I already have lots of complaints ready for Irisviel to receive, but if you, dear readers, have a particular wish to see a certain character or a certain complaint addressed, just say so in a review! Also, just because a character has already complained doesn't mean they can't again in the future. I will respond and update whenever life allows it. Thanks a bunch!

Current Client: Kiritsugu

Irisviel: Kiritsugu? What are you doing here?

Kiritsugu: Hi, Irisviel. If you're going to be receiving complaints, then I would like to speak on the behalf of everyone in Fuyuki City and ask that a law be passed which prohibits my wife from driving.

Irisviel: I am your wife.

Kiritsugu: You have to admit, Iri, you drive like a maniac.

Irisviel: Ha ha. Look, I'm going to be answering real complaints here. All you let me do is drive around the castle courtyard. I'm entitled to let out a little energy once in a while.

Kiritsugu: And endanger everyone else on the road at the same time?

Irisviel: While you're at it, why don't you get that law passed worldwide, to ensure the safety of drivers everywhere? Now look what you made me do. You made me resort to sarcasm. Please, Kiritsugu. I'll try to slow down once in a while. Now, if my security camera is telling me anything, I have a long waiting line of clients, so if you'll excuse me, I have to get to work.

Kiritsugu: What do you have a security camera for?

Irisviel: For what security cameras are always for. Don't try and tell me some of those people don't look a little dangerous.

Kiritsugu: Very well, dear wife.

Irisviel: NEXT!