Persona 3

The next day…

"What a weird dream I had last night, of being inside a caged elevator that rapidly goes up with a bizarre-looking elderly man sitting on a couch in front of me and who told me that I'm welcome to the Velvet Room because of the contract I signed, which used to be the registry form that the boy told me to signed on my first night… Well, whatever. I should get ready for school." thought Miyuki flatly in her mind about the dream that she had last night before she got off the bed to get ready to go to school.


A few minutes later, in front of the school's gate…

As Miyuki approach the school's gate after she stepped out of the subway station with the other students, she's found herself being joined by Junpei.

"Yo… Miki-tan. Man, I'm so sleepy today. In times like this, it's best to sleep in class. You ever notice how sometimes taking a nap in class makes you feels more refreshed than sleeping at home?" said Junpei as he smiled at Miyuki.

"I guess so." said Miyuki without looking at him.

"Right? You go from dead to being completely full of energy again. It's such a great feeling." said Junpei.

"Excuse me, but did I just hear you saying that you're trying to get Arisato-san to sleep in class like you did? Because if you are, then you leave me no choice but to give you a stern lecture. Hope you're prepare for it, Iori-kun." said Umbra's cold and disapproval tone of voice from behind both Junpei (who tensed up in worry) and Miyuki before they turned around to glance at Umbra.

"Um, uh… M-Morning, Umbra-senpai. A-And you got it all wrong, I'm not…" stammer Junpei worriedly to Umbra while Miyuki just ignored them both and head toward and into the school.


Another few minutes, in class…

"Ahem… I'm Ekoda-sensei and I'll be teaching you all Classic Literature." said the normal and stern-looking male teacher wearing a complete plain grey suit with a white button up shirt underneath, a black and purple stripe necktie around his neck and black shoes on his feet to the students.

"I'll be teaching you all about good old Japan all year. Some people say that Classic Lit isn't relevant to everyday life, but oh, how wrong they are! The students, the other teachers… Wrong, wrong, wrong! Nobody really understands Classic Lit…" Ekoda-sensei told the students, who had bored looks on their faces while Miyuki decided to tune out Ekoda-sensei's lecture and look out the window.


Several hours later, after school…

After school ended for the day and Miyuki stood up and packed up her school stuffs, she saw Yukari approach her and asked her to go to a place called Paulownia Mall with her. Miyuki shook her head and told Yukari that she won't be going to the mall with her but Yukari won't have it, grab hold of her arm and drag her out of the school before they toward the subway station, got into the train that'll take them to Paulownia Mall. Once the train arrived and stopped in the station near Paulownia Mall, both Miyuki and Yukari walked out of the train and out of the station before they went toward and into the mall (which Miyuki could see several shops like Arcades, Pharmacy, CD, Antique to her right and a Police Station, Chagall café, Jewelry and Club Escapade to her left on the bottom floor, saw the Karaoke place is on the second floor while several people were sitting or walking around them in the mall).

"Have you come here before?" asked Yukari as she glance at Miyuki.

"No." replied Miyuki as she shake her head.

"A lot of Gekkoukan students come here often after school. There's a karaoke box and a CD shop. Oh, and a really great café too! There's also a nightclub but that's kinda not for us yet." explain Yukari as she pointed out each of the shops to Miyuki.

"I see." said Miyuki with a flat nod of her head.

Both Miyuki and Yukari then spend the next few minutes walking around the mall before they leave, take the train and head back to the dormitory, went in and greeted Mitsuru (who's standing behind the counter near the front door) before Yukari went to the living room while Miyuki went upstairs to her room for her slumber.


Midnight, on a street nearby the dormitory…

"Ugh, I'm bored. Why is it that when it's full moon there's none of those "things" roaming around for us to fight?" groaned Akihiko in a bored tone of voice to Umbra.

"For the last time, Akihiko! It's because-" said Umbra as he turned to scowled in disapproval at Akihiko, about to berate him some more before he saw some huge black creature with dozens of hands and one of it's hands holding a huge, glowing blue mask suddenly appearing out of nowhere behind Akihiko and before he could warned him, the black creature raised and smack Akihiko hard against a wall, which broke his left arm and causing him to grimace and let out a groan of pain.

"Akihiko! Goddammit!" yell Umbra as he glared at the creature that attack Akihiko before he take out and press a gun against his head.


Meanwhile, back in a certain room in the dormitory….

Both Mitsuru and Yukari were once again sitting and staring at the monitor showing a sleeping Miyuki in her room before Ikutsuki came into the room.

