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Patronus Reunion 2
Continued from Chapter one with no significant time jump.

Harry awoke the very next morning. He had spent hours last night talking to Hermione and Luna. It was mainly about the odd experience of reconnecting with Dudley. He was curious about the cause of the change of attitudes, especially in Uncle Vernon. While it would need a bit of subtle investigation, he would get to the bottom of it sooner or later. He suspected some of the hate and aversion towards him was due to Dumbledore's past actions.

Yes! All the recorded instances of Dumbledore showing up and fixing things when Harry was little were caught on the record-all. His usual fix was to Obliviate Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia's memories. Dumbledore was clueless about mundane living conditions. He would implant false memories which were unbelievably wrong. If Dumbledore wasn't dead and his cult gone, Harry was tempted all too often to dig him just to have him executed for his multiple crimes.

Harry spent the next few minutes attempting to center himself. Unsuccessful at trying to calm himself, he decided to go flying to help center himself. Quiet as a mouse, the man slipped out of bed, being careful not to wake his companions. He walked to the balcony doors. Opening them, he walked up towards the railing. Lifting his arms. With his last step, he transformed. The swift and flowing change into his dominant Animagus form of an American Bald Eagle. Both wings struck downward, lifting him into the air as he cleared the railing. He dropped down to gain speed and then, with each stroke of wings, gained altitude and flew out over the lake. Finding an uprising thermal, he caught it in a nice easy upward climb. Within minutes the Eagle surveyed his domain from over four thousand feet above the lake. Breaking out of the thermal, the impressive bird to a long slow glide. Circling and looking for danger. He scanned the high pass and the railroad bridge over the river, following line to the rail station and Hogsmead. The village proper was starting to stir as people began their daily routines. Banking westward, he flew over the open fields and orchards. Which surrounded the village away from the lake and out to the edge of the forest.

Banking left again, followed by a few flaps of his wing. He surveyed the edge of the forest and noticed a group of Centaurs hunters returning from a hunt and patrol. Most of the villagers didn't know how valuable a service the Centaur's did. Human traders and storekeepers would often set up trade stands to barter finished goods for crafted items. Harry had been instrumental in building Bane's Bridge. It was located at the only ford on the river. It was wide and most treacherous with its swift running water running over slippery rocks. Harry had rescued Bane, the Centaur when he had been carried away in the Spring torrents a few years ago. The resulting bridge had created a crossroads for a neutral trading ground. It grew to be a meeting ground overlooking the bridge. The Eagle banked away to the left and flew much higher.

Flying out over to the edge of the Forbidden Forest, which surrounded Hogwarts on most of three sides. He looked for any re-occurrence of the Acromantulas. Being watchful would be an ongoing project for years. That project had Wizards working in conjunction with the Centaurs. The two groups were working together hunting for any new infestation of Acromantulas. Harry slowed his flight and swung in slow circles using care, looking for any freshly hung webs. Flying over the thinner forested area, he passed over the Centaurs central encampment. Several of the Centaurs heard his wing flaps. They looked up as he passed overhead as he quickly passed overhead. Harry decided all was well and felt hunger awaken in him. Flying burned a lot of energy. Slowly turning, he spotted his destination, the balcony of his room. He made a slow glide towards it. As he flew at near stalling speed, then as he neared the balcony, flared his wings. The Eagle transformed into his wizard form. A foot stepped onto the balcony, and a slight forward jump—all followed by a step killing his forward momentum. Harry took a deep breath and opened the door.
Luna met him with a smile and wet hair dressed in nothing. "Nice flight?" she kissed him as they passed each other.

"Excellent! I watched the world come to life. Took a slow flight over the forest, looking for any new spider nests. This is a great year so far with no new nests. The Centaurs found two lone males over a year ago and no females. The males were captured and moved, with no problems." Harry reminded her as he discarded his clothing and headed for the shower.

Opening the door, he smiled and offered to scrub Hermione's back if she would scrub his. He felt terrific as she motioned him to join her.

