Ash huddled in the back of the filthy pen. The screams and crying bounced off of him. These sounds had lost all meaning, just background noises of his sad life. A pokemon would come in from time to time and escort a human away.

It had been five years since Mewtwo had taken over the world. Pokemon outnumbered people by 40142. The rebellion was short but bloody. Mewtwo would have made the world unbearable if it wasn't for Mew. She always stood behind him-keeping him from going too far.

Brock had been killed in the battles. Misty was captured and sold. And Ash had gone to the auctions.

A lot of pokemon had learned to speak English. Ash heard their murmurs and growls as they passed his pen.

"Too ugly for breeding. Too scrawny for fighting," said a manky.

"Too skinny for meat," snarled a houndoom.

"I don't know. You don't find young males like this one very often," said a snubble.

"Do you think he's healthy?"

Ash ignored them. He just prayed they'd leave soon. Then he heard a different voice. One that was definitely female. The boy weakly looked up.


Ash jumped up and scrambled to the bars. He knew that face. He could never forget her steely black eyes and the caw in her voice.


Pidgeot nodded but Ash couldn't find the warmth and love she'd had so long ago. It was almost like she'd stopped trusting him.

"I've missed you so much! I wondered if I'd ever see you again!"

He reached through the bars and tried to put his arms around her sleek-feathered neck. She jerked away. Ash pulled back, surprised.

"Now you know what I felt every day," she spat.
"Pidgeot, what do you mean?"

Pidgeot threw out her wings and puffed out her feathers like an angry owl.

"You know! Don't you remember? 'I'll come back for you after I deliver this' or something like that. And did you ever come back? NO!"

Ash stumbled back, hurt. "But I set you free!"

"No! You abandoned me! I trusted you, Ash Ketchum! I thought you'd always love me even if I lost a million battles. Not like you did with Primeape and Charizard and Squirtle!"

"But I set them free too!"

"I don't recall Charizard wanting to leave. You insulted him to make him stay. You abandoned us all," Pidgeot said.

Ash didn't know what to say. "I...I forgot..."

"You forgot?! Is that the best you can do? You never FORGOT about Pikachu. You never FORGOT your replacement pokemon! You were a lousy trainer and you betrayed me!" She turned and started to walk away through the crowd. Ash reached weakly after her.

"Pidgeot, no. Please help me!"

Pidgeot stopped and turned around. Faint traces of tears were welling up in her eagle-like eyes.

"I'll come back for you later," she hissed bitterly.

Then she was gone.


I might continue this or I might leave it. I need suggestions. I had an idea involving Pikachu coming into all this. Tell me what you think.