The First

Act 0 - Concerning a Challenge
Scene 0

Things aren't always as they seem, you see.

And even tales told under the god-like perspective of third-person are skewed by that god's own perceptions.

To understand it all, you must scrutinise every angle; hear every word.

You're all biased, of course - everyone always is. Not intentionally; the effect is subliminal, so subtle that you don't even notice. I'd wager that each and every person reading these words hasn't ever really considered events as they happened completely from my point of view. Do you really think it was that easy for me? My motive so straightforward? My personality so simple to define?

Things aren't always as they seem, you see. To me, right now, as I lie here, however, they are very clear indeed.

So this is my last request . . . no, one finds it so easy to refuse a request, doesn't one? Very well then. Let's make it . . .

A dare.

A challenge, if you will.

I challenge you, the receiver of the words that may follow, to listen with an open mind and a neutral point of view. I dare you to feel the same way about what you think you know took place here once I have finished.

You don't have to accept. I understand that you may be utterly comfortable with what you already define, however wrongly, as truth. I understand that you may be afraid to learn more, that I might prove your perceptions false. No one likes to be called a liar, after all.

Metaphorically, then. Please form two separate crowds. To the right of the stage, the people who are happy with what they know. You'll find the exit to this tortured soul next to the souvenir stand. Those of you who want to know everything, take your seat on the left, and I will present to you a performance you will never forget.


Are you sitting comfortably? Good. I'd endeavour to make the most of it, because it assuredly won't last long.

Curtains rise.


And . . .