Dear Gaius and Morgan,

I have not forgotten about you, nor have I been caught up with so much trouble. I hope you can forgive me for going away for so long. The truth of the matter is that I've been working on building a paradise for you guys and every other character that I grow to like on my travels through the different worlds. Tell Chrom and the others that I'm ok so they won't worry.

Anyway, I sent this letter as an invitation for you two to come to this paradise I have built. You don't have to pack anything, just have Jet escort you to the Gate and follow him in. Oh, and tell the others that I will send letters when it's their family's turn to come to the paradise.


The next day we did as my mom's letter said, updating everyone on the letter we had gotten and what we were doing that day. All of us were relieved that mom was okay, and we even got a little sendoff from everyone in the Shepherds before we set off for the Gate. When we reached the Gate, Jet jumped in himself. We didn't know whether to trust Jet alone, but a minute later his head poked out of the portal, with a confused expression. Once his head phased back through, my Dad and I jumped into the portal. When we hit the ground, the floor was cold and not even a bit rough like stone or wood floors would be.

We looked up to see my mom, wearing some more casual-looking robes, even if they didn't look like robes at all. She wasn't phased by her appearance though, and said to us, "Welcome to the Gaming Resort, my pride and joy."