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Last time on DRAGONBALL Z...
Frieza reached his next level of transformation, a level that only his brother Cooler had reached
before. Frieza defeated every one of the Z Fighters, including Gohan, and after splitting Gotenks
into Goten and Trunks, defeated them too. Frieza then flew off towards a random city, but he is
about to fight a girl with unimaginable strength.

"What the?!"Pan cried. "Dad's Ki is lowering! And so is Uncle Goten's! Plus, some strange Ki is heading
this way! It's overwhelmingly strong!"

Pan threw her backpack into some bushes and flew into the sky, seeing a very strange creature.

"So you're the one with the strong Ki,"Pan said. "I'm going to have to beat you if you're here to
destroy something."

"So you can read Ki levels. Big deal,"the creature scoffed. "What can a little girl do about it."

"More than you can imagine,"Pan said, smiling.

Story 5:"Super Saiyan Pan?!"

"C'mon little girl. If you're so confident, then let's fight,"the creature said.

"Not here,"Pan replied. "There's too much life."

"I'll take care of that,"the creature snickered, firing multiple beams at the ground.

Fire exploded and people panicked as the beams hit the ground.

"Hey! Who the hell do you think you are, huh?!"Pan shouted angrily.

"I don't think I am...I know I am the Almighty Frieza!"the creature answered.

"Lesson 1: Never EVER make a Saiyan angry!!!"Pan shouted, powering up.

"This is your full power?"Frieza said. "Then you can't become Super Saiyan!"

"So what?! I can beat you without becoming Goldilocks!"Pan replied.

Pan flew at Frieza and began her assault. She rapidly punched and kicked him until all you could see
was a blur. Frieza hastily blocked the attacks and kicked Pan backwards.

"Dynamite Kick!!"Pan yelled. She was using an attack her Grandpa Hercule taught her, but it was
more effective coming from a Demi-Saiyan.

She spun and kicked him, each kick causing a small, but powerful, explosion on Frieza's body.

"It's time I taught you a lesson, girl!"Frieza said, firing a Finger Beam at Pan.

"Lesson 2: Never underestimate a Saiyan girl's strengths!"Pan yelled swatting the beam away and
punching the offguard Frieza higher into the air. "And finally, Lesson 3:DIE!!!"

Pan shot a giant blue beam at Frieza and it exploded. She thought she had killed Frieza, but she
was wrong. Frieza emerged from the smoke and tackled Pan, hard. Frieza began to viciously attack
Pan and finally, slammed her into a nearby building.

Suddenly, the building glowed and exploded, revealing Pan in torn and tattered clothes and golden
hair sticking upwards.

"I thought I told you Lesson 1 already,"Pan said.

"Feh, I don't listen to little girl's warnings,"Frieza replied.

"Maybe you'll listen now!"Pan shouted. "There's been women astronauts, women doctors, and women
teachers, and I finally join their ranks! I am the first woman Super Saiyan!!"

"Hey, I think it's time we ended this little game,"Frieza said coldly.

"I think so, too,"Pan agreed, smiling evilly. "Kame...hame...HA!!!"

The first girl Super Saiyan, Pan, has emerged. Will her newfound powers be enough to destroy Frieza?
Find out on the next DRAGONBALL Z!

To be continued...

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