before they looked back, the sphere began to move and turn in the direction they ran off. "Aw crap! It's chasing us!"

"What?!" Kiyo blurted. Hige and company laughed as hard as they could as they watched the lightning pair attempt to run off from Zoboron's Spell. "Fine then, how about this?!"

"Eh?" Hige blinked.

"Rashirudo!" Casting a different Spell than Zakeru, right before the Oru Dogurakeru blasted them, a tall, wide electrical wall spawned out from the ground in an angle that began to shield the blow.

"W-What is that?" Lupa and the others flinched. "A shield?"

"Just be patient." Hige commanded. "Take a look."

"Alright, Rashirudo will end up deflecti—OH SHIT!" Kiyo appeared to smirk in retaliation of Rashirudo's supposed effects, but his expression immediately shattered as he and Zatch witnessed it starting to crack and break up.

"It's breaking apart!" Zatch cried out.

Unfortunately, Oru Dogurakeru was too powerful for the shield. Cracking through, even though the Spell took part of the power away from the sphere, the shockwaves from the explosion were enough to blast back the two as it exploded.

"See? What'd I tell ya?" Hige smirked.

"Oooh! We really are an unstoppable team!" Lupa cheered.

As the remains of Rashirudo crumbled and vanished, Zatch and Kiyo struggled to get up as the latter looked over the resulting explosion in disbelief.

"Rashirudo was destroyed? That Spell was that much more powerful than the other one?" The teen barked.

"Ho ho ho! We have them on the ropes now!" Lupa boasted.

"Just a little bit more!" Purio grinned.

"I got ya! I'll put even more energy into this next one!" Hige promised. "Beyond anything that that shield can handle!

Glowing even brighter than before, Hige gripped the Book as Zoboron opened his mouth again. "Oru Dogurakeru!"

"Grr… Zatch, we're going to escape this time!" Kiyo growled as he got up. As he was about to run back though, Zatch began to whimper in pain.

"Kiyo…maro…" Zatch mumbled.

"Huh?" Turning around, Kiyo's eyes contracted upon seeing Zatch struggling to move. "What's wrong?!"

"I…can't move. My body is…paralyzed." He answered.

"What?" Leaning down, Kiyo took a sample of Purio's liquid that he sprayed on Zatch and quickly took note of it. "This solution… It hasn't solidified. Wait, it couldn't be!"

"W…What?" Zatch asked.

"The solution from that other Spell. It was different from the other one. Rather than acting as a sticky adhesive, this one is a poison to paralyze one's body!" Kiyo quickly explained as he tried to get him up. "But we're alright! We still have Rashirudo!"


"We haven't been defeated yet Zatch! Come on!" Kiyo tried to encourage him.

"But… That other Spell was more powerful than the last one. It broke through the barrier." He argued as his book started to glow.

"Yeah… We may get blown away with Rashirudo, but this time I'll stop it! I'll put all of my energy into it!" Kiyo answered otherwise as the Oru Dogurakeru drew closer. "If I have to carry you off, so be it! We'll win this. We have to!"

"Haha! Continue even if he has to carry that wimp around? How lame!" Purio cackled.

"And they still want to fight! That's even funnier!" Hige added on.

"After you're wasted from this attack, there's now way that you'll be able to win against the four of us!" The small Mamado added onto the insults. "We'll be the victors over your sorry little bu—"


"Huh?" Both Zatch and Kiyo's faces lifted up as a voice screamed from behind them. As their former paralyzed faces were about to look behind them, a large humanoid figure leaped in front of them and picked them up.

"Now, Megumi!" Tia called out to her partner as their Book glowed. The two stood right where Zatch and Kiyo were as they jumped into the decimated pool.

"Ma Seshirudo!" Spawning their signature disk-shaped shield, the Oru Dogurakeru smashed into its face…only to be nullified completely and erased.

Both Purio and Lupa's eyes popped out in shock as Hige and Zoboron's jaws dropped. As the figure placed Kiyo and Zatch down, the duo turned to behind them, only…for Zatch and Kiyo to freak out a little actually.

"AAAAAAAAAAH! A MONSTER!" Zatch cried out.

"A-A Mamodo?" Kiyo blinked in confusion and fear.

The figure, now revealed to be a teen sized humanoid person sighed as his four arms all shrugged. It was none other than Ben, who was now wearing a red and black jumpsuit. Each of his limbs were surrounded by a layer of thin armor, and a pair of additional arms were located underneath his usual ones. Wearing a helmet that left the bottom part of his face, four green eyes glowed from the display as Ben grinned.

