Back at headquarters, Diana Prince, "Brett Cassidy", and Dale Hawthorne were questioning Giganta and Joseph Reichman.

"Alright Reichman," Hawthorne snapped, "Talk! Who are you working with?"

"I'll never talk!" Reichman retorted.

"If only we had Wonder Woman's magic lasso," Hawthorne said, "Then they'd spill their guts!"

"Why don't you go take five, Mr. Hawthorne," Diana said, "I'll see if I can handle things from here."

"Alright," Hawthorne said, as he left the room.

"Listen Reichman," Bryce said, "I need that cure!" I want to be normal again!"

"Why would you want to be normal, tough guy?" Giganta asked, "With our combined strength, we could rule this city!"

"No dice, lady!" Bryce said, "Besides, Diana…say, where is Diana?" He looked around the room to find Diana had vanished. Suddenly, Wonder Woman came through the door.

"Ms. Prince went for a coffee break," Wonder Woman said, "but she told me to take over, and I can be very persuasive!" She wrapped them both in her magic lasso.

"Alright," she said, "Now you have to tell the truth! Who are you working for?"

"Ps…Psycho." Reichman said.

"You'll have to do better than that!" Wonder Woman replied, "I've heard Los Angeles is full of psychotics!"

"True," came a voice, "But this time the doctor is in!" Suddenly, the Amazon was shot from behind with a laser. A small man was hovering in a robotic suit.

"And this time the doctor's orders are to get some rest while my friends and I take our leave!" the man continued.

"I don't think so!" Bryce shouted, racing after them.

"I had prepared to tangle with the so-called 'Invulnerable Man', so I prepared something special for you!" the man said. He threw something at him, and suddenly Bryce was seeing himself falling off a cliff to his death.

"You…won't…get away." Wonder Woman said weakly.

"I'd advise not following us, princess," the man said, "I borrowed some fear gas from my friend in Gotham City. In your condition, you won't last long before you pass out, neither will your friend. Plus, I have a little insurance to make sure you won't follow us!" He pressed a button and suddenly a projection of none other than Steve Trevor Jr appeared on the wall. He was in chains, dangling over a pit.

"Steve!" Wonder Woman gasped.

"You follow us, he dies." the small man said, "I think you get the picture. Ta-ta, princess. We shan't meet again!" He pressed another button and blasted a hole through the wall and left with Giganta and Reichman. Shortly thereafter, Dale Hawthorne came back in.

"What's going on in-aaah!" he looked around, startled at the destruction before him. He went over to Wonder Woman. "Wonder Woman! What happened?"

"I'm afraid your prisoners got away." Wonder Woman said.

"Where's Agent Prince?" Hawthorne asked, "And what happened to Cassidy?"

"He'll be fine in a few minutes, Mr. Hawthorne. I'll tend to him myself. Agent Prince went to go follow up on a lead, I believe." Wonder Woman said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to stop that madman. A friend of mine may be in trouble!" She grabbed Bryce in her arms and walked out the door. Later on, Bryce awoke in her apartment.

"Wh-What happened?" he asked, groggily, as he came to on her couch.

"The effects of the fear gas should be wearing off by now," Diana said.

"Fear gas?" Bryce asked, "What do you mean?"

"Wonder Woman brought you here, Bryce," Diana said, "It looks like we're dealing with the likes of a madman calling himself Dr. Psycho. He gassed you with some sort of fear toxin. I did some research, it looks like it originated from a criminal mastermind in Gotham City named Jonathan Crane, otherwise known as the Scarecrow."

"Gotham City?" Bryce asked, "You mean, like Batman? That Gotham City?"

"The very same," Diana said.

"Well, maybe Batman can help us," Bryce said, "After all, I've heard he's the world's greatest detective."

"Maybe, but I wouldn't know how to contact him," Diana said, "From what I've heard, no one's seen him in a couple years." Diana remembered how almost 10 years ago, Batman had helped defend her home of Paradise Island against the ravenous rapscallion, Ra's Al Ghul.* She hadn't seen him since.

"Do you have any other leads?" Bryce asked.

"Well, I sent over some information to my friends at the IADC back in Washington." Diana said, "But in worse news, my good friend Steve Trevor, may have been kidnapped."

"Well, where do you think they're hiding now?" Bryce asked.

"I don't know," Diana said, "But Mr. Hawthorne is trying to figure it out."

