*The dead body of Saba-chan is seen laying face down on the ground in a pool of her own blood. (Thanks to Seproth, the 'Love:Seproth' kinda evened out the killing bit.) Sesshoumaru walks into the room and looks at the dead Saba-chan. Sesshoumaru sighs and crouches down next the dead body and pokes it with the sheathed Tensaiga. The body doesn't respond.

Standing up he unsheathes the sword and swipes it at Saba-chan's dead body. Saba-chan doesn't move. Sesshoumaru pokes Saba-chan with his foot. Still no response. Frowning darkly at Saba-chan he slashes the Tensaiga again. Pokes her again and still gets no response. Sesshoumaru growls and slashes at Saba-chan repeatedly. Clearly he's pissed off.

Kagome enters the room and walks up behind the still slashing Sesshoumaru. Saba-chan still appears dead. 'Stupid woman' Sesshoumaru growls at Saba- chan's corpse. Kagome smacks Sesshoumaru over the back of his head and takes the Tensaiga off him. 'You moron. It's not going to work your stuck in my body, meaning your human.' Sesshoumaru glares icily at Kagome and makes a very Inu-Yasha like 'Keh'

Kagome smacks Sesshoumaru again and slashes the swards at Saba-chan's still lifeless body. A few seconds later, a groan is heard from Saba-chan's body. and she sits up rubbing her head. 'Hmm...maybe I should have checked Seproth more carefully for 'weapons of torture', then again swords aren't exactly weapons of torture.'

Saba-chan stands up and stretches and several loud cracking noises are heard from Saba-chan. 'Hmm being dead really makes the joints stiff. Saba- chan arches her back and a loud 'Click' is heard and Saba-chan sits down in front of the computer screen. 'Good thing I'd almost finished rewriting chapter 10.

Rewriting deleted work is a lot harder then it looks. Its really annoying the hell out of me, I'm thinking of making Sesshoumaru and Kagome voodoo dolls to vent out my frustrations..or I could always create more LBA's with the aid of my little bro..*Evil gleam becomes noticeable in Saba-chan eyes and begins to laugh evilly* Nya hahahahahahahahaha..

*Runs off to find little brother, 5 minutes later screams of pain and 'Saba STOP!! Dear god what did I do this time??!!' are heard in a young male voice and readers can hear Saba-chan's voice 'Call it research, and stop squirming do you want me to tear your ears off?' 'If it stops you from breaking my leg' Ten minutes pass and Saba-chan comes back to the computer screen with a large grin of satisfaction one would find on a Homicidal maniac after they had killed Barney, (damned purple dinosaur..)* Okay I feel better.

Stargate has meaning again, no longer do I watch it for the hell of it and get incredibly bored, Daniel Jackson has come back from his spirit white floaty thingy and back to human form. *sighs happily* he's my favourite character.

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Being bound and left on the ground outside what appeared to be the miko's house was not exactly how I planned on managing this whole ordeal, Having the miko unconscious next to me was no added bonus either. My life was damned to an eternity of torment, most likely because of something I had done when I was younger was probably reason I was forced to endure all this or life hated me.

So there I was, leaning against the side of the house-like building, the still unconscious woman next to myself and me left sitting wondering if it was a normal human sensation to have the ability not to be able to feel any of your fingers. When it happened.

This human, full of undoubtedly abnormal energy came rushing from around the corner of the wall where I was situated and proceeded to jabber something in garbled Japanese, all of which I only understood two things. One he called me 'Neesama' apparently the wench was related to the incoherent human. And two 'Inuyasha' somehow he knew of my intolerable half- brother. Which strangely didn't surprise me due to the human child's uncanny behavioural patterns much like the Hanyou when he was a mere child. Not that he had changed much.

But by now the child had stopped his rapid speech and was looking at me expectantly, oblivious to the fact I was still bound and the miko was still collapsed next to me. By the look of barely contain curiosity it wanted me to say something. I merely raised an eyebrow before the child sighed before repeating the question he had presumably asked somewhere within his rambling speech. "I said, how did you get Inuyasha to let you come back so early?" My eyes narrowed dangerously with in seconds.

Call it a natural reaction of many a years of having to put up with that damned hanyou throughout my childhood. So I wasn't about to stop the deadly growl that toned my feminine voice as I answered the child's question. "Inuyasha is an imbecilic moron, who is a waste of time and breath to even spare one word to."

