Kaminari just wants a break

Including Angst

This was inspired by 'Electric Fool' By Drowninginworkbutstill on Archiveofourown, I recommend to check it out cause' its really good!

Everyone has seen Kaminari Denki as a cheerful, slightly perverted dumb ass. Of course, no one ever realized how hard he tried. Every night, he would be in his room with, around ten venti Starbucks drinks. He stays up until dawn every night, without him even knowing, constantly studying as he listened to lofi hip hop beats. He wears shorts while studying, so that when he grows tired, he will be able to shock himself. Before anyone wakes up, he goes to the bathroom to apply some concealer on his eye bags and shocks his brain to keep himself awake. In the middle of class, when he isn't able to pay attention, which is often, he will shock himself, but just the slightest bit.

A week before the exams,Mr Aizawa decided to keep him after school to talk about his scores. "Kaminari." Mr Aizawa decided to snap him out of his faze, "Yes sir?" He asked quietly, far more quiet than usual. Mr Aizawa ignored this anyway, it was probably because of his humiliation in front of the class anyways. "What happened?" Kaminari was slightly confused, "What do you mean sir?" 'Was he asking about how quiet I was being?' Kaminari wished. "What happened to your scores Kaminari?" 'Oh, that's what he was talking about.' He was about to speak before Mr Aizawa interrupted him. "You started off an average student, but over the course of a few weeks, your scores started growing lower. Your midterms were okay, though you barely passed. However, all the tests we have taken this term you have failed." Kaminari looked down to his thighs, if it weren't for the fabric covering them, he would be seeing bruises on them. "If you keep this up for your finals, you will be expelled Kaminari." Something went off in Kaminari's brain, it was like what everyone around him said. Echos of 'He's an idiot' and 'How did he even get into UA' entered his brain. He gulped and said something to Mr Aizawa anyways. "Yes sir, I'll try harder, I promise."

Kaminari kept true to his word, he bought his drinks and immediately went up to his room. He didn't bother to talk to his friends, he immediately changed out of his uniform and got his books out. With his music blasting through his earbuds he got started. Meanwhile downstairs, Kirishima was confused, Kaminari usually greeted them when he came into the dorms. Jirou, on the other hand assumed that he was busy doing perverted or dumb stuff. Kaminari continued studying until there was a knock on the door, it was Sero. "Hey man, its dinner time." Kaminari answered as excitably as possible. "Coming!" He decided on studying at the dinner table anyway, though Iida might kill him for it. He picked up the books needed, and grabbed the drink he was drinking and made his way downstairs. Of course, he did change out of his shorts for this.

He made his way over to the dining table, immediately sitting down and opening his books, to reveal billions of notes and scribbles of information. Iida, who was sitting in front of him, looked shocked. "Kaminari, are you... studying?" Jirou asked, her jaw dropping open. Kaminari decided to ignore her by placing his earbuds back into his ears, as he continued looking at the book, reading over it trying to understand the information presented to him. As everyone else made their way downstairs, they looked at him as if he was insane. Mina spoke up, "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO KAMINARI!?" It seems like even Mina didn't believe he had the ability to study as well. "I'm just studying Mina, I don't think there is anything wrong with that." He responded as plainly as possible, remembering what Aizawa sensei has said to him a few hours ago. "If I don't I'll fail Mina, and I don't want to fail."

The rest of the dinner was eaten quietly, aside from Kaminari's pencil scratching. Soon Kaminari found his way up to his room, put his books down and got ready to take a shower. He stumbled his way over to the shower rooms, and turned the tap on. He felt the warm water drip down his back as he quickly took a simple, quick shower, not wanting to take anytime away from his studying. He ended up taking a shower in record time, spending only five minutes to clean himself. He quickly put his clothes on and brushed his teeth, walking back to his room. He changed out of his pants immediately and began studying again.

