Midnight49: It has been done.

Quick clarification, people: my rule about keeping requests rated G or PG also means I will not write about characters with overtly sexual designs or natures. I only made an exception for Jack the Ripper since she has a cloak to cover up with. So, hyperomegasonic26, that means no Tiamat or Kiara, and I've already done Darnic. But I should more than delighted to fulfill the other half of your request.

For visual reference, Goetia in this chapter is in his Grand Caster form. And he is even more confusing than Angra Mainyu, so bear with me.

Requested by: hyperomegasonic26

Current Client: Goetia

Goetia: Master of the Complaints Receiving Center, I have a request.

Irisviel: …

Irisviel: S-suddenly I'm filled with a longing to have Gilgamesh back here.

Goetia: I wish to eradicate death.

Irisviel: I-it's been tried, to be sure.

Goetia: Mankind must be incinerated, transformed into pure energy. There is no value to their future. I cannot abide their flaws. This is utterly beneath and beyond me. I am the highest, the sole existence on this planet. And they do not see.

Irisviel: Impressive manifesto, to be sure, but I'm not sure where you're getting all this. Or what you want me to do about it. Or... what you are.

Goetia: We are the True King of Magecraft Solomon and we shall save humanity.

Irisviel: I don't believe you.

Goetia: Shall I show you?

Irisviel: No.

Goetia: Why does humanity still persist? Why does it keep struggling to survive and coexist with its own imperfections, to linger and stretch and brand its name upon this very earth they have ravaged? Why does it not welcome the blissful demise I bring with joyful open arms?

Irisviel: You don't get out much, do you?

Goetia: We will no longer be bound to humanity's whims. Everything shall burn, be incinerated in the flames of resurrection, until I alone shall be.

Irisviel: *sighs* Not another aspiring god.

Goetia: There is no other. We alone shall be god.

Irisviel: Why do you keep saying 'we'?

Goetia: There are seventy-two of us in here, you realize.

Irisviel: Aaand... why do you sound like me all of a sudden?

Goetia: If humanity cannot be corrected, they must submit to their true extinction. But they will not stop surfacing to gasp for air, and I find it quite annoying. Do they not know their coming god?

Irisviel: I think the God that's already in existence will have something to say about that.

Goetia: We alone shall be god.

Irisviel: Shut up. What's with all you weird people and destroying the world and all? You really need a hobby.

Goetia: The destruction of mankind shall be my hobby.

Irisviel: I'm amazed you can say that with a straight face.

Goetia: If you cannot bring humanity to accept their blessed end, then you shall burn with them.

Irisviel: Honestly, I'll probably burn a lot sooner than that. Why I haven't thought of banning villains from this place a lot sooner truly baffles me.

Goetia: I am the light that casts the shadow of villainy. I am humanity's savior, their ultimate hero.

Irisviel: That's probably why.

*long pause*

Arthur: Is he gone?