Guest: Since you actually asked instead of just sperging all over the keyboard, I'll actually answer instead of retaliating with thinly veiled insults.

Harry's opinions on the Abrahamic religions are as vitriolic as they are for multiple reasons. Firstly, there is an old element of a personal grudge to it, and later on he gains a more abstract disgust once his personality formed in such a way as to value knowledge over blind faith.

He holds Jews, Muslims and Christians in contempt because Judaism, Islam and Christianity are cults. You may disagree with this designation, but the difference between a cult and a religion is realistically only in how mainstream it is. Hinduism gets a similar treatment, although with less vitriol because it is part of a different culture and doesn't have quite the same organization behind it, while Shinto and Buddhism are largely spared it on account of being more philosophical than dogmatic. Dead religions are considered irrelevant so he has no strong opinions on them.

Moreover, once he started seriously dabbling in politics, he's had to deal with the people behind those cults and that did nothing whatsoever to mellow him out on the topic. Because organized religions are also – as the word "organized" implies – organizations, which means they have agendas and power structures, which automatically makes them rivals at best and enemies at worst.

It doesn't help that he's quite judgmental and misanthropic to a degree, so he's perfectly willing to throw every member of a group into the same bin. To his thinking, anyone willing to associate themselves with such groups can't be worth much and certainly isn't worth being given the benefit of the doubt.

His opinions on religion as a whole have mellowed out somewhat over the centuries, conceding that most people simply need something to believe in. His thoughts on the matter also took on a more political "how can I use this?" twist, but with the Abrahamic religions dead back on his homeworld his opinions on them are effectively frozen in time.

As for whether Harry's opinions echo mine… some of them do and some of them don't. I won't elaborate on the specifics because you're a random person on the internet and your existence is irrelevant to me.

Regarding my attitude being bad from a PR/business perspective, I do believe the late George Carlin had the right of it when he said "Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners". Obviously this isn't true in the literal sense, but the parallels in how PC culture and fascism both enforce self-censorship out of fear of the consequences do strike a chord. I know that the F-word gets thrown around a lot these days – particularly by idiots that have no idea what the word means beyond "something bad" – but the bottom line is that I'd rather be rude than two-faced.

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17th day of the 5th moon, 310 AC. Dol Guldur.

Adrastia spread butter over her slice of bread with a focus usually reserved for more important things.

She was a busy woman these days and didn't spend a lot of days at 'home'. Part of the reason were the others sitting at the table. So…many…children!

Harry hadn't taken any new women into his harem, but that had somehow not prevented him from expanding the size of his brood to a truly absurd degree. On just Elia, Arianne and Tyenne, he had sired nineteen children over the past ten years.


Unnoticed by all, the Black Widow took a deep breath to calm her sheer exasperation and reminded herself that it wasn't exactly his fault. It wasn't like he had forgotten how contraceptive magic worked or suddenly decided that he absolutely needed to keep those three women barefoot and pregnant at all times.

No, it was just that his second foray into godhood had had…consequences.

Adrastia glanced at the head of the table where the wizard in question sat and… glowed. Without the aid of his armor. And his hair these days was less black and more 'a mass of living shadow'.

An inadvertent side-effect of his glowy armor and flaming sword turned out to be a pseudo-revival of the not-quite-dead religion of R'hllor, this time with Harry as its figurehead. So now the man had to deal with a permanent glow emanating from his skin and hair of flowing darkness, in his persona as the reborn God of Light and Shadow.

Whether the physical change was due to the artificial body's inbuilt ability to change color or not was anyone's guess.

Oh, but it got funnier. He got a little something from almost every part of the world. The absurd number of children he had nowadays was thanks to his 'efforts' in the Summer Isles and the Patrimony of Hyrkoon. The people there were absolutely convinced that their god was a virile beast of a man that came like a horse and could impregnate any woman capable of bearing children with even a single drop of seed and as Harry had said, the belief gained truth. No contraception short of a physical barrier could stop him now and he hated wearing condoms, so hordes of screaming brats it was.

Luna wasn't spared the splash damage either. A lot of people had known she was his wife, they vacationed in the Summer Isles often enough and Harry had recruited her help for certain social engineering projects in many other parts of the world.

That was why the moonbrained witch was sporting a gentler glow of her own, with her hair paled from its golden blonde to a flowing moonlight silver. Even the moon marking on her forehead – which Adrastia knew was originally only there because Luna shared Harry's irrational enjoyment of puns – glowed and had in fact become the widely accepted symbol of her own faithful.

