Patronus Universe
Reunion 1
/AN: This will be a one-shot/side story projected to be 4-5000 words. (sure that's what I thought.) I wrote it to fill in as an infill bit of the time between Harry's graduation him becoming Headmaster. This takes place 11 years after graduating from Hogwarts. There could be more of these types of stories as time passes. A warning to the readers.

It takes place in the AU of The Patronus.

I have taken a bit more care in writing this, I hope it shows. Personal thanks to Sneg Black for the web site. It was a big help. The last writing class I had was over 40 years ago. An engineer isn't known as being creative. Too many hard facts and figures become the basis of everything. I will be rewriting portions of The Patronus in time.

Introduction duties. This is some of the hardest work for a professor to do. The ability to introduce new students into the magical word was not always an easy task. Deputy Headmistress Sinastra shook her head and called for a house elf. Passing it a note for Professor Harry Potter.

The House Elf popped away to deliver the note. Once in Harry presents the elf voiced: "Deputy Headmistress for Professor Mister Potter."

It never amused him that notes had to be addressed that way. With two Professor Potters, the staff had to change the way they addressed notes.

Professor Harry Potter,
Please attend a short meeting with the Headmistress and myself at your convenience.

/s Aurora Sinastra,

Deputy Headmistress,


This note had left Professor Harry Potter puzzled. He had been a professor at Hogwarts starting the year after he graduated. He had spent the last of his time at Hogwarts gaining Masteries in the subjects which interested him. At age 19 he had become the youngest professor ever hired. 11 years later, he was now considered an expert at teaching and was the fourth-ranked in seniority.

In two years the 1st of his children would be riding the Hogwarts Express to attend school as 1st-year students. During last months staff meeting last month, Minerva announced that the intake of new students would be over 300 this year.

This was the time of the year in which the Professors made the visits to mundane-born wizards and witches. they also visited those born of magicals but resided in the muggle world.

Harry traveled the short distance to the Headmistress' office. He took the time to consider the many changes which had made its way through the school. One of first of the changes which had taken place, was for all the professor's offices to be on one floor. The second change was each professor had to keep posted office hours.

Minerva no longer hid behind a gargoyle-like her predecessor had. The instructors, in general, had become closer to the students and were far less aloof. The core subjects now had at least two instructors, and many had five instructors this year.

Harry was currently working as the Senior Defense instructor. He taught all fifth through seventh years. He also was supervising two mastery students and two junior instructors. The junior Masters were working towards teaching certificates. Yes, that's the other thing. A mastery in a subject didn't mean you were good at teaching that subject. They had finally made the art of teaching of the subject separate certificate to being a master.

Minerva had stepped up to the Headmistress position during Hermione's fifth year. It took her two years to realize how thin she was stretched. Now, Hermione was currently serving as the Senior Transfiguration instructor for those classes. This year she would have 3 mastery students as well as the two junior instructors.

Harry stopped his ruminations and knocked twice on the office door. Minerva's clear voice called out "Enter."

The person behind the desk face had softened over time, even with the more stressful job. She was not concerned with anything except running the school to the best of her ability. She didn't want or take any other positions no matter what the position offered. She was the public face of Hogwarts and the day to day responsibility of operations was her only job.

The Deputy Headmistress held a tight rein, and if she handed off a problem to the Headmistress. Well, woe betides that problem and its cause.

He nodded to her and sat down in one of the high back straight back chairs which she favored. She got right to the point. "I have some misgivings over one of the prospective students this year."

Harry asked, "This concerns me, How?"

Her answer was sliding a folder across the table. "The random selection process gave this one to you."
Harry took the file and read aloud, "Roseann Lilly Dursley? Oh!" He flipped the file open and scanned it with care. Dudley's wife, Alice, was the daughter of a first-generation squib from the Pierson line. There were only 6 accounts of accidental magic related to the young girl in her permanent record. Dudley and his wife were monitored by the WOO after the first bout accidental magic had happened. According to the reports on the family group, they had taken the accidental magic in stride. There had been no backlash from either parent or grandparents on either side.

Minerva asked, "As you know we assign the visiting professors by random draw. This was one of your random draws. I want to offer you a one-time option swap with another professor if you wish. I understand you've had no contact with your relatives for years. This could open a door you really don't want re-opened."