"It's me, Ben!" He waved at them. "Check it!"

"B-Ben?" Kiyo was astounded. "Wait, where's your partner?"

"Never mind that for now." Megumi smiled as she and Tia extended their arms down for the duo to pick up. "We're here to help!"

"After we saw that lightning bolt and heard those explosions, we came as soon as we could. Good thing we had a good navigator." Tia explained as she grabbed Zatch up.

"Let's fight together!" Megumi proposed as she picked up Kiyo.

"And this time, it's going to be a fight that's in your advantage." Ben reassured.

"Advantage? Please, I'll beat these guys into a bloody pulp for making us miss out on this occasion!" Tia barked in response, earning the Omnitrix wielder a sarcastic laugh.

As the five got acquainted with one another, Purio and company were shocked beyond belief. Not only that they were teaming up, but he learned that despite this being a global scale free-for-all, the Mamodo were beginning to learn that teaming up with other pairs seemed to be the safest maneuver for the later stages.

"T-They teamed up as well? I didn't know the other Mamodo were starting to do that…!" He said with a squeak. "Aw crapbaskets…"

The teams of Mamodo stood far from each other as they regrouped. The previous fields of dust and smoke from their earlier encounter finally began to fade away once the time settled into the situation. A few minutes later, and everyone who was getting back on track stared at their enemies as they prepared for the upcoming brawl. Nevertheless, they all stayed a fair distance away from the center, as per cautionary reasons.

"You ready for this, guys?" Ben asked as he reverted back to normal.

"Yeah…" Kiyo answered. "Sorry we had to get you guys involved. I was hoping that the two of us could've handled those four by ourselves, but that didn't seem to be the case as you saw earlier."

"Come on, don't say that. This is what we should be doing." Megumi replied. "You know I said that we would repay you guys the favor for last time, remember?"

"Oh… Right." Kiyo and Zatch's expressions lightened as they remembered from that one time. Ben glanced back, holding the urge to tease Megumi as she and Tia stepped forward.

"This time, we'll be the ones to save you." She promised.

"Hey… I'm still here too, ya know?" Ben chuckled weakly.

"You're the insurance. Reinforcements, the like." Tia shrugged…before stomping on the floor in rage. "AND YOU KNOW…"

"Oh no..." Ben stepped a few steps away from the Mamodo as she began to grit her teeth violently.

'I'm not letting this fly! They've gone and interrupted our date! I'M GONNA STRANGLE THEM UNTIL THEY LIKE IT!' As veins popped on her forehead, she began to throw a tantrum that made Purio's group flinch.

'…Talk about bloodthirsty.' Ben joked.

"Uh… Tia… Why's she so mad for, Megumi-san?" Kiyo asked, afraid that he was going to say something to worsen her temper.

"I was gonna ask the same thing." Zatch nodded in fear.

"W-Well… I'm not really sure." Megumi answered, feigning ignorance as she looked away. "She seems even madder than usual…"

"Well, probably because these past few events have caused her to miss out on the date that she so wanted to… Never mind…" Ben was going to answer, but upon seeing Tia's glaring eyes, he glanced away and began to whistle.

"Well shoot, they've got allies of their own." Lupa noted.

"It doesn't matter!" Hige barked. "Don't think you can win just because you've got some comrades! You can't be our combinations!"

"Oh…?" Ben rose an eyebrow with an intrigued voice.

"Go, Lupa, Purio! Show them our might!" Hige commanded. In response to his call, the dark-turquoise Book duo began to dash off like madmen towards the five.

"Tsk… Zatch, can you move yet?" Kiyo turned down to his partner. The blond Mamodo tried to move his body as he grunted a few times, but he wasn't able to at the moment. "Zatch!"

"Leave it to us!" Megumi, Ben, and Tia stepped in front of the duo.

"We'll handle these doofuses." Ben licked his lips in excitement as he went for the Omnitrix. Tia growled though as Lupa and Purio came closer.

"Be careful though! Their speed is abnormal!" Kiyo warned them as the duo split off in different directions, Lupa towards Megumi, and Purio towards Tia and Ben.

"HOOO!" Lupa yelled as she appeared in front of Megumi.

'They're fast!' Tia noted as Purio leaped towards her and grabbed her shoulders. Ben turned to the prince-looking Mamodo in response as Lupa opened her book.

"Oh? You're quite cute. Don't know why you're hanging out with guys like these. How about it then? If you admit defeat, as it's going to be regardless, I'll make you my Queen!" Purio proposed with a devious look.

"What?!" Megumi couldn't help but glance to retort against his absurd comment.