Yes, Luna had clerics and temples dedicated to her. A terrifying notion.

As religions tend to do, things had spiraled out of control. People made up their own interpretations so that the information they were being given fit with their world view. A new mythology was taking form, with Harry as the aspect of the sun and Luna as the moon, and this new mythology was being mashed together with the older, already established religions.

That was how Harry and Luna ended up usurping the Seven, with Harry taking the roles of the Father, the Warrior and the Smith and Luna taking the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, with the Stranger as the aspect of death being left largely alone.

The process was only in the beginning stages at the moment, but Adrastia gave it fifty years before the faith of the Seven was no longer the faith of the Seven, but of the Two.

It was only natural, she supposed. With the seasons settling into a more normal yearly cycle and the Wall melting and all the other miraculous crap they got credit for, things were bound to go off the rails. When it was just a few hundred thousand people beyond the Wall believing them to be gods it didn't mean much, but with the whole world doing it…

Perhaps things would have been different if the two were less spiritually aware or if this world functioned on logic closer to that of Earth or if they'd had some inkling about these changes before it was too late to do anything about them, but it now it was what it was.

At the very least, the fact that they still had physical bodies meant that they were grounded enough to keep the influence on their souls and personalities to a minimum.

"Harry?" Arianne's sweet voice drew Adrastia's attention. The wheedling quality of it, more accurately.

The Black Widow knew immediately what was about to happen. She had been waiting for it for a few years already.

This should be good. She grinned internally and settled in to watch the train wreck, taking a bit out of her slice of buttered bread with relish.

"Yes, Ari? What is it?" Harry questioned, giving the Dornish princess his full attention.

Arianne slinked over to him, her belly just beginning to show from her latest child. Was it her seventh or eigth? Adrastia could never keep track.

"My nameday is coming up soon." She continued, practically draping herself over Harry. Her eternal cohort, Tyene, did the same on his other side.

"So it is." Harry hummed. "I'm not telling you what your present is, that would spoil the surprise."

By now, the whole table had turned to watch the spectacle, but only Luna, Rhaella and Elia looked either sad or tense.

"Oh, Tyene and I were hoping that you'd let us choose our present this year." The princess replied in her most sultry fashion.

"Is that so?" Harry remained noncommittal, but there was a familiar resignation to his tone. He had been through this song and dance before.

"We've been good to you, haven't we?" Tyene joined in on the cajoling, almost whispering into his ear.

"You have." Harry allowed.

"Then can we choose our present?" Arianne took over again.


"It would be a present for you as well." Tyene took over.


"We want the Elixir of Life, so we can stay beautiful for you forever." Arianne finished.

And there it was. Arianne and Tyene were thirty-four now, still beautiful but obviously getting older. They had hinted at their desire for the Elixir before, but now they had decided to go all in with the offensive, attempting to employ guilt, gratitude, affection, bribery, seduction and public pressure at the same time. An all out offensive. There could be only one answer.

"Sorry, girls, that's not an option." Harry shut them down.

They recoiled in shock, clearly expecting their ploy to work. As if it was the first time a mistress had tried such a thing.

"How dare you?!" Arianne screeched, pregnancy hormones interacting with disappointment and sheer desperation to stave off old age to create a volatile mixture of emotions. "We gave you everything and you won't even give us this much?!"

Harry could have spent a week listing everything he had given her, but it would make no difference. Arianne was not in a reasonable mood.

He knew it too, so his reply was much simpler. "I won't share the Elixir of Life with anyone."

"You share it with Luna!" The princess retorted angrily. "And with…with her!"

Adrastia was sorely tempted to smile and wave mockingly when Arianne pointed at her, gloating over her own eternal youth while the much younger woman was doomed to become a shriveled old woman.

But it was best not to irritate Harry too much in moments like this, moments when his more long-term mortal lovers became bitter and resentful.

"Yes." Harry didn't try to justify it or explain, there was no point. There was never any point.

"I am the mother of your children!" Arianne shouted.

"Arianne, do you want to outlive your children?" Rhaella, now a distinguished sixty-five, asked pointedly. "Believe me when I say that you do not."

The Dornish princess sputtered angrily for a moment before finding a retort. "He could give the Elixir to them as well."

"We tried that." Luna spoke up quietly, much more subdued than the upbeat woman normally got. "It didn't end well."

