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Storybrooke, Maine

22 Years Ago

"Say goodnight to your brother, Killian," Alice instructed, as she set the young boy down on his feet.

Killian ran over to the small crib in the middle of the room, pulling himself up to see his baby brother lying inside of it. Little Liam was waving his hands in the air, occasionally sucking on one of his fists, before he went back to waving them around again.

"Good night, Liam," Killian called down to him, leaning over to press a kiss to his brother's cheek. Alice made her way over to her eldest son's side, leaning in to press her own kiss to Liam's forehead as she wished her baby boy sweet dreams.

"Come on, Killian. Let's get you to bed. Daddy's waiting for you."

Brennan was already perched on the floor by his son's bed, with Killian's favorite book in hand, as his son bounced into the space and climbed up under the sheets. Alice watched from the doorway as her husband finished reading the last chapter in the book they had been engrossed in all week, while Killian slowly lost his battle with exhaustion and fell soundly asleep. When Brennan finally finished the book, he sat it back down onto the small shelf by Killian's bed, and she moved forward to tuck the covers around their sleeping son.

Pressing a kiss to his forehead she whispered, "Sleep well, Baby. The angels will watch over you tonight."

Alice rolled over in bed as she heard the static noise coming through the baby monitor, followed by Liam's soft whimpers. She gave the small device a slap with the side of her hand, hoping to clear the audio. But the static simply continued. Her husband wasn't in bed beside her, which meant that he'd probably fallen asleep on the couch again, so she couldn't ask him to go and check on their son.

She sighed as she slipped out of the bed, passing Killian's room to make her way into Liam's nursery. The dark figure of her husband's form standing over their son's crib never failed to make her heart soar.

Brennan was such a good father.

"Is he hungry?" she called out softly.

Her husband sent a small shush back to her, and Alice took that as her cue that whatever had caused Liam to fuss was no longer an issue, now that his daddy was in the room.

As she made her way back to bed, her attention was pulled to the flickering light at the very end of the hallway. She reached out to tap at the glass shade a couple of times, hoping that would fix the problem.

The light flickered onceā€¦ twice more, before it finally stopped.

Which just happened to be the moment that Alice heard a noise from somewhere downstairs.

A frown creased her brow as she headed for the staircase, hoping that it was just another stray cat that had somehow found its way into the old building.

But as she made it to the bottom of the steps, the first thing her eyes landed on was the television. It was still showing some old baseball documentary, and perfectly illuminating her husband's sleeping form.

"Liam?" she called out, spinning on her heels. She took the stairs two at a time, rushing up them and towards the room her baby boy was resting in.

The other figure was still standing over her son's crib when she arrived at the doorway.

Brennan bolted awake at the sound of his wife's blood-curdling screams.

"Alice?" he yelled out, springing up from his chair. "Alice?"

He took the stairs as fast as he could, bypassing every closed door on the first floor until he flung open the one for Liam's nursery.

"Alice?" he called out once more, panting a little from the physical exertion.

Liam was wide awake in his bed, cooing softly as he kicked out his arms and feet.

Brennan made his way over to the little boy's side, asking softly, "Hey Liam. Are you okay?" A small smile pulled at his lips as the baby turned bright blue eyes his way, smiling up at his daddy.

The first drop landed just to the left of Liam's face.

Brennan reached out to run his fingers through it, pulling them away to find them stained red.

The second landed on the back of his hand.

His eyes widened in horror as he realized what he was looking at, before he turned them up to the ceiling above him.

"Oh god, no. Alice," he cried, falling backwards with his shock.

His wife's body was somehow stuck to the ceiling of the nursery, her abdomen bleeding profusely from the wound that had been inflicted there, as her dead eyes stared down at him, wide with her own horror.

The moment Brennan realized what he was looking at was the moment the inferno began, engulfing his wife's body quickly.

Liam began to scream from his place in the crib, his little face screwed up with his tears as the room began to heat up. Brennan snatched the boy from his bed quickly, before running from the room. Killian was making his way out of his own, looking thoroughly confused by all of the noise.

"I need you to take your brother outside as fast as you can. Don't look back," Brennan told the scared young boy, as he eased Liam down into his arms. "Now, Killian! Go!"

Even though Killian was clearly terrified, Brennan watched on with pride as his son did exactly as he had been instructed to do, before he turned back to the nursery that was rapidly filling with flames. He wanted to save his wife. He needed to save his wife. But it was becoming apparent that it was never gonna happen.

With one more longing look at the spot that he'd last seen her in, Brennan turned on his heels and ran.

Killian was stood on their lawn, far too close to the house to be safe, when he made it to the front door. Brennan didn't hesitate to sweep his boys up and into his arms, to carry them away from their home just before the fire triggered an explosion in the nursery.

"Mom?" Killian called out, as his own eyes began to fill with tears.

"Don't worry. I've got you," Brennan assured him, as he held his boys close.

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