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The Worm That Dorks

1. Worm Is Here!

Inko Midoriya sat on a table. A table that was in what appeared to be a magic circle. The circle was in a church. Actually, a former church. It was now more of a collection of rubble and debris than a place of worship. Inko was not clear on what it had been a church to. The cultists currently unconscious around her never told her what gods they worshipped. They did not tell her much as they were mostly focused on trying to sacrifice her.

Inko would normally not disparage anyone by calling them a cultist, but given their dark robes, the statues covered in tentacles, and the fact they kidnapped her in order to fuel an eldritch ritual, made it hard for Inko to think of them as anything but cultists. Plus, from the zealous way they chanted impossible syllables and how they referred to the one in the fancy robes as "all highest," Inko got a distinct impression that they would be offended if she did not call them cultists. Since none of them took the time to talk with her she could not know for certain.

Roughly 56 seconds ago they were not unconscious. They were very conscious and trying to sacrifice her. As far as ceremonial blood sacrifices went they were doing a very fine job. They had nice robes, clean daggers, and never once stumbled in the pronunciation of the alien words man was not meant to know they chanted to their eldritch gods. Inko appreciated that she had been abducted by professional cultists this time.

The hero was also very professional. He broke down the door, along with most of the front wall, with a single blow. With a bright, shining smile, the hero challenged the cultists with a witty one-liner. In the ensuing fight, the hero knocked out each cultist with a flurry of punches. He was even considerate enough to break the ropes holding Inko down before the battle was done. Within seconds of arriving only that "all highest" person was still standing. The cultist had summoned a 30-foot-tall monstrosity to clash with the champion of justice.

The two were still fighting. As she watched the battle, Inko wondered what the cultists were trying to do with the ritual. They only were able to cut her once before that hero interrupted them.

There was a sound. Something almost like a baby babbling or a badly tuned violin playing a lullaby that caught Inko's attention. She looked for the source. There was a basket with a cloth bundle placed below her such that the blood from her cut had dripped into it. An eye peered up at her.

Inko thought for a moment. Earlier, when the cultists tried to sacrifice her, she had seen this basket, which definitely did not have anything like that in it. Curious.

Getting down from the table, she knelt before the basket. The eye followed her. Moving some of the cloth aside, she revealed the creature's body of writhing tentacles. Carefully, with both hands, Inko picked the creature up.

Inko held the mass of tendrils before her. She stared. The thing stared back at her.

The thing did not smile at her. It had no mouth to smile at her. Despite that Inko got the distinct impression that the thing smiled at her. Inko smiled in return.

"Hello," she said to the abomination. It blinked and continued to smile without smiling at her. Inko made a funny face. The thing made a sound that could have been laughter, or thousands of mirrors shattering miles away.

She looked over to where "all highest" appeared to be throwing a fit as the hero was literally tying the monster into knots. The hero seemed to have everything well in hand. Inko turned away from the fight.

Holding the thing close to her chest Inko began to walk away. "I think I'll call you Izuku."

Years later, a, for lack of a better term, boy stood before the doors of the prestigious UA High School.

He looked wrong. Tokoyami Fumikage, a guy that did not look very normal himself, noticed that about him right away, but could not quite figure out why. The reason Tokoyami looked odd was simple, he had a very bird-like head.

The other boy did not have an oddity quite so apparent. It was something about the color of the boy's skin, or how his body gave the impression it was out of scale. Maybe it was the faint lines across his face which somehow looked more like seams than scars. Finally, while it might have just been a trick of the light, every few seconds it looked almost like something moved under his skin.

Fumikage was about to shrug it off to continue into the building when a blonde boy walked straight into the strange boy. The blonde boy smacked the strange boy in the back of his head. "Out of the way worm," he said. Walking past the strange kid, the blonde paused, before turning back and adding, "and remember doors this time."

The strange boy blinked once, before smiling revealing an unsettling number of teeth. "Thanks, Katsuki." The blonde just continued walking into the building. The strange boy nodded and followed the crowd into the building.

Fumikage did not know what to make of that.

Izuku Midoriya took his seat next to Bakugo in the UA lecture hall. When Present Mic appeared on stage Midoriya gasped in excitement, and started mumbling facts about the pro hero. Bakugo sighed and picked up the page in front of him.

Present Mic explained the three kinds of robots that the students would be facing in the test. After a little while, a student stood up and asked about the fourth robot listed on the printout. He then turned to Midoriya and said in a harsh tone, "In addition, you with the unkempt hair."

Midoriya continued mumbling.

Bakugo, without looking away from the printout, raised his hand up and smacked the back of the muttering boy's head. Midoriya kept mumbling. He did not even move. Bakugo raised his hand again, placing it behind Midoriya's head. The air between Bakugo's hand and Midoriya's head exploded.

Midoriya stopped mumbling. He turned to Bakugo. Bakugo, still not looking up from the printout, pointed to the student addressing Midoriya. Midoriya smiled and said, "Thanks Katsuki," before turning expectantly to the other student.

The tall boy paused, before saying in a much more subdued tone, "Can you please stop muttering? It's distracting everyone."

"I'm sorry," Midoriya said.

"Student #2233, it is not hip to use your quirk on another student!" Present Mic shouted.

Finally looking up from the printout, Bakugo replied, "If you got a better way to get the worm's attention I would love to hear it."

Midoriya waved his hands placatingly at the teacher. "It's okay, Bakugo was just helping. It's not like he attacked me or anything."

Present Mic gave Midoriya a skeptical look. Silently, he decided to just move on. If either of them failed to make it in, a likely result considering the number of students taking the test, then this would not be UA's problem. Present Mic continued to explain the rules.

The pink-skinned acid-using girl Mina Ashido felt uncharacteristically nervous. That muttering boy from the introduction had been assigned to the same testing area she had been. She could not help but keep an eye on him, and she knew she was not the only one. The boy had left an impression. Even if he tried to keep his head down, everyone could tell when he got on the bus, as the whole thing tilted under his weight.

While Ashido was not an expert on explosions, she was sitting several rows away from him and could feel it when the other boy snapped the mutterer back to reality. If that is what it took to even get this guy's attention, who knew what it would take to actually hurt him.

The bus rocked again when he got off. Being that heavy meant just walking proved he was extremely strong as well. It was a sobering reminder that UA only accepted the very best. Ashido knew her quirk was good, but she was not entirely sure it was good enough.

The huge testing area added to that impression. Its massive gates seemed to declare that only titans are worthy of attending this place. Ashido was surrounded by a sea of other students, likely each one with powerful quirks of their own, and this was only one testing group. In total, out of the thousands of students taking the test, only 40 were going to pass. Realistically, she had no chance.

No. She was Mina Ashido. A pink bombshell of fun, chemical burns, and romance. Her quirk was awesome. She was awesome! She was going to pass this test like a boss, and UA would not even know what hit it.

Ashido looked over at the muttering boy, who was not actually muttering at that moment. He was standing alone by the wall next to the giant gates. Ashido decided she was going to go talk to him. He was probably a cool guy, who was likely just as nervous as everyone else.


Midoriya ran through the wall.

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