"Arianne, do not be unreasonable." Elia implored her niece. "Harry does not withhold the Elixir from us out of malice."

"Unreasonable?!" Arianne shouted angrily, frustrated tears gathering in her eyes. She took a deep breath and let it out, calming down slightly. "I am going back to Sunspear. Come speak to me when you are feeling reasonable, Harry."

"Goodbye." The wizard said quietly as the princess and her cousin stomped out, no doubt going to pack their belongings. He sounded as if he didn't expect to see them again.

The mood at the breakfast table was now thoroughly ruined and the horde of children were quick to disperse, some going after their mothers and some going to do whatever it was that children did. Rhaella and Elia also left, assuring Harry that they would speak to Arianne and Tyene.

Now that it was just her, Harry and Luna, Adrastia let her face stretch into an amused grin. A chuckle escaped her as she once more thought back to the absolutely flabbergasted expressions on Arianne and Tyene's faces. The two idiots had genuinely thought that they would be getting what they wanted.

"Well, at least one of us is having a good day." Luna tried to find the silver lining.

It wasn't even sarcasm, she really meant that one. The inhuman level of niceness soured Adrastia's enjoyment worse than any threat or glare from Harry could.

Harry abruptly pushed away his plate and stood up, turning his face in her direction. "Come with me."

Adrastia was quick to obey, worried that she had pushed one button too many. She had thought that waiting until everyone else was gone to show her true nature would make it safe – Harry knew what she was like, after all. But emotions weren't rational and she might just have poked a sore spot.

Her fears eased slightly when she saw that they were making for his study. If he was going to punish her, then that was unlikely to be their destination.

Harry made for his desk as soon as they arrived and picked up one of his notebooks. The ridiculous man had somehow figured out how to read and write in spite of his blindness.

"What is this?" She asked, looking at the pages where it had been opened up on. Soul Transposition?

"Something I need your help with." Was his only reply. "Read it."

Adrastia took a closer look.

The first thing that caught her eye was a complex diagram that she supposed was meant to represent the soul. It depicted a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional object all connected into a single whole. Just looking at it gave her a headache.

It was also far beyond her ability to comprehend, as was much of the pseudo-scientific magical jargon below it, so she skipped to the end.

Conclusion: Soul Transposition is theoretically possible if the receiving soul is sufficiently prepared and able to accept the aspect of the giving soul. Can only be done willingly, or else the transposed aspect will be left 'jagged' due to being torn from the targeted soul and will not integrate with the receiver.

"I do not understand." Adrastia admitted.

"I want my sight back and this development," Harry replied, running a hand through his shadowy hair. "has presented me with the unique opportunity to get it."

"You need a donor." She realized, puzzling out the words in his notebook now.

"Yes, someone who places their faith in me wholeheartedly, someone willing to carve out his own eyes." Harry gestured with his finger and the pages of the notebook turned.

Soul Transposition, Method 4: Ritual Cannibalism.

Oh dear, it would appear that Harry's burst of squeamishness with the Bloodstone Emperor's antics hadn't stopped him from researching the things he had seen. And now he wanted her to find someone willing to carve out their own eyes so he could eat them.

"Why do you need me for that?" Adrastia asked pointedly. "I know that you can track down those particularly faithful to you with a little effort."

"Yes, but I can hardly ask them to cut their eyes out, now can I?" Harry shot back rhetorically. "That wouldn't be very godly and might shake their faith. What I need is for you to contrive a scenario where they will want to do it without reservation, while I send them visions."

"Ah, I see. What kind of limitation am I to work under? Can I show myself? Can I promise rewards, or does it have to be an 'out of the goodness of their hearts' sort of thing?"

"Promise all the rewards you want – within reason – but keep it quiet." Harry waved off. "I don't want this to set off a wave of human sacrifice, which is another reason I need you on site."

A valid concern, that.

"I will see it done." She promised. This was certainly much better than her fears of being punished for stepping out of line and it was nice to see that Harry wasn't letting Arianne and Tyene's tantrum get to him.

Not much at least. It was obvious that he was choosing to focus on things he could control instead.


22nd day of the 6th moon, 320 AC. Dol Guldur.

Luna had a wide, eager smile on her face. She checked herself in the mirror, ran a hand through her luminous silver hair, blinked glowing silver-blue eyes, rubbed a finger across the moon marking on her forehead and fixed the diaphanous pale blue chest and waist wrapping.

