One year later...

"Actually, My Lord, it was in fact your son, the not-so-honourable Sebastian Applewhite, who is responsible for the maid's death."


Data stalked around the room, the sound of his footsteps obscured by the wailing of Lord Applewhite's wife and the slow crackling of the fire. The android missed Holmes' pipe but was rather intrigued by Inspector Poirot's moustache. His pale fingers kept wandering to his upperlip to toy with it.

"Computer, end programme."

The opulent drawing room of the country manor was replaced by the black and yellow grid pattern of the Enterprise's holosuite, and the holograms all disappeared.

Lieutenant Gina Monroe beamed at him. "Bravo, Data!"

"Gina, there is no reason to praise my performance. I was merely adhering to a script," Data said simply.

She sighed, but the smile was still there. "This has been really nice, Data. I only wish Geordi and Beverly could've made it."

"It is unfortunate that their duty schedules did not permit them to spend these hours in recreational activities."

"Actually, Data, I'm glad they're not here," she said quickly, standing beside him in her glamorous flapper's dress. She had resorted to removing the headband some time into the programme; it had been rather too tight. "You see... I'm pregnant."

The android's yellow eyes darted from left to right. "I am... pleased for you. May I ask... does Markeil know?"

A smile came to her face. "He does; he's ever so excited. I'm going to tell Jack in a few weeks' time, when I see him during my next shore leave."

They left the holodeck and came to the corridor. Half a dozen crewmembers – blurs or red, yellow and blue – marched past them.

"Data, I wanted to ask you something. Well, it was Markeil's idea."

He cocked his head, frowned.

"Will you be the child's godfather?"

"Yes, Gina. I will."

A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who's read this. I hope you enjoyed it! When I've got the time (and inclination), I'd really like to continue this story further and make it into a trilogy - let me know if you've got any wishes/thoughts about what the future holds for Gina, Data, Picard, Markeil, Nilal, Kiras, Jural, Smithson, McCrimmon et al. Perhaps there's a crossover between this fic and one of my other ones in the pipeline?

P.S. My inspiration for this fic came partially from Bob Dylan's Tangled Up In Blue and Tracey Ullman's They Don't Know.

I also hope to be publishing new fics very soon.

Live Long and Prosper.