Silence is the most powerful scream

JISA/ AU/ SETS IN S06E18/ UNDER PRESSURE – this story explores the time after Jack's heart attack. How are Lisa and Jack going to deal with Jack's state? The story starts differently than it was shown at the end of S6E18.

(Alright, here goes another one. I am trying my best to turn this story suggestion into reality.
English is not my native language, so pls excuse any grammatical mistakes.)

Chapter 1

It's been a while. Two weeks maybe. Or more? No, it must have been two weeks by now since Lisa sent the letter to Heartland.
The letter.
It took all her courage to start it, to finish it, to put his name on it and to send it. But she did it. With shaking fingers and an even shakier heart. And now? Now two weeks already passed and she hadn't heard anything from him. Did he even get it? Did he even open it? Did he even read it?
Now after two weeks and without any reaction, she almost felt ashamed about the content of the letter. It was written during a very emotional moment and it was already late at night when she sealed the two edges of the paper.
What if he laughed about it? Would he? No, this wasn't like him. But maybe he was too confused about her change of minds. First she left him, now she asked if there was a chance to close the gap that lay between them. But hell, yes. She missed him. Badly. There was seldom a minute without thinking about him.
Her time in France had been awful so far. Friends kept asking what was going on and why she was in such a bad and depressed mood. To be honest, she found it hard to answer. Didn't do it most of the time. Only to the really close friends who actually understood why on earth she had fallen for an old cowboy like Jack Bartlett. All the other ones were only making fun of their relationship behind her back and Lisa couldn't use any of this stress at the moment.
Because she missed him. Badly.
So, two weeks. Two weeks had passed with nothing that would tell her how he thought about her feelings. Meanwhile, she was going crazy, throwing herself from one corner to the other, debating if she should take the next flight and talk to him in person or just accept his silence. She picked up the phone more than once but couldn't get herself to actually dial his number. What should she say? What would he say? What was there to talk about? A lot. A lot, a lot, but nothing that could be cleared over the phone and such a distance.
So she booked the next flight and... took it.
It's been the worst flight she had ever been on. It all started before the plane even took off. A delay of four hours just gave her enough time to get really mad. It wasn't easy to actually follow the decision to go back to Canada and the four hour wait at the airport caused her quite a headache. Should she go? Shouldn't she? Should she go? Shouldn't she? What would happen once she was there? Was it too early? Did he want to see her? Would he give them another chance? How could they overcome their differences? Would they have a future together? The whole time she was running around with an heavy head, dropping in all the shops the airport had but didn't buy anything. She couldn't even recall what she had been looking at.
Of course the delay caused that she missed her connection flight in Montréal. That just gave her enough time to deal with the loss of her baggage that somehow didn't go with the same plane that she was in. Really pissed off and totally messed up and tired, she spent the night in a hotel near the airport. The bed was hard and the coffee bad tasting.
The flight to Calgary was on time, yet a terrible snow storm that just swept across Southern Alberta made landing almost impossible. The pilot needed three attempts to get the plane safely onto the ground and it took even longer before the crew finally unlocked the doors and dismissed the impatiently waiting passengers.
To be honest, it almost seemed as if something didn't want her to come back. Maybe it was coincidence. But maybe it was destiny. Destiny after all. Often Lisa would ask herself what destiny wanted from her. Why was every relationship she had falling apart? Why would destiny give her someone that was so unlike her and yet there was this unconditional love that drew them together? That almost unconditional love... . Why would it give her something like that only to take it away again? Wasn't she allowed to be happy? Wasn't she allowed to love? She had no answers to that.
"Shit!", she called out loud as she almost missed the turn. She should really concentrate on the traffic instead of loosing herself in thoughts about... yeah, about all that stuff she had been racking her brain on for weeks. She was here now, on her way to Heartland. Another decision that wasn't easy to follow. She didn't know if she should hit the gas pedal or the break, yet her foot remained on the gas and brought her closer to the ranch with every meter.
It wasn't that late but due to the season of the year and with the current snow fall it was already dawning outside.
Yesterday's snow storm had passed over night and covered the area in a white fluffy blanket. A few roads were closed due to the snow drifts and Lisa had to find her way around them.
Just another sign that didn't want her to get to Heartland. But she had come that far, there was nothing that would stop her now. Nothing.
Her car turned right on the next intersection and followed the snowy road that ran next to one of Heartland's fields. The windshield wipers sped up due to the growing snow fall. Big white flakes fell from the sky and crashed against the windows of her car now. With every meter Lisa got closer, she could sense that something wasn't right. Something that was about to happen and it was far from good. Maybe she indeed should turn around and try the phone again before meeting Jack in person. Maybe he needed more time than just two weeks to consider how to reply to her letter. Maybe she should take all those signs that didn't want her to get here seriously. But yet, something kept her going. There was the bad feeling but at the same time a voice in her head told her that she was needed. Needed at this current moment.
Suddenly the faint silhouette of a horse that stood lonely in the deep snow on the field on the right caught the corner of her eye as her car sped passed it. This was it. This was he source of what made her feel that something happened. Lisa could sense it very clearly. Immediately her foot hit the break. Without another thought she reversed the car and looked at the horse with puzzled eyes. There it stood. All saddled up but without a rider on its back. Paint.