'Oh! A Chance! While she's distracted, I'll slap her book aw—'

"—Ten four, one two!" Ben grinned as he tackled Purio off of Tia. "And he scores!"

"Gaah!" The dirty blond haired Mamodo groaned as he landed on the floor. "What the?"

"You really don't have that much of an attention span, don't ya kid?" Ben looked down at him as he gave him and uppercut. "And lemme tell ya something…"

"Mess with Ben; you get the Ten!" As he went up into the air, Ben then grabbed his collar, swung him overhead, and then slammed him onto the ground with a single arm. Holding him down on the floor, he strained one of his arms as the Mamodo twitched in pain.

"Hey! I was gonna strangle him for making those wry remarks!" Tia pouted. "Who does that guy think he's talking to?!"

"P-Purio!" Lupa turned and ran towards her partner.

"Oh no you don't!" Megumi said otherwise. "I would pay attention to the foe in front of you, like Ben said!"

Grabbing her wrist, the teen idol quickly placed her Book in her bag and proceeded to twist Lupa's arm back. Pushing against her elbow with a much effective strain, she flawlessly proceeded to slam Lupa down with an arm bar takedown, faceplanting the afro lady onto the pool flooring.

"O-Oh…" Kiyo looked at Megumi with surprise. "Wow… That was…"

"So cool!" Zatch said otherwise in response to Ben's performance.

"F-Fine then…!" Lupa growled, quickly breaking off from Megumi while the teen was distracted. Quickly back flipping several times towards Purio in a rapid fashion, she swept him into her legs and ran back to Hige's group in record time.

"Oh what." Ben frowned. "How did that happen?"

"I-I was careless." Lupa panted a little as she returned to the other side.

"T-That guy is such a bully!" Purio whined, mentioning Ben's ruthless assault as he rubbed his jaw.

"Well, at least that electric Mamodo hasn't recovered yet." Lupa then pointed at Zatch, noting his still inability to move.

"So it's technically still a four vs four." Hige agreed. "We can still win. Let's do this!"

"Round two!" Megumi and company got ready.

"Go, Lupa, Purio! Show them our—"

"Now wait just a second here pal!" Lupa and Purio suddenly appeared in front of the man's face, startling him.

"W-What?" He then asked.

"Whadya mean "Go"?! Why do you keep calling out all the orders for?! You think you can just order us around?" Purio growled.

"Right! Why don't you go this time? We're the ones constantly exerting all our stamina in these instant attacks!" Lupa went on.

"What? The younger people should go and initiate the attacks! That means you guys!" Hige argued back. "How's that for an answer, ya sniveling brat!"

"Haa?! You bearded old fart! I'm not gonna let that slide!"

"You wanna go then, snot-nose ingrate?!"


"…They're certainly toxic." Ben admitted. "Reminds me of two kids fighting on a playground."

"Seems like they're quarreling with one another." Kiyo blinked.

"Yep." Zatch nodded. "Are they really a team?"

"Perhaps they don't really like each other despite partnering up with one another." Megumi assumed.

"WHO CARES!" Tia yelled, stomping her foot again as she barked at the enemy team. "IF YOU'RE GONNA FIGHT, THEN HURRY THE HELL UP! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU FOOLS DOING OVER THERE?!"

"T-Tia, calm down…" Ben sighed as he lifted the girl up into a full nelson again. "Sheesh, you're really pissed off about missing this date."

"I'LL RIP THEIR HAIR OFF FROM THEIR DUMB SKULLS!" Tia continued her banter, which was more than loud enough for Lupa and Hige to stop arguing and sweat drop at her rage.

"…I suppose we shouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves." Lupa admitted to Hige.

"Right… Let's get back on track." Hige agreed.

"How about that other trick we planned? How about that?" Lupa then suggested. Purio and everyone else nodded in response.

"Ah, yeah… Let's go with that!" Zoboron's owner decided. "Alright people, Formation Two!"

Upon hearing that, Ben and company turned back to the group to see Hige and Lupa switching places with one another. Purio was now paired with Hige, and Zoboron with Lupa. As Purio's partner lifted Zoboron to her shoulder and dashed off, Hige and Purio did the same from the other end while Tia was still going on with her struggling in Ben's grasp.

"Well now, so much for calm and collectiveness…" Ben grumbled as he placed Tia down.

"They changed partners?" Megumi observed.

"Dogurakeru!" Hige casted.

With Tia and Megumi against Zoboron and Lupa, and Ben with Kiyo and Zatch against Purio and Hige, as the older man recited a Spell, the five were a bit distracted by this new strategy.

