Shipping It Stargate Style

Chapter 01

Unending Odyssey

In one universe of one multiverse, a girl was trapped in her locker by her one time almost sister, now mortal enemy.

In one universe of an entirely different multiverse, far away across the sea of existence, a starship was exploding from the beam of energy that lanced through it.

The girl screamed one final time before her vocal cords broke.

The ship… began to put itself back together.

If it was just a temporal reversion, the fabric of that universe wouldn't have cared. Much.

But the people on that ship sought to bring something back.

Even with that, the universe would've probably been okay. An uninhabited galaxy or two burned away to solve the paradox. Not really a problem.

However, the inhabitants of teat ship tried to bring back a person.

A soul.

One of the most complex forms of matter an energy possible. The apex of the path every universe's collapse-expand cycle set forth upon.

So much information, and so temporally sensitive, that the fabric of that universe tore itself apart.

It was only put back together by the frantic efforts of that universe's ascended beings.

They were left with a conundrum, because there were now two occurrences of the ship and everyone on it.

One was fine, and was about to initiate the time bubble. It had the displaced soul, which, despite all the chaos, arrived safe and sound.

The other ship, still locked in a time bubble, was almost completely destroyed.

The ascended did what this universe's particular blend always did to solve problems. Out of sight, out of mind.

They tossed the timelocked ship out of their multiverse.

The entire aborted timeline, ship included, was ejected into the space and time between space or time. Wrapped up in a tiny little universe barely 500 meters across.

It traveled for unknown eons, occasionally pinging off other multiverses like a pinball in an arcade machine. Some of the collisions had effects on the contents of the tiny universe, despite their paused state.

One gave the ship sentience.

Another gave it a soul.

Yet another imbued it and the people on it with the gift of Magic.

Finally, one multiverse didn't reject it. This one had been so damaged by a race composed of faulty Clarketech that the ship was able to slip right in.

It glanced off another tiny travelling spirit, both redirecting its course and imparting the ability to come back as a human looking girl if it ever was destroyed.

Given it was in the process of being destroyed, this activated, turning the people on board into tiny faeries and the ship into a girl. Time was still paused inside the tiny universe though, and as such, the mind of the ship failed to form.

Such are the perils of tampering with time. Not that this eventuality would end up teaching the ascended of the ship's origin universe anything. As one of their order, exiled and forced to fight by their unjust inaction, was so fond of cryptically saying; 'if you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago.'

Their candlelight had been recognized as fire long ago, yet they'd rejected it due to their memories of a different type of fire.

Regardless of happenings across the sea of existence, the ship slammed into a piece of the Clarketech race that was responsible for the damage of this multiverse. Powerful, spacetime manipulating supercomputers they might be, but the power of Magic and tons of extreme 'velocity', as much as that term can apply to what exists outside space and time, built up over 'eons' of 'travel', were behind the ship's little universe.

The ship ate the planet sized piece of Clarketech like it was a snack. At the same time, due to the collision, the ship experienced its final course correction.

On January 3rd, 2011, the U.S.A.F. Odyssey slammed straight into Taylor Hebert. Due to their severely weakened states, the two became one being, merging into a sum greater than both parts.

And she woke up.

Stars, two beings spiraling around each other-

-screaming battle enemies explosions shields down hull damage pain-

-ages long sedate unmoving low power safe-

-frozen cast out collision more collisions change entry collision change consumption assimilate merge-

Taylor woke with a gasp, banging her head on her locker.

And promptly stared in shock at the impression of her face staring back at her from the metal.

"W-What?" she tried to say, her surprise over her own face staring out of the metal of her locker overriding the panic and fear and disgust she felt at her location.

Which she somehow knew the exact statistics of, down to the millimeter.

Her core was thrumming with unexpected new life and her crew were scrambling to figure out what went wrong with the temporal reversion-

Crew? Core? Temporal reversion?! Taylor asked herself. She shook her head to try and remove the certainties she knew to be true. What the hell is going on?

She half heartedly banged on the locker door once more, momentarily chalking it up to her going crazy.

She also instinctively fired her sublight engines.

