Chapter 1

A woman with wavy blond hair and a petite hour glass figure leaned next to the floor-to-ceiling window holding a cup of scotch in her hand, a layer of hazy mist surrounded her just bathed body.

"Elijah." The woman spoke without turning around, her voice is smooth as silk.

"Harper." A man wearing black suit stood behind the woman, "I'm surprised that you don't have this lovely apartment vampire-proved."

"It was, but I lifted the spell when I sensed that you have arrived at Vernazza." She took a sip of scotch.

"I would say that the years have done you justice, but then I remembered that you have become an immortal witch." Elijah poured himself a scotch and took a sip, "very nice, this has to be at least 70 years."

"72 years." Harper finally turned around, she has a delicate facial feature that carries an intriguing temperament. "What are you doing here?"

"I need your help." Elijah approached Harper, standing right in front of her.

"I don't get myself involved in Mikaelson business." Harper decisively said.

"Mikael is back." Elijah sighed.

"How?" Harper's voice is filled with disbelief.

"Davin Claire, a harvest witch brought him back to seek vengeance on Klaus and me. Esther is back too, and she brought back Finn and Kol." Elijah poured himself another drink.

"Great, a family reunion then, enjoy." Harper turned around, walking away from Elijah.

"Harper! I need your help," Elijah put his hand on Harper's shoulder, "we need you. Plus, don't you have unfinished business with Mikael?"

Harper turned around and stared straight into Elijah's eyes. "Wait here, I'll have my bags packed."

The night of New Orleans is dark, quite, and mysterious, Harper loved it. She lost track of time while reading her favorite Shakespeare play Midnight Summer Dream in the Jazz Café on Bourbon Street.

"Hello, pretty witch." Three man jumped down from the top of the building.

"Vampires." Harper had never really seen vampires, she only heard about them from the stories the elders in the coven have told her.

"Smart girl," one of the man said, his face cracked, eyes turned red, and revealed his fangs.

"Step back, or I will make you regret it." Harper didn't flinch at all, staring right into the vampire's eyes. She may have never seen a real vampire, but she knows that she can't be afraid right now.

"Ahhh" the vampire reached to his head, and fell to the ground. The other vampire rushed to Harper, but she snapped his neck with a quick turn of hand.

"Please, spare me!" The last vampire was backed to the wall by Harper, "They dragged me into this!"

Harper hesitated and slowly dropped her hand, but the vampire took the chance to bite for her neck. She instinctively closed her eyes, but she didn't feel pain, instead there was a loud thump of object hitting the ground and Harper felt something warm on her face. Sensing that she is safe, Harper opened her eyes. A well-built man with curled dirty-blond hair and dark blue eyes that contrasts with his pear-white skin had torn the vampire's heart out.

"Hello Love, I'm Klaus Mikaelson." The man smiled and dropped the heart on the ground. He took out a handkerchief and gave it to Harper, "you have a little…" and pointed at his face.

"You are one of the original vampires." Harper took the handkerchief and cleaned the blood from the vampire on her face.

"Yes, and I just saved your life." Klaus approached Harper, clearly taking pleasure in making her nervous.

"Thank you, I'm Harper Meilyr." Harper looked away from him.

"Oh, your father is the Regent of the New Orleans witches." Klaus nodded, "he is a remarkable man, no wonder you are capable of this." He tilted his head at the vampires being knocked under the ground.

"It's my first time using these spells." Harper just realized what she had done to the vampires when Klaus brought it up.

"You are a talented witch and interested in Literature, I see." Klaus took the Midnight Summer Dream from Harper. "The theatre is showing Midnight Summer Dream tomorrow, magnificent cast, come watch it with me."

Harper's eyes widened, watch Shakespeare with an original vampire? "I don't think so, Mr. Mikaelson, Good Night." Harper turned around and walked away from Klaus.

"Call me Klaus, and the offer still stands Love." Klaus laughed and watched Harper disappear into the night fall.

"Been dreaming?" Elijah asked when Harper woke up on the plane.

"Yeah, are we almost there?" Harper stretched her neck.

"30 minutes away." Elijah looked out of the window, they can already see the sparkling nights of the city.

"Great." Harper took a sip of the water, "Elijah, I need you to promise that no matter what happens, Mikael dies." She stared at the water in the cup.

"You have my word." Elijah nodded.

Half an hour later, they are in the limo Elijah had arranged for them. Harper looked out the window, New Orleans have certainly changed to adapt to modernization, but the core of the French Quarter remained the same as when Harper lived here. The street sign "Bourbon Street" caught her attention, she met Klaus in 1916 when she was 15. Although almost a hundred years have passed, the memory is forever ingrained in her mind. Right when they entered New Orleans, especially the French Quarter, Harper can feel evil lurking in the darkness, violence spreading through the air. Unlike the immortals born from Quetsiyah's immortality elixir, Harper's healing power is the same as all witches and doesn't obtain psychic powers. However, immortality has given Harper more magical power over time making her one of the most powerful witches in history, also causing her sensitive to all supernatural events.

The limo slowly arrived at the Mikaelson Compound, it is the same as Harper remembered. A fountain in the middle of the gigantic courtyard designed for the grand Mikaelson parties and rooms built around the courtyard, Harper remembers once living in one of these rooms.

"Klaus?" Elijah called for his brother and gestured to the men for them to move Harper's luggage. "You will stay in your old room, I had people clean it up for you this morning."

Harper nodded, and then sensed Klaus on the balcony. She looked up, the light blue eyes met the dark blue eyes, and none of them said a word. Harper would have done anything for these dark blue eyes when she was a teenager. Finally, Harper broke the eye contact and walked towards her room.

-The story is set on S2 of The Originals, I will try to follow the story plot on the TV show. I hope you enjoyed reading it!