The showers were over, The Trio joined the rest of the family in the dining room for breakfast. Harry recounted to their children about the meeting with his cousin, Dudley. Remarking about his cousin Dudley and how much he had changed. "We even have an offer to met later with him and his family."

Luna said, "People can and do sometimes change. I knew yesterday would be good, but this day will be better. As she rubbed her growing bulge. This is the season of surprises when long planted seeds bare fruit."

Harry explained, "Today I am meeting with two families. Both named Potts. The photos' similarities were enough between the photos for children to be kin. One is at 1:00 PM and the other at 5:00 PM. I should be home for a late dinner but should be free all the next week. Until Sunday."

Hermione said, "My visits are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We both have Escort Duty on Sunday."

Harry said, "I have a report on last night's meeting to write up. Pop in the office about ten or so, and I will have Mister Dobby pack us a picnic lunch take a walk, and will find a place to eat?" The children all nodded in excitement. They always found great places to picnic and explore. They knew Today would be a short outing, but it was with their Dad.

Harry finished his breakfast and headed off to his office down the hall. He picked up the folders for Roseann Dursley. He got the report forms out and started filling in the information required. The last pages were more subjective questions that needed more speculation and opinion. He was optimistic about the visit. He noted that Roseann Dursley had contact with her Magical Grandfather, Drew Pierson. Mister Pierson had seemed to take an interest in monitoring the situation. He finished up a quick review of the checklist. Then his notes and placed them all in the folder and slipped them into the active file cabinet.

He pulled his three visits for Today and started a deeper reading. The number of accident magic outbursts was zero? The Reversal Squad had never handled any incidents. Dorrie looked like a person he should know. She had a heart-shaped face with dark hair and steel-gray eyes. While reading the background information, he became surprised. It took looking deep in the files. Hidden deep inside the files was an odd fact. Darius Potts, Dorrie's father, and Solomon Potts had a common grandfather Darius Potts. When Harry looked at the two photos of Marcus and Kerry, he realized where he had seen a picture almost like it before. Last night at Dudley's. They looked like his Dad.

Harry knew his father was the second-born son, but the heir nonetheless. There were no records of Darius after he turned 11. No history of a Goblin-operated trust. No emigration record. No hospital records. He had simply disappeared.

Was he a squib that had been hidden away? Potts from Potter would be a close name but one that would escape notice. Now he was of two opinions. He was torn between two desires. To answer one question, he needed to visit The Potter family's Gringotts' vaults to seek an answer. The need for the family time was more important. It was getting close to nine and picnic time.

Closing the folders, Harry called for Dobby. Harry had found the only way to make Dobby behave calmer was to out Dobby the House Elf. When the house-elf appeared. Harry excited exclaimed ." Mister Dobby, sir, you are the bestest House-Elf ever! It would make you even a bestter ever House-Elf if you would pack a picnic lunch for Today near the cedar tree grove. Then share it with the children and we'ins?"

The ears on the House-Elf drooped for a second. "Sir, Dobby hasn't acted or spoken that way in ages. I am honored as a House-Elf would be to prepare a picnic lunch for you and your children. Thank you very much for the invitation to join you and your family. May I invite a few of the Elf younglings and their Nanny Elves to go with us?"

Harry nodded, "Please do, Dobby. Your friends are our friends. Your family is our family."

Dobby grinned, "You are still the best Master, Harry Potter, Sir.

Harry said, "Do you want to know something, Dobby? I know the best House-Elf in the world. I am happy to call you my friend."

Dobby turned beet red as Harry leaned down and softly said, "Thank you for all that you do." Just before the Elf popped away.

Promptly at 9:59 AM, Harry heard a knock. Harry motion as the door sprung open. Outside stood a group of children ranging in age from 9 down to 3. They were with his wife and their companion, Luna. Standing in front of them were a dozen little House-Elf children and their nannies. The oldest of the Elven Nannies spoke, "Dobby said he was to meet you by the cedar grove with the picnic baskets. We are here."