The poor metal door didn't just fly off the locker, it disintegrated against the force and power of engines capable of accelerating her to a full 80% of lightspeed in a few seconds.

WHAT THE FUCK?! Taylor screamed in her own head, pushing herself away from the now missing door and into the sludge on her back.

The sludge which was being repelled by a shimmering blue-white field, bright enough to light up the locker from the inside.

Her shields.

Before she could fully contemplate their existence her sublight engines flared again, forcing her hull through the back of the locker and a solid foot into the concrete wall.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Taylor screamed, her vocal cords repaired by her merge.

She hesitantly straightened up and shimmied the distance back to her locker, looking back at the impression of her spread eagled body now almost literally punched into the wall.

She hadn't even felt the impact. The wall provided about as much of an obstacle as a spider's web.

"Sublight engines?" Taylor asked herself under her breath, almost jumping when she received a status report on their functionality. She only managed to hold herself back with the knowledge that yes, the top of her locker, and indeed the school itself, would pose just as much of an obstacle to her as the wall had if she traveled upward.

They didn't even register on her collision detection systems. They were just there.

Oh, and she had a hyperdrive too apparently, whatever both of those even meant!

Taylor started to hyperventilate. She stumbled out of her locker, her sublight engines helpfully indicating their status of being barely a hundredth of a percent engaged.

Then, came the voices.

"Colonel, what the hell is going on with the ship?" a nice sounding, if old, man asked.

"I don't know Cam, I've never seen anything like this!" a woman's voice answered. "The Odyssey's doing things all in it's own."


That name rang true in Taylor's head. It felt as much her name as Taylor did.

U.S.A.F. X-304 Daedalus Class Deep Space Carrier Odyssey, her well of new knowledge and senses informed her.

U.S.A.F? Taylor asked herself. She blinked when the answer came to her, not from her new stuff but from her… previous? knowledge. United States Air Force? Deep Space Carrier?!

"Maybe the ship got so bored of being trapped in this time bubble it evolved its own sentience?" a rather mischievous, slightly European sounding woman said sarcastically.

Her voice made Taylor want to hide her valuables. Several of her armories and cargo bays proceeded to seal shut, almost subconsciously.

Because apparently she had those now.

"Oh come on, that's crazy," a fourth man dismissed her.

Crazy. Right.

Like the voice in her head had any room to talk.

The voices were silent for several seconds. Taylor worried that they'd heard her silent thoughts up until the same man continued.

"Right, guys?" he hesitantly asked for confirmation.

"Well we do have the Asgard core on board…" the first woman began to try and reason.

"No way. Nuh uh. I draw the line at alive ships," the first man said flatly.

"Well why don't we just ask?" the second woman reasoned. "And hey, has anyone seen Muscles around? I thought he was supposed to be going back in time or something."

Taylor was pretty sure she was crazy. She'd obviously snapped in the locker. Maybe… maybe she was still in there.

Hallucinating all this.

"Fine! Fine! Hey Odyssey, here's a dumb question but apparently we should ask it anyways: anybody home?!" the second man sounded like an angry old grandpa.

Taylor saw no reason to not indulge her mental break. She was already far gone enough to experience all of this. Not much more to go.

She tried to feel for a way to reply to them and got something called a comm system back in response. She, trembling, tried to pipe her voice through it and into the room the four of them were in.

She barely registered it being the engine room. Her engine room.

"H-hello?" she called out.

Two of them, the first man and the second woman, jumped with surprise. The second man just dropped his arms and let his head flop back with defeat.

The first woman gulped. Taylor could see all this through something called the internal sensors. Because she had those now too, apparently. "Hi," she said to the ceiling, shivering slightly. "Uh… who are you?"

"Y-You're the voices in my head, you tell me!" Taylor shot back.

Suddenly she found dossiers on all of them pulling up in her vision. Colonel Samantha Carter. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. Vala mal Daniel Jackson.

"Nevermind, whatever this insanity is just told me," she informed them. A thought of wanting the things to go away made them disappear.

Sam blinked several more times, then set her face sternly. "Are you the Odyssey?" she asked, the tone of disbelief on her voice very clear.