The child merely closed his eyes before sighing dejectedly. "You had another fight with him, didn't you Neesama?" He then folded his arms over his chest and grumbled something about looking forward to seeing the pathetic half-breed. When the child opened his eyes again he finally noticed my bindings, which caused him to raise his eyebrows in surprise.

"How did you get tied up Neesama?" I shot the child a death glare causing him to step back slightly. Did the wretched child think I was tied up for the fun of it? Well it is a human child, so undoubtedly he probably did. The child gave me a nervous look and swallowed solely before asking "Neesama..do..do you want me to untie you?" I glared darker at the child. "No, I figured I'd see how long it would take me to lose feeling in my body and then I thought I might as well watch the sunset while I was out here." My voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Oh.." The boy blinked and was quiet for a few minutes. "So, was that sarcasm?" The child's tone was extremely innocent, almost too innocent. I continued to glare at the boy. "Yes, yes that was sarcasm." The boy grinned idiotically "I knew it Neesama". Really, he was a charming child.


What did the wench mean by 'I left her no choice?' Curiously I watch as she put a shiny flat circular object into a black box, Shut the lid and poked the box. I narrowed my eyes at the black box in suspicion and in a matter of seconds; some strange high-pitched wailing was coming from the black box.

Pain was the first thing that came to mind, but no matter what that wench threw at me I would not succumb to her insanity causing torture. My eye started to twitch again, I've seem to be doing that's more than usual, The wailing continued to what seemed to be a tune of some kind.

The wench's youkai face curled into one of glee as she blocked her ears. Obviously she believed she was winning, There was noway I was going to give the miko that amount of satisfaction. I gritted my teeth together as the wailing let out a short shriek.

I was going to die like this, well better that then go to some pathetic human school. My weak human nails started to dig into my hand.

Do not show any form of weakness, the first rule that had been ground into my mind since I was a child began to repeat over and over. It was the only thing that was keeping me from smashing the black box into the ground in a maddened frenzy. It was the kind of noise that made youkai's go insane and start foaming at the mouth, although I think that can be caused by some disease too.

The wailing hit an unbearable high note causing me to wince in pain. I grit my teeth as the wailing continued in the high tune and I was a heartbeat away from stabbing the first sharp object I could find into my chest.

The wench was pure evil, a fact I found extremely surprising due to her 'Good will triumph over evil' demeanour whenever the half-breed and myself battled. With her always firing her purifying arrows at me whenever I had the damned hanyou right where I wanted him. She really did keep up quite the act.

If only I could find a way to bring her down with me, because at the rate I was loosing all rational thought she was surely going to win and there was no way I was going to let the wretched miko win.

I was struck with the sudden thought. Why couldn't the wench go to the damned 'school'? If I had to go she was pretty damned well coming with me. I let a grin curl onto my face as I locked eyes the slightly confused woman. Probably thought I was beginning to enjoy the painful wailing.

"Wench, I'll go to your damned 'school'." The woman grinned victoriously and pressed a clawed finger on the black box. "But only if you go with me." The woman's jaw dropped for several seconds before she responded. "WHAT??? I can't go! I'm not enrolled, it's not like they'd let me show up for the hell of it." I grinned again "Then that means I won't be attending you precious school."

The wench's mouth kept opening and closing as she tried to retort something back, and failing quite miserably. Finally the wench managed to gather enough words to form a sentence towards her current situation. "That's practically blackmail!!" I grinned devilishly "Indeed it is miko."

The wench held a clawed hand to her right temple as she sat down heavily in a plush looking chair. She let out a sigh of frustration before shaking her head in seemingly defeat. "Fine, you win." I smirked as I lay back against the wall behind me. Finally the wench was begging to see things my way.

"I'll go with you to school." I face faulted.


It wasn't exactly the victory I was aiming for. The wench was supposed to admit defeat and stop bugging me about her whole 'School' episode. Clearly the woman wasn't as intelligent as she should be. My entire blackmail plan backfired in my face. Have I mention how much I detested the wench?

Apparently the woman had devised a plan. The wench now stood next to some device she called a 'Teli-fowne' and pressing the small grey rectangles that emitted beeping noises every time she pressed them. Somehow the pressing of the grey rectangles were involved with her plan, I couldn't see how.