Harry left the folders on the desk. He stood to reach for the coat rack getting a light over-robe, walked, and closed

the door behind him. Grabbing the youngest child up and putting her upon his shoulders lead the way down the hall. The Headmistress hear the knocking on the door and finally answered it.

"I will be back by 12:30 PM. We are having an early picnic lunch down by the cedar grove. Do you want to join us?"

Minerva looked at the pile of parchment work awaiting her attention. "Only if you take the lead on the hiring of new Head of Houses for me," she said with a smirk.

"OK, is Monday soon enough?" Harry acquiesced with saying, "It is only for a few hours. Children do enjoy your company."


The 15 minutes of adventure in the trek to the cedar grove was an exercise in excitement akin to herding kittens. The younger elves were still at the curious stage, and they would often stop walking to watch a bug in the grass or pick up a feather. It was a chore to keep them moving. The House-Elf nannies understood that nature better than most humans. It was at this age House-Elves, and Magical Children were equal in magical power and curiosity.

Soon they reached the shelter of the cedar grove. Four great trees planted about forty by forty square feet square. The duff from their needles supplied a soft ground cover and lovely cool shade from the summer sun. Dobby popped in with the picnic baskets to join the group. With the help of Harry, Hermione and Luna, spread everything out. Soon all the children were eating, laughing, and having fun.

Minerva said to Hermione loud enough to catch everyone's attention. "Did I ever tell you about the time Lily called me in tears? It was another story from Harry's Childhood. "It seems Harry here had learned a bit of House-Elf magic by accident. Lily had taken Harry to bed and laid him down for a nap. Now according to Lily, Harry didn't want a nap, even if he was sleepy. After she turned to go back downstairs and closed the door. When Lily got downstairs, she was shocked to find Harry was where his toys were. She took him back upstairs and called for Mandy, one of the Potter Elves, 'to pick up the toys'. As soon as the door to the nursery closed, Harry had House-Elf popped back downstairs. The House-Elf was screaming in surprise. Lily came flying downstairs, and the House-Elf was looking at baby Harry. Every time the Elf would get within reach of Harry, Harry would disappear without a pop.

Then appear across the room in total silence. Soon Harry had a game of dodging Mandy, the House-Elf, and his mother. Then one time, Harry disappeared. Neither the house-elf could find him nor could Lilly for a few minutes. Finally, the House-elf motioned to Lily to follow her. They crept upstairs and opened the door to the nursery. There was Harry in the babies' cot, sound asleep. When Lily got downstairs, she floo called me in a panic. It was this time of the year, that's why I remembered it. Over tea, she calmed down, and we talked about it. Harry had somehow watched several house elves popping in and out. He was sensitive enough that he discovered how their magic worked and could copycat it. To this day, Harry doesn't Apparate like the rest of us. He is too quiet."

Zelli, the oldest of House-Elf nannies, explained. "When an Elf pops from one place to another, we pop into the area between the two places and back out. We can pop out anywhere. Here; Up there: out there; far away; or close. It is dangerous if you lose where you were or where you are going. If that happens, you get stuck in the in-between and become lost. The only hope is your master, or someone calls you, and you can find them. Humans do not have masters and can not hear a call. They are unable to find their way home."

Harry explained, "It is worse than Splinching. When you get Splinched is painful but is fixable. Being lost in the In-Between is dangerous.

Minerva said, "That was one of the reasons your parents decided to put childhood bindings on you, Harry. We will save the second reason for another day."

By then, most of the children had grown restless, having eaten and listened to the story. Harry's oldest son started a game of tag with the young elves and children. Soon it was time to head in for their nap times. Dobby, with a snap of his fingers, packed away the picnic leftovers. The children, House-Elf Nannies, and Adults made a better time getting everyone back to the castle. The Elves and Humans too soon parted company. After Harry got the children settled down, he headed to his office. There grabbed his parchment work and folders. Checking everything needed was in hand, he headed outdoors. Down the path, he trod to the Apparition point, which was outside the gates.


