Giants Among Us

Set after the final Wonder Woman TV episode, "The Man Who Could Not Die" (in chronological order, not airdate order), which sees Wonder Woman help a near-invulnerable man, Bryce Candall. They are still on the hunt for Dr. Reichman in Los Angeles. Leading up to the Wonder Woman '77 comic story which introduces Silver Swan.

Diana walked into Hawthorne's office.

"Mr. Hawthorne," Diana said, "Have you found any trace of Reichman yet?"

"No, nothing's turned up, Agent Prince," Hawthorne said. "You and your pal should keep looking."

"Alright, I'll contact Brett." Diana said, as she turned and walked out of the office. She went down to the cafeteria to eat with her newest coworker, Brett Cassidy, aka the near-invulnerable man, Bryce Candall.

"Thanks for getting me this job, Diana," Bryce said, "But I still don't see the point in taking on a new name."

"Well, you do want to protect yourself, don't you?" Diana asked, "I mean, in case Reichman figures out where you are. Not that you need protection, but a little conspicuousness couldn't hurt. Speaking of, were you able to find Reichman yet?"

"Not yet," Bryce Candall said, "Though I may have gotten a lead. Some anonymous sources claim he packed up and moved to Metropolis."

"Well, if he's in Metropolis, a certain Man of Steel should be able to handle him." Diana said.

"I thought that's my name," Bryce said with a smirk, as Diana remembered she suggested he join the circus under that name.

"I've heard it's…already been taken," Diana said with a smile.

"Well, we should probably find Wonder Woman, so she can help," Bryce said.

"Probably," Diana said, "I'll catch you later, Bryce. Bye." She walked off. She wished Steve could be here to help her with this case, but he had to take care of things in Washington. The IADC relocated her for a specific reason, and she wasn't about to let them down.

Meanwhile, in an upscale penthouse in Metropolis, Reichman was sipping Champaign with a new lady friend.

"Mr. Luthor was very generous to let me rent his penthouse," Reichman said, "but don't worry my dear, we'll make the most of it." As they clinked glasses together, they heard a distant rumbling growing louder and louder with each passing second.

"What is it?" the woman cried.

"I don't know, but stay here." Reichman said, grabbing his pistol and heading towards the door. Suddenly the door burst off its hinges and went flying across the room. In the doorway stood a muscular redhead dressed in jungle garb, wearing a leopard pelt two-piece suit.

"I see you've got another lady friend, Reichman!" the woman shouted. "Is she your next victim? Better run while you still can, honey!" The nervous girl quickly dashed out the door.

"Pleasure to see you again, Doris," Reichman said.

"Wish I could say the same," she said, "And you know it's Giganta now!"

"Yes, Giganta," Reichman said, "I heard your little villains club against those legendary superheroes didn't quite work out, now did it? Not to mention your 5 second romance with the Atom*. What seems to be the problem? I'm not here to give dating advice, by the way."

"I underwent those experiments seven years ago in order to stop Wonder Woman! She was a threat to my research! You wanted a weapon for when she came back to America! It's been over a year now since she's returned from hiding and I haven't gotten a chance to face her! She's just been fighting thugs, terrorists and talking brains!" Giganta said. "But then I heard she'd been spotted in Los Angeles, and had an encounter with your more recent experiments, and I knew I had the perfect opportunity."

"So what do you need my help for?" Reichman asked.

"I want you to help me grow!" Giganta said. "During my time in the Legion of Doom*, that wizard Mordru altered my cellular structure so I couldn't change size anymore. I need you to counter his so-called 'magic' with your science!"

"All see what I can do," Reichman said, "But wouldn't you want to go someplace a little more…private? You don't want to attract the attention of Big Blue, do you? I've heard that in this city, his presence is widely felt."

"That alien is probably off stopping some rocket from heading into the sun or something," Giganta said, "But you're right, we probably should head back to LA, that way we'll be close to Wonder Woman when she finally falls!"

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Bryce Candall was snooping around an abandoned science lab.

Maybe there's something about Reichman I can find here, he thought. Suddenly he heard a loud crash. One of the chemicals in a beaker fell and started a fire. Wonder Woman burst on the scene. Quickly put out the fire, and she and Bryce leapt out the window.

"Bryce, what were you doing in there?" she asked.

"I was looking to see if I could find more information on Reichman." Bryce said.

"Diana Prince told me you told her that Reichman may have fled to Metropolis." Wonder Woman said.

"And that just might be the case." Bryce said. "I managed to grab this file. It says that Reichman was connected to a project supervised by Lexcorp a few years ago." Wonder Woman grabbed the envelope and paged through the files.

"It says that Reichman used to work with a scientist named Dr. Doris Zeul who did lots of experiments with apes." Wonder Woman said, "You know, I fought an ape in the 1940's that the Nazis used in an experiment. Its name was Gargantua."*

"Forget Gargantua!" a female voice shouted, "There is only Giganta now!" A redheaded woman stood adjacent to them, wearing a brown trenchcoat. She took it off to reveal her jungle garb. To the surprise of both Wonder Woman and Bryce, the woman started to grow…and grow…and grow.

"FACE ME NOW, PRINCESS!" her thundering voice roared, as her figure towered over them. "LET'S SEE WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF!" The Amazon Princess leapt out of the way, as the titanic terror stomped her foot to the ground.

"Bryce!" Wonder Woman shouted, "Try to knock her down!"

"With pleasure, princess!" Bryce said, as he went for her gigantic ankle. He kicked it with a powerful force and the enormous vixen started to lose her balance. Wonder Woman grabbed her lasso and tied the woman's legs together. She went tumbling forward onto some power lines below, while Bryce quickly moved nearby bystanders to safety. The fall caused the ground to shake and several nearby windows to shatter. Giganta was knocked out, least for the moment.

Meanwhile, Reichman was watching the events unfold in an alleyway across the street. He got out a walkie-talkie from his coat pocket.

"Our plan has failed," he said, "Wonder Woman defeated the weapon."

"Return to base!" said the mysterious voice on the other line. As Reichman started to make a run for his car, Bryce noticed his movement out of the corner of his eye. Bryce went after him.

"Bryce, wait!" Wonder Woman called. Bryce didn't respond. He was determined to bring Reichman to justice. With the fall knocking Giganta unconscious, the titanic terror had shrunk to normal size. Wonder Woman ran after her partner. She leapt in front of the car and stopped it. With nowhere left to go, Reichman got out and started to flee. She grabbed her tiara and flung it at him, knocking him out.

"Aw, I wanted to do that!" Bryce said, "You may still get your chance. Anyway, we caught both Reichman and Giganta. Maybe now we can figure out a way to reverse your condition. Let's see what he knows."


*See the Legends of the Superheroes special, "The Roast"

*See Legends of the Superheroes special, "The Challenge"

*See Wonder Woman episode, "Wonder Woman vs Gargantua"

Note: Although the Legends of the Superhero specials were released in 1979, my theory is it happens a few years earlier since Robin isn't Nightwing yet.