The woman had stopped pressing the grey rectangles and was silent whilst she held the handle like object to her ear. It was all extremely odd behaviour even for the miko. Suddenly the wench started talking in a noticeably lowered voice, and not to me, in very bad Japanese.

"Hello. This Senjuku high school yes? Headmaster to speak may I?" The wench paused for a moment before continuing in her horribly bad Japanese.

" Marcus Dale I am." The miko paused again

"Guildford Grammar High School I be phone from." I could help but stare as the wench continued her one sided conversation. Reminding me of Rin when she babbled randomly to herself whilst picking flowers/weeds.

"Yes, Thankyou." The miko waited for a minute or so before continuing again. Still using the insanely deep voice.

"Marcus Dale, yes. Ring I about exchange student...Amerika he be from."

"He Japanese speak good yes..only two week."

"Higurashi Kagome host be." I frowned at the wench as she continued to babble, and what this all had to do with her plan I had no idea.

" He be Lord Sesshoumaru. Tomorrow start Sesshoumaru." Now that last grammatically incorrect sentence caught my attention. What the heck did I have to do with the one sided conversation.

"Yes,...Yes..In Higurashi Kagome same class? Yes..good."

"Yes..much thank you."

"Goodbye, again thankyou ." The wench placed the handle that had stayed over her ear the whole conversation back in the indent she had got it from. She let out a sigh of apparent relief before explaining what she had just done.

"Well I've just secured a way for me to go to school with you." I looked at the miko blankly waiting for her to continue. "I simply told the headmaster that I was an exchange student from America, only staying on a two week basis, although how I got permission on such short notice is practically unbelievable. But on the plus side at least the schools not making me pay." I raised and eyebrow at the wenches summarisation.

"Joy." I remarked dryly. "Oh yeah I managed to get all 'Sesshoumaru's' classes in the same classes that you'll be attending." Great everything's just bloody perfect, but at least the wench will have to suffer with me.

"Oh yes, Sesshoumaru. Before I forget, you'll have to learn a few things before you go to school tomorrow." The wenches voice sounded positively evil. I narrowed my eyes at the wench who's face was beginning to show signs of a smirk. "Which are?" I questioned cautiously. The smirk broke into a full-fledged grin, before the wench grabbed me by the wrist, using her now youkai speed to her advantage, and dragged me behind her up the stairs and into what appeared to be the wench's room.

Then the wench shoved me into a wooden chair in front of a desk and pulled out several a books placing them down in front of me. I stared at the pile of thick books before me. Turning my gaze towards the miko I raised and eyebrow in question. "Alright Sesshoumaru, I want you to answer all the maths questions in this book from chapter 6 to 13 and then read all of the other book when your done.

Looked at the miko for a few minutes before turning my gaze back to the stack of books. "No." The wench growled venomously at me. Ten minutes later I was halfway through chapter 6, my head still hurt and it looked like I was in for a long night.


Four hours worth of solving relatively easy maths problems and reading three 600 plus page books on biology, history, geography and science later the wench dragged me off to another room and dragged me inside. The wench was really dragging me a lot lately.

It was a bathroom. A very small and white bathroom.

The wench finally left me alone to bathe, in what she called a 'Choa-war'. After explaining the finer elements of using the device, which she took close to half an hour to do so, she roughly clad me in a 'Bee-ki-nee', what basically looked like her previous undergarments but apparently they were different. She then promptly threatened me ('if you so much as make one inch of that Bikini cease to make contact with your skin and you will find that your legs will cease to function') with bodily harm if I removed the scanty garment, to which I replied to with a grunt and cause her hand to smack me in the back of the skull, again.

I scowled at the 'Choa-war' before turning the red and blue nobs on smooth white wall. A spray of amazingly clean water shot out of the silver object attached to the wall, exactly like when the wench had demonstrated earlier.

Cautiously I stepped under the watery spray only to find it Ice cold, Unnaturally I let out a shriek before turning the red knob more, just to be scalded by boiling hot water in return. Is everything the wench owns made to inflict pain?

How humans can bathe normally I'll never know. Fortunately after twisting the red and blue knobs enough the stream of water that was raining down on me came to a comfortable temperature. That's about the time I noticed the oddly coloured bottles that stood on the hanging shelf on the 'Choa-war' wall.