"I-" Taylor started, then hesitated. She felt like the Odyssey. It… fit. Just seemed... right.

But her human sense was still not going along for the ride her instincts were trying to sell her. Something wasn't right, something was off.

Oh god. Maybe this was a cape Mastering her. That had to be it.

She saw the feeling of off as the only evidence of her possible real self fighting back against whatever Mastering was going on. To keep herself from falling any further into the illusion, Taylor clutched to that feeling like a lifeline. Then, she tried again. "No. No, I'm not. I'm Taylor. I don't know what this crazy shit is but you'd better stop it!"

Wait… but if the voices were part of the Mastering...

Taylor's eyes widened in sudden realization. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" she screamed at the possible invaders.

Her ship systems immediately went to full red alert. But she ignored that because it wasn't possible.

"We're not in your head, kid!" Cameron fired back. "We're on a ship! What are you doing in its head?!"

"BULLSHIT!" Taylor fired back. "You're trying to- to mind control me or something!"

Cameron blinked and proceeded to stare at her ceiling with disbelief. "Mind control." He snorted and shook his head. "What the hell are you talking about? That's not even possible!" he continued.

His complete lack of belief, not even in the idea that he could be mind controlling she, but in the concept of it in the first place, made a chink in Taylor's mental armor. "Mind control!" she insisted. "like Mastering!"

Daniel interrupted whatever Cameron was about to say. "Alright, I can't be the only one who heard a capital letter there," he remarked.

"Uh, guys," Vala spoke up. This interrupted Taylor from continuing the discussion. Not due to her words, but their time and, more importantly, just where and in front of what she was standing.

Vala was looking at one of the monitors that showed the outside. She'd previously been looking at the screen that showed the Odyssey's status.

And a screen for Taylor's external sensors. Displaying her surroundings. In her school.

"Not now, Vala!" Daniel scolded her.

"Oooh no," Vala shot back. "You do not get to do that to me anymore!"

"We're trying to negotiate with the entity that's taken over our ship and you're going to do this NOW?!" Daniel yelled back.

"Yes!" Vala fired off. "Because you've got it all wrong!"

"STOP IT, ALL OF YOU!" Taylor screamed, collapsing to her knees and hiding her face. She just wanted this to go away!

The 'ship' they were on went dark. She'd shut down power to everything but life support and the internal sensors.

"Sam," Daniel asked pleasantly after a few moments. "What just happened?"

Sam tried to place a crystal down on the very unique console at the back of the engine room. It clunked against the glass-like surface uselessly. "Damn it!" she cursed. "I have no idea!"

"Maybe we upset the poor girl who is also now our ship?" Vala tersely suggested, her arms crossed.

The three others looked at her with dumbfounded expressions.

"You really should learn to listen to me more," she deadpanned, her tone kind of hurt.

"What the hell do you mean, girl who is our ship?" Cameron asked.

Vala grinned and looked at the ceiling. "Taylor?" she asked sweetly. "Would you turn the lights back on please?"

Taylor really didn't want to. Really didn't. She… was probably being Mastered.

But she looked at the remains of her locker and grimaced. Something was going on. Something immensely screwed up. Most likely Mastering.


There was a small chance it was something else.

Maybe… maybe she'd triggered in her locker.

It certainly fit. She shuddered as she briefly recalled the experience. Something like that was definitely Trigger Event worthy.

And maybe, just maybe, her power was weird. Perhaps it gave her four voices in her head to talk to.

She was always alone. And it was uncommon knowledge on PHO, but not rare knowledge, that the powers someone got always reflected themselves and their Trigger Event.

Taylor had no idea how becoming a ship was related to being trapped in a school locker, but the voices to talk to part matched what she knew.

She'd prefer to believe her new theory over the one where she was being Mastered.

So, hesitantly, Taylor searched herself for a way to follow… Vala's request. After a few moments she found it. The control panel for… herself, was a set of simple switches in her mind she'd flipped on instinct in her panic. She hesitated, closed her eyes, and flipped them back on.

The systems of the ship all came back online. And Taylor watched her new… crew with the eyes of a hawk, powered by Asgard sensors.

