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Several Weeks after the End of "When It All Falls Apart."

The families waited as Kellie entered the warehouse with Jason at her side followed by Sonny and Max

"Excuse me if I don't sit down," Kellie said, "I'm sure you'll understand my irritation at being summoned to a meeting at this time when I'm trying to get my family settled in Port Charles before school starts."

"I see your feisty demeanor hasn't changed," Raul said.

"You suggest you remember that," Kellie said, "I may be more of a law abiding citizen these days. But I can still be provoked like I was when I prevented Bernie and his lackey from taking over years ago during one of these meetings."

"I remember," Raul said, "I don't believe there will be a need for those types of theatrics today."

"My father tells me you want some kind of assurances," Kellie said.

"Your track record has us concerned you may be a problem for us," Tonio said, "So a token of your loyalty is not out of the question."

"Are one or more of you trafficking humans?" Kellie asked, "Because that's the only reason I can see you'd need to be concerned."

"What about your possible knowledge of government operations regarding our activities?" Raul asked.

"I wouldn't be privy to those," Kellie said, "Nor would I be in a position to provide any information."

"Given your uncle and brother's former undercover roles and how close you are with them," Tonio said, "You'll have to forgive us for being skeptical."

"I'll be honest with you, Ms. Corinthos," Raul said, "There's only one way we'll be satisfied as to where your loyalties lie and allow you to move back to Port Charles."

"What is that?" Kellie said, "Though I will tell you, you don't have a choice about allowing me to move back."

"Says the woman who needs to move to Port Charles because she's running from her rapist's brother," Tonio said, "You really can't afford to challenge us."

"What's this really about gentleman?" Kellie asked, "What exactly is it you want?"

"We'll allow you to move back provided you marry either my son or Tonio's nephew," Raul says.

"We have an officiant waiting along with our sons," Tonio said, "All you need to do is decide which one you're marrying and we can have the ceremony right here, right now."

Kellie said, leaning over the table and slamming her left hand down on the table, "That might be difficult considering I'm already married."

Raul, Tonio, and the other heads of families looked stunned at the new set of wedding bands gracing Kellie's finger.

Jason came up behind Kellie, leaned over her, and put his hand also sporting a wedding band on the table next to hers.

"I'd like you to meet my wife," Jason said, "Kellie Morgan."