All good, now she just had to get Harry.

He was waiting for her in the main sitting room, stripped down to just a pair of black silk pants. One could even call them pajama pants, although Harry would protest that definition. His eyes glowed a brilliant green beneath the mass of shadow that was his hair these days, although he had long since shaved off his beard.

Luna was happy that he had his sight back, as she had missed his pretty eyes. He hadn't told her how he'd done that, so she figured that she probably didn't want to know.

"Are you ready?" She asked with a beaming smile, bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. Her breasts bounced with each motion and she saw his eyes follow them. Big boobies were fun.

"I was the one waiting for you." He smirked and stood up.

"Then let's gooo!" Luna cheered, spinning around and making a run for it with a giggling squeal. She heard Harry follow behind her, bare feet slapping against the stone.

It was close to midnight, so the halls were empty and they encountered no one. Luna slipped into a secret passage and found herself running upstairs, a blast of cold air hitting her a minute later when she emerged at the top of the tower.

The sky was overcast, but a deep inhale and an exertion of will parted the clouds to reveal the full moon. Luna exhaled and opened her eyes, smiling at the sight of it. She had always liked the moon, but ever since people had started worshiping her as a moon goddess, its light felt like it carried the hopes, dreams, prayers and wishes of everyone who believed in her.

Luna hadn't wanted to be deified, but if people were going to worship her, then she was going to be the best goddess she could be!

Big, warm hands snaked over her bare belly and pulled her against a hard chest.

"Caught you." Harry whispered into her ear.

Luna squirmed at the vaguely ticklish sensation, spinning around in his arms when she couldn't take it anymore. "Dance with me!"

Smirking, he took her left hand in his right, leaving his left on her waist. And then they danced atop the tower under the glow of the gentle moonlight.

Voices drifted from down below as their glowing forms were noticed. No doubt some late night tavern-goers and guards.

Harry spun her around in his arms and Luna took a moment to stick her tongue out at him. "Catch me if you can!" And then she jumped off the tower. "Wheeeeee!"

The first time she had done this, there had been shouts of alarm from the people below, but now they just cheered at the spectacle. Her fall slowed and started turning horizontal as the ground approached.

Her foot landed on the roof of Havel's old house, now taken over by his eldest son after his death a few years ago, feather-light despite her body weighing almost a hundred and sixty kilograms. She pushed off immediately, soaring through the air with a laugh, silver hair and transparent blue fabric streaming behind her in imitation of the moonlight from above.

Harry was right on her tail and threatening to catch her as she flitted from building to building. His hand was almost on her when the world twisted and suddenly she was elsewhere, in a different part of Angmar.

She laughed gaily at the narrow escape, grabbing the attention of the few people still awake at this hour but only giving the sleepers pleasant dreams due to the magical nature of the sound. She deliberately made for the ones awake.

"Have a nice night!" She wished them as she jumped over their heads, laughing at their expressions.

Harry had tracked her destination by that point and followed behind, so she focused her will on a new location and the world twisted again to convey her there.

It wasn't apparition, but more like creating a secret door between two spots in the world. It was a thing only possible because the whole world was now her and Harry's Territory and thus quite cooperative with their will.

And so the chase continued, going from settlement to settlement. They passed the area where the Wall used to be, the great icy construction having melted after the Others were destroyed since the purpose to which it was bound was gone.

Luna jumped all over the North, running over and through the castles before deciding to move on to another region. From the mountains of the Vale to the many rivers of the Riverlands. When she passed through Riverrun, she briefly encountered a two thirds mad Cersei Lannister wandering the halls and gave her a pat on the head laced with a small blessing of peace, knowing what Adrastia had done to the woman. Then she appeared atop Casterly Rock and jumped off its battlements towards Lannisport down below, through the fields of the Reach and the stormy shores of the Stormlands, across the rooftops of King's Landing and over the sand dunes of Dorne.

Luna briefly considered paying a visit to Arianne and Tyene, but sadly decided not to. Her and Harry's former lovers hadn't grown any less bitter over the past ten years, still terribly resentful over being denied immortality.

She sensed Harry approaching again and warped away once more, this time to the final destination. The chase had gone on for hours at this point and if she delayed too much longer the moon would be too low in the sky.

She emerged on the shores of the God's Eye lake next to Harrenhal in the Riverlands and skipped across the water, sending small droplets spraying with every step but otherwise not disturbing the surface.

