Hidden stories from the silver age

Chapter 1

Gotham city,sixties.
Wayne Manor,property of Bruce Wayne.
That morning,Bruce Wayne was reading a newspaper that talked about the umpteenth sighting of the flying creature that appeared in the suburban area of Gotham City.
His reading session was suddenly interrupted by an emergency call from commisioner Gordon,who asked Batman to get as quick as possible to the rich area of the city.
Bruce Wayne quickly interrupted his reading session while Dick Grayson,Bruce Wayne's stepson,unwillingly abbandoned his breakfast.
In a matter of moment,the two of them put on they're suits,assuming the identity of Batman and Robin.
Without wasting a time,the two of them quicly jumped on the Batmobile,and headed toward the rich area of the city.
The rich area of the city was inhabited by the creme de la creme(also know as people with a lot of money) of Gotham city.
The commisioner Gordon was waiting for Batman and Robin at the building of Edward Smith.
Arrived at destination,Batman and Robin had already deduced what crime was being done.

At the last floor of the buidling,the police was examining what remained of the safe.
"I don't know how this is possible"explained commisioner Gordon"we found no trace of the passage of the thief."
A thief managed to stole a quite valuable ruby purchased by Edward Smith a week before.
Batman and Robin were examing the room,being surprised that the thief didn't left any trace.
After a few minutes,an idea arised in Batman mind.
Maybe,he would had found the solution to this case.
Batman didn't know why he didn't thinked of this since the beginning;the rooftop,the criminal managed to reach the roof top and then got out from it.
Batman knew exactly who could had do something similar;in fact,those someone had made experiment since a lot of time,without any kind of problem.
Without wasting a moment,Batman dashed toward the batmobile,heading toward the suburban area of Gotham.
Robin,surprised by Batman,runned behind him,pissed of about the dark knight behavior.

"First of all,i want to thank you for being here today,you're help will be very important to me"Batman said.
Batman was speaking to a group of people from the suburban area,in an old stable,that definetly needed a good cleaning.
"So,make me understand;you think that the flying creature is somewhat related to the stealing of Smith's ruby,right?"Robin said.
"Exactly;however,if i want to gave some cedibility to this hypotesis,i must make sure taht we're not dealing with an urban legend"Batman said.
One by one,the people that saw the flying creature made an accurate destcription of it.
The creature looked like a strange butterfly,with triangluar wings and eyes that looked like gigantic glasses.
While he was drawing the creature,following the description of the folks,Robin quickly noticed that the creature structure was perfect for hiding something.
Something than him and Batman had already faced in the past.
Batman quickly noticed that too,a smir of triumph quickly appeared on his face.
Now,they both knew who was behind the creature and the stealing of Edward Smith's ruby.
Without wasting time,Batman and Robin reached the batmobile and got back to the batcave.
They wanted to elaborate a good plan.
And they wanted to get away from the stink of the old stablee.

In an abbandoned cave outside Gotham City,a man was watching the ruby,thinking that he would had sooned earned a lot of money.
Suddenly,a batarang dangerously flied near his head,getting stucked in the wall of the cave.
"You always figure it out"the man said.
"Next time,try to be a little more original in you're plan,Kite Man"Robin said.
Batman didn't say aything.
The whole situation appeared to be strange to him,to suspicious to be so simple.
Why Kite Man was still waiting in that cave with the ruby?
Every person with a moderate inteligence would had flyied away right after the robbery.
And yet Kite Man was still there in the cave,guarding the ruby.
"Alright Kite Man,is time to talk"Batman said,walking slowly toward Kite Man in a threatening way.

Edward Smith was standing in front of us,an annoyed smirk on his face.
"How did you realize that im the mastermind behind all of this trouble?"Edward Smith said with a curious stare.
"You brought an ruby,made an insurance on it,toke him to a safe into you're palace and Kite Man stole it without problem;quite suspicious,don't you think?"
"Plus,we beat Kite Man,that singed more than...well,a singer"Robin said.
"That idiot should had done less test for his new Kite"Edward Smith said.
Then,with cat like agility,Smith throwed a gas bomb to the ground,temporarily blind Batman and Robin.
The noise of a broken window,a mask on the ground and a lunatic laughter.
"I never new taht Joker had a jet pack"Robin said,lookin the Joker flying away into the sky.
"At least he dosen't have the rubin nor the money"Batman said.
The real Edward Smith rushed into the room,with a group of cops behind his back.
"But he got my clothes"the furious and barely dressed Smith said.
Batman turned his eye on the horizon.
Watching the horizon was definely better than watchin an almost naked man.

The End