Had to get the train to the pier. Hannibal wanted us to meet there to check out a client. B.A had been working on the 'Vette for a week after Hannibal's 'genius' plan to stop the drug dealers on the last mission involed nearly completely destroying it, Face sighed. He enjoyed driving it took his mind off of over thinking. Taking this long train ride meant he jad of plently of time.

He looked around at the people also riding the train. It was morning so most people were dressed for their nine-to-five job. Their normal job. He looked closely at these people. He could tell that they had a very normal, uneventful life.

They probably grew up with both parents, happily married, with a couple of kids, maybe more on the way. He could just picture some of these people as children running along a white picket fence with a dog by their side, laughing. They were probably top of their class with plently of friends to talk about their problems with. When they went to collage their mothers would have cried and their fathers being proud of them. They most likely finished collage. Then they got a steady jib, then marriage, could have a few kids on the way already. All kust to start the cycle again.

It made Face feel sick at how ordinary they were. It was also everything he had ever wanted. Bur God hadn't planned that for him. He wasn't allowed that. No. He grew up in an orphanage. He didn't have many friends because as long as he could remember people had threw his trust away and hurt him. He had fairly good grades and thought everything would be alright once he started collage, but he was wrong. He made a mistake and he trusted someone again. Even worse he loved someone. Then she just left him. He got hurt again. That's when he made a life changing decision, je just didn't know it then.

Joining the army had been Face's turning point. He could be anyone he wanted. That's how he became (thanks to Murdock) The Faceman. He liked the army. He could trust people in the army. He belonged in the army. And he was fighting for his country.

That all went downhill when his country turned its back on him and his team when they needed it most. It was like all the missions. All the injuries. All the men they lost didn't mean a damn thing.

And now these ordinary people stuck in a cycle are oblivious to the harsh reality of human nature. It frustrated Face. Everything every soilder over the course of time had fought for, and lost lives for, was forgotten. These ungrateful, clueless people make Face Sick. What was the point to any of it?

He couldn't take it. The next stop he got off and walked the remainder of the way. He would be late, but he'd rather listen to Hannibal's yelling than spend another second on that train.