"Kiyomaro, what's that?" Tia quickly asked as Zoboron shot out a large, dark purple sphere similar to his previous Spell.

"Stay alert! It's slow, but it has incredible destructive force!" Kiyo warned.

"That's correct! However, how's this?!" Hige grinned as he began to spin Purio around. "Giant's Swing!"

"Aaaaaaand…!" Purio added.

"Dareido!" Now from Lupa's side, as everyone turned their heads back and forth between the pairs, Purio began to spit out a purple substance from his mouth like a machine gun!

"WHAT?!" Kiyo's eyes widened in confusion.

"How's that?! You may have blocked Ora Dogurakeru from before, but that shield of yours won't be able to block from two attacks from different directions!" Hige snickered as his team's attacks started to draw closer to home base.

"Oh?" Tia grinned. "But we have other shields as well!"

"Right!" Megumi yelled as her Spell Book began to glow.

…Something didn't seem right though. Before they could cast the Spell that Ben knew they were going to do, he quickly opened the Omnitrix as he began to yell at his female allies.

"Don't cast Seushiru!" He barked as his own Book glowed. "Cast Ma Seshirudo!"

"Eh? W-Why?" Tia and Megumi asked.

"Just do it!" Ben ordered as he began to recite his Spell.

'H-His book… It's…on that device on his wrist? And he's reciting it by himself?!' Kiyo's eyes wandered down to Ben as the olive-green text from his book began to glow brightly.

"Poaruku!" Casting his Spell, Ben immediately began to morph into his Diamondhead form and quickly constructed a wall of crystals to block Purio's attack.

"Ma Seshirudo!" And following in suit, instead of using their spherical barrier, Megumi and Tia casted their signature shield to block the Dogurakeru. It had just as much power as Ora Dogurakeru, making the duo realize that Seushiru would've broke as a result.

"What?! Crystals?" Hige's eyes popped out.

"And he read it by himself?! Impossible!" Purio added.

"…You pieces of crap!" Tia once again began to grit her teeth, this time even angrier than before. "You know how many times I had my dreams and hopes shattered today?!"

"H-Huh?" Hige and Purio glanced at each other in question.

"I WAS GONNA RIDE THE JET COASTER WITH KIYOMARO! I'm gonna smash you all to pulps!" She pointed at Hige as the grown man retorted in question.

"Ha, told ya." Ben shrugged.

"…S-Scary." Zatch gulped.

"Yeah… But Ben, I didn't know that you read your Spells by yourself." Kiyo agreed, before turning to the shapeshifter next to him. "What's with that anyways?"

"Well, I told you before, right? I'm a sort of special case." Ben explained vaguely. "I'll explain after this is over."

"MEGUMI!" Tia ordered her partner as she swung her arms back.

"Y-YES!" Megumi and everyone flinched, turning around while reciting another Spell. "Saisu!"

As the orange crescent wave of energy soared at Purio and Hige, the older man shrieked in fear as he threw his book away and held Purio up like a shield. While the Mamodo was bickering all the while while Saisu came up close, Hige successfully protected himself as the Spell blasted into Purio's face.

"…It hit the Mamodo." Megumi noted.

"Tsk… I was going for the fatso. Saisu would've knocked him out cold." Tia grunted.

"Ah geez, that was close…" Hige coughed as he stood up.

"Close?! That attack got me! I'm all charred up, you ass!" Purio yelled in return. "What the hell were you thinking!"

"S-Sorry, it couldn't be helped! Mamodo are more durable than Humans, right?" Hige attempted to apologize.

"Hey! What was that!?" Lupa ran back to Hige, throwing Zoboron onto the ground like a chewtoy.

"Don't do that again!" Purio ordered.

"Alright, alright!" Hige sighed.

"…You all right, Purio?" Lupa asked her partner.

"Yeah, it wasn't that bad. I just wanted to give him a hard time." Purio admitted.

"Wait, not that bad?" Hige and Lupa both said in realization. "The girls have defense, but no offense! That's it!"

"But what about that other guy?" Purio pointed at Ben. "That guy can transform into scary monsters!"

'…Technically, they're Mamodo-ized aliens.' Ben corrected them.

"As long as we have the speed to avoid him, we should be fine." Hige proposed as he replied.

"…Looks like we're going to need Zatch's firepower to win this." Kiyo said otherwise as he glanced back at the blond. 'But he can't exactly move yet still…'

While the teen was contemplating for some ideas, as Ben's crystal wall began to surge back into the ground, it was then that he noticed a familiar substance sticking onto the wall as it pattered down onto the floor, peeling off from the wall. It was none other than Purio's Dareido that lingered.

