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A Love Such As This

Chapter One: Waiting

            The breath came out in warm, swirling clouds of moisture as he exhaled slowly. Then, through tight teeth, he sucked in another breath. It was so cold that every crisp dry lungful burned. Yukito clapped his gloved hands together for warmth.

            "I should've worn mittens," he muttered to himself. He was waiting for someone to come. Well, not just someone. Yukito was waiting for the most important person in his world to come, to take his hand and make the whole world warm even if only for a brief moment. He was waiting for Touya. Yukito sat on a bench underneath a tree, rubbing his hands together and blowing into them periodically. His lips were cracking from the dry air.

            "Come on, Touya. Get here already, I'm cold." Yukito tried not to be, but he was really upset. He had been waiting for nearly a half an hour now. Touya was so good with keeping appointments. Could it be that he didn't want to meet Yuki? No, no, that couldn't be true. All the same, Yuki was growing increasingly frightened of that possibility. He pulled his knees up under him. Resting his chin on his knees, the pale boy resisted the nearly overpowering urge to break down and cry.

            "Yuki," came a voice from behind him, soft and warm against the back of his head. He could feel the gentle rustling of his hair. With a thrilling shiver of happy recognition, he lifted his grey-haired head and turned around.

            "To-ya!" Yukito cried joyfully. Touya smiled at his friend, and then frowned in concern. Yuki's face was wet and his eyes were just the slightest bit red. The tall, dark-haired boy put a gloved finger to the smaller boy's cheek.

            "Are you all right?" Touya asked. His fretful face hovered a mere few inches from Yukito's own. He felt his heart speed up in response to his friend's proximity. A warm, faint blush rose to his cheeks and spread across his face. "You look like you've been crying." Touya's fingers caressed Yuki's face, wiping away the tear-trails that were all down his face.

            "N-no," Yuki stammered. His face burned where Touya's hands had been and still were. "I'm f-fine." Touya frowned disbelievingly.

            "Liar," he said, but gently. His warm, wet breath brushed against Yuki's face. Touya pulled off his gloves and put his bare hands to Yukito's face. They were warm and rough. Yuki felt himself pressing his face into them. Touya pressed his face into the back Yukito's head. "What's wrong?" he mumbled into his strawberry-scented hair. Yuki felt his barriers weakened. Against his will, tears slipped down his face.

            "It's nothing…" He muttered, over and over. But Touya was insistent, his hands wiping away the tears as they fell. "I just thought that…maybe you weren't going to come, and I…well…" Yuki stopped out of fear. He had almost let it slip, his most precious secret. "Ah…" He trembled, unconsciously, scared that Touya had found out. Would he say something? Turn away? Oh, why did he have to go and be so foolish as to cry?

            But Touya said nothing about what Yuki had let slip, he just finished wiping away the tears that traced cold, salty lines down his friend's face and smiled. "I came. I'm sorry I was so late, but I had some things to do and lost track of the time. I didn't mean to make you worry, Yuki." Yuki smiled back at Touya.

            "It's all right, To-ya. I don't mind." So, still smiling, Touya put his hand in Yukito's own, and together they walked away.


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