"Well good luck to him," Bryce said, "It's like finding a needle in a haystack."

"One very large needle," Diana said, "Giganta doesn't exactly 'blend in.'"

"Fair point," Bryce said, "Although that chick can and does change size. She's probably normal size already." Suddenly the phone rang. Diana answered it.

"Hello? This is Diana Prince. May I help you?" she asked.

"Diana, help!" came the muffled voice on the other end of the line. It was Steve.

"Steve, are you all right?" Diana asked.

"He will be, Agent Prince," Dr. Psycho said, "Once you meet our demands."

"What do you want, you madman?!" Diana asked angrily.

"We'll return Agent Trevor to you, along with the formula to make Mr. Candall normal again, provided you give us the total of $50,000 in unmarked bills in one hour." Psycho said.

"You're crazy!" Diana protested, "Where would I get that kind of money?"

"No, psychotic," Psycho said, "And that's up to you to figure out. When you do, come alone to the warehouse district of the East end of town. We'll be in touch." She hung up the phone.

"That was Psycho," Diana said, "He and his cohorts want $50,000 in unmarked bills, or most likely, Steve dies. I can't let that happen, but where are we going to get the money?"

"I think I might have an idea," Bryce said. "But we'll need Hawthorne's help."

Later, Diana shows up at the warehouse with a briefcase.

"Psycho!" she shouted, "I have your money! Release Agent Trevor!"

"Excellent," he said, coming out of the shadows, as Reichman grabbed the briefcase. "Except for one small detail. Agent Trevor…was never here!"

"Diana, help!" a projection of Steve appeared on a screen and then faded away.

"I am the master of psychosis!" Dr. Psycho declared, "I convinced you to help your friend who was never in harm's way to begin with!"

"Then this was all a trap!" Diana exclaimed, "Good thing I brought back-up!"

Bryce leapt through the window. He started fighting Reichman. Diana fled, then did her fantastic wonder-spin as Wonder Woman leapt into the fray.

"Wonder Woman!" Psycho exclaimed, "Giganta, crush her!"

"With pleasure!" Giganta bellowed, her form growing to towering heights. She and Wonder Woman started battling, as Psycho ran away with the money.

"Oh no you don't!" Wonder Woman shouted, wrapping him up in her lasso. She proceeded to fling him across the room and he landed right on top of Reichman, knocking them both unconscious. Bryce came to help Wonder Woman fight Giganta.

"You two puny wimps will never beat me!" Giganta shouted.

"Oh, I beg to differ!" Wonder Woman said, as she wrapped her lasso around Giganta's legs, "The bigger they are…"

"The harder they fall!" Bryce said, landing a solid kick to Giganta's face. Her balance was off due to her tied legs, and she toppled to the ground, landing on top of Psycho and Reichman.

"Looks like we've got this case all wrapped up," Bryce said.

"Good thing Psycho never bothered to check the briefcase and realize there was no money in there, just sheets of blank paper." Wonder Woman said.

Later back at headquarters…

Diana and Bryce walked into Hawthorne's office.

"Good work, you two. You helped stopped Reichman, Giganta and that Psycho character, with Wonder Woman's help." Hawthorne said.

"Thank you, Mr. Hawthorne." Diana said, "If you'll forgive me sir, I've decided to resign from my position here and return to the IADC back in Washington. This adventure has made me realize that."

"You do what you have to, Agent Prince." Hawthorne said. "We can take care of things here."

"Does that mean Wonder Woman will leave too?" Bryce/Brett whispered.

"Quite possibly," Diana said, "I'm sure you can protect this fair metropolis of Los Angeles by yourself."

"Now Diana, don't go confusing me with Big Blue again!" Bryce/Brett said as Diana grinned. "But what about my cure? I'd be normal again. I don't know if superhero-ing is right for me."

"That's for you to decide, Bryce." Diana said.

Later, after a long flight home, Diana arrived back at the IADC in Washington.

"Diana!" Steve Trevor Jr. said, "I didn't expect you back so soon!"

"I felt I'm needed here, Steve," she said, as she hugged him, "It's so good to see you."

"Good to see you too," he said, "As long as you're back, we got a tip that a Dr. Pochoikov could be the next target of a group of Soviet spies."

"I'm on it, sir!" Diana said.

"It's good to have you back, Agent Prince!" he said.

"It's good to be back, sir!" she said with a smile.


*As seen in the comic story, Batman '66 meets Wonder Woman '77