'…I see, that can work!' Getting a plan into his mind, he then turned to the others. "Everyone, I have a plan that'll work!"

"What's going on in that head of yours, Kiyo?" Ben asked as he kept an eye on Hige's group.

"We'll use a combination of our own." He revealed as he got everyone together. Beginning to whisper his thoughts to everyone else, Hige began to notice the five moving about.

"What're you guys whispering about?!" He demanded. "Even if you have a plan of your own, it's pointless! You won't beat us!"

"We'll finish you off, if you don't mind." Purio taunted.

"…Alright, done!" Kiyo grinned as he finished whatever he was going to do. "Zatch!"

"Unu!" The blond answered as he aimed himself at the group.

"Zakeru!" Blasting his signature lightning bolt, it narrowly zapped the four, causing an explosion that blew them aside. The four quickly got back up and shuddered back as a dust cloud formed up.

"Shit! Is the electric one able to move now?" Hige guessed.

"No way! Poreido hasn't worn off yet!" Lupa made sure. "And besides, take a look at that angle. The attack missed us!"

"Then how about this!" Ben suddenly yelled out as he jumped out into their faces. He seemed to had covered a majority of his body in crystal armor as he began to rush them.

"AAAAAAH! THE MONSTER'S HERE!" Purio cried out while Zoboron hissed.

"He's close! He won't be able to dodge this then!" Hige barked as he began to cast a Spell. "Dogurakeru!"

Panicking, Zoboron quickly shot out another sphere at Ben. Even as slow as it was, he was practically point blank as he fired it off. However, it seemed as though he was prepared for that as his frontal armor opened up like a door, revealing Tia inside.

"Megumi!" Tia yelled for her partner.

"Ma Seshirudo!" Blocking the otherwise lethal attack, Hige and Lupa merely grinned in response.

"So what?! Even if that girl blocks the attacks we throw, you won't be able to hit us with your heavy lub going forward like—

"W-W-WHAT?! The girl's inside him!" Purio pointed out as Ben rushed forward, revealing Tia to them all. "She was sitting in him like a kangaroo!"

"That's not it though!" The transformed Ben grinned as he quickly twirled to his back, opening another slot to reveal Zatch. "Here's another!"

"The other one as well! Oh shit…!" Hige yelped.

"Zakeru!" Blasting the enemy humans at point blank, Hige and Lupa quickly threw away their books to prevent their Mamodos from fading away from Zatch's Spell.

Skidding back due to the launching force of Zakeru, Zoboron and Purio desperately reached out for their books and rejoined their injured partners.

"Lupa! You alright?!" Purio tugged at his partner. "Damn those three…!"

"O-Ow…!" Lupa groaned in pain.

"N-No, Lupa! Let's keep going! I don't want to lose! Not after we trained so hard and came such a long way!" Purio began to cry out, tears flowing down his cheeks.

'…C-Come on… Lupa.' Lupa tried to encourage herself. 'After all we've been through… We can't let it end HERE!'

With Purio's concern for his partner and Lupa's own will to keep going…it was then that everyone else began to notice something that didn't occur every day. Purio's Spell Book began to glow brightly, meaning that…

"Huh…?" Purio turned back, only for his eyes to widen in awe. "Lupa, wake up! The Book… It's shining!"

"O-Ooooh…!" Getting up, the two opened the Spell Book to have it reveal a newly translated page in its archives. "I can read it! It's a new Spell!"

"Then we still have a chance!" Purio smiled as Lupa went to Hige.

"Hige! Come on, we still have a chance to try out a new combination! We can do it!" Lupa pushed and pulled on Hige to wake him. However, all it managed to do was…annoy him to the point of fury.

"HAAAA?! WHAT COMBINATION?!" He roared out.

"H-Hige?!" Purio and Zoboron flinched.

"I can't take this anymore!" Hige growled at Lupa. "I'm done!"

"D-Don't get angry! We won't be able to win without us cooperating with one another!" Lupa tried to calm the giant.

"Oh shut it, you old mannequin-faced granny!" Zoboron's partner snarled.

"WHAT'D YOU SAY?!" Now it was Lupa's turn to be insulted.

"What do you mean "cooperation"?! Your powers are useless!"

"You dare say that after using my Purio as a shield?!"

"Hey, as useless as he is, it's BEST to use him as a shield!"



"Sheesh, it's worse than the bickering between Gwen and I…" Ben chuckled lowly to himself.

"Watch out, Ben! It's that attack again!" Zatch warned as Hige and Zoboron stepped forwards by themselves.