Harry joined her moments later and they resumed their dance as if it had never been interrupted.

"Had fun?" He asked with a smirk.

"Mhm!" Luna nodded happily, panting lightly from the exertion but a huge smile on her face.

"I'm glad, you always look the most beautiful when you're smiling." Harry said and leaned down to kiss her.

She reciprocated eagerly, rubbing a hand across the hairy Harry chest. Hairy chests were the best, especially when the hairy chest was Harry's hairy chest. The puns made her giggle into the kiss.

"What are you giggling about?" He asked, bemused.

"Nothing!" Luna beamed.

"Oh, nothing, is it?" Harry asked rhetorically and ran a finger across the underside of her ribs, eliciting a ticklish squeal.

"No tickling!" She insisted, twisting out of his arms and skipping away.

Harry grabbed her by the waist before she could get anywhere, pulled her close so that her back was flush against his chest and growled into her ear. "How about nibbling?"

Luna moaned at the sensation. "Nibbling is fine."

"Good, because I'm not stopping." He informed her and went back to the nibbling. His hands rode up her waist and greedily grabbed at her breasts. The thin material of her transparent chest wrapping provided no protection whatsoever, so it wasn't long before her breathing became heavy with arousal.

When he began pinching her oh-so-sensitive nipples, the volume of her moans increased and she found her hands wandering to his crotch, rubbing the steel-hard shaft through his silk pants.

A few swift pulls and both were naked, their clothes sinking to the bottom of the lake. They would get them back later, because littering was bad.

As much as Luna would have liked to make love on the water, they last time they tried it ended up a dunking. Their concentration wasn't up to keeping them above water in the middle of orgasm.

So she escaped his grip again and skipped over to the Isle of Faces. Harry caught her swiftly, pressing her up against the closest weirwood. Luna groaned at the contrasting sensations of his hot, hard body and hairy chest pressing into her back and the rough bark scraping over her front. His member throbbed between her legs, making her own sex weep with anticipation.

"Take me." She urged, too impatient for any foreplay. The chase had been foreplay enough.

He obliged, rearing back and sliding into her with a single smooth motion, filling her perfectly and completely. This body was made for him, after all. The sense of rightness from having her husband inside her made her sigh in pleasure even as she reached out to wrap her soul around him.

"I love you." Harry murmured into her ear as he met her halfway, twining their souls together in a bond they had spent centuries forging.

"I love you, too." Luna replied with a smile of utmost serenity and contentment.

He began moving, every thrust sending pleasure reverberating across their link.

Luna's fingers scrabbled at the bark of the weirwood as she fought to regulate her breathing, knowing that he was doing the same. When you could feel your lover's pleasure in addition to your own, as well as the countless echoes of them feeling how you were feeling them, it was hard to not immediately be pushed over the edge. Neither of them wanted it to be over that fast, so it was always a trial of endurance when they made love.

But even centuries of practice can only take you so far, especially in bodies specifically designed to feel more. They both felt it coming and Harry drove himself into her with force just as she clenched with all the strength her superhuman pelvic muscles allowed.

Luna cried out in pleasure against the weirwood and clung to it for dear life as Harry groaned against her back, feeling huge ropes his thick semen being launched from his member. As designed, every touch of it across the nerves of her vaginal canal triggered intense sensations, setting of a mind-shattering array of orgasms that instantly feedback-looped back to him through their link and forced yet more semen out of him.

The loop of pleasure didn't end until he was utterly spent, which was a long time now because of the divine boost he'd received.

By the end of it, Luna's legs were shaking and the only thing keeping her up was the cramped death-grip she had on the trunk of the weirwood. She didn't register that the chain of orgasms had stopped until a good thirty seconds later, at which point she was able to finally unclench her pelvis, allowing Harry to slide out of her.

She heard him stumble and fall to the ground, clearly just as worn out as her. A river of sticky white goop poured from her now unplugged love tunnel, which made her legs shudder with more orgasmic aftershocks as it crawled over raw nerves. It's power to induce stimulation had been expended, but that did nothing to stop the purely physical sensation of it.

It took a minute for them to recover, at which point Harry settled himself against another weirwood and pointedly patted his thigh.

Luna let go of the one she was using as a support and went over to him, straddling his lap.

There was no need for words between them at this point. Luna was still riding the high of post-coital bliss and closed her eyes, projecting her spirit into the Astral Plane. There she found the moon and everyone linked to it through the faith they had in her.