She would need to figure out just what the help those were later on. If she was going with the 'voices are part of her power' theory, she needed to a certain just what kind of voices they were.

Her world didn't exactly have a good history with capes who heard voices. The Butcher and The Fairy Queen being just two well known examples.

The fact those capes happened to be ludicrously powerful seemingly in exchange Taylor pushed to the side for now.

"There, see?" Vala presented smugly. "I told you. I was right!"

"Vala, a girl cannot be a starship!" Sam lamented, sighing.

Vala stepped closer to the sensor screen and pointed. "Well then you tell me, Sam, how the outside of the Odyssey shows a Tau'ri school?"

The three of them stared at her for several seconds, dumbfounded.

Then they reluctantly stepped over to the screen.

And stared it for several more seconds. Sam was the one having the hardest time accepting what her eyes were telling her, given the look of absolute disbelief on her face.

"Holy Hannah," Cameron exclaimed.

Sam's eyes widened. She looked at the ceiling again. "Um… Taylor?"

"What?" Taylor replied, wary of them yelling again, even as she closed out of the molecular scan she'd accidentally started running on them.

"Where are you right now?" she asked, the struggle to believe Taylor's sensors still quite clear.

"I-I'm on the floor outside my locker," she said, choking up. "Hugging my knees."

The four of them looked back down at her sensor screen.

"That certainly looks like a pair of legs and arms hugging them," Daniel dryly remarked.

"This is impossible!" Sam refuted. "Ships… don't just suddenly become humans!"

"Oh no, no, but humans and ships shrinking," Daniel snarked back, pushing his glasses back up his nose, "that's, that's okay?"

"Uh, guys?" Cameron asked, interrupting the bickering non siblings. He tapped a section of the screen. It zoomed in on Taylor's arm. "What's that?"

Taylor hurriedly hid her arm out of view of that particular visual sensor- eye. "Nothing."

Vala's face darkened. "It looked like feminine refuse, Cam," she said.

Taylor began whimpering and curled in on herself further. Vala had- she'd brought up something Taylor was trying very hard to forget. She was trying to scrutinize her new teammates, not… not melt down.

But everything was finally catching up to her, overriding the shock she'd experienced at the various feats of absurdity she had suddenly become capable of. The contemplation that her sister… ex-sister, now, especially after this, had tried to kill her.

She wasn't in the best headspace, and the torrent of tears that erupted from her eyes, washing over her visual sensors- her eyes, to drip onto the cold school's floor, proved it. She couldn't focus on her scans anymore. Couldn't do anything but hug herself and cry.

The thought to appear as anything other than how emotionally fucked up she was at that moment never entered her head. She believed the voices in her head to be only that, after all. Just voices. Mastering or parts of her power, they were just… voices.

The people on board Taylor were silent. They'd noticed her plight, through the sensor screens. The four members of the premier team of intergalactic explorers, each battle-hardened warriors and seasoned negotiators, looked to each other in silent dares to be the first one to breach the topic.

It inevitably fell to the less reserved woman present. Vala shot a narrow eyed glare at Sam, Daniel, and Cameron, but closed her eyes and sighed with acceptance.

"Taylor," Vala hesitantly spoke up, laying a comforting hand on the console in front of her, a gesture that Taylor somehow felt, "what happened?"

Taylor's breath hitched in her chest. She hastily wiped her eyes in an attempt to get the tears to go away. "N-Nothing," she half heartedly stammered.

"You don't seem like the kind of person who cries over nothing," she fired back.

Taylor had nothing to say. She just continued to sob, trying and failing to do so silently. Her continual leg hugging had reached the point that her sublight engines engaged. Due to a quirk of her new- old- merged existence, their output was dumped straight into shoving her reconfigured hangar bays - arms against her legs.

Taylor jolted a bit with surprise. Her legs. She- she thought of them as her legs first. She didn't have to correct herself.

The advent of that little bit of normal in her otherwise insane new existence broke what little control she had left. Taylor curled in further, stressing her shields, and hid her face in her knees. She proceeded to let the pain, sorrow, and misery of her last two years out through choked sobs and muted wailing.

It was a very long time before she stopped.

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