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Notes: Actually, I started this chapter as soon as chapter two went up! (It feels like some kind of record for me…) I would just like to mention something about this fanfic: it is purely for my own fluff craving, and has very little to do with the actual series. These are merely supposed to be sweet little moments in their lives, and if you are paying attention, you will have noticed that Sakura and the Clow are not mentioned once. They will not be, because I myself believe that the driving force and appeal behind the manga is NOT the magic, as some would think, but rather the characters and their relationships, primarily with Sakura herself but also with each other. So, just to tell you, do not even think about asking me to put Yue in here. I do not like TxYxY; it's just…bah. Anyway, this chapter is not much longer than the other two, because I do not feel like it.

A Love Such As This

Chapter Three: Happiness and the Little Things

           The winter had finally begun to thaw, and the snow melted away from the ground revealing the tender green growth beneath. People began to put their heavy coats back into the attic to be forgotten until the next winter in a year's time. Everywhere was the feeling of renewal, of hope, of better things to come. Gardeners began to plant their seeds now that the danger of frost had passed. Patiently they had waited, and now the time had once again come to tend their luscious slices of greenery.

          There was a shop in the city of Tomoeda that sold garden supplies, and it always got the best business right at this time of year. Of course, it was open all year 'round, but the first few weeks of spring was the time it always did best because that was when the threat of frost had passed and people were ready to begin planting. The family that owned the business had owned it for years, and all the regulars were familiar with them.

          A slim, fairly graceful young man with pale grey hair and innocent amber eyes stood in the back of the shop, staring. He had not moved for over fifteen minutes now, and Rurika, the girl behind the counter, was wondering if he would ever move. However, just as she thought this, he reached out his slender hands and carefully selected ten packets of seeds. Then with his precious bundle in his arms, he approached the counter.

          "Tsukishiro-kun, you took longer than usual selecting your seeds! And I see you have some new flowers." Rurika said to the boy cheerfully as she rang him up. Yukito nodded absently, his face dusting with pink. Rurika saw it and gave him a knowing smile. "I know! It's for the girl you love, isn't it?" Yukito looked up, startled.

          "Y-yes, I guess you could say that," he stammered, his face flushing a deeper shade of scarlet. Rurika laughed kindly and handed him his bag and change. He waved at her to keep the change but she pressed it forcefully into his hand. Then she leaned over and whispered into his ear.

          "Whoever she is, she's very lucky!" Rurika resumed her former position and waved to a bright red Yukito as he left the store.

          "The one I love…" Yukito said to himself when he arrived at his home. He shook his head. "I doubt To-ya will appreciate flowers…Oh well." He took his seeds to his garden and for a moment, he just stood there, staring at the empty earth. It looked desolate now, but it was really just a piece of possibility. It would soon be carpeted in the green of young plants, and after that the rich colors of the mature plants. With a small smile, Yukito took out a trowel and began to plant his seeds.

          It was a few week later, before his flowers had bloomed, that Yukito was talking to Touya on the roof of the school building. The pair was up there often, especially during lunch. It was marvelously quiet and isolated up there, perfect for thought. There, they could say and be anything they wished…except for what they both desperately wish to say and be.

          "To-ya," Yukito said, after finishing his rather large lunch and stretching out on the warm concrete, "are you happy?" It was a simple question, but a very hard one to answer. Touya looked over at his friend's amber eyes, but Yukito looked away. Touya did not know what to say.

          "Yes, I think I am," he said after a while. "In fact, I know I am. Are you?"

          Yukito thought about this for a long time. Then, tentatively, he answered. "Most of the time," he said. Touya nodded. "What…makes you happy, To-ya?"

          Touya, too, thought for a long time. When he answered, he chose his words carefully. "Because I take my joy from the little things, I think."

          "The…the little things?" Touya glanced over at Yukito. The smaller young man's face was beginning to turn red, and right now, it was a sweet shade of pink.

          "Yes…Like the way you smile, Sakura's laughter, the warmth of your hands…All those little things make me happy." Yukito looked at Touya, amber eyes wide. Touya grinned at him gently. Then the dark-haired boy reached out and ruffled his friend's already messy grey hair. "Come on, it's time for sixth period." He picked himself up effortlessly and turned to walk away. Yuki stared after him for a minute, then scrambled to get up and chased after Touya.