Without knowing, he pulled an all nighter again, he ended up taking modafinil to keep himself awake instead of shocking himself today, he already damaged himself enough just from studying alone. In fact, his legs ached to the point he didn't feel like changing into his clothes, in fear that the fabric will rub over the injuries too much. It was just like elementary and middle school all over again, instead he was doing it to himself and not his mother. Forcing himself to look at a book, electrifying himself until his legs ached, and begged to be chopped off. Regardless, he decided against it and forced himself to school, skipping breakfast. He sat down at the desk and pulled out his book, reading through everything and making sure he understood. Mina and Jirou who were sitting beside him as he looked at the book. Mina looked at his eyes, realizing the deep eye bags that were laying underneath them. "Honey!" Kaminari looked up at her. "What happened to your eyes?! The bags underneath them are so dark! Did you even sleep?!" Kaminari shook his head, "It's fine though, I took some medication to keep me awake." Iida gasped at this, "It is important to maintain a healthy sleep schedule especially when being a hero Kaminari!" Iida screamed out, gathering the attention of the whole class.

Kaminari sighed before responding, "Iida, Heroes don't exactly have the best sleep schedule either, most may be called help out on missions out of nowhere since most crimes will be committed during the night to avoid gathering attention, plus when it's darker it creates a larger opportunity for those who are caught to escape." Iida tried to find an comeback to that, but it was actual true. "D-did Kaminari just say something smart!?" Jirou started laughing. "You have got to be kidding me!" She was about to continue before Aizawa walked into the classroom, "pipe down Jirou, Kaminari, I see what I told you yesterday was helpful." All eyes were on him. Iida raised his hand. "Sir! Kaminari didn't sleep last night, I say he should go to recovery girl to rest." Kaminari groaned. "Iida, I'm on medication, I won't be able to sleep." Iida started sputtering. "Well, uh, even so.." were repeated continuously before Mr Aizawa asked him to shut up. Class went on as normal, everything was fine until hero training, in which the villains decided to attack.

Everyone around him was so strong, so powerful. Even against villains, they all found their own way to defeat them. He was the only one, the only one who wasn't powerful enough. Why was he even in the hero course anyway, he quirk was so simple and boring. It didn't do much damage, plus when he uses it, he becomes an idiot afterwards. What's the point of fighting if the damage against your body is even worse then the damage against the opponents. Kaminari blinked off the tears until something approached behind him. Something, no, someone picked him up, planning on throwing him down on the ground. That was before Kaminari did the first thing he could think of, placing his hands on the mans skull, and sending an electrical wave through the other man. 'Oh god he's screaming what am I doing, Oh god oh god, the vomit on the floor. What am I doing? Stop it stop it!' Kaminari took his hands off the skull, feeling bile raise up from his throat, he saw the man, now with a brain that was possibly fried, fall into a pile of his own vomit. His face paled, did he just kill a man?

Kaminari soon realized that the small thing he did resulted to having all the focus on him. He stepped back, realizing that more villains were approaching him. Tears spilled from the corners of his eyes, as he was surrounded by villains. "Oh look he's crying, aw how sad." one said, "What happened Mister Sparky, you were so strong a while ago." 'No, no, no, no' Kaminari's brain screamed, fear laced in his eyes. Someone pulled his shirt up, and a punch was delivered to his cheek. 'Kaminari's quirk makes him dumber, how can he be dumber than he is right now!' Insults from his childhood flooded his mind, 'Kaminari wants to go to UA!? How is that possible if he's that idiotic!'. "Look! Sparky is crying harder!" The villains cackled, surrounding Kaminari even more. 'Someone help me... please!' He wanted to scream, but he then remembered the rest of his classmates . 'I have to work harder, so much harder.' Kaminari remembered how his friends fought so hard to achieve their goal, so why doesn't he just do the same.

