I promise I will update In The Darkness soon. I just needed to write some Brackendra fluff because muses. Please enjoy.

He leans on the side of the doorway and watches her with a contented smile on his face. She's sitting on the couch in their living room, surrounded by family members who are fussing over her or exchanging funny stories with each other. A peal of her laughter rings out and he knows his smile isn't going anywhere for a long time yet.

She's so beautiful. She's always been radiant, but now there's something… softer about her shining aura. She's happy, relaxed, at peace. The depth of his feelings for her can't be put into words. He feels drawn to her at all times, like a moth to a flame, except he knows she'd never burn him - which makes her all that much more irresistible. How did he ever get so lucky as to meet her? To court her? To marry her?

Marla notices his presence in the doorway and beckons him closer. She swats at Seth's knee and makes him move away from Kendra so that Bracken can sit next to his wife. Bracken opens his mouth to insist that Seth is fine to remain where he had been sitting, but Kendra's eyes light up as she reaches her arms out for him and he finds that he can't resist her unspoken request for snuggles. He sits down next to her and places one arm around her shoulders while his other hand moves to hover over her bulging belly for a moment. There is a life in there. He can feel it, and his smile grows ever wider even as he marvels over the miracle he has been witnessing over the past several months. Kendra places her head in the crook of his neck and covers his hand with hers, resting both of them directly on her swollen abdomen. Bracken feels a quick bump against his palm, followed closely by another one and then another. He kisses Kendra's forehead and feels her relax against him.

He is happy here. His life is full. Full of family and friends, of laughter and love and peace. Of hope and promise for the future. He cherishes it.

Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, Bracken again takes a moment to truly appreciate just how wonderful life can be. He holds Kendra a little closer. She looks up at him with a contented expression on her face and he knows. He knows he would never willingly give up this life for anything else.

He holds his baby girl in his arms as she lightly cries, speaking softly to her and gently stroking her face with his fingers. She calms herself beneath his touch and opens one eye for a moment, peering up at him briefly before closing it again. Her eyes are surprisingly dark – a trait she definitely did not inherit from him, but then he supposes she is allowed to look like Kendra's family in at least some ways after all.

She is wrapped up in a swaddle and he holds her close to his chest as he rocks her from side to side. He starts to hum a tune from his own childhood to her, and it's not long before she's fallen asleep. His heart is full. Fuller than he could have imagined it ever becoming. She is so tiny, so innocent, so perfect. A brand-new life, and she's been entrusted into his care. He will watch over her as she grows. He will teach her what he knows. He will protect and treasure and adore her forever.

Kendra stirs in their bed, eventually rolls onto her side and looks at him through half-lidded, thoroughly exhausted eyes. "Is she asleep?" she asks.

"Yes," he answers. He stands and walks the few strides it takes to get to his wife's side, his daughter still cradled in his arms. "You're beautiful," he tells Kendra, kissing her forehead and brushing some of her hair out of her face. "Go back to sleep. It's late, and you need rest."

"You should sleep, too," Kendra replies slowly, her tiredness clearly evident in her voice.

"I can't stop staring at her," Bracken responds, smiling contentedly as he gazes once more at the baby's face. "She's perfect." He sits on the edge of the bed.

Kendra smiles. "She is, isn't she?" She opens her eyes a little wider to simply watch as Bracken watches their child. His expression exudes pure, open adoration and she is in awe of him. He truly loves this hours-old infant.

Eventually Kendra begins to fall back to sleep, but not before she touches Bracken's arm and requests snuggles. Bracken smiles at her and walks to the other side of the bed, pushes back the covers and lowers himself onto the mattress. He holds his daughter in the crook of his left arm and wraps his right arm around Kendra, who curls up into his side and falls asleep quickly.

As Bracken lays there, with the two most precious people in his life on either side of him, he feels at peace. He drifts off to sleep feeling warm and contented.

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