Chapter 1: Surtur

He cleared his throat. "So, you might be wondering why and how I got here. After all, I am the God of Thunder, the Odinson, no cage can hold me, no ties can bind me, unless I want them to. Interesting thing that, having this power, and having the ability to do things no other being in the nine realms can. You start learning things, you start finding out ways to test yourself, I've fought giants, I've fought the living dead, I've fought the Ice Giants, I've fought demons, why, now I think about it, I think I've fought everything there is to fight within the nine realms. Apart from two things, and one of them, well one of them isn't really a thing, now is it?"

He shifted slightly. "Sorry, I'm rambling, it's been a while you see, since I've had anyone to talk two. Must have been about two years now, perhaps three, I can't really remember. Regardless, after Stark created that Odin blasted machine and we levelled half a city and country trying to fight it, I needed to go and think. I had seen something deep within the flames that had made me pause and think. I saw something during the fighting, that witch woman, she did something to me, I know of it. I saw the thing I have most feared my entire life. We heard stories of it when we were children, Loki and I, and Baldr, before he died. We heard the stories about Ragnarok. The end of days, the end of time. When Asgard would explode into nothingness brought down by the fire and fury of some hellish thing. I needed to know what that thing was."

"Anyway, after we had dealt with Ultron, that damned cyber machine that Stark built, I decided I needed to go travelling. I met with Jane, and did the breaking up with her, I did not want her to stay around when I was not here. I knew she needed something I could never give her." He shook his head. "Anyway, from there I travelled across the nine realms seeking answers, I found little. Merely traces of what I sought, whispers of times long gone when my grandsire lived, and when his father lived. Of things that had happened long ago. But nothing that pointed to the future. Nothing whatsoever about Ragnarok, other than a hint to a serpent, that Loki is supposed to sire. But I know my brother, he is not one to sleep with anything other than Amora, and yet she has never liked him."

Thor chuckled slightly that thought though it was a bitter laugh, his brother was dead, long slain by the Dark Elves. "And now here I am, on this cursed realm, trying to figure out whether it was truly worth coming here or not." He stopped then, looking at the figure before him. "You're awfully quiet today Fulla, one would think you have grown tired of me." The skeleton fell over and Thor chuckled. "Of course, I understand you are tired, you probably simply want to sleep, is that not the truth?" Before he could get a response, the cage began moving downward. "Oh, I am sorry Fulla, you won't be able to sleep long, it seems we are wanted."

They had a rough landing as the cage hit the ground. Thor stared at the thing before him. A bright blaring flame. "Well that's not what I expected." He said, turning to Fulla. "Do you think that we will finally be getting meet our host now?" Fulla said nothing but he nodded. "Of course, he will likely be joining us shortly."

"Thor Odinson." A voice said, Thor turned and the fire was burning, there were eyes emerging from it.

"Surtur!" He exclaimed happily. "How good of you to join us, we've been waiting for about a year and a half now."

Surtur towered over him even in his shortened form. "Thor Odinson, you have come at a time when I did not expect. What is it that you want?"

"I was told by a short elf, that you would be able to tell me about Ragnarok. Well here I am. I want answers, fire demon." Thor demanded.

Surtur laughed. "Ah, Ragnarok, the all consuming flame that will destroy your world. I live for it, I breathe it. I will have my revenge then on all those who wronged me!"

"So you are the one who will cause Ragnarok?" Thor demanded. "How interesting."

"I am the one who has been fated to create the end of your world, of all the worlds since Bor was created from a cow's ice." Surtur roared. The light flaming briefly.

"I know that this is perhaps not the right question to ask you, but is there a way to stop you now?" Thor asked. When Surtur laughed, he knew that was the right question to ask.

"You cannot stop Ragnarok, Thor Odinson. It has already begun, she is coming and when she does come, I will come as well." Surtur said.

"When who comes?" Thor demanded, he had not heard of a woman coming to Ragnarok.

"The end of worlds." Surtur purred.

Thor shifted slightly, he saw Fulla glow, and he wasn't sure if that was his imagination or if it had actually happened.

"Now, I shall end you first, to ensure that you are not there to end anything." Surtur said, the flame grew, to the point where Thor could see the madness in the beast's eyes.

He stuck his hand out. "I'd love to stay, but I've got somethings I need to get working on." The familiar whistle of his hammer comforted him, it broke through the cage, allowing him to fly up into the air and away from Surtur. He swung his hammer and with one fell blow removed the fire demon, leaving behind his crown. "I'll be having that." He said, picking up the crown.

As soon as he did that though, the air was filled with heat, and the world around him began burning apart. He heard a roar, and sighed. "Of course there would be monsters, this universe is never complete without monsters." He raised his hammer and allowed it to lead him into the air. "Heimdell!" He roared. Usually that was enough to get the bifrost to open, but this time nothing happened. "Heimdell, open the bifrost!" He roared. Again nothing happened. That made him worry, Heimdell was usually quite good at responding, unless there was something going on in Asgard. As he was about to open his mouth again, he heard a roar. Turning around he swore. "Nidhogg!" His hammer would not work, that much he knew, instead he urged himself on further, looking for a way out the normal way. The higher he rose, the higher the beast came at him. Surtur's crown was beginning to burn.

"HEIMDELL!" He roared. "For the Love of Odin, open the bifrost!"

Again, nothing happened, the beast was on his heels, deciding he had no other option, he turned and unleashed Mjolnir, it struck the beast, and sent it backwards. Mjolnir came back to his hand, and just as he was about to shout for Heimdell, the bifrost finally opened, he powered his way through, and landed flat on his back. He got up, and found a man, and three women staring at him. "Where is Heimdell?" He demanded.

Before the man could reply, a woman answered. "He is gone, fled after being sentenced to death."

Thor turned and saw Amora walking toward him, her blonde hair let down and flowing. "Father would never sentence Heimdell to death."

"Our King has changed much since you were last here." Amora replied. "Let us just say he enjoys the arts much more than he used to. Especially one particular play." The lady raised her eyebrows suggestively, and Thor sighed.

He raised his hammer into the air and flew to the courtyard, where he saw the King, and many others watching a play. He landed, just as Loki saved him from something. "You know, that's not how it happened." Thor said, looking at the King. "Of course, you always did have a penchant for exaggeration, brother."