Chapter 1:

No Orders

Captain's Log: Stardate 72077.3: After our encounter with Jaylah and Kroll, the crew and I are taking much needed shore leave. We laid to rest our conn officer Pavel Chekov, who died suddenly from an enlarged organ, stemming from a common Earth disease. No replacements have been selected at this time.

Captain James T. Kirk, Spock and Bones were in the conference room with the admiral Paris.

"We have no further orders for you or your crew, Captain Kirk. I'm sorry."

Spock asked, "Is there an unexplored area of space we can encounter that Starfleet needs to map?"

"Yes," Paris said. "Here are the charts of unexplored space." Kirk looked at the padd, passed it to Spock. "Beware, gentlemen, of any black holes or strange phenomenon. Catalog everything."

"Aye, sir." Kirk turned to leave. "One more thing, James." Kirk turned back. "I'm sorry about Lt. Chekov. The Academy has not found a replacement yet." Spock said, "Perhaps it would be illogical to replace him. The Enterprise would not be the same without him."

Kirk put his hand on his friend's shoulder, "I concur with Spock. He's irreplaceable."

"Yes, he was." Admiral Paris looked straight, beyond the officers. "Dismissed."