"Then leave it to me, guys! Megumi!" Tia smiled as Ben turned around to have Tia positioned.

"Oru Dogurakeru!" Launching out their magenta colored attack once more, Megumi's own Book glowed as Tia extended her arms out.

"Ma Seshirudo!" Blocking out the attack as expected, as the two Spells canceled each other out from the resulting explosion, it was then that Hige sprinted into the trio with a fist dedicated to punching either one of them.

"Take this, you damn brats!" The man growled in rage as he was about to land his attack on Tia. "DAMN YOU ALL—"

"Nuh-uhh beardy… I wouldn't do that if I were you…"

As Tia closed her eyes to prepare for the slamming, as she opened her eyes, she nearly fell over from what everyone else saw.

"Holy cow…" Megumi blinked.

'Huh, to think I'd get inspiration from him of all people.' Ben looked at his creation, reminiscing about a certain alien warlord.

Constructing a sphere of crystal around himself, it was littered around and jiggering with spikes from all degrees like a spiked ball you saw in cartoons. Right as Hige was going to land his punch, several spikes nearly skewered him, pointing centimeters away from his body.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Hige backed off. "Lupa! Why didn't you tell me that he could do that?!"

"HOW WOULD I KNOW?!" The afro woman shrugged.

"Ha, you got fooled!" Purio chuckled. "And look at that tummy!"

"Hey, draw a face on it!" Lupa snickered as Purio took out a marker and drew a funny face on Hige's exposed stomach… It made everyone laugh actually, calming Hige and company a little as Ben retracted his crystals.

"Alright…" Ben smiled as he let the two off. "I think you can move a little, Zatch?"

"U-Unu…" Zatch twitched as he wobbled upon landing.

"Lean on me, Zatch." Tia came up behind him, allowing him to sit down slowly. "There, is that better?"

"Y-Yes. Thanks, and sorry for that." Zatch nodded.

"ALRIGHT, ONE MORE SHOT!" Tia then grinned. "Aim at their books, Zatch!"

"I got ya!" Ben replied. "Kiyo, Megumi!"

"A-Alright! We can't see through the smoke, but we'll trust your word anyways!" Kiyo and Megumi opened their books. The smoke from the previous Zakeru still lingered, but they decided to trust their partners regardless.

"I'll add in into it as well!" Ben grinned as he slapped the Omnitrix dial.

"HAHAHAHA… Wait, a minute." Hige stopped his laughter to turn to Lupa. "Didn't you say you had a new Spell? Use it then!"

"Ohohoho… I won't use it for a klutz like yourself!" Lupa giggled in ignorance. "You fat pi—"



"Poaruku! Poakeru!"

Interrupting their conversation, Ben quickly transformed into his Heatblast form and launched out a large fireball, joining in with Tia and Zatch's attacks. While Hige was too busy to grab his Book, Lupa made sure to hug it tightly as to prevent Purio's Book from burning.

As the large explosion blew them to the end of the pool, they all landed with loud thuds as Zoboron's Spell Book caught on fire. As the smoke quickly blew off as a result of the combination attack, Kiyo and Megumi rushed to their partner's sides, with Kiyo being partially interested in Ben's fire form nonetheless.

"Zatch, Tia, Ben! You okay?!" Kiyo asked in concern.

"Yeah, we're fine!" Tia smiled.

"Fit as a fiddle." Ben folded his arms while giving them a thumbs up.

"N-Noooo! Zoboron! ZOBORON!" Hige cried out to his crying partner as the lizard Mamodo quickly vanished as his Book burnt down to ashes.

"Aw shit." Purio gasped at his friend's disappearance. "L-Lu—"

"—NOT YET!" Lupa startled everyone as she jumped onto her feet. "We still have a new Spell!"

"What?!" Kiyo retorted.

"Megumi!" Tia quickly called out to Megumi as the two women opened their Books.

"Purio!" Lupa called out to her partner as he jumped in front of her.

"Yeah!" Purio returned the calling.

"The Third Spell: Mokerudo!"

"Seushiru!" As both Spells were casted, Purio's new Spell allowed him to spew a dense smokescreen from his mouth.

As the bubble-like shield surrounded the five, it unfortunately didn't allow them to see through the blinding Spell. In truth, Purio's new Spell almost resembled smog to a point as it lingered around the area.

"Smog?" Kiyo took note of the new substance.

"AND NOW TO ESCAPE!" Purio and Lupa dashed out immediately while Seushiru was still in effect. Hige cried out as well as he desperately ran away to join them as well.