Harry double-checked the folder. The full description of the favored Aparation Point in Draycott and the coordinates were given. There is a small combination of a train station and bus terminal. It serves the surrounding rural areas. The description read, 'Inside the station is a small nook, sheltered from public view by a newsstand operated by a squib.' Thinking about the coordinates, Harry disappeared into nothingness and out of the nothingness appeared in the alcove.

The station was a simple set of two platforms. The station building proper had a ticket sales office, a news and magazine vendor, and bathrooms. Harry made his way around towards the front of the newsstand and looked over the papers and such. He looked to the back and saw a few Magical publications and asked. "Is there anything good in the Saturday Evening Prophet?"

The newsagent looked up and scanned the station before replying. "Well, Gov'nor, nothing but some shopping adverts. The listing of the Wiz-not's natterings and such tripe."

"The shopping averts might be nice, I'll take one home for Hermione. We don't get the Saturday Evening Prophet up at Hogwarts."

The vendor said, "All right, Mister Hogwarts, 5 Sickles that will be."

"Six and put it in a bag, my man. I'm making a school visit to a Muggle family up the way." Harry spoke.

"You mean that Dorrie girl? She is all the time here trying to buy the Prophet with Muggle money," the vendor spoke. "I've tried to explain the statues to her, but she doesn't get it. I glad you're here before the Aurors show up and make everyone forget themselves."

Then the vendor's eyes widen when he handed the bag over, "Gor! It's Potter himself. Gov'nor thank you for doing away with those silly squib laws. My brothers and I get a better shake now. Gringotts is happy to take our magical money and work with it. We are buying another stand, up north ways. Investing in us is good, they keep saying."

Harry nodded, "I happened to vote the right way at that time."

The Newsy shook his head, "Oh, no, you don't, sir. The fish wrapper under your arm published your speech. Your words were hard-hitting and made people wake up. Anyway, the stand closes at 6 on weekend evenings. There isn't much foot traffic through here after that. Be careful about going and coming. The nook will be clear if you need it. Nice to meet you, sir."

"I am 'Just Harry', my good fellow. And you are?

"Nilsson, Harry Nilsson. The company's name is My Arrow Newsstands," the happy vendor said. "We have three stands and adding a fourth as soon as the deal goes through."

Harry said, "I am sure it will happen soon," as he turned away. He whistled a tune from 1971, one of Luna's favorite songs when Harry and his Godfather were together. It was only years after she called Sirius "Arrow" a few too many times that Harry caught the reference.

Harry left the station and crossed under the main road through the area. He came out on High Street, walked uphill until he reached the fork, and then took the right-hand fork. The houses thinned out to larger parcels with large homes. Those thinned out to large tracts of farmland. The land held vegetable farms, orchards, milk barns, and chicken houses.

Harry figured about 5 more minutes of walking. As he anticipated around a bend, he came upon a large gate set into a high hedge. The gate was closed. Harry spotted a foot gate, and a bell pull next to it. Harry pulled and could hear distant bells ring. It wasn't a long wait long before the foot gate opened. The head of a young girl with dark wavy hair peeked around the edge and said, "Oh, it's you. Come on in."

Harry asked, "You do know who I am?"

"Of course, it isn't a secret, you know." She answered. "By the way, I am Dorrie Potts, Professor Potter. The family is waiting for you in the back garden if you don't mind." as she walked away.

Harry was very perplexed as he walked alongside this young girl up the pathway.

She started an almost nervous chatter, "How many 'Visits' like this do you do a year? How are they all during the summer? Why did they send you? Do they know something? I have seen pictures of your family, are your sons going to start school this year?"

"Wow!" Said Harry, "I will answer the questions in a bit. Can I ask who is all this family we are going to meet?"

Dorrie snickered like a child with a secret trick planned and said, "That's not mine to tell, Professor." as she became silent.

Harry wondered what sort of hornets he kicked over this time.

Harry walked alongside Dorrie until he walked through a set of wards. Failing and low-powered but wards nonetheless. Harry stopped and turned around. And felt for the wards, where there should be none, but they were there. He felt, and they seemed familiar. He had felt something like them many years ago but couldn't recall where that was.