Harry ponder the choice he which he had offered to him. "I have had no contact with Dudley since the Dementors attacked us in the park. I located Aunt Petunia one time after the fall of Voldemort and explained what had happened. I told her I would not interfere again in their lives unless I found they were in danger. Maybe a friendly face may make it better for the Dudley and his wife, Alice."

He took a moment to frame his next words. "The Pierson family is small family and centralist-light, near nonpolitical. I know of Drew Pierson from the Wizengamot. Not a lot of interaction but has made of point of greeting me when I am in attendance. Come to think about it, Drew did make a point of telling me about the birth of his Granddaughter. He hoped I would be still teaching in 11 years. I want the visit to be well received for the sake of the child. It is another double squib couple with a child capable of doing magic. Someone which is like the child's aunt, my mother."

Minerva nodded in understanding. "While I never set store in reading the future, I know certain things happen for a purpose. My gut instinct is to ask you to do this."

Harry nodded in agreement, "My gut agrees with your gut. What day is this scheduled?"

"Tomorrow evening at five. You have one visit tomorrow. Then two on Saturday. One in the afternoon and one more on Saturday evening. Your escort day for shopping is the following Sunday, the same day as your wife's escort duty is set.

Harry said "This will be different, Dudley will know exactly what is happening. Both Dudley and his wife are technically squibs. Magical, but not magical enough to use a wand. The Pierson was active about the preservation of the rights of Squibs. That family did something like the Evans family with trusts. She may know the rules have changed about family visits, Hogwarts and Hogsmead. That all depends on how open the contact is between her and her family. I will have to make sure I explain all the school changes that have happened to them just in case they are not aware."

Minerva slid to the two other folders across. "A set of twin boys in Draycott and Girl in Breaston, Funny both families have the same last name. Potts. Marius and Charles Potts, Dorre Potts. "

Harry took the folders. Looking at the photos of the children thought aloud: "They look like they are close relations. Cousins?"

"Anything else, Headmistress?" he asked.

Minerva said, "I am glad you will not be teaching your own children in the 1st- year classes. Well not beyond the required Ethics and Responsible use of Magic Class.

We have tried to remove the appearance of personal bias from the teachers over the years. Next year we will be implementing full-time House Parents. They will not be instructors, they will fill the role of Head of House. Our enrollment is projected to be 450 to 500 new students next year. The instructors will be to busy to supervise any Houses."

Harry relaxed a little and thought to himself, This was the Minerva he had discovered he liked. They could sit and discuss school management calmly. He had watched as she gave up her lions and teaching 9 years ago. Managing the school had become a full-time position.

For a few years after she became Headmistress, she had taken a few a mastery students. Now she only had time to coach or mentor those students with Masteries as they learned the skills to teach. Gaining a mastery of a subject doesn't mean they are able or even competent teachers.

"If not for the help of Hermione and Luna, I wouldn't have time to teach, grade papers, and still be an effective Head of House. Let alone the few times I am needed in the Wizengamot. On top of that as a father and you would have to be looking for a new professor. Traci Davis has done a great job being my proxy on the Wizengamot. She lets me know when something comes up which my voice could make a difference. Even with the Junior Professors, I know I would be over my head. The number of students attending each year has increased. It will be larger next year as this is the 11th anniversary of Riddle total defeat."

"I wish we could have implemented the changes before the start of the school year." Minerva stated, "We finally got the green light from the Board of Directors last week. Not enough time to advertise, interview, screen, and hire four couples. It would be an impossible task before the start of term."

Harry said, "I still think we should set a goal of filling those positions before the end of the fall term. That way we get the students, and the new heads acquainted with each other and their duties. There is going to be a period of re-adjustment. I don't like the idea of 500 new students and 4 new Head of House teams all happening at one time."

Minerva smiled her trap laid. "That was the other item I wished to speak of to you. I believe that the current serving Heads of House should be ones doing the interview. During the next staff meeting, I would like some input on the criteria which should be in the listing as qualifications. Before we advertise the positions."

Harry said, "Brainstorming? That works for me. This subject needs to be handled correctly, or it will blow up in our faces."

The following evening, Professor Harry Potter checked his appearance once more. He was dressed in proper muggle business casual attire. He placed his invisibility cloak in his jacket pocket and his wand into his wrist holder. He turned as he went to leave his family quarters in Hogwarts castle, pausing to kiss Hermione and Luna goodbye. "I will be back about 10, I will let you know by mirror if I will be late."

