Chapter 3

"This is it." Klaus stopped the car in front of a small cabin in the middle of the woods.

"Cool," Harper nodded, she can feel the presence of another original vampire nearby, then she saw Klaus examining a wooden spike, "What are you doing?"

"Mikael." Klaus picked it up, showing Harper the totem carved on it.

"So he is here, and trying to get in shape, great. Can you put it down now, we have to get inside the house." Harper looked to Klaus.

"The house is probably vampire proved." Klaus weighed the spike in his hand.

"This is where you need a witch to break the barrier spell." Harper moved closer to the house, ready to perform a spell.

"That's going to take too long, we don't have the time for it." Klaus refused, throwing the spike in the window.

"Damn it!" Harper stared at Klaus furiously, " Is it that hard for you to negotiate?" She hates it when Klaus always had to do things his way.

"Sorry, Love." Klaus smirked at Harper, "come out, father!" He yelled towards the cabin.

It was silent for a while, "there's another witch in the cabin." Harper whispered to Klaus, she can feel the witch casting some sort of magic.

A tall shadow finally walks out of the cabin, Mikael. Harper took a deep breath, this is the first time she had seen the person who killed her parents in a century.

"Niklaus, the bastard." Mikael held the white oak stake in his hand, walking towards Klaus.

"Came to kill me?" Klaus walked towards Mikael, without a weapon in his hand. Harper stayed behind, knowing her witch abilities won't do any good if she gets attacked.

"I see you brought a girl to the fight." Mikael pointed the white oak stake towards Harper's direction.

"Remember her? She came to collect a debt." Klaus didn't seem to be bothered at all about Mikael's statement.

"Ahh, your little witch girlfriend." Mikael looked to Harper with contempt, "I thought you burned in the theatre, don't tell me Klaus changed you." He spoke louder to Harper.

"Thanks to you, I get to enjoy an immortal life as a witch." a sneer appeared on the corner of Harper's mouth.

"No matter, I'll kill anyone standing in the way." Mikael stated, he rushed to Klaus, tackling him on the ground.

"Douleur." Harper stared at Mikael, inflicting pain on him.

"Ahh" Mikael's hand holding the white oak stake stopped in the middle of the air due to pain.

"Klaus, now!" Harper yelled at Klaus. He pulled out Papa Tunde's knife, inserting it into Mikael's chest.

Klaus put Mikael in the back of his trunk and closed it.

"You said there are two witches inside?" Klaus asked Harper, staring at the dark cabin, the people in the cabin blew out the light during Klaus and Mikael's fight.

"Yeah, I think I should go and try talk to them." Harper looked to Klaus, hoping that he wouldn't throw another wood spike into the window to force the two witches to come out.

"Are you kidding?" Klaus looked at Harper like he just heard the funniest thing.

"Why not? I'm sure they would be glad to see a witch instead of a murderous original vampire who ruins people's lives." Harper is mad at Klaus' attitude, even after all these years he still treats her like a child.

" what would you do? Knock on the door and ask nicely for them to come out?" Klaus leaned on the car and asked.

"Yeah, that's what I'm going to do." Harper walked towards the cabin without looking back.

She knocked on the door, "hello?" It's absolute silence inside the cabin. Harper pushed the door open and entered in the cabin.

"Don't hurt us, I'll do whatever you want." A tall blond boy walked out from another room with both of his hands in the air.

"I'm not here to hurt you guys. There's a person outside who wants to ask Davina Claire some questions." Harper showed her hands in the air, demonstrating that she means no harm.

"The wood knocked her unconscious." The boy turned around, showing Harper to the living room. A small figure lied on the floor. When Harper approached Davina she realized that the witch who is trying to kill Klaus is just a kid; she looks vulnerable and with a bleeding wound on her head.

"Damn it, Klaus." Harper swore, she can't believe a kid got dragged in the Mikaelson's messy business.

"Know how to fix this?" The boy gestured at Davina. For some reason, Harper felt that the boy is enjoying the messiness of the situation, which reminds her of someone she met.

"I do. My name is Harper, Harper Meilyr." Harper reached her hand out to the boy.

"Kaleb Westphall." The boy shaked Harper's hand, looking at her in awe, "I've heard about you, you're sort of a legend among the New Orleans witches."

"Right." Harper nodded, she looked back at Davina, examining her head.

"You a doctor of some kind?" Kaleb asked with his arms across his chest.

"Yes, a cardiothoracic surgeon to be exact, I graduated from Harvard Med School a couple years ago. How exactly did she pass out?" Harper turned to look at Kaleb. She is no expert in head injury, but she thinks that Davina should check for concussion.

"Her head was first hit by the wood, and it hit the floor. That's all I know, love." Kaleb shrugged.

Harper stared at Kaleb, there's only two people in the world that ever called her love.

"You remind me of someone." Harper stood up, looking right into Kaleb's eyes, "Kol?"

"How can you tell?" Kaleb/Kol cracked a smile.

"Just a hunch." Harper shrugged.

"Brother, I was wondering when I can see you." Klaus appeared at the doorstep.

"You can't come in." Kol didn't seem to care, but Harper can feel the fear coming out of Kol.

"Well, you two brothers connect, I'll go get the herbs in my bag that can wake Davina up." Harper walked out the door, then stopped in front of Klaus. "You, we'll talk about your vindictive behavior towards a kid later."

She walked towards the car, opened the door, and searched in her bag. Harper felt something behind her, but the world blacked out before she can turn around.