"How is she tonight?" asked Ikutsuki to them both.

"The same as last night." replied Mitsuru as she briefly glance at Ikutsuki.

"Hm… Very interesting." said Ikutsuki with an approving nod of his head at Miyuki. "Even those who have the potential tend to be unstable at first… Like having memory loss… disorientation… But this subject is rather unique. She hasn't exhibited any of the common symptoms."

"But… We're treating her like a guinea pig and she doesn't know it. Plus Umbra-senpai agrees with me too before he left with Akihiko-senpai." said Yukari with a slight guilty look on her face.

"I understand yours and Okami-kun's concerns, but it's imperative that we recruit new members. Furthermore, I heard that she's in your class… Wouldn't you be more comfortable working with someone from the same grade? A female classmate at that." said Ikutsuki reassuringly to Yukari.

"Yeah, I guess. But still…" said Yukari in hesitant agreement with Ikutsuki before an emergency beeping sound from the machine in front of them rang out in the room and cut off the rest of Yukari's words while Mitsuru quickly press the speaker button on the machine.

"Command room… Is that you two, Umbra, Akihiko?" said Mitsuru.

"Yeah, it's us, Mitsuru!" replied Umbra's concern voice back to her.

"What's wrong, Umbra?" asked Mitsuru concernly to Umbra.

"You guys are not gonna believe this…! This thing is huge!" replied Akihiko's voice instead of Umbra to Mitsuru this time. "Unfortunately we don't have time to talk… because it's chasing us… I just wanted to let you guys know that we're almost there." added Akihiko's voice to them before he fell silent.

Yukari, Mitsuru and Ikutsuki gasped and widened their eyes in shock and concern when they heard Akihiko telling them that both he and Umbra were being chased by something big and they're now heading to the dorm.

"Does that mean… They're bringing that thing here right now!?" said Yukari worriedly to both Mitsuru and Ikutsuki.

"Mr. Chairman! Let's suspend our observation of Miyuki Arisato for now. We'll prepare for battle!" said Mitsuru concernly and firmly to Ikutsuki.

"R-Right! Be careful!" said Ikutsuki as he nodded to Mitsuru before she and Yukari turned and quickly left the command room and run downstairs.


On the first floor of the dorm…

Both Umbra and Akihiko run into the dormitory and Umbra quickly shut the door behind them while Akihiko let out a groan and clutch his injured left arm with his right hand as he slowly sat down on the floor just as both Mitsuru and Yukari run down the stairs and approach them both.

"Umbra!" yell Mitsuru concernly to Umbra.

"Akihiko-senpai!" yell Yukari concernly to Akihiko as well.

"We're both fine, you two. Mostly anyway." said Umbra reassuringly to them both.

"Get ready to be surprised… It'll be here any second." said Akihiko as he smiled weakly at them.

"This is no time to joke around!" snapped Mitsuru as she scowled at Akihiko.

"She's right! You just got injured and you still find the time to joke around?" groaned Umbra as he scowled at Akihiko as well.

"Is it one of them, Umbra, Akihiko?" asked Ikutsuki urgently to them both.

"Yes, but it's not an ordinary one—" replied Akihiko (since Umbra scowled and fell silent when he saw Ikutsuki approaching them) before he trailed off when he, Umbra, Mitsuru, Yukari (who scream in worry and fear) and Ikutsuki felt the dorm building suddenly shake quite violently.

"What the…!? You've got to be kidding me!" said Yukari.

"Unfortunately it's not, Takeba-san." said Umbra sadly to Yukari.

"Mr. Chairman, please head to the command room now!" Mitsuru told Ikutsuki (who nodded before he quickly turned around and run upstairs to the command room) before she glance at Yukari while taking out a gun from the holster. "Takeba, go upstairs and wake her up! Then escape out the back." ordered Mitsuru.

"But what about you three?" said Yukari worriedly to Mitsuru.

"We'll stop it here." said Mitsuru.

"That's right, Yukari. We have to since we let it chase us all the way back here." said Umbra in agreement with Mitsuru.

"It's not like we had a choice, Umbra! And what're you still waiting here for, Yukari!? Go and get her already!" snapped Akihiko as he scowled at both Umbra and Yukari.

"R-Right! I'm going now!" said Yukari before she turned and run toward the stairs while Umbra, Mitsuru and Akihiko opened the front door and went out to fight the thing that chased both Umbra and Akihiko to the dorm.