There was another reason for these regular chases across the lands where the full moon shone besides fun. Luna wanted to help the people who believed in her, but there was only so much she could do by normal means.

In the night sky, the moon began to glow brighter, shining now with more than just the radiance of reflected sunlight. A sense of peace settled upon all the lands where its glow reached, soothing troubled hearts and quelling violent urges.

In the real world, she sensed Harry latch on to a nipple and begin drinking her breast milk. It felt as amazing as ever, but Luna didn't return to her body, choosing instead to share the happy feelings with her worshipers. Even when she felt his erection revive itself and his hands maneuver her hips so that she impaled herself on it she didn't go back.

She would return with the dawn and then it would be Harry's turn to project himself into the Astral Plane. After all, his domain was the sun and its blazing light would be just the thing to greet the people and fill them with energy after the moon lulled them to rest.


3rd day of the 9th moon, 350 AC, King's Landing.

Harry and Luna sat in the dark and waited, smiling when the door opened.

They continued to smile as King Aegon VI entered and closed the door behind him, shoulders immediately slumping in relief when he no longer needed to look kingly.

Their smiles widened into grins when the aging king finally noticed them and jumped in fright.

"Father! Luna!" The old man protested with exasperation, hand over his chest. "You should not be scaring an old man like that? What if my heart had stopped?"

"I could have restarted it." Harry assured.

Luna jumped up to hug him. "How have you been?"

"Tired." Aegon admitted, returning the hug almost automatically. "I am thinking of abdicating the throne and letting my son rule. He is more than old enough and does much of the work already anyway."

"You do deserve your rest." Harry conceded and Luna nodded in agreement.

Aegon had done plenty during his reign. He had capitalized wonderfully on the period of peace after the Others were destroyed in the wake of him snuffing out the divine curse that had spawned them.

With the surprise melting of the Wall, establishing closer relations with Angmar had been much easier. Relations these days were very good, with only occasional bits of culture clash as some arrogant lordling or prickly Angmari started an altercation.

He had subtly undermined the Faith of the Seven and reduced the power they wielded, helped in no small measure by his and Luna's shenanigans. These days the septons and septas wielded almost no power and were effectively broke.

The Citadel, too, had taken a beating. Aegon had taken Harry's lessons about letting organizations have too much power to heart, so he had worked to carve the Citadel up into multiple smaller chunks to make them less of a problem. A few manufactured scandals and a few real ones had done the trick.

Arguably his greatest contribution to Westeros had been sponsoring skilled craftsmen, thinkers and artists. The Seven Kingdoms had been bleeding money over to the Free Cities for centuries because they always had a technological disadvantage where luxury goods were concerned. By promoting local work, Aegon had done much to stem the tide.

"But I do worry about my grandson." Aegon confessed. "He is…somewhat lazy."

"Send him to live with a farmer's family somewhere for a while." Harry shrugged with a grin. "That way, if he doesn't work he doesn't eat."

"I can already hear the outrage, but perhaps it has merit." Aegon chuckled before turning to give him a serious look. "Father, why are you here? I can imagine Luna visiting for no reason, but not you."

Luna gave him another squeeze. "We came to say goodbye."

Aegon blinked in confusion. "You are not dying, are you?"

"Of course not." Harry scoffed, amused. "No, we're leaving this world. We've been ready to leave for decades already, but we stayed until the last of my children were firmly established in their lives."

Despite being well into their fifties now, that had been his and Arianne's children. Re-establishing a kingdom was no small matter and it had taken quite a bit of help on his part before they were secure. Now the Rhoynar were back, small but strong. Strong enough and connected enough to protect themselves from the greedy eyes of the Free City magisters.

"What of your faithful?"

"What about them? Having a god around isn't good for personal growth."

"So you intend to leave without telling anyone?"

"And what good would telling them do? They'd just panic and do something stupid."

Aegon looked like he didn't know what else to say, so Harry got up and gave the surprised old man a hug.

"Goodbye. Enjoy your retirement."

"Byebye." Luna added, and then they were gone.


They reappeared back in Dol Guldur and Harry sighed. "Well, that's that."

"Ready to go?" Adrastia asked rhetorically.

"Mhm, that was the last goodbye." Luna nodded. "I wonder what the next world will be like?"

"Do come visit and tell me about it someday, hmm?" The Black Widow smiled.