Without even realizing it, Kaminari's quirk activated on his own. He let it charge up, to the point he felt like he was burning, but he didn't care. He continue letting it build up, the villains started attacking him, then when they all came close enough, he released. He noticed them activating their quirks. Electricity burst through his veins, it was so painful, far too painful. He started screaming, it hurt a lot, it wasn't like the little shocks he sent to keep him awake, it felt like it was tearing him apart. He didn't know at the time, but he was coughing a lot of blood out. Pain was all he could feel, but he kept pushing through, eventually he heard thumps of bodies falling to the ground, he didn't know how many there were, all he knew is the pain wouldn't stop. How much did he use, he exceeded his limit by a lot, more than just making him idiotic, making him feel pain. He feel like the contents in his stomach will spill out, if he even has a stomach anymore. When Kaminari opened his eyes, everything was blurry, so damn blurry.

No one actually understood what had happened completely, Mr Aizawa was fighting off most of the villains, Midoriya helping out for some. Actually, most of the students helped will most of the villains. Except for a blonde male with an electricity quirk. Jirou noticed this and muttered under her breathe,something about 'that dumb ass being too lazy to fight'. Aizawa was ready to expel that boy that very day, especially since it seemed like he had no intention to become a hero anymore. That was until a loud scream was heard, everyone turned their head to see Kaminari with his hands on a villains head, electricity can be seen surrounding his hands. The villain continued screaming before Kaminari let go, leaving the villain unconscious. It seems like this scream did not only distract the students, but the villains as well as they ran over surrounding Kaminari. At this point everyone was slightly worried, but they were distracted by the remaining villains that were left over. And after a few minutes, most were down, leaving the ones with Kaminari behind.

Every single student in the room was scared when they heard Kaminari's terrifying scream, it wasn't a small shriek like when he got scared, or the type of of scream he would make when Jirou was making fun of him. This scream was different, this scream was filled to the brim with pain and agony. Though at the same time, no one could save him since, a large ball of electricity appeared before them, barricading them from reaching Kaminari. The villains screams, blocking out Kaminari's as the mass of energy just proceeded to grow larger. The screams echoed so loudly that it caused shivers down everybody's spines. Soon the electric ball grew smaller and smaller until it disappeared, all that was left was multiple bodies on the ground, including Kaminari's.

Everyone freaked out, Mr. Aizawa immediately ran to where Kaminari was and searched for him. Everyone followed, running towards the spot. However, everyone stopped when they saw blood on the floor, massive amounts of blood, and lying within that blood was none other than the happy-go-lucky blonde they all knew and loved. It wasn't the cheerful idiot who pulled out pranks every other day. It was a bloodied human being who looked like a corpse, who was barely breathing and hanging onto the small string of life and hope that he had left. "Kaminari!" Midoriya was screaming out. For the smallest amount of time, they saw Kaminari open his eyes and whispered two words, the two words that broke everyone's hearts, including Bakugou. "You fucking idiot." He said, trying to keep his tears away.

"I'm sorry."

The sound of a heartbeat running through the heart rate monitor. Kirishima sat down next to the bed in the infirmary, he put his hands up to his face and rubbed is temple. "Dude, it's been two days. Come back to us, please Denki." He mumbled, grabbing Kaminari's, cold, pale hand. The door to the infirmary opened as Bakugou stepped in. "Kirishima, we have to get back to the dorms." Bakugou mumbled, the aura of melancholy throughout the room caused sorrow to Bakugou. "Don't wanna." Kirishima said, looking down to his lap. "Kirishima, I know you're sad. Fuck, I am too. The stupid idiot that had the nerve to fucking sit next to me during the sports festival. The idiot who decides to prank everyone all the time. But you should realize that Kaminari would want you to actually take care of yourself." Bakugou said. "Yeah, sure. I guess." Kirishima said, standing up from his chair. "Thanks Bakugou. I bet Kaminari would be proud of you." He said, showing him a small smile. "Shut up." Bakugou murmured.