There was five bottles on that wall displaying their coloured contents. Well logic spoke, and obviously they would be used for bathing. Why else would humans keep them in here? To look at? ..then again they probably would.

Eyeing the bottles on the shelf with great consideration I finally chose the green coloured liquid. Green objects have never been against me before. Pulling the bottle off its slightly inclosed shelf. After a few seconds to see how to open up the bottle, I flipped the clear lid on the bottle up.

A slight sent tickled my weak human smell senses. Lifting the bottle to my nose I sniffled delicately, and unsuccessfully smelled the bottles fragrance. Squeezing the strangely flexible bottle in order to bring the green liquid closer to the opening of the bottle to enable me to smell it's sent. Things would have been perfectly fine, if the liquid hadn't rushed upwards at an abnormally fast rate and shot painfully up my nostril.

It burnt; it burnt like I was thrown into a pit of acid. Thus the episode of extreme pain started its cycle. In my thrashing of pain trying to cease the burning from my nose I hit the hanging shelf quite forcefully, that in turn caused the shelf to break off from where it was hanging and fall, still containing all its colourful bottles, onto my unsuspecting left foot.

On the bright side of the pointed edge jamming itself into my foot, I was distracted from the burning in my nose to the throbbing pain of my foot. This caused me to clutch my foot with both hands and hop in what seemed to be a good idea to somehow ease the pain at the time, but like how many things seem to be a good idea. Key word SEEM. It wasn't.

My hopping in the 'Choa-war' that still had the water running wasn't the best thing to do. Only balancing on one leg, in a human body, on a smooth floor slick with water led to the inevitable. My right foot slipped and skidded across the slick ground causing me to fall backwards and smack my very fragile human head on the solid stone-ish wall behind me and in the same motion stub a few toes on the opposite wall.

I groaned from my seated, slightly crumpled, position on the ground. I've decided, I hate 'Choa-wars' with a deadly passion. Human contraptions are ultimately the most painful and annoying things in the world. Nothing in the miko's 'house' so far has been anything besides pain inflicting.

What I'd give for a hot spring right about now.

------------------------------------------------- A.N. You'd think being 5'5 wouldn't include you in the category of smacking your head on over head objects that most 6 ft and over people face everyday, for example my 6'2 friend whacked her head into a air- conditioning box that was on the outside wall of a church hall (school excursion), but they were very considerately positioned for all people who were 5'11 and under.

My friend wasn't that thankful, she wanted to sue but unfortunately her parents had signed that excursion permission form that exempted all means of being able to sue, plus the Chaplin said it wasn't morally right of a Christian school student to rob the church of its financial earnings. My friends and I helped her make a voodoo doll of the Chaplin the next day.

So what's that's got to do with being 5'5? I'll tell you. 5'5 is not a very impressive height but it does make me the third tallest in my immediate family. My dad as you know is a freaking beanpole, my older brother is around the same height and then their's me at my 5'5 and my mother and sister at 5'3 and my younger brother at I don't know what but he's only 12.

Even more remarkable I'm fifth tallest put of my entire family, which also makes me the tallest female in my entire family, only by 1-2 inches. Sometimes three. Yep I'm a real giant.

But this doesn't really help at all I'm still not able to get the last tin of spam from the top shelf without having to scale it. So in general I'm still really short. So you'd think being 2 inches taller than my mother wouldn't really matter. But I found out, quite painfully, it did. When my mother slammed the garage door into the top of my skull.

How you ask? Well I'll tell you. My mother was going to drive me to work (still don't have my licence -_-') so she pull the garage door up, I stepped into the shed only to hear her say 'oh, wrong car' as soon I was half way in. So I drew back only to have the garage door rammed forcefully into the top of my skull.

It really, really, really hurt. It still throbs now. My mother apologised saying she hadn't seen me, how I still don't know. And she took me to work. Being woken up at 7:30 am is bad enough on a Sunday morning but having a garage door rammed into your head really doesn't improve your mood. But on the brighter side I wasn't half asleep at work I was suffering from a possible concussion. I also blacked out for ten minutes at work. One minute I was standing waiting for the dough to finish mixing the next minute I was picking myself off the ground and found out ten minutes had passed.

And you want to know the corniest thing? Had I been two inches shorter I wouldn't have had this lovely bump on my skull from the garage door. And the moral of this A.N?

Over-head objects get us all in the end.