He turned around, "So Dorrie, Do you happen to know anything about the Ward line we happened to passed through?

"Grandpa's tripwire. Lets him know when a wizard is around. They used to be out by the gate. But Grandpa said he is getting too old to keep that far out. He is a squib, and no one else was as strong as him until I was born. I am not 'old enough'

he said to reset the wards', he says". Explained Dorrie

Harry nodded in agreement, "You are not old enough, and your core is still growing. The only other way to power wards is for them to be blood wards, and that would be just wrong to do so."

"You sound like Grandpa, You know? And You look like him too sometimes. Or at least some old photos of him." Dorrie quipped.

Harry and Dorrie followed the path alongside the farm-style house to the back garden area. Harry asked: "So who all is waiting to ambush me?"

Dorrie said, "Might as well tell you not that it makes a difference. Grandpa Darius, this is his place. Dad And Mum, my little brother, and sister and I. We all live with Grandpa. Uncle Solomon and Aunt Reggie and the twins, three younger sisters, and their littlest son. Grandpa decided to have a family picnic Today. It will save you the trouble of going to Mar and Chars' place. Besides, it is a good excuse to get the family together. All us kids are magicals."

Harry asked, "So Magic is not going to be a surprise?"

Dorrie laughed, "No, silly. Grandpa is a squib, and well, you know. His family hid him away from Grunewald and Voldemort the best they could. Erased every record of him, they could locate. Then made the fact he existed a part of the secret of a Fidelus Charm." She finished as they rounded the corner of the building.

Harry watched as Dorrie skipped away, and everyone turned to look at the new arrival.

Dorrie was standing next to an older man. He motioned to Harry. Harry walked over to where the old man was sitting. The old man handed Harry an ancient folded parchment.

Harry read the old parchment;

Charles Darius Potter wishes you to know that his oldest son Darius Alfred Potter is Darius Potts.

The old man said, "Hello Harry, I am your uncle Darius."

Harry gave a half-smile. "This was either the greatest prank, or I had a lot of ire to take out on Dumbledore's grave."

He took the offered a seat. "Why tell me now?"

Darius said, "Some history If you could allow an old man? Dad was old when he and Dorea Black married. It was his second marriage. His 1st wife died without a child when they were thirty. Charlus was the second son, His older sibling, David Bruce Potter, died fighting Grindelwald. David had married but never fathered any children. That left Charlus to inherit. He was 45 when he married Dorea Black, who was 20 years younger. Shortly after that, I was born. But, I was a squib. 13 years later, Charlus and Dorea had your father, James Charles. Charlus was a stand-up guy. I got a good education and a trust fund. When Grindelwald and then later Voldemort started hunting Squibs, Charlus hid me and my family away. He did a bang-up job, and then he hid the secret and made me a secret keeper. I am not strong enough, but he made a deal with a few wizards to come by and keep the wards charged. As they died, the wards are shrinking. I can't maintain them, and the young ones are not old enough. I thought I ask you to boost them up a little. And at that time, there wasn't not much to hide. When Dorrie, Char, and Mar, go to the bank, I understand the new standard is to do a heritage test. So the secret will be out anyway."

Harry said, "I would have come sooner if I had known." Attached to his voice was a bit of bitterness. Dumbledore could have placed Him here. Using him and transferring the Blood Wards to protect this family. All that mattered was the home had belonged to any family. Either his mother's or father's side didn't matter.

Darius nodded, "Did you know I tried to get custody of you, but Dumbledore blocked it. Father and James brought you by a few times. Then we had that ugly summer. Death Eaters killed Charlus and Dorea, and then they killed Lily's folks too. Right after your birthday, James and Lily went into hiding with you. The last time I saw you was September 15th. That was Solomon's Birthday. By the end of October, the only people alive who knew the secret were Dumbledore and Frank Stevens. Frank would come by and charge up the wards every few months. He died eight years after Charles and Dorea. By then, the war was over. Nothing I could do would stop the wards from degrading."