Everyone was sitting down on the couches, sad as always. "It's so weird without Kaminari here." Sero said, staring down at his lap. "He always cheered us up when we were feeling sad, even if he was doing it by being annoying." Mina who was busy sulking thought back to when Kaminari attempted to cheer her up after she got a low score on her test. "There's no point in being sad over a piece of paper, after all, you could always try again!" He told her, a smile on his face as he hid his own test paper. "Plus you got higher than me!" He proceeded to show her his paper marked with a large red score of '38'. Jirou laughed at this and proceeded with saying that he only got such a low score since he never studied, and that Mina did. This blast from the past just forced Mina into growing even more sad as she started sobbing while attempting to speak. After a while of not being able to understand what she was saying, Midoriya decided to ask her to breathe before she spoke.

"He always made us feel better by acting so idiotic and dumb. Then he got shit for that, so he tried harder and now this happened. It's all our fault." Sero looked at her, his black eyes showing agreement. "If it was anyone to blame it would be me." Mr. Aizawa suddenly appeared, tired as always. Iida perked and looked at him surprised. "Mr Aizawa, It's not your fault, what do you mean?" He asked immediately, hands chopping through the air. Mr Aizawa huffed, slightly regretting speaking in the first place. "When I asked him to stay after school, to have a chat. I ended up telling him that if he didn't work harder that he may get expelled." Jiro looked up to him, slightly shocked, but at the same time, confused. "But sir, you asked him to study for the written finals, not the practical, right?" She asked, "There would be no reason for him to push himself in such a way." Mina responded to Mr. Aizawa as well, "We can't tell why he pushed himself so far until he tells us himself, at this point it's just guessing." Mr Aizawa sat down at the couch, groaning slightly. "We can only wait and see."

The heart rate monitor continued beating as Kaminari opened his eyes, seeing the brightness of the light shining above his head causing him to flinch away slightly. This seemed to be a horrible idea since his whole entire body ached. Recovery girl walked in, upon seeing him awake she let out a breath and smiled. "It's nice that you are finally awake young man, everyone was so worried about you." She said, looking at the blonde hair boy in front of her. His hair was a mess, his eyes were slightly red, his face pale yet flushed, and arms were littered with scars, which were currently covered with bandages. His brain did not take too much damage, which was a plus, but the same could not be said for the one and a half dozens of villains that were taken out during class. "I healed up most of your injuries, so we can take off those bandages now, though there will be scars left over." Kaminari's throat hurt, but he managed to speak a bit, "Thank you recovery girl, I didn't miss the exams did I?" Recovery girl huffed a bit at this, "Absolutely not, you shouldn't worry about this right now, you just woke up after three days." She said, anger lacing through her voice. "Jeez, what do they teach you kiddos?" She muttered, handing him a gummy bear. "Eat this while I remove your bandages, it might take a while before your body stops aching, but you'll be back in your dorm in no time." She said, proceeding to walk over to his side, slowly removing the white strips. "Your classmates were so worried about you, they didn't want to leave your side until I forced them out." Kaminari hummed.

"There." Recovery girl said as she finished removing them, "There are still some scares left, but it's only natural." She paused. "Kaminari, be honest. Why are there older scars on your thighs?" She asked. Kaminari paused, slightly frightened. "I-I." He wanted to respond honestly, but he just couldn't. "I don't know what you are talking about." Recovery girl clearly did not believe him. "Kaminari." Should he, he didn't want to, but he did anyway. "It's to... force myself from falling asleep. I do small shocks, just to stop myself from falling asleep." He said it anyway. "Why would you that to your body?!" Recovery girl said, angered from his lack of self-preservation. "I need to study, I can't fail, yet I do anyways." He said slowly, knowing that her eyes were on him. "So I pull all nighters to understand and memorize the information in the book." He said, scared of her reaction to such an unhealthy habit. "Then how are you not tired in class then!?" She didn't respond too horribly, but it still was a reaction. "Well... I switch between shocking my brain and taking medication..." Recovery girl groaned at this. "You do realize that shocking your brain can get rid of information right?" She said and Kaminari felt his whole entire world come crashing down. "What." He gasped for breathe.