Luna laughed, "Don't worry Harry. Dudley might like you. After all, you are not the same person you were 13 years ago. People change, You're all grown up. You have seen and fought your demons and bested them. Could it be Dudley has done the same?"

Harry smiled and gave her another kiss before he left.

He walked out the castle's door, leaving his home and family behind. Thinking as he walked the pathway to the gate, how much he had changed over the years since he had last seen Dudley. Gone was the thin and frail boy. Gone for good was the fragile personality that had been close to shattering. He had political power which he seldom used. He thought about his real power was impressing and teaching young minds. Working through those young minds and reaching the parents.

Harry reached the gate before he knew it. The gate swung open for him as expected. He stepped through the opening in the wards the gate created. Apperated to his destination, Goldworth's Park, a mile or so northwest of where he used to live.

Harry arrived, then swiftly made a sweep of the area. His found his arrival was not observed by anyone. He made his way out of the small clearing, picking his way with care not to leave any trace of his passage.

Dudley had not moved very far from his parents. Close enough to visit and far enough away to be independent, Harry observed.

It was a short walk along the side of the lake and then a few blocks until he located the house he which he had been seeking. Nice yard Harry, though as he turned and walked up the walkway. Not perfect but nice. He lifting his hand and hesitated. He knocked three times and waited. He felt he was being watched through the window. And heard the door unlock and open. Before him stood a slender man with short cropped light brown hair. The voice was a bit deeper than he recalled, "Hello Harry, I was hoping they would send you. Come on in."

Harry smiled, "Dudley the visiting Professors are selected at random to do this, Dudley. I promised Aunt Petunia I wouldn't bother her or her family unless there was a danger. But I am glad I was the one picked."

"Come on and meet the family, Harry."

This slender and happy man looked and acted very little like the Dudley he grew-up. The words often spoken by Luna rang in his ears. 'People change.' She had said so. He thought to himself she was right.
Harry entered the open door and entered a small room. To his left was a living room or den. To his right was a dining room. Straight ahead was a set of stairs which lead upward.

Dudley stopped and turned around, "You look good cousin." Then Dudley shocked Harry and reached out and hugged him. Pulling back, "I am sorry that I never had the chance to thank you for saving my life in more ways than one. That Dementor scared me. It scared me so bad, Mom ended up sending me to the shrink. The Psychiatrist was Squib. When I told him about the event and said 'my cousin and I...' when he asked, 'What is your cousin's name?' When I answer with 'Harry Potter' he smiled. Then he said, 'I have dealt the after effects of Dementor exposure before. That explains why you were not Obliviated.' doesn't it?"

"After I had a few sessions with the shrink Discussing the nightmares. Nightmares about the memories the Dementors. They made me remember everything. , he began treating me for my dysfunctional personality problems. You see the memories were the memories of watching Dad hurt you, and me hurting you as well trying to please him. I wasn't a very nice person."

"After a few months of weekly counseling, I joined a support group of squibs to help deal the issue of fear of magic. Mom joined the group about 4 months later.

"I was lucky I met Alice Pierson at one of those group meetings. Both of her parents are squibs too. They had been hoping that magic would come back in their children, but it didn't. She grew up with a background of disappointment and guilt. When we got married we promised that we would never let the issue come up, because we didn't care about the magic. I explained to her how Mom had developed the resentment because Aunt Lily was magical and Mom wasn't. Then Roseann did her 1st uncontrolled magic while she was still in the hospital. She was in the nursery and got hungry, she scared the crap out of Alice when she appeared in her arms and started crying. The reversal squad showed up and had to fix the ward nurse and attendants memories. They were going to do the same to Alice but stopped when I told them I was your cousin and Alice was squib from the Pierson line. I had worried about how Dad would take the news, but believe it or not, Dad started therapy the next day. He had so looked forward to a grandson so three years later, Harold Vernon Dursley was born. Yep, he is magical too. While it wasn't always a smooth road with Dad. He understood he had to change and he did. We raised Roseann from the start to try to control her magic. She only had six uncontrolled episodes of magic. Three which required help from the reversal squad. She knows about Hogwarts and she knows this evening we were going to have a visitor from the school. My family Roseann and Alice are waiting for you, cousin."

Harry said, "I wished I had known Dudley. I would have helped."

Dudley smiled, "I know you would have. I would have asked if I felt over my head. Alice's Grandparents have been a big help and offered to reach out to you for us. Alice and I decided we would try to do it ourselves."

