AN: No beta. Just a random drabble I thought up. Enjoy

Hermione placed her sunglasses on as she walked along Venice Beach. She had a layover from her flight. She knew she could have easily obtained a portkey but she wanted some time to think and be alone. Her trip to Australia to reverse what she had done to her parents proved to be futile. It didn't work, and her parents had no idea who she was still. She took a flight back, with a layover to California. The beach and sun would do her some good. She walked along, looking at the people walking past her. She heard the sound of someone strumming a guitar and looked over. It was a tall, very tan, almost red beach bum singing along with his guitar. He didn't have a hat or anything to ask for money and he seemed happy playing his music. Hermione wasn't paying much attention to him until she walked past him and stopped.

"Draco?" Hermione said in shock

The musician broke a string on his guitar and stopped playing.

"Fuck me" Draco said

"It is you! What are you doing here? Why are you dressed like that? Is that a man bun?!" Hermione asked

Draco quickly turned to leave. Hermione followed him.

"What are you doing? Don't ignore me!" Hermione said walking alongside him

"What do you want Granger?! Can't you just leave me alone?"

"Why do you look like this? You're so tan, I didn't think that was possible. Actually you're turning red here, don't you use sunscreen?"

"Leave me alone!"

"But no one's seen you in a year! They thought you died"

"Going to run to Scarhead now?"

"No, we thought you died. Everyone thought you died! Don't you care about your friends?"

"Oh stop with the bleeding heart! No one there misses me!"

"But your Manor, the house elves"

"Of course the house elves! I bloody freed them before I left, does that make you feel better now? Are you done harassing me?!"

"I'm sorry"

Draco said nothing and walked off. She watched him as he disappeared around a corner. She was shocked to find him. His hair was much longer and darker. He must have dyed it to a dirty blonde. His clothes were all loose and relaxed. They had strange patterns on it and odd combinations of color. It was the exact opposite of the Malfoy she knew in school.

Hermione sat down at a local cafe. She ordered herself some lunch and looked through her phone. She heard the waitress giggle and looked over. Sitting at the bar was Draco, flirting with the waitress. Hermione looked away. Draco ordered his lunch and at there alone. A few minutes later a group of guys walked in and surrounded Draco. They were talking and laughing and Hermione assumed they were his friends. One of them looked over and saw her sitting there looking at them. She looked away embarrassed.

She finished her meal and put everything into her bag. The chair across from her scraped against the floor and she looked up. It was a brunette with a tan and very long hair. His button down shirt was open, giving her an eyeful of sunburnt skin.

"Hey" the brunette said

"Hi" Hermione answered tentatively

"Saw you sitting here alone, and I just wanted to say hi"

Great, Americans were just as rude as suspected.

"I'm Greg, my friends and I are in a band, and we're playing tonight. Maybe you'd like to come see us" Greg said sliding the flyer towards her on the table

Hermione glanced down at the flyer and then back up at Greg.

"Sorry, I'm here on a layover, I'll be gone in a few hours" Hermione said

"Oh, that accent, you must be like our boy Tom here, from England right? Maybe you two know each other"

"I doubt that, England isn't that small and we all don't know each other"

Were all Americans this dumb? Did they think they all knew each other because they shared the same accent? And what was Draco doing with these people?

"It would have been nice to see you there. We'd even dedicate a song to you"

"Right, I've got to be going now"

Hermione grabbed her bag and got up. She walked over to the bar and paid her bill. She could feel everyone staring at her for some reason. She opened the door, when a huge gust of wind came and blew her skirt up. She shrieked and pushed her skirt back down. She looked over and saw all the guys staring at her. Furious and embarrassed, she glared at Draco and stormed off.

"She's got coconut trees on her panties"

"No those were palm trees"

"How do you tell the difference"

Draco merely smirked and turned back to his friends. The fire sprinklers suddenly went off and drenched them all. They ran out of the cafe. Draco looked around and saw Hermione glaring at him for a moment before walking off.

Hermione sent the owl off and looked back at her suitcase. She dreaded going back to England, to Harry, to Ron, to knowing she had failed. She looked at her suitcase again and decided for a change.

Draco and his friend Greg were onstage, strumming their guitars and singing some song they wrote. They had a few beers in them and were enjoying themselves on stage. The bar was small and filled with locals. Hermione walked in wearing a long, white crochet dress to reached her ankles. It was completely see through, but the white slip she wore underneath didn't do much to cover her. Her hair was in 2 braids to control it from frizzing out too much. She wore a brown cowboy hat to complete her look. She sat at the bar and ordered herself a drink.

Draco and his friend were still playing and singing along. Everyone drank a few beers and soon people were getting on stage stinging along with them. Draco saw Hermione at the bar. Once they were done with their group sing along, he walked over to her. Greg seeing what Draco was doing, pushed him aside and reached Hermione first.

"You came" Greg said

"I suppose I did. Missed my flight, won't get another one until tomorrow" Hermione said

"So, did you like our music?"

"That was terrible. It was a group karaoke attempt at best" Hermione said

"Nice hat" Draco said approaching her

"Thanks. Likewise" Hermione said pointing to his hat

Draco instinctively touched his hat.

"Don't mind him, he likes to wear stuff with his name on it" Greg said

Hermione looked at the name on the hat. It was a logo, that just said TOMS.

"Well your hat doesn't have your name on it" Draco said

"What's the saying? Save a horse, ride a cowboy?" Hermione teased

Greg pushed Draco aside, who stumbled and then stood up and placed his arm around Greg.

"You'll have to forgive Greg here, no manners these Americans" Draco said

"So I've been told" Hermione said

"So you never told me your name" Greg said

"I never gave it" Hermione said

"I'm sure I'll learn it by the end of the night" Greg said

"Quit while you're ahead, and have some dignity mate" Draco said

"Don't embarrass me because you want her" Greg said

Someone yelled for Greg to get back on stage. He left the two and jumped on stage and began strumming his guitar.

"What are you doing here Granger?" Draco asked

"Missed my flight. Are all Americans this direct?"

"Yes they are. And when they have their sights set on something, they won't stop until they get it. "

"Your friend is going home alone tonight'

"I don't doubt that"

"But you're not"

Draco paused and looked at Hermione. Was she openly flirting with him?

"You're in for an all nighter Malfoy"


Draco felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around.

"Bloody hell it is you. Looking like a street rat on the other side of the world" Blaise said

"Blaise?" Draco said in shock

"Yes it's me mate, nice of you tell me where you ran off to. Granger here had to tell me. You've got a lot of explaining to do mate" Blaise said

"Enjoy your night boys" Hermione said as she left