"WHAT?! Get back here!" Tia growled as she released her barrier and tried to run after them. However, it was to her avail that the three were already out of sight.

"…Huh." Ben blinked as he reverted back.

"They ran away." Kiyo blinked in awe.

"…A new Spell to be used like that." Zatch cocked his head in interest, but also confusion.

The four were certainly baffled to be sure. Their first tag-team battle, learning that one of them was a shapeshifter… And that their enemy used their new Spell without any knowledge and successfully ran away from them in return.

"So… That was interesting." Ben ruffled his head. "Talk about a hot start and a blinding ending."


"Aw hell…" Ben facepalmed.

A couple of minutes later, the five returned back to the main area of the amusement park after patching up Kiyo and Zatch's injuries. Immediately as they entered, Tia dragged the teen with her to ride the esteemed Jet Coaster…only to discover that…

"You've gotta be at least 120 centimeters tall to ride that, Tia." Ben smirked upon seeing the safety sign as Tia's face began to stream out tears. '…That's around 4 foot, 0 inches almost if I convert that correctly.'

"T-Tia…" Megumi chuckled nervously as her partner began to thrash about.

"THAT'S NOT FAIR! WHAT DO THEY HAVE AGAINST PEOPLE BEING SMALL?!" Tia cried out as she turned to Ben. "BEN!"

"W-What?" The Omnitrix wielder tried to keep a snicker in.

"A lump! Whack me on the head to make me grow a lump big enough to make me taller!" She ordered.

"S-Stop it Tia, there's other rides you know…" Megumi sweat dropped in response to Tia's desperation. "B-Ben…"

"Fine…" Ben sighed as he picked up Tia and swung her over his shoulder. "Come on, Tia."

"No! I wanna get on with Kiyomaro! I wanna! I wanna be get on! I wanna!" Squirming around, she began to pound Ben's back in a spoiled matter. "I wanna! I wanna! I wanna! I wanna! I wanna…!"

Walking away from the Jet Coaster, Tia's tantrum gathered quite the attention from the other visitors to the park, but eventually Ben managed to calm her down by the time they approached a "similar" ride a little bit later.

And by that, we meant a kiddy Jet Coaster! Which Tia was afraid of regardless.

"N-NO! TOO FAST! WE'RE FLYING TOO FAST!" Tia looked down towards the floor like a wet cat. "We're gonna fall!"

"Hehe… Come on Tia, it'll be fine!" Kiyo chuckled as he turned the controls on their ride, causing it to swivel around. "Woah…"

"AAAAH!" Grabbing onto him like a cat ready to run away from predators, Tia shrieked loudly. "KIYOMARO, LEMME DOWN! I'M SCARED!"

Megumi looked behind her from where she and Zatch were riding, smiling in amusement to Tia's overreactions. She took much pleasure in seeing her having fun despite being scared so. All the while, Zatch seemed to be enthralled with the new heights he was soaring off from as he looked afar.

"Oh? You don't seem scared, Zatch-kun. You seem okay." The brunette noticed.

"Unu! This is great! We're flying so high up!" Zatch replied with an overjoyed voice. This sudden sense of happiness caused Megumi to conjure up a mischievous plan as her expression turned to such.

"Ah… Then let's sway it up a little." She grinned deviously, causing Zatch to panic in a fashion similar to Tia.

"AAAAH~~~! THAT'S DANGEROUS, MEGUMI-DONO! STOP THAT!" The Mamodo struggled to stay on as Megumi giggled in amusement.

'Ah… This is so relaxing!' She sighed in joy, but not before remembering something as she looked in front of her and Zatch. "Wait, what happened to… Aw, crapbaskets."

Looking in front of her as she stopped swaying the ride, after Zatch calmed down, they both looked to the coaster in front of them to see a stream of…contents pouring out from the edge of a seat. Zatch's jaw dropped as Megumi sighed.

"I forgot about Ben…" She cursed herself as Ben continued to vomit out. Too bad for the people on the ground though.


"Eh? You made lunch for us, you two?" Kiyo said in a surprised matter.

After a good round of fun ride riding, the time for lunch came about. The five took some time to look for a good spot to lay out their space for their picnic, and it didn't take long to find a suitable location in a patch of shade underneath a tree. To Kiyo's surprise, Megumi and Tia made lunches for him and Zatch and Ben, the last one being obvious of course.

"Of course." Megumi smiled as she took out a few bento boxes from her bag.

"Vulcan! You're in one piece!" Zatch cried out in joy as he took something out from his cloak. Ben blinked as he began to play with a small, cardboard box that had a face drawn onto it and sticks glued on to act like limbs.