"I am ready Dudley. Once more into the breach, I will go. Usually, this is much harder because Parents have no knowledge of Magic. I have been trying to change that for years and someday I get it through. We need separation, but once a Child has an uncontrolled magical episode they need to know help is there. The smoother transition we can make it for the parents the easier it will be for the child." explained Harry.

Dudley motioned towards the door and they walked through the doorway together. Inside the sitting room was a TV on one wall. Around it was shelves with lots of books. The magazines on the table appeared to be ready to be picked up and read again. One wall had an array of family pictures. He was surprised to see one of himself standing in the middle with Hermione and Luna standing by his side. He looked and saw it was a Colin Crevy signed and numbered picture. Dudley even had a picture of Harry's Mother and Father in a frame next to him.

Dudley cleared his throat, "Roseann and Alice Dursley, this is my Cousin, Professor Harry J. Potter. He is the Representative which Hogwarts sent.

Harry reached into his folder and presented Roseann Dursley her Hogwarts letter. The Envelope addressed in green ink:

Roseann Lily Dursley
#23 Endeavor Lane
Goldworth's Park,
Surrey, England.

On the other side, it was a wax seal with the Hogwart's emblem applied.

Dudley said "I remember those letters. Harry received one of those once, Gramps burned it. The next day there 20 in the mail slot. The day after that was over 200. Roseann will only get one. We will put it in your scrapbook for you."

Harry sat and got to know his extended family.

Harry went on to explain, "There was a fund set up for Muggle-born to defray expenses. Yet there was also a family scholarship fund for all descendants of the David Howard Evan's. It was set up over 120 years ago when David Howard Evan's three children were born as Squibs. David Howard was our Grandfather."

Dudley laughed, "He endowed a fund for Muggle education at the Uni as well. There is a scholarship to cover his Muggle-born descendants as well. It paid for most of Mom's studies. She was a surgical nurse but stopped to raise us. She didn't like not working. It was Dad's plan. She went back to work about 10 years ago, volunteering in a charity Hospital. The scholarship fund paid for me to go to engineering school."

"So," Harry looking at a sheet of parchment and passing out three copies, "This is a break down of how the scholarship fund works. A trust vault will be set up to cover your yearly costs. Right after the vault is filled this year. Hogwarts will withdraw the tuition charge. That will leave you with enough to cover the all the necessities. Uniforms, robes, cloaks, books, parchments, inks and quills. It also will cover the initial investment of potion kit, tools, and telescope. You will have to buy more parchment and replace quills during the year. We now have a vendor that sets up every Saturday in the school that sells those items. A few other vendors are available one day a month and sell sweet and snacks. That leaves you with about 300 Galleons for spending money and emergencies. Any questions?"

"The second year the fund will buy a broom. It will upgrade the broom to a specialized broom if you make one of the school sports flying teams. All 1st years take a class in the 1st term called magical transportation. It will cover the subjects of broom flight, the Nightbus, the Daybus, the Floo system and Port Keys. While it doesn't teach Apparition the covers it in an outline."

Harry looked up and saw everyone was still with him.

Harry went on. "The core classes are Potions, Defense Against Dark Arts, Charms, Transfiguration, and Astronomy. Astronomy is one class held from the end of twilight and will last three hours into evening once a week. There will be enough time during the day and evening to complete the assigned work. And no, Roseann, I won't be your assigned teacher yet I will be in your class sometimes. I have Junior Professors and sometimes Mastery Applicants which teach those classes. I am the Department Head. The school attendance has grown in the last decade. Each class will have students from all four houses there are three sets of groupings for classes for each subject. You will have some free time each day, we are not going to overwork you."

"Next, we need to cover visiting days and such." Harry looked at Dudley and Alice and asked. "For the next part, I need to cast a spell on each of you. The results will determine what the school staff must do so you can attend the events at Hogwarts. Events like visiting day, sports games, and student-parent-teacher conferences." Looking from Dudley and Alice, watching as they both nodded in agreement. Harry twitched his fingers, and his wand dropped down into his hand.

Harry used his wand to cast "in magicis metiretur" and made a slight jabbing motion at Dudley. "Well, what do you know? Dudley you just did miss being magical. Two more points and you've been a wizard." Turning to Alice Dursley, he watched her nod just before Harry cast the same spell and laughed. "That blows the Umbridge's claim out of the water, again. Then she didn't know of the measuring charm either. You both are just shy of being wizard and witch by a few points."

