A/N: I don't own Criminal Minds nor the characters within. This is a prompt from lightbluenymphadora - the morning after. Thanks!

JJ's the first one to wake up. Yawning, cuddling into the warmth to her right, she buries her nose into the spicy scent reminiscent of her coworker before she realizes, sleep clearing from her mind, that the scent really does belong to her coworker.

With that realization, memories filter back into her mind, coalescing fast enough that, seconds after, with time to snap her eyes open and prepare a gasp, JJ sits up, staring at the equally naked brunette woman curled around the extra hotel pillow.

"Oh," she lets out, dropping back and down, sheet pulled up to her chest. Watching the light play along an aristocratic nose and beautiful, dark curls framing Emily's face, the blonde repeats herself, low and quietly, "Oh."

Emily grumbles, pulling her pillow closer to herself. "Oh whatever," she mutters, burying her head into the pillow, rolling away from JJ and her awake utterances, "…Still asleep…"

Allowing a small, laughing smile, JJ sinks back, propping herself against the hotel bed headboard. "…I'm naked," she lilts.

"What?" Emily's breathing pauses for a second, the older woman barely turning her head towards JJ.

JJ laughs. "What I said. I'm naked."

Dark, slowly clearing brown eyes squint, opening to look at her. An equally slow, amused smile stretches across Emily's mouth. "So not a dream?"

Shaking her head, JJ drops her hand, squeezing Emily's shoulder. She smiles. "Not a dream."

"Oh." Emily smiles at her, hand searching for and curling around JJ's, moving it from her shoulder to her upper chest, squeezing it, "Good. Good. I'm glad."