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Chapter 1: The M-66s


The night was torrid, the jungle vegetation was moving strongly due to the storm that darkened everything except for the times when the rays illuminated the surface of the place for a second. Without warning, the total blackness is desecrated by a deafening noise; powerful lights illuminate the place and the vegetation moves much more due to the motors of several Horizont class transport ships.

Soldiers armed on foot or in Cyclones, spread strategically around the site, while other personnel are responsible for moving and assembling machines of various kinds. In the end, they move a series of huge boxes to the open space that could very well be coffins, which are being checked by a couple of scientists.

"Major, units are ready," reports a soldier to the officer in charge of the operation.

"Professor Matthews, Professor Slade, you can activate the M-66s now."

"Professor Matthews, as creator of the Puppet Project, you have the honor."

An elderly man with very thick glasses approaches the console and with the simple press of a key he makes what looked like coffins open, a fog comes out of them that is dispersed by the storm and then emerges at a steady pace androids that resemble Japanese puppets of natural size to the human, but have female hairstyles. The androids go to the depths of the jungle in the midst of the storm.

The Major heads to a console and speaks through the screen communicator.

"Team Eye, Beholder, Dollar, how's the transmission coming."

"Eye team, transmission without interference. Beholder team, transmission without interference. Dollar Team, perfect transmission, sir."

"Sir, the invid hive has detected the M-66s and already sent inorganics to destroy them."

"Of what kind?"

"All types except hellcats, which are on patrol in gamma sector 7b, but they're coming back now sir."

"Don't worry Mayor, Professor Matthews designed and programmed the M-66s to destroy any kind of inorganics," Slade informed him.

"We will see... I wish the test had been conducted in a calmer climate, but it is the deadline and General Edward wants results not now but for yesterday."

The Major was not disappointed as the M-66 units destroyed the inorganic ones, however, he felt a chill on his back as he saw from the different monitors how the regent's inorganic ones were destroyed. The m-66s not only employed the numerical advantage in their favor, but also used guerrilla and other tactics that used only special shock and retreat forces. The Major expected one Terminator-style "show" and what he saw was something of a ninja clan with black op military training and high-tech weaponry.


"The real test begins just after Major, the hellcats have just arrived and now they will face the M-66s," Slade told him.

"There's nothing to worry about," said Professor Matthews, "although the hellcats are non-bi-pedal inorganic and their danger lies in their speed and animal attack, the M-66s have a self-learning, guerilla-intelligence-centric, class combat programming, unlike the hellcats, which have only tracking and elimination programming."

And it was true, the hellcats were no match for the M-66s, although in direct combat the androids were inferior to the hellcats, in the end the victory was for the androids.

The Mayor was silent for a few seconds and then turned to the monitor.

"Teams Blade, Balzac, Dago and Red Eye teams: enter the hive, destroy any opposition, secure the place and the invid brain, the latter is a priority."

The major addressed the scientists and looked at them sternly but pleasingly.

"Well Professor Matthews, it seems you will get a juicy contract with REF."



A few days later inside the city of Kroiniagh la Vecth.

The city was located on an arid planet that previously belonged to the Robotech Masters race and was later abandoned. It was now the place where civilians and non-essential military personnel of the REF were stationed.

On the outskirts of the city in a new building (safely made by humans), a young girl named Ferris came to the table for breakfast.

"Hi Lydia, Percy, thank you for waiting for me."

"You´re welcome Ferris," Lydia replied, while Percy watched TV for fun.

Ferris and Lydia were as different in appearance as daylight at night, Ferris had light blonde hair and she also had blue eyes, while Lydia had black hair and eyes of the same color. Both girls met when the ancient city of robotech masters finally opened their first school, and on the first day Ferris discovered Lydia's secret, seeing by accident how Lydia's cat became a human being (well actually a Cat Boy). Percy found himself magically hiding his ears and tail when he was discovered and tried to conceal it, but Ferris did not allow herself to be deceived. In the end, the two girls told each other their secrets: Lydia had a cat that turned into a Cat Boy and once saved her from an evil ghost named Beetlejuice, and Ferris had a grandfather working on an ultra-secret project to build combat androids.

"Look, look, girls," Percy told them urgently to watch the news.

"... yes, these are the images of the independent reporter Sybel that she took this morning and that we bring exclusively for you."

"The military are the scum of the human race, we will let those beggars continue to lead us to war and devastation, I tell them enough, let us return home, let us return to Earth," said a man of oriental build and long hair, while a multitudinous march advanced at a fast pace through the streets of the city, while detonations of dynamite were heard nearby.

"That Lynn Kyle is cute, isn't he, Lydia?"

"I don't know Ferris, it seems to me that he only uses pacifism as an excuse to unleash his hatred against the military."

"But he's handsome, isn't he?" The blonde insisted, Lydia sighed and continued to eat breakfast.

"How boring you are, since you don't like the boy, how about if we go tonight to have fun in the center, Percy can also go."

"Let's go Lydia, we're on vacation and I want to play in the arcade."

"Percy, what's the magic with which you hide your ears and tail?" Lydia asked.

"It is Ocultar Apariencia."

"And what happens if you suddenly get scared?" Lydia asked again.

"My... my ears and tail come out..."

"That's why you can't go to the arcade, the last time you were almost discovered in that zombie game: "the house of the dead: REF's ghost ship"."

"Waaaa" Percy started crying.

"Calm down Percy, we'll go to other places just as fun," Ferris told Percy, which cheered him up quite a bit.



At that very moment in the city's sewers, Lynn Kyle and his group of "pacifists" tried to enter a military compound surreptitiously.

"Keep going, you just have to put up with the smell a little more and soon we will arrive at the place."

"Are you sure they keep the weapons here?" a man asked.

"Yes, I am, one of Professor Slade's assistants told me so (I seduced her), they are supposed to be a kind of robots in human form, we can't let the military use them, if they succeed, the war will continue and we won't be able to return to Earth, and more importantly, the military will appear as the heroes and we will stop being so great in front of the babes."

All the men laughed at the joke, though some suspected that Lynn Kyle was serious.

Once inside the compound, the men placed explosives all over the site, using fake videos to show the security of the building and deactivated all the alarms.

"It was fortunate that an invid scorpion ship approached this system, all the ships, their veritechs and mechas went to intercept the invid in case they discovered the existence of the city" with an ironic glance he communicated this to his men.

"Yes, we were lucky, otherwise we would never have entered this place."

"And if we're luckier, most of the pilots and male crew will die, and I'll have more hotties for myself, I mean for us," Kyle corrected.

This time few men laughed, as they definitely thought their leader's "jokes" were serious. A few minutes later, part of the military science complex exploded, killing several people including Kyle's "informant" (anyway, there are more where she came from, Kyle thought).

The "coffins" of the M-66s protected their androids and they were liberated, passing their program of destruction from inorganic to: destruction of all living humanoids.




This fanfic was translated from Spanish into English using the DeepL program, and my knowledge of English. Forgive any grammatical and punctuation errors.



Lydia Deetz and the killer droids

Original tittle: Un gato contra los M-66