Harry smiled, "If you can find a wand which is highly tuned to your magic you may get some use out of it, like summoning the bus and you can use the floo, as well. You can enter Diagon Alley and other magical venues without having someone help you. And be on the grounds at Hogwarts without having to use a runic charmed object to act as a pass."

Harry looked to make sure he still had their attention. "I will be your shopping guide in Diagon Alley and will be taking three other 1st year students shopping as well. My wife, Hermione will be also taking her three families at the same time. I will try to introduce the two of you again, Big-D. Maybe Luna might be in the alley as well. She is my companion. You met Hermione a way back when. The very pretty girl with brown bushy hair? We got married 11 years ago, our oldest will be starting in two years. Then next the year, Luna's oldest starts. Then my set of twins the next year. The year after that, Luna's son starts. All our friends have children which have started or are going to start soon."

Pausing for a second Harry checked his list to make sure he covered everything. "Any questions?"

Dudley asked "Can you show them the thingy. You know that deer thing that chased off the Dementors?"

Harry smile. "That I can do." Harry drew his wand again and brought up his memory. He pictured Hermione holding their newborn child. "Expecto Patronum!" The soft silvery mist grew and formed into a solid looking animal.

Dudley stood straight before it and said "Thank you magic for saving my life. Thank you for sending Harry." He said with tears in his eyes. Turning to Harry, "Alice's Grandfather Pierson told me he remembers and follows the old ways. Magic is a gift. When magic saves you, in turn, you thank magic for coming to your aid."

Harry nodded in agreement. "Many have forgotten the old ways. Luna still follows them. Hermione acknowledges the old ways exist. I survived because of the old ways. I thank magic every day for the gift I was given. A life, eventually love, children, a home, and now more family."

Roseann asked, "So why do you work so hard? Great-Grandmother says you are one of the richest people in the world, but one of the hardest working."

Harry grinned, "There is a couple of things. Most of the money is Potter family money. The Potter family used to be fairly large. I hope one day the money will be needed. Until then the money is used to support business ventures in the form of loans. I am just the money's manager. I work because it is something I enjoy. I was good at two things in my life, playing Quidditch and Teaching. One can't play Quidditch forever. I can teach for a long time. My job gives goals and purpose. Finishing a job to the best of my ability and knowing that I did well, gives me satisfaction. In satisfaction, I gain happiness. It is that simple. You dad is a design engineer. He draws and plans, figures out which is the best material and works on specifications. Have you seen him come home happy after a days work? That's most likely because of those things I said, right?" Harry glanced at Dudley and saw him nodding. "Even Uncle Vernon was happy when he made a good sale for the company. While I know Uncle Vernon wished at one time to own his own business, his real talents were in sales and marketing. Not operations and day to day management."

Dudley said "Dad does have his own business now. He is a consultant in marketing and sales. His job is to make sure other businesses have their staff working up to snuff. He is much happier today doing that than when he was in direct sales and marketing. He even has an office staff to run his business. He has a marketing and advertisement group he works with for their out services."

Harry nodded and said "That's great news, I hope someday to visit with him and Aunt Petunia. I never thought he would ever be accepting of magic."

Alice said, "People change and grow, or they wither and die." Vernon decided to grow, or lose seeing his grandchildren grow up. We could not tolerate him treating them like he did you."

Harry said, "I guess your grandfather told you I spent years with a mind healer. Occasionally, I still met with one."

My grandfather said, "The report he had seen intimated as much. He at one time was pushing for the Wizarding world to take Dudley's parents to trial. He didn't because he met Dudley and became aware of the dynamics of the situation."

"One of my Mum's invented was a wizard recording device. She called it a Record-all. It set in place and records all the events around it for a 400-foot radius. She placed it in the shed in aunt Petunia's back garden. It recorded every bit of the abuse. It can be played back almost like a pensive. It had 14 years of recordings. I wasn't the only person abused. Albus Dumbledore would show up wave his wand Obliviate memories and wasn't as good as he thought he was. Your Dad resented magic for good reason but could never remember why. I am sorry he got by with doing it. He died in total disgrace."

"So are you all up for shopping on Sunday?" asked Harry.

Dudley asked, "Do you want to ride in with us?"