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked archly. "Did you really think I'd leave you behind to cause trouble?"

"B-but…?" She uncharacteristically stumbled over the words, taken completely off guard

"What, did you get the impression I'd give you a Philosopher's Stone, tell you how to make the Elixir and let you stay here?" Harry continued innocently. "Oh, I'm sorry, that must have been the grief from having two of my grandsons murdered. Even all these decades later, that can still sneak up on me when I'm not paying attention, kind of like the way you weren't paying attention when they were killed."

It may have been seventy years ago, but Harry could hold on to his grudges and was quite patient with his retaliation. He couldn't make her sympathize for his loss, but he could certainly take her away from her little pet projects just as she set them up to her liking.

Adrastia grimaced. "I don't suppose this new world of yours is something nicely low risk, with almost nothing that could pose a threat?" She knew that it was a vain hope, but maybe….

"Oh no, my scrying tells me that it's absolutely dripping with magic. Odds are good that it's full of things that could kill us."

He couldn't get any specifics, but the world in question was outputting so much raw magic that it was practically a beacon throughout the multiverse. Even situated in a highly magical section of the multiverse it stood out.

"Harry…" A pleading tone had entered Adrastia's voice, complementing a similarly pleading expression. "I know losing your grandsons like that upset you, but is this really necessary? I won't be of any use to you if I die in a ridiculous world like that."

"You're exaggerating." Harry waved off dismissively. "I'm sure there's plenty of civilians there that manage to get through life without being brutally murdered by their planet."

"I hate you." Adrastia stated plaintively, seeing that he wouldn't be budged.

"Aww, don't be like that." Luna consoled, hugging the smaller woman. "It'll be fun, you'll see."

"We have very different definitions of fun." The Black Widow sulked.

"Alright, team, let's goooo!" Harry cheered obnoxiously, taking immense pleasure in her suffering.

"Let's goooo!" Luna echoed happily, always one to spread enthusiasm.


"And you are sure this is safe?" Adrastia asked, edging around the ritual circle.

"Yes." The answer was resolute.

After decades of careful research and experimentation, Harry had fine-tuned the process of a dimensional jump to the point where there was almost zero risk. Not only was the transition through the realm between dimensions safe, but he could also specify the conditions of their arrival point, from environment down to more abstract things like most common language used.

"Wouldn't you rather wear something else?" Luna asked.

Much like Harry, she was in travelling gear. Sturdy boots with good grip soles, pants of muted brown with a tough leather exterior and a smooth silky interior, a slightly lighter brown leather vest over a dark green shirt, all covered by a dark forest green cloak and all enchanted for comfort, durability and general camouflage. Practicality was the idea.

"No." The Black Widow sulked.

By contrast, she was wearing a heinously expensive black and red dress robe, cut to show off her figure and complimented by jewelry made to display obscene wealth. The only place it would be practical was a ballroom.

"You're not still mad at coming with us, are you?" Luna pouted. "Just admit that you would miss us if we left you behind."

Adrastia was going to do no such thing. Yes, she had gotten used to Harry's protection to the point that the idea of going without it was discomforting and there was certainly no man that could fuck her the way he could, but she wasn't going to admit that she preferred having him around to not having him around.

And Luna was just…Luna.

"Hmph, if you two would miss me then we should just stay here." She deflected with a sniff.

"No, it's time to go." Harry joined the conversation. "There's nothing left for us in this world."

"Nothing left for you maybe." Adrastia continued to grumble. "I still could have had plenty of fun with it."

But Harry merely smiled serenely at her irritation. "The fate of this world is bent, the music of creation altered to fit the calamitous discord we introduced with our arrival. We should not interfere further now that the new symphony is has been written."

Adrastia stared at him for several long seconds, before the most contemptuous sneer in the world graced her face. "Don't spout pseudo-Zen philosophy that you stole from Warhammer 40,000 at me! I hate the fact that I can actually tell where you are getting this shit from."

She must be really mad, because Adrastia usually never resorted to four letter words. That made him happy.

"Awww, don't be angry." Luna soothed, grabbing the smaller woman and giving her a boob hug. "At least we'll be together, that has to count for something."

"You are impossible." The defeated Black Widow mumbled into the Chasm of Dairy Hills (abandon hope, ye who enter there).

"Alright, we're good to go." Harry declared, having just made the final check of the ritual circle and the portal parameters.

Affairs were in order, hammerspace was stocked up, Adrastia was sulking and the ritual was perfect. It was time.