Harry said, "If you show me the ward stone, I'll take care of that first thing. Can I review the wards, too? While I am not a Wardmaster, I do know enough to make decent wards. The Trip Wire felt familiar because it was a Potter Ward. I just didn't place it."

Darius stood and led Harry into the house and down into the basement. Reaching a corner, Darius pressed two bricks together and then the 3rd brick. And a set of bricks a person's width and height sprung open. Harry cast a Luminous and led the way down the hidden set of steps.

The ward stone was massive, and Harry was impressed. This ward stone was 99% inactive. As Harry walked around the wardstone. He had seen all different sorts of wardstones. Harry has even seen war wards that would turn a wizard to a crisp if they even tried to violate them. He said there is a muggle notice-me-not Wards and some ill-intent Wards. Walking around, he said some nasty war wards, and some anti-Port-key wards, and set of Anti-Apperation wards."

Harry looked up, "I can set the Anti-transportation wards for inbound only, and reset the tripwire ward and reset a notice-me-not-wards. I do see there is a malicious intent ward that could be activated. There is also an active ward that prevents the Ministry of Magic detectors from monitoring the kids while they are here. Because I am a Potter, and this is a Potter family ward stone, by me setting the Wards, they could last about 15 years or more. I reset some of the family wards on a couple of properties a few years back. They will last nearly 10-15 years before they need to be recharged. Because you and the grandchildren are here, they should last a bit longer."

Uncle Darius nodded, "That would give us all a safe bolt hole."

Harry Looked and said, "I can set an alert ward, which would notify me if any attempt to breach the wards."

Darius said, "I wouldn't want any trouble."

Harry said, "No trouble at all, Uncle." and he took out his small dagger and pricked his finger. He rubbed a little blood on three of the runes, and then using his wand, he powered up a dozen of different wards. "How does that feel?"

Uncle Darius nodded, "Back where they belong. Nice. I can feel everyone inside the wards too."

Darius confessed, "I didn't get along that well with James when he was growing up. Dad spoiled him and his friends. I do know that Charlus did well by me."

Harry said, "Expect me to do well then. There is a bar set, and it is fairly high. You do know the laws dealing with inheritances and such have changed. As soon as the heritage tests are done, I will set up stipend vaults for everyone concerned. There is a large amount of Potter money just sitting there. It should have paid for education for your sons. Your magical grandchildren have more than enough money to pay for their education through their Masteries if they so choose. It is a family thing. I grew up without a family. When I had an opportunity, I created one of my own. Now It seems fate is rewarding with more and more family."

Harry and his Uncle Darius made their way up the stairway and into the cellar. Sealing up the gateway to the Ward Stone, they stopped as Darius walked over to a wine rack. And picked up an old bottle of wine. Dad put a Stasis Field upon the wine. This will be good Today.

The two made their way out to the rest of the family.

Darius started everything off by making introductions while opening the wine. This is my youngest son Solomon Potts and his two oldest boys. And the openings started.

The Family picnic was in full swing. Harry had a few solemn conversations. There were many casual conversations with all the adults and the three new Students who would go to Hogwarts.

After hours of summer festivities, Things were winding down. Harry had secured invites and wanted to brings his family down to meet their relatives. Plans were made, and the bond of blood family was renewed.

Harry left with a smile. Magic had blessed him one more time. In all things, the family was the greatest thing in the world. I wondered how Minerva would react to this newest revelation of more misdeeds by the whisked one.

At the foot gate, he stopped turning to Dorrie, Marcus, and Kerry, "You will be part of the group in am escorting to the Alley. Remember, at the same time, on this outing, I am Professor Potter. It will be a good habit to fall into. Your Grandfather would like to keep everything as quiet as possible for as long as he can. And at school, I can not play favorites.

As he watched the children nod in understanding, he bid them a "Good evening" and silently popped away.

Arriving in Hogsmeade, he made his way past the flower shop and bought a special dessert for dinner. Life this next year was going to be interesting. His little family was growing in leaps and bounds and had more than numbered the numbers of Potters in a few hours.

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