Harry frowned, "No, I will three other children to escort that day, I will meet you at the Leaky Cauldron. Here is a map. You should be able to see it."

"I bet you are taking the Potts twins and their cousin. We attended primary together." Roseann said. "They live in Draycott and Breaston."

Harry said, "You must be careful about discussing magic with anyone. We have the Separation Act for good reason. You're lucky in this case. Because that is exactly who I am visiting tomorrow. I am escorting them in Diagon Alley at the same time I am escorting you."

Looking at his watch, Harry said, I need to make a call. And reached into a jacket pocket, he pulled out what appeared to be a modern mobile phone. Harry tapped it with his finger and said, "Hermione Potter."

There was a short moment of delay, "Hello Harry. Is everything going well?"

"Everything is fine." Harry stated, "Dudley and Alice are looking forward to meeting you. I just catching up on old times and be headed home shortly."

"Take your time. The children are all settled in for the evening. Luna is here, and that's a good thing. Luna spends so much time there she should just stay. We have the room." Hermione pouted.

"You and I both agree, but her father would miss watching the children." Harry retorted. "Anyway, I will see you in a few."

Dudley asked, "So how many kids, Harry?

Hermione and I have three boys and a girl. Luna and I have 4 and are expecting a set of twins this winter."

Dudley laughed, "One isn't enough?"

Harry shook his head, "I have multiple family lines. Luna like me is last of her line. She needs a companion contract, not a marriage contract. "Her Oldest will inherit the Lovegood name and title. The rest will share the last name Lovegood-Potter growing up. Upon obtaining their majority, they will have the option of taking their choice of the last name. If I don't have a name and title that needs to be taken up. Thus Luna oldest son Rory Walden Lovegood-Potter, when he turns 17 will become Rory Walden, Heir apparent Lovegood. His younger brother, Xeno Francis Lovegood-Potter will be only that. Unless I decide to name him Heir to one of the other Houses and Titles which I hold. Then I must restore it as an independent line."

Taking a deep breath and trying to stay calm, "Luna has been a good friend to both Hermione and Myself. To keep a family name alive is an honor if she married the name would become lost, along with the title being absorbed into another house. I have several titles to give out as I name heirs and have released a few to become elected seats. Too much power is a power easily abused."

"You do know there is a house title I am holding that I could pass on to any blood heir? I hold the title of the House of Gleason, via the Evans line. It also your and Roseann's line. I might see naming her heir if she does well in school. I might even

make it matriarchal line in honor of our mothers. That means it could only be passed to eldest daughters or the next daughter in line." Finished Harry.

Dudley looked at his wife and daughter with a stunned look on their faces.

"Of course I not sure of Pierson's line arrangements. You're Grandfather may want to voice an opinion on that and we can come to an acceptable agreement. I do know your son upstairs in listening carefully. I may get selected to make the official visit see him in a few years and we can cover these same topics." Harry spoke. "The evening is late, and I spend so little quality time with my own children. I should go and let you talk among yourselves. The little ones do grow up too quickly."

Dudley and Alice stood and Walked Harry to the door.

"Do call on us again. I do want to buy one of those mirror-phones. Just to keep in touch with you," Dudley said.

"I arrange one for you Dudley and one for your wife," Harry looked expectantly at Alice. "Very well I need to make my way to the Apparition point."

Dudley said "You could just leave from here like Grandfather does. I show you the spot he uses. No one can see it from the house, the neighbors or the street."

Harry smile, That would better, it would make easy to drop by to visit. Next time, maybe it will be a family visit. I can bring some of the family by to meet and greet."

Dudley Lead Harry out the back door in the garden. Between several thick hedges was a small hidden nook, with a thick vine covered overhead trellis. Harry nodded, "This will work. See you Sunday next, Dudley, remember to contact me via Alice's grandfather if it is an emergency." As Dudley gave him a hug. "Keep in touch, please?" Harry stepped back and so quickly he was gone without a sound.

Sighing to himself, Harry though I have a lot of things to sort through tonight. He was glad both Luna and Hermione would be to help him if he needed it.


OK. I decided to cut this story, which was supposed to be a one shot, in half. I originally thought the story could be told in about 4-5000 words. It couldn't. The other part is only half done. It is outlined and noted, and dozens of the scenes mostly done. It currently setting as written at 3870 words I expect a bit more to completely. Maybe a week from Sunday might see it up.