All those sleepless nights, the drinks, the books, the notes. They were worthless after all. All of a sudden a rush of emotion took over his body as the flood gates opened. It started off subtle, just a few tears rolling down his cheek, then it turned into chocking and shielding his head from the world. The reason why he kept failing wasn't because he wasn't studying, or putting in effort. It was because of his stupid actions that start the morning. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid.' Why was he such an idiot, what everyone said was true the entire time, why was he in the school in the first place. He snapped out of his thoughts when Recovery Girl called him, "Kaminari, your mother is coming soon to talk to you. I'll give you guys some time alone." She said, passing him a tissue, then walking away.

Kaminari didn't like his mother, that was one thing nobody knew about him, something he refused to tell anyone. After his father left, his mother was left alone with no one but him, a piece of his father. It only reminded her of how horrible of a person he was, cheating on her with another woman, claiming that they were only friends and that she didn't trust him enough. He was so 'horrid', to the point that Kaminari's mother wanted to give him away. Kaminari begged her not to, and promised that he would do anything for her. So he did, he washed the dishes, cleaned the house, did the laundry, bills, cooked food. Everything was on him, everything except for money. That was spent on bills, and very little on food, but mostly on his mother. She would commonly say stuff like 'she deserved this' and 'what do you know brat, you don't have money'. His education fees, he had to beg his father to pay for them, and he did.

The one thing Kaminari was lacking in was the smarts, he never really got high scores in class, and that was a problem for his mother. 'If you weren't smart, how do you expect to get a job? Girls can look pretty, but guys have to have the brains.' His mother would force him to take tutoring classes, and during the weekends his mother would force him study. If he didn't answer the question correctly, that would be one 'zap' to his thigh. His thighs were always littered with bruises, burns and scars ever since he was nine. He never talked back, he always listened to what his mother had to say. If she needed wine, he would buy it for her. He would do anything for her, and she would do nothing for him.

Kaminari loved is father, far more than he loved his mother. His father was a carefree person, who was intelligent enough to create a company. The only reason he cheated on Kaminari's mother, and Kaminari doesn't blame him for that, was because he never got freedom. He was forced to do everything for Kaminari's mother, as if he was some sort of slave. He wanted to go out with his coworkers, instead he has to go home and scrub the floors and cook. For once in his life he was happy when he found another woman, someone who understood him and loved him for who he was and not what he could do. So he started seeing her, and she was a fantastic woman from what Kaminari has heard. When Kaminari called to ask him to pay for his school fees, he immediately responded with 'of course'. Kaminari wished that he got to spend more time with his father, but because of his mother, he doubts he could.

Kaminari was interrupted by his thoughts when his mother stepped into the room, the clear emotion of anger shown on her face. "You arrogant, idiotic son." She said, Kaminari swore a sword stabbed him in the chest. "I refuse to believe you are mine, you seem more like your father." She said, her eyes piercing through him. "Are you trying to make my life harder, leaving me alone, having to do everything. Do you know how to be a man? Men do everything in the household, they are smart and loyal." She said. "Would you want to be the perfect man? Or do you want to be a fucking prick like your father?" She asked.

Kaminari felt sick, he didn't respond. "Can't even answer a single question?" She laughed at him. "What is this? School? Your test scores are bad enough buddy, I can pull you out of school in an instant. Who do you think is paying for your school fees?" This is where she was wrong, she never checked what she was paying for. She thought she was wasting a whole bunch of money on him, while in reality, she isn't paying for shit. Kaminari recently got a credit card, with some money from his father in it. If she really thought she was doing anything to help him, she would be gravely mistaken. He could have talked back, but instead he heard her ramble on about how idiotic he was and that he had to get higher scores so she could show off to her friends on Instagram and Facebook. Soon, it was getting late. Classes were over and he was free to go. Of course though, his mother wanted to meet his friends, to see if they were a good influence on him.