Harry thought he was prepared for a world far more magical than he was used to. He thought that he had braced himself for the difference.

He was wrong.

The sheer presence of this new world slammed into his consciousness like a train with a nuclear payload on the very moment of their arrival. It was like walking in darkness all his life, straining his eyes for any speck of light, only to have a spotlight abruptly shined right in his face. It was like suddenly having the gravity increased a hundred fold or having the air thicken to the consistency of mud.

But it was more than just that. A planet's world soul was the combined essence of everything on it, from the largest animal to the smallest grain of sand. It wasn't really supposed to be alive in the sense that a person was alive, but this one was and it was strong beyond comprehension. New as he was to this world, that was all he could discern, but he was already enraptured.

"What is wrong with you two?" Adrastia demanded grumpily, her senses not nearly as attuned and therefore not nearly as incapacitated. "And why is your hair back to normal?"

Harry blinked, snapped out of his trance, and looked at Luna. Sure enough, her hair was no longer moonlight silver, but back to blonde. The slight glow from her skin was gone as well. A quick check of his own hair revealed that it was also back to black instead of shadowy.

Huh, maybe it wasn't just this planet's absurd magical density that had him feeling punch drunk, then. Ah well, he had suspected this might happen. This planet was not their Territory after all, so they weren't gods here.

Harry ignored Adrastia's question and looked around. They appeared to be in some sort of mountainous woodsy area. By far the most striking feature was the FUCKNOURMOUS tree looming over them.

It stretched out into the sky and pierced the clouds. However, he couldn't help but notice that it was looking a little… scorched.

For some reason, that felt familiar.

"Humans! Halt, in the name of Cenarius!" A female voice demanded.

Harry blinked again and spun around to face the group that had snuck up on them while they were still out of sorts. The use of English was noted with some satisfaction as confirmation that his specification had taken them to a parallel version of this universe where it was the most common language.

…Cenarius? That was even more familiar, but his slightly Swiss cheese memory had stalled upon identifying their greeting party.

"Harry, look!" Luna squealed with excitement, even clapping her hands. "Night elves!"

They were, indeed, indisputably night elves. Five females around seven feet tall. They all had glowing silver eyes, ridiculously long ears and eyebrows, hair of blue, green or silver and skin in varying shades of purple. One of them even bared her teeth aggressively and displayed pronounced canines.

Harry felt his head throb as the implications of this ran through his mind. Are you messing with me, Multiverse?

Azeroth was a video game world, yet that was definitely where they were. That meant that every bit of fiction probably existed for real somewhere in the multiverse. That meant that literally everything existed somewhere in the multiverse. Their lives were probably someone's Sunday entertainment fifty-three degrees towards the outer dimensional gradient. Was this considered metagaming?

Wait, did that mean that every time someone had an idea, a new section of the multiverse was spawned, or did the idea drift into their head because it already existed and a person dreamed of it through the primordial chaos? A real chicken or the egg question there.

But that presented a much more serious issue that had to be taken care of immediately.

Blank-faced and silent, Harry took his Disc out of hammerspace – ignoring the way the night elven women tensed and drew their bows in preparation to fill them full of arrows – placed his hand on it and destroyed it. As it was made by his hand, it could easily be unmade by his hand.

Why did he do this? Because it was covered in the iconography of Tzeentch and Chaos Undivided. It had seemed like a fun joke at the time, now it seemed like asking for trouble. That was a universe he wouldn't touch even if he had a pole of infinite length, not ever again. He wasn't even going to think about it anymore.

That bit of business done, Harry took a deep breath – almost feeling the urge to sneeze as the friggin magical air tickled his nose hair – and addressed the unfriendly looking night elven Sentinels. An idle corner of his mind noted with some relief that they weren't wearing bikini armor, but a fully enclosed suit of scale and plate, with a purple tabard over the chest. A little artsy, but practical nonetheless. That was good, because he wasn't sure his throbbing head could handle bikini armor right after the revelation that they were in what he'd previously considered to be a video game world.

"Good…evening?" A quick glance upward confirmed that it was actually evening and not just an unusually dark forest. "Please excuse the intrusion. We arrived here via a trans-dimensional portal that was a little vague on the destination coordinates."

Sadly, the night elves did not look terribly appeased. That was fair, he wouldn't be either in their shoes. It did leave them in a bit of a pickle, though.


To be continued…

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