'…Vulcan? Like the Roman God?' Ben questioned as Megumi gave Kiyo a suggestive look.

"Oh? From your tone, you probably thought that idols couldn't cook, am I right?" She responded in a haughty fashion as she poked Kiyo's nose.

"Wha—No! No, of course not!" Kiyo blushed a little as he flailed his arms in embarrassment. 'I-I just didn't think I would be able to eat food prepared by a famous idol, and a girl near my age to exact…'

As Megumi continued to prepare the food, Kiyo then looked around towards the Mamodos. Zatch was seen still playing around with Vulcan, while Ben was lazing around on the floor and about to fall asleep. Tia was strangely quiet as she had the biggest blush on her face as she took out her own bento box.

'Oh, speaking of which…' Kiyo reminded himself as he gazed at Ben and Tia. "Hey Tia, Ben. I wanted to ask you two a few questions."

"Hmm…?" Ben wiped his eyes awake as he sat up. "What is it, Kiyo?"

"Well, first of all… Tia, I wanted to ask you about Zatch." The teen turned to the pink haired girl first.

"Zatch?" Tia's blushing face disappeared as she turned to him. "What about him?"

"Well, as you already know, Zatch has no memory of his time in the Mamodo World. You know, whether he had family, what kind of person he was, the such." Kiyo then explained for his questioning.

"Er… Well, if I had to dwell back on it…" Tia started to think as she glanced at Zatch. "I actually don't know much about his family. I think he was an only child though. As for the type of guy he was… Well."

The three turned to Zatch, who was busy filling Vulcan with a bunch of pebbles and pretending that it was some kind of mecha. "Recharge… Energy, energy, energy… Fire fire!"

"He… Well he was always like that. Just take my word for it." Tia pointed at him while making a serious expression, though she didn't seem proud to explain it to Kiyo.

"O-Oh… Really." Kiyo chuckled. "Er… Alright then. *Cough* Ben, your turn now."

"Ah… What're you three talking about? Sounds quite suspicious…!" Megumi whispered to Kiyo, startling him as he leaned away on reflex.

"Ah, i-it was nothing bad. We were just talking about Zatch and his past." Kiyo answered.

"Zatch-kun? Oh…" Megumi blinked. Ben glanced a little off to see Tia joining up with Zatch as the two teens began to talk to one another. "You know at first, Tia was a little reluctant to tell me about her past…"

"Really…" Kiyo was surprised that the tomboy Tia was actually like that. It went to show how her past connections affected her present outlook on life.

"It's good to see that she's changed though." Ben said otherwise. "Losing contact of her fellow people for a while, only to discover that your friends were turning against you because of a Battle."

"Ah, Ben. I forgot to ask you earlier… But…you mind explaining to me your well…circumstances?" Kiyo then turned to Ben as he was reminded of what he was going to ask him before getting interrupted. Megumi decided to listen in on this as well as she finished prepping the lunches.

"Oh, gladly… I'm just hoping you can believe what I'm going to tell you." Ben joked. "It's certainly…eye-opening to say the least."

"Hey, I have an IQ of over 180; Mamodo children coming to world was already otherworldly enough for me. I don't think you'll be any less convincing." Kiyo reassured him. "So go on."

"Well, alright then. I explained to Megumi a little already, but I guess I'll give you the full story then." Ben decided as he got into a comfortable position. "Let's start off…from my Earth."

"Your Earth? You mean you're not actually a Mamodo?" Kiyo first asked, already intrigued by his first sentence. "I mean…that actually would make a bit of sense to be honest."

"Well, I'll explain in full detail, like I said." Ben promised. "Now then…"

"The Earth that I descend from is much like this one, at least in terms of current technology and culture. If I had a quick glance, I wouldn't be able to tell that there were any differences. However… Therein lies the according factors."

"…Extraterrestrials. We've all heard about them. U. , aliens, the Roosevelt Incident, everything that seemed to be out of the ordinary or otherwise unexplainable by others. There is evidence; but where do they originate from? Were they already here? Did they affect humanity in any way? So many questions…"

"In the case of myself, I had the encounter of a lifetime. A single event changed how my life would go. Instead of being an ordinary kid living an ordinary life on Earth, I gained the opportunity to live the life of a unique individual due to a certain device. That one thing… It allowed me to encounter what many would say would be unbelievable to others, impossible to achieve in a life cycle. But it happened to me…and I have no regrets of the events that unfolded upon that day."

"…That is, until recently. The day that I would become separated from my plane of reality would become my undoing… And thus, another tale begins in another reality."

And thus, the third chapter is complete.

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