They reached the dorms and Kaminari slowly opened the door, immediately, everyone saw him and ran up to him, pulling him into a large hug. Only for it to be cut off by his mother, who cleared her throat. "I am Kaminari's mother, though I wish I could say it was nice to meet you, I won't. That is until I learn how you treat my son." She said, intimidating everyone around her. "Would you like something to drink?" Midoriya asked, frightened like everyone else. "If you have wine, that would be nice." Everyone was slightly confused as to why she asked that since this was a dorm filled with twenty kids. "Sorry, but we don't have any wine." Midoriya said, Kaminari's mother sat on the couches, groaning and instead asking for water. "If any of you are remotely similar to his father, he is out of this school, you hear me?" She said as they all gathered around the couch. "Now, introduce yourself."

Iida, bless his arrogant soul, went first. "Hello mam, I am Iida Tenya, class president of class 1A and brother of ingenium." He said, loud with his hands chopping through the air. "Class president is an impressive position, however the way you act is horrible. Those chopping motions you make are far too embarrassing, hardly perfect in anyway. The chance of you having a wife would definitely be lower than the average score." She said, unimpressed. It was then when people realized how this was going to work. Most females got an immediate pass, though Kaminari's mother did say that they didn't really have to work for anything and instead should marry some rich business man instead of putting so much effort into what they do. This statement on its own already made all the females have a strong hate for his mother. It only got worse when she started talking to the Bakusquad.

"Hi! I'm Kirishima Eijirou, this is Sero Hanta," He said pointing to Sero, "And this is Bakugou Katsuki." He said pointing to Bakugou. "We are Kaminari's best bros, the manliest in the class and part of the Bakusquad, It's nice to meet you ms!" Kirishima said, with a blinding smile on his face. Kaminari's mother was not impressed, instead she seemed angered. "So Kaminari, these are the type of people you hang out with? If so, then I say you stop." She said, everyone looked at her,shocked at her words. "They seem to be too cheery and excitable, so I assume they could hardly do anything. They would be better as models honestly, but they definitely should never have a wife or kids. They should just stand around and look handsome, eye candy and whatnot. If you hang out with them Kaminari, they will just ruin your entire image." His mother was definitely pissed. "I mean, I raised you to be perfect Denki, if you can't even pick better friends, how do you expect to go to such a prestigious school. I may as well kick you out myself, which I will do." She said, looking down at the poor boy.

"Mother." Kaminari started, "Don't use that tone on me Kaminari Denki, who gives you the right!? I gave birth to you, I expect you to respect me!" What Kaminari was about to do may be idiotic, but the hurt faces on his friends faces were too much. "I don't." He whispered out. Oh, that angered her. "What." She said, venom lacing her words. "I don't." He said a little louder. "I don't like you, I'm sick of you using me as a slave and trophy." He said louder. "I understand why dad left for once! He's somewhere better now, and you're talking about him like he was such a bad influence, while you should be looking at yourself!" He screamed out. "You're a grown women, who should be capable of taking care of yourself, instead you buy expensive junk and force me to do all the work!" He was on the verge of tears. "Cleaning, cooking, laundry, bills! I'm sick of it! You should be able to do all of it, but you can't!" He heard his mother growl in anger, "I PAY FOR YOUR EDUCATION HERE DENKI! YOU CAN'T TREAT ME SO DISRESPECTFULLY!" She yelled out at him, he flinched a bit. "You're not." He said quietly. "You're not paying for my education." He said, finally telling her. "Then who is idiot?" She said, treating him like trash once again. "Dad." He said, spilling the beans. His mother grumbled before standing up and heading to the door. "I'll take my leave now, Denki. I never wish to see you at the house ever again." She said before exiting the building.

Immediately, everything was quiet. That was before Kirishima ran over to Kaminari and gave him a big hug, "BROOO!" He wailed, balling his eyes out. "WE MISSED YOU!" Kirishima clung to his side as Bakugou walked over and sat next to Kaminari. "You almost gave shitty hair a heart attack, you know?" He said, just loud enough for Kaminari to hear. Kaminari, still shocked from the sudden warmth he was given, let out a smile. "Well now you guys know what truly happens when I overuse my quirk." Mina overheard this, and proceeded to lay down on Bakugou's and Kaminari's lap. "I thought it just made you dumber?" She asked, in which Kaminari responded with a shake of his head. "That's just level one, what I experienced during class was," He paused, thinking. "Let's say level seven or eight." The entire class had their eyes fixated on him now. "So... What happens at level ten?" Midoriya asked. Kaminari cleared his throat, "I-I wouldn't be here, I would end up either in ashes or in a coffin." Sero joined the rest of the Bakusquad and hugged Kaminari as well. Then Mina came up with an idea that may force Kaminari into tears. "GROUP HUG!"

Kaminari did end up crying, and when they saw this, they were... protective to say the least. "WHO HURT YOU!" Mina screamed, shaking him until he gave a response. "I-I'm just so happy!" Kaminari beamed. "The past few hours were horrible for me, so getting so much w-warmth and comfort from you guys was so heartwarming!" He stuttered on his words a little. "Well drop some information on us will you?" Sero asked, giving his best attempt at puppy dog eyes. "Well I found out why I've been failing my tests." He said before Jirou decided to insult him. "It's because you don't study, duh." Kaminari shook his head. "I pull all nighters often, studying throughout the entire night." Kirishima was shocked by this, not because of the studying aspect of it though, "How the hell do you stay up without falling asleep, also not sleeping during class." Kaminari paused, not willing to reveal to his friends what he has been doing. But they deserve to know.

"I drink a tone of Starbucks, and then when I grow tired... I might shock my thighs..." Mina paused at this statement, and proceeded to roll up his,slightly longer than normal, shorts, revealing cuts and bruises. Mina's jaw dropped and she hugged Kaminari tightly while patting his head, "It's gonna be okay, It's gonna be okay." Was muttered into his ears. Kirishima, who was already hugging Kaminari, tightened his grip. "Then in the mornings, I will shock my brain a little, just to keep me awake. Or I take a pill. Usually I do the first option." He trying to avoid everyone's stares when he gulped, "Apparently, that causes me to forget information." He mumbled. "YOU FUCKING IDIOT! OF COURSE IT DOES!" Bakugou screamed, agitated. "Bakugou, though you are what I considered to be a friend, would you kindly stop screaming at Kaminari." Sero said, proceeding to hug Kaminari.

"Kaminari, if you have trouble with studying, you could always join our study group." Yaoyorozu said kindly. "You don't have to push yourself so hard." She continued before Iida stepped it, "You have to maintain a proper sleep schedule as well!" Midoriya nodded his head, "I agree, usually when I'm sleepy, I let myself sleep. I don't think you need to force yourself to such extreme circumstances." Kaminari let out a breathe he didn't even know he was holding, "Thank you, but I guess it developed into a habit. It was how I was raised after all." He said, a smile on his face. "I'll try my best to change!" Kirishima dug his face into Kaminari's neck, "Aw bro, that was so manly! You're gonna make me cry!" Kaminari pet his head, "Let it out bro, let it all out."

The following few days, Kaminari was the happiest he has ever been. He joined the study group with the rest of the Bakusquad. He ended up passing all the exams, when he told his dad, his dad ended up screaming in joy. His phone was on speaker mode, and he was with the study group. As a result, the group tried their best not to let out any giggles as they heard the grown man scream out in joy. Kaminari felt so lucky to have so many supportive friends, to the point he can consider them all as family.