"Yo Chris!"

Chris pulled out one of her earbuds and looked over from where she was lying on the couch in the hotel room.

Colby had just walked out of his room and Chris had to supress a gulp.

But damn did he look fine as all hell.

Jeans, a navy shirt with sleeves that had three quarter length sleeves, his hair tied back and a baseball cap on his head.

This was just unfair. She had been trying so hard to ignore a) how attractive she undeniably found Colby Lopez b) the fact that it was slightly more than just a physical attraction.

But then he had to go and look at her like that, looking the way he did.

"What?" she asked , tearing her eyes away and looking back at her phone.

"You comin' out tonight?"

She shrugged and Colby rolled his eyes.

"Awww come on! You've been with us for like two weeks and you haven't been out once! C'mon, Joe's going, the USOs, Daniel, even Jon's going. I think most of the divas are going. Be a chance for you to make some friends."

"I have friends. I got you and Joe and Trinity."

"Well then as your friend I'm using friend power to make you come out for a drink." Colby said smugly before a wicked grin appeared on his face as an idea struck him. "Now either go get ready, or I'm gonna call the Bellas to get you ready. So unless you want to end up looking like a 2 dollar hooker I'd go get ready now."

"Using the Bellas? Low blow Lopez, low blow!"

"I'm callin' Brie now..." Colby held up his phone and Chris rolled her eyes.

"Okay! Okay! I'm going!"

The club was packed when they arrived.

Colby held the door open for her and Chris walked in first.

She immediately felt under dressed because the first people she saw were Nikki, Brie and Ariane (better known as Cameron, Trinity's Funkadactyl partner). They were all in skin tight dresses, six inch heels and had their faces immaculately made up.

Chris on the other hand was wearing no make up, had her hair scraped up into a ponytail and was wearing her leather jacket with black jean shorts and fishnets underneath leading down to her combat boots.

She felt underdressed but then was slight comforted by the memory of Colby's face when she had come out of her room.

At least she knew one person thought she looked good as her hot mess self.

"Hey Colby!"

It was the USOs who had called and Colby grinned leading Chris to a table in the corner.

"Chris? He finally dragged you out with us then?" Joe said, his deep voice carrying over the noise.

"Yeah. What can I say? I'm a sucker for idiots with weird hair and a good 'you just kicked my puppy' face." Chris grinned and Colby elbowed her in the ribs "Oh that and he threatened to set the Bellas on me and I ain't worked out a way how to handle them yet."

"Careful" Daniel Bryan said with a smile "That's my fiancé and her sister your talking about."

"Sorry" Chris said sheepishly, taking a seat next to one of the USOs, as Colby sat across from her.

"Don't mention it. I know better than anyone those two can be a lot to handle. Bryan by the way." Bryan said smiling, extending a hand which Chris shook. She was then introduced to Joshua and Jonathan Fatu and Kofi. Chris successfully kept the spotlight of conversation off of herself for most of the night, and eventually had to admit to herself she was actually having a good time, sitting with the guys, listening to them talk and joke, just quietly sipping at her lemonade, the only one at the table not drinking alcohol.

As Kofi told a story about his early days in WWE, Chris did a quick scout of drinks and went up to the bar to order another round. As she was waiting, she felt someone come up behind her.

"Hey baby. You drinking alone?"

Chris rolled her eyes at the lame attempt of being suave before turning to face the man who had spoken. He was tall, with a nose that had clearly been broken a time or two and a shaved head.

"Not interested buddy" she said bluntly but unfortunately that didn't put the man off as he leered down at her eyes fixed squarely on her boobs.

"Awww c'mon baby don't be like that! How about I buy you a drink then me and you find somewhere... private to talk." as he finished his sentence he reached out to twirl a stray red curl of her hair, but she slapped at his hand.

"Not. Interested." she snapped again and the guy frowned at her.

"Don't be a bitch sweetheart, you're to sexy to be so uptight."

"I wouldn't bother dude. You'll just wake up tomorrow with all your shit missing and she'll have done a runner."

Both Chris and the man trying to pick her up turned to find Jon leaning against the bar behind them with a slight sneer on his face as he kept his eyes focused on Chris. The man looked between Chris and John with a confused expression before giving up and walking away.

"Thanks. I guess." Chris said and Jon snorted

"Was for his benefit not yours. He should know what he was getting into with you."

"Screw you Jonny."

Chris turned away from him, a teeth gritted, paid for the drinks, took them back to the table without even looking at Jon and then went outside to the alley for a smoke.

Even though she knew she deserved it, the jabs from Jon over the past couple of weeks were starting to get to her. But she knew she did deserve it.

She had been out there for less than three minutes when the flirty guy came up to her again.

"Pretty girls shouldn't smoke."

"Jesus Christ man, can't you take a hint?"

But out here, away from the crowds the man took a far more direct approach. Chris dropped her cigarette as the guy suddenly backed her up into the wall, pinning her wrists up by her head.

"Come on gorgeous, don't be like that..." he murmured dropping his lips to her neck as Chris struggled against him, but he outweighed her by too much for her to be able to move him.

"get the fuck off of me" she growled trying to raise her knee between his legs but finding herself unable to.

"Hey asshole!"

Suddenly the weight of the man was gone and Chris heard the thud of fist hitting face. Colby was stood over the man glaring down at him, fists clenched and bouncing on the balls of his feet, ready to take another swing. The guy got up, clutching his jaw and stumbling and Colby made to move towards him again, but Chris got in between them, placing a hand on Colby's chest.

"Don't do it Lopez"

"Yeah Lopez listen to your little bit-"

But the asshole didn't get to finish his words as now it was Chris who span round and punched him in the face.

"Get fucked asshole" she spat at him before walking away back towards where Colby had parked the car when they arrived. Colby glared after the guy as he stumbled away before following after Chris. He found her leaning against the roof of the car, her head resting on her folded arms and even from the distance he was at, Colby could see she was shaking.

"Hey, you oka- woah Chris! It's just me!" Colby interrupted his own sentence as when he put a hand on her shoulder, Chris whirled round fist raised ready to attack. She blinked when she saw it was him and lowered her arm.

"Sorry" she murmured as Colby put his hands in his pockets.

"It's okay."

They stood in silence for a moment.


"I'm gonna erm, call a cab. Go back to the hotel." Chris said but Colby shook his head.

"Nah we'll take the car."

Chris raised an eyebrow at him.


"I'm not feelin' it tonight. Was thinking about heading back anyway." Colby shrugged, with such ease that Chris couldn't tell if he was lying or not.

"Okay then.

They didn't say a word to each other on the way back to the hotel.

In fact Chris didn't speak until both she and Colby had showered and changed, Chris into a pair of pyjama shorts and an oversized iron man t shirt. Colby came out of his room in a pair of sweatpants and no shirt, because even with the AC on, it was extremely warm in the hotel room.

They were watching an old episode of Game of Thrones and had been for twenty minutes before Chris finally said

"I'm sorry"

Colby looked at her in surprise and confusion.


"You shouldn't have had to get involved. 's my fault." Chris said looking at her hands and twisting her snake ring round her finger.

"That guy was a douchebag, why the hell are you sayin' sorry for him going after you?" Colby sounded almost angry and Chris dug her nails into her hand so hard they nearly drew blood.

"I shoulda known he wasn't gonna stop. I should have known better."

"Hey! Hey stop!" Colby moved across the couch and did something he wasn't sure was okay but didn't think long enough to stop himself.

He took her small hands in his and unfurled her fists so that she stopped digging her nails into her hands.

"It's not your fault" He said earnestly looking down at her.

Chris looked from their hands up to his face.

It was only now she realised how close they were.

It wasn't a moment or anything...

And then Colby's eyes very obviously dropped to her lips, and his tongue swiped across his bottom lip as he inhaled sharply.

Okay, now it was a moment.




Or it was until Jon came through the door and the two of them practically jumped away from each other like they had been electrocute. But it was a few seconds too late.

"Don't stop on my account" drawled Jon.

He didn't sound drunk.

Chris wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing in the current situation.

"Just make sure you still have your wallet in the morning Lopez."

That did it.

After all the jabs from him over the past few weeks, after all the shit that the events of the evening had brought up, that. did. it.

Chris got to her feet, span round to face Jon and snarled

"You know what fuck you Jon!"

"Nah I'll pass. You've fucked me over one time to many."

"You wanna do this now?!" Chris said, nostrils flared in anger and agitation.

Jon shrugged.

"Fine!" Chris said marching round the couch so they were stood opposite each other.

"Let's talk Jonny."

Ta da.

Looks like secrets are about to be spilled.

Let me know what you think :) love